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We are excited to launch the first ever podcast for the Royal Oak Michigan Chamber of Commerce, "The ROCC Pod!" This will be a unique podcast with an all-star cast of hosts. Join us, as we get to know our Royal Oak Chamber members on a more personal level. Want to be featured as a guest on our show? Email us!

We are excited to launch the first ever podcast for the Royal Oak Michigan Chamber of Commerce, "The ROCC Pod!" This will be a unique podcast with an all-star cast of hosts. Join us, as we get to know our Royal Oak Chamber members on a more personal level. Want to be featured as a guest on our show? Email us!


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We are excited to launch the first ever podcast for the Royal Oak Michigan Chamber of Commerce, "The ROCC Pod!" This will be a unique podcast with an all-star cast of hosts. Join us, as we get to know our Royal Oak Chamber members on a more personal level. Want to be featured as a guest on our show? Email us!




Royal Oak Leprechauns' Mark Sackett

The Royal Oak Leprechauns are back! Today, Jon, Lisa, and Andrea are joined by their GM, Mark Sackett, to talk all things Leprechauns baseball. Mark tells us about joining the Great Lakes Collegiate League and moving the team from Adrian, Michigan, to Royal Oak - as wwell as the tremendous support they've received. That's come not just from community leaders and citizens, but one of his former players - current New York Yankee DJ LeMahieu. The field, at the "Lucky Corner" of 13 Mile and...


Laura Rizzo of Luv All Coaching

Laura Rizzo, a former teacher and tennis coach, is now the owner of Luv All Coaching, where she offers professional coaching to everyone from divorcees to corporations. You may see many people call themselves a "coach," but Laura spent the time and effort to get the professional certifications in the field. She explains what went into that. She's also drawn on her experience of going through two divorces to coach divorcees as they go through that very difficult process. Research is...


The Great Escape Room - Kiman Agee

You'll hear more laughs in this episode than any previous episode of the ROCC Pod. That's because our guest, Kiman Agee of The Great Escape Room, can really roll with the punches. He's an actor, and his ad-lib skills are unmatched. We start by asking him to explain the concept of an escape room. Then we get into the specific rooms he offers in Royal Oak. They include Poker Night at the President's Bunker as well as Infirmary: Surgical Crisis, and Moriarty's Game Room. What differentiates...


Jon Gay of JAG in Detroit Podcasts

Today, we turn the tables on our co-host, Jon Gay of JAG in Detroit Podcasts, and put him in the hot seat. We talk about his radio-turned-podcasting career and get some insight into his personal backstory too! Jon left radio in 2017 after a 15-year career in the industry. While he saw radio on the decline, he saw podcasting blowing up. So he started JAG in Detroit Podcasts, creating broadcast-quality podcasts for businesses and non-profits, in 2018. We talk about what a podcast is -and...


JD Lindeberg of RRS and Nextcycle Michigan

JD Lindeberg is an expert on recycling and the circular economy. He's been involved with these ideas since the late 1980's through both Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) and NextCycle Michigan. JD explains the circular economy concept and how it's going to affect Michigan going forward. In fact, the area could come within 5-10% of the economic contribution that tourism brings to our state! Recently, JD was part of the innovation challenge, hosted by the Ross School of Business at the...


Jill Berti of Workery Consulting on HR in 2022

The world has been turned on its ear in the last two years. And that's certainly true in the world of human resources. Today's guest, Jill Berti, started Workery Consulting during the pandemic. She provides outsourced HR solutions to small businesses in an ever-changing human resources landscape. Jill explains why company culture is so important. It's not something you simply dictate It starts with your very first hire. Also, are you hiring employees or contractors? There are very specific...


The Michigan World War II Legacy Memorial

The Michigan World War II Legacy Memorial is actually the official state memorial, and it will live right here in Royal Oak, in Memorial Park. Groundbreaking is scheduled for April 7th. Today, we are joined by Judy Maten from the project. She explains how the idea was born out of the Michigan Honor Flight, used to bring World War II survivors to the national memorial in Washington, D.C. Fun fact: Former Royal Oak Chamber President Michael Gordon created the original design for this...


