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Sales, especially B2B sales, is so competitive even a small adjustment can be a tipping point in your breakthrough success. Join us for thought-provoking conversations with some of the greatest minds in sales today.

Sales, especially B2B sales, is so competitive even a small adjustment can be a tipping point in your breakthrough success. Join us for thought-provoking conversations with some of the greatest minds in sales today.
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Sales, especially B2B sales, is so competitive even a small adjustment can be a tipping point in your breakthrough success. Join us for thought-provoking conversations with some of the greatest minds in sales today.






Episode #147: How to Use Intentionality to Trigger Success, with Michael O’Brien

Learn how to break the cycle of negative self-talk that could be holding you back from your success. By surrounding yourself with people who give you confidence and using mindfulness to address negative self-talk, you can stop self-doubt from plaguing your mind. Hear how Michael O’Brien’s life-threatening accident helped him understand the key to achieving ultimate self-awareness and acceptance of himself and his choices. Guest: Michael O’Brien...


Episode #146: Three Elements Needed to Write a Convincing Proposal, with Bill Wilson

In enterprise sales, it’s hard to avoid proposals. Start treating proposals as an opportunity to close the sale, not just as a formality. By focusing on benefits, using your prospect’s language, and providing choices, you will be able to effectively communicate your value. Guest: Bill Wilson ( Host: KayLeigh Dent ( Related resources: 3 Shortcuts to Proposal...


Episode #145: How to Build Trust with Customers, with Bill Wilson

Build trust with customers by letting them participate in the sales conversation through choices. Choices enable sellers to change the conversation with customers from “Am I going to buy from you?” to “What am I going to buy from you?” Giving customers full transparency into your offerings helps them feel less like they are being sold to and more like they are in control of their decisions. Guest: Bill Wilson...


Episode #144: How to Train Physically and Mentally to Become a Sales Champion From Coach Dana Cavalea

No one becomes a sales champion by accident. The road to a successful sales career starts with physical and mental discipline — creating consistency in your patterns, habits, and behaviors. Anyone can live a “championship life” by identifying where you are going and what you need to do physically and mentally to get there. Guest: Dana Cavalea ( Host: KayLeigh Dent ( Related...


Episode #143: Listen to What Customers Aren’t Saying, with Oscar Trimboli

Some salespeople hear one thing on calls: their customer’s voice. And most overestimate their ability to be effective listeners. Salespeople who can listen “in color” to multiple sources of information including themselves, the content, the context, and the unsaid words of their customers have a significant advantage in understanding the conversation better. Professional speaker Oscar Trimboli shares why great listening can be a difficult skill to master and tips for improving your own...


Episode #142: Optimizing Your Presence at Events, with Alice Heiman

How can you cut through the noise and bustle of events and shows and make a lasting impact on leads without being too aggressive? Events can be a unique opportunity to talk to the right people — not just anybody — or they can be a total loss of your time and resources. Well-structured, targeted approaches to events can help you leave with strong leads and can help your attendees leave with more than just swag. Alice Heiman, Co-Founder and CRO at TradeShow Makeover, explains how to get the...


Episode #141: The Science of Sales Incentive Programs, with Charlotte Blank

Rewarding strong sellers is simple — give them more money, right? Maybe not. The best incentive programs to establish for your sales teams may not necessarily be purely cash-driven. With about twenty million salespeople in the United States, it’s not surprising that there is an entire industry dedicated to rewards and incentives for salespeople. Cash may be the default rewards option for many companies, but it may not be optimal for team building and employee satisfaction. Charlotte Blank,...


Episode #140: Creating Compelling Value Propositions, with Lisa Dennis

It’s time to start reverse engineering value propositions. The fastest way to earn a prospect’s trust, and potentially close the deal, is not by extolling the benefits of your product or services; rather, it’s by demonstrating your knowledge of and concern for your prospects’ challenges. Lisa Dennis, President of Knowledgence Associates, details how important it is to develop value propositions from the outside in, and ways to successfully work with internal teams to create your messaging....


Episode #139: The Upside of Being an Introvert in Sales, with Christine Volden

Introversion, while seemingly counterintuitive, can be a real asset in the world of sales. Known for being great listeners, their ability to read a room, and deal with difficult situations, introverts bring a unique skill set to the sales environment. Christine Volden, Founder, Soulful Selling, shares the differences in and advantages of working with, working for, and selling to those who are on the more introverted end of the spectrum.


