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Do you need more time and freedom in your life? Listen to The Purpose of Money podcast for financial tips, advice, and stories from women on the journey to break free from the golden handcuffs. Each interview has valuable tips on how to create freedom, time, and wealth in your life now. New episodes every other Wednesday. Learn more at


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Do you need more time and freedom in your life? Listen to The Purpose of Money podcast for financial tips, advice, and stories from women on the journey to break free from the golden handcuffs. Each interview has valuable tips on how to create freedom, time, and wealth in your life now. New episodes every other Wednesday. Learn more at




102: How to Leverage Grants to Fund Your Business with Patrice Davis

Need a roadmap to get government grants for your business? Patrice Davis is here to walk you through how to find grants and grant writers for your business. Patrice Davis is the founder of Grants Works, a grant consulting company that helps businesses, organizations, and municipalities find, secure, and manage government and foundation grants. She has over 13 years of experience, and her company has applied for and managed $131 Million in government grants. In this episode, you'll...


101: How to Navigate Divorce with Kimberly Cook

With a successful career of 16 years as a Divorce Attorney & Mediator, Kimberly Cook helps Black women navigate the divorce process through her platform, Grown Girl Divorce. Kimberly has experience working with celebrities and athletes. In this interview, she explains how celebs got it right and what we can learn from them when it comes to marriage. In this episode, she also explains how Black women can navigate the divorce process without being stereotyped, stigmatized, or...


100: How to Navigate Entrepreneurship and Relationships with Rudolph Escarne

Navigating entrepreneurship and relationships can be tough. But here are some tips to help you. This is the 100th episode of The Purpose of Money Podcast. This episode includes a very special guest, my husband, Rudolph Escarne. We switched it up, and Rudolph is interviewing me! After 15 years of marriage and 20 years together, we had a lot to say about marriage, money, and entrepreneurship. In this episode, you will learn: And so much more! Do you want to leverage life...


99. How to Invest in Multifamily Syndications with Sonya Rocvil

Multifamily syndications are a great way to grow your real estate portfolio quickly. Plus, you don't have to deal with toilets or tenants as a passive investor. So, you can invest capital once and then watch the cash flow roll in. In this episode, Sonya Rocvil explains exactly how to invest in multifamily syndications. After being laid off, Sonya Rocvil invested in multifamily syndications and founded Bed Rock Real Estate Investors. Her transition from her career as an auditor to a real...


98. Making Your Money Work as a Physician and Real Estate Investor with Felecia Froe

After becoming a physician, Felecia Froe realized being a doctor was not the end of her story! Following a challenge from a friend, Felecia decided to become a real estate investor. Today, Felecia is a physician and real estate investor who knows how to put her money to WERK! Felecia is also the creator of Money With Mission. Her investment company focuses on empowering professional women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom through social impact investing. In this episode, you...


97. How to Prepare Your Finances for Homeownership with Zinnia Adams

Zinnia Adams' financial journey has been a roller coaster. She successfully bought a house and lost at 27. At the same time, Zinnia paid her way through undergrad and eliminated 50,000 in debt before becoming a real estate investor. Today, she's in a better financial position and teaches others how to handle their finances. Zinnia Adams is also the founder of Perspectives, a personal finance education brand, and the author of Life is Short Buy The House: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing...


96. How to Navigate Love and Money with Ericka Young

Ericka Young is a speaker, financial coach, and best-selling author of Naked and Unashamed: 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have. She has helped over 500 families crush debt so that they can design a vibrant and intentional life. In this episode, Ericka and I discuss navigating love, money, and relationships. In this episode, you’ll learn: And so much more! Learn how to leverage life insurance and build wealth in The Purpose of Money Maximizer. Follow Ericka Young on social...


95. How to Quit a Government Job & Become a Full-Time Entrepreneur with Chiante` Jones

After one bad evaluation, Chianté Jones decided to quit her good government job. In this episode, Chianté shares how she transitioned from a 9 to 5 employee to a full-time entrepreneur. Chianté Jones is a Financial Coach and the Founder of Dollars and Change. She provides education, guidance, and accountability through personalized coaching to help women have more fun and fulfillment. In this episode, you'll learn: What is financial flexibility & 3 steps to achieve it And so...


94. The Wellness of Black Migration with Dr. Nafeesah Allen in Peru

This is the first podcast swap on The Purpose of Money Podcast. Check out this episode from the Flourish in the Foreign Podcast, a podcast about living a life well lived abroad. In this episode, Dr. Nafeesah Allen shares her story of going abroad as a teenager and how that impacted her life. She also shares her perspectives on Black migration and wellness, raising third-culture children, and authoring a bilingual children’s book. This Episode Covers: Studying Abroad in High...


93. How to Achieve FIRE and Live Abroad with Stefanie Gonzales

Stefanie Gonzales created over a million in wealth and accomplished financial freedom and independence before age 38. Want to know how she did it? Listen to this episode. Today, Stefanie is the founder of the Women Wealth Effect, a personal finance brand where she helps put more money in the hands of women so they can leave a lasting legacy for their families and communities. Stefanie lives abroad in Portugal with her family. In this episode, you'll learn: And so much more! Check...


92. How to Build a Business You Can Sell with Damien Peters

Damien Peters used his tech skills to create a business he sold and invests in real estate. Find out how to build a company you can sell now! More about Damien Peters Damien is a pragmatic contrarian who managed to build wealth for his family through real estate and create a successful career in tech while having the flexibility to take long career breaks and a mini-retirement to raise a family with his wife and live abroad. In this episode, you'll learn: And so much more! Check out my...


91. How to Buy & Sell Raw Land with Mark Podolsky

What if I told you it's possible to buy land and invest in real estate, sometimes with no money? In this episode, Mark Podolsky (also known as the Land Geek) will tell you about how he actively invests in real estate and raw land and has completed over 5,000 unique transactions. In this episode, you'll learn: Check out my new course, The Purpose of Money Maximizer, and start building your legacy today! Follow Mark Podolsky on Social Media LinkedIn: Mark Podolsky Facebook: The...


90. How to Practice Mindfulness in Real Estate with Terrie Schauer

Theresa "Terrie" Schauer went to college to be a student and became the property manager of a student residence. That experience introduced Terrie to managing student rentals. Terrie purchased her first property at 26 years old and learned how to partner with existing landlords to help them both make more money. She got up to 50 rooms while still a student. Today, Terrie is a real estate investor and a property manager with over 20 years of experience. Terrie is also the CEO & Founder of...


89. 5 Tax tips you need right now

There are less than 150 days until Tax Day 2023. However, now is the best time to do tax planning. You have less than two months left before your opportunity to claim 2022 tax deductions, credits, and more is gone forever! Use these tax tips now. I've turned this Instagram live into an episode of The Purpose of Money Podcast. Tune in to learn what five tax tips you need right now! In this episode, you'll learn: What is tax planning? Why you must do tax planning now! And so much...


88: Life After Grief with Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson met the love of her life, Ike, while a graduate student at Troy University. The two got married and had two beautiful children together. Then in 2014, when their son was barely three years old, Ike was diagnosed with cancer. Amanda shares how she survived grief after her spouse died in this episode. To sign up for The Purpose of Money free real estate challenge, click this link! Follow Amanda Wilson on Social Media Facebook: Amanda M Wilson Instagram:...


87. How to Turn Credit Card Points into Free Luxury Travel w/Julia Menez

You can do luxury travel for free! And Julia Menez is on The Purpose of Money Podcast to explain how. Julia Menez is a points strategy coach, speaker, and host of the Geobreeze Travel Podcast. After traveling to more than 30 countries before age 30 and saving thousands of dollars each year with points and miles, Julia mastered the art of free luxury travel. In this episode, you'll learn: And so much more! You can also watch this episode on Youtube. Do you want to learn how...


86. How to Monetize Your Skills with Dalynn Hare

One day Dalynn Hare went to work and was told she can take the new position her company was offering or leave. That was the moment she realized she wanted to control her time, work, and life. Dalynn created her path to full-time entrepreneurship and teaches you how to monetize your skills in this interview. In 2022, Dalynn launched Essential Timing Solutions, a Virtual Assistant (VA) & Business Consulting Company, where she provides administrative services to small business owners. She had...


85. How to Retire Early Through Real Estate Investing with Antoinette Munroe

Are you ready to exit corporate America and invest in real estate full-time like Antoinette Munroe? Antoinette Munroe is a serial entrepreneur with a broad spectrum of business experience in industries ranging from music entertainment to construction. After several years in corporate America, Antoinette shifted her focus from climbing the corporate ladder to pursuing early retirement. She officially retired at 36 years old! In this episode, you'll learn: Follow Antoinette Munroe on...


84. How to Start a DSTinguished Clothing Line with Arndreya Price

When Arndreya Price crossed Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, she couldn't find a piece of 'nalia that she wanted to wear. Nothing was as classy, unique, or stylish as her. So, like most entrepreneurs, she decided to create it herself when she didn't see what she wanted. And that's how Like No Other Greek was born. In this episode, you'll learn: Connect with Arndreya Price of LNO Greek on Social Media Instagram: @lno_greek Facebook: Like No Other Greek Website:...


83. The Secret Habits of Multifamily Investor Jerome Myers

At 22 years old, Jerome Myers experienced a head-on collision, but he survived. When he got a second chance at life, Jerome decided to create the life of his dreams and a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. Since leaving corporate America, Jerome's company, The Myers Development Group, has built a multi-million-dollar portfolio following the principles of Myers Methods. In this episode, you'll learn: And so much more! Connect with Jerome Myers on Social Media Instagram:...