Episode #138: How the Agile Process Enriches Sales, with Kathi-Lyn Coker

Creating tools to improve the sales process can be painful. Without active involvement in the development process and regular feedback, sales teams can find themselves presented with tools that don’t meet their needs. Kathi-lyn Coker, AVP Salesforce Platform Strategy, Lincoln Financial Distributors details how moving to the agile method of product development for sales tool can bring sales and IT teams into a closer working relationship, changing the working relationship by encouraging...


Episode #137: The AI Advantage in Lead Scoring, with Marco Casalaina

One of the greatest gifts of AI to sales is that of time; with mechanical tasks handled by increasingly intelligent AI, salespeople have the time to focus on interacting with customers in more sophisticated and informed ways. Marco Casalaina, VP Product Management, Einstein, Salesforce, digs into the rewards reps can reap from the AI automation of tasks that detract from the most inherent aspect of sales: the human component. Guest: Marco Casalaina...


Episode #136: The Voice of Women in Sales, with Ryan Dowdy

Selling is about understanding the customer’s needs to provide value and solve a problem. More than ever, the ability to connect is key to creating a beneficial buyer-seller relationship. Join Ryann Dowdy, Director of Sales at iFocus Marketing, as she discusses her passion for helping women discover how their talents and abilities can translate into success in the sales environment. Guest: Ryann Dowdy ( Host: Kevin...


Episode #135: Coaching Sellers to Success, with Michelle Vazzana

While organizations equip their managers with coaching tools, what is often lacking is the context of the everyday job of their sellers. Learn what sales managers can do to create programs that fit their seller's circumstances. Guest: Michelle Vazzana ( Host: Kevin Micalizzi ( Relate resources: How to Keep Your Sales Team on Track Questions...


Episode #134: Deliver Value from the Start, with Spencer Doyle

The most effective sales executives don’t just articulate the shortcomings of current solutions; they paint a compelling vision for the future, delivering value from the start. Join Spencer Doyle, Chief Business Development Officer, Noodle Analytics, as he untangles the complexities of selling enterprise AI into markets that are not known to be early adopters of technology.


Episode #133: Cultivate Executive Relationships Over Time, with Lisa Magnuson

It's always been difficult to get an executive's time, but it's critical for large deals. Lisa Magnuson, Founder and CEO, Top Line Sales, shares her approach to cultivating the right executive relationships long before the deal starts. From properly planning all meetings to reaching out at the right time, there are proven ways to build the relationships that matter. Guest: Lisa Magnuson ( Host: Kevin Micalizzi...


Episode #132: Delivering Value Is the Ultimate Metric, with Travis Bryant

It’s easy to fall into the trap of always thinking in terms of revenue when looking at sales and service. Join Travis Bryant, Executive in Residence at Redpoint Ventures, as he makes the case for putting delivering value first. With a clear view of the ideal customer and a strong understanding of what they need, you can help every buyer make the best decision for them. Yes, it takes courage to look beyond revenue, but somebody needs to ensure customers are successful and remain loyal....


Episode #131: Build Your Ideal Seller Profile, with Maria Valdivieso de Uster

Many companies know how to use data to find their next great buyer. Fewer know how to wield data to find their next great seller. Join Maria Valdivieso de Uster, Partner, McKinsey & Company, as she shares how how forward-thinking sales leaders take performance management to the next level and directly link and improve the relationship between investing in talent and driving financial value. From identifying the profile of a successful seller to ensuring productivity, companies can...


Episode #130: Online or Offline, Speak with Influence, with Dr. Laura Sicola

Speaking effectively with clients, both online and offline, takes practice and preparation. Dr. Laura Sicola, Founder, Vocal Impact Productions, shares insights on how to improve your own delivery while maintaining a laser focus on the customer's needs. Many customers may not be able to articulate what they truly need. Use your skills to set the tone for the meeting and uncover the information you need to help your customers succeed. Guest: Laura Sicola...


Episode #129: For Growth, Follow the Voice of Your Customer, with Tiffani Bova

Here’s the thing about finding the right path to growth: There’s never just one path. Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce and author of "Growth IQ", points to the North Star that covers all the paths she’s found most effective: the voice of your customer. That is the true guide to growth for reps, sales leaders, and anyone doing business. Guest: Tiffani Bova ( Host: Kevin Micalizzi...


Episode #128: Use AI to Make a Positive Difference, with Tony Hughes

Technology has turned up the speed of sales, but it can also turn down the pressure on your sellers, allowing them to more easily hit their numbers. Join Tony Hughes, international keynote speaker and author of "Combo Prospecting," as he explains how AI can make a positive difference for your reps and your customers. By automating your sales process and streamlining every step, AI gives sellers more time to do what they do best: close big deals by solving the biggest problems customers...