Todd Fenton, Deputy City Manager of Royal Oak

The Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce has a great relationship with the city itself, and a big part of that is Todd Fenton, Deputy City Manager of Royal Oak. Todd is our guest today. We start by exploring looking at the ways the Chamber and the City really help each other serve the residents and businesses of our community. Todd sees the Chamber as a huge asset. Next, we start talking about the city itself. Todd explains what his role is on the Planning Commission, and how they aim to bring...


Lisa Bibbee on the 2022 Real Estate Market

We've had some great guests so far on the ROCC Pod, but some of you have asked to know more about our 4 co-hosts. Today, we put Lisa Bibbee of Keller Williams Advantage in the hot seat, and pick her brain about the real estate market in 2022. First, Lisa explains why real estate is such a hyper-local business and explains what the numbers have looked like specifcally in Royal Oak. And more generally speaking, buyers who weren't able to get new homes in 2021 may be making a move to do so in...


Michael Pesendorfer - M3 Investment Services

Six and a half years ago, Michael Pesendorfer brought his 37 years of investment experience, and his team at M3 Investment Services to Royal Oak. He says he's finally found a home here - both personally and professionally. In fact, when we asked him where he likes to eat, he had a hard time choosing! Michael started out of college working for a large investment firm, but learned that was not the best forum for him to provide the care and attention he felt his clients deserve. We asked him...


Jeff Selik of ERSI Water and Fire

Note: In the time between when we recorded this interview with Jeff and when we published the episode, Jeff left ERSI for another opportunity. We have published this episode with his permission to explain the work that ERSI does. Jeff Selik from Emergency Response Services Inc (ERSI), covering southeast Michigan to talk about the havoc that Michigan can wreak on homes - from water and fire damage to ice dams, downed trees, lost power, and more. Jeff tells us about some really important...


Peter Boyse of Boyse CPA

Today's guest is Peter Boyse of Boyse CPA. With the new year here, there are many things you need to know about filing your 2021 taxes, so you don't leave any money on the table. Peter Boyse of Boyse CPA joins us to explain, in laymen's terms, what all business owners need to know. We cover Finally, we get Peter to talk about his passion for biking, how it relates to his black eye, and what he does to maintain his sanity during the upcoming busy tax season. More: Peter Boyse, Boyse CPA:...


Patt Trama of Patt's Word Art

Ever since she was a little girl, Patt Trama has always been interested in writing. She's won multiple awards for her work across many different genres. Today, she sits down with Jon, Lisa, Trish, and Andrea to reflect on her journey. Patt believes if a picture is worth a thousand words, you can take those thousand words and create a picture with them. We talk about her writing style, her process, and how she's had to adapt her approach over the decades. She's worked with the University of...


Kathleen Novetsky from AAA Talks No-Fault Changes and More

Today's episode is a bit longer than usual, because there's a lot of important information in it. Royal Oak Chamber member Kathleen Novetsky of AAA Insurance walks us through the recent changes to Michigan's No Fault Auto Insurance Laws, and what ramifications and choices now exist for you. Kathleen also talks with Jon, Andrea, Lisa, and Trish about what she recommends for auto and homeowners coverage, when to make a claim, when not to make a claim, and what other insurance coverages she...


Ken Aubuchon of Namaste Yoga

Ken Aubuchon purchased the Namaste Yoga studio in Royal Oak right at the beginning of the pandemic. While adapting to this new world was a new experience for him, the studio and yoga itself were not. The previous owners of the oldest yoga studio in our community were mentors to him, and today, Ken walks us through the world of yoga. He truly believes "you are your own guru." Yoga is available for beginners as well as more seasoned yogis, and can offer help with everything from injury...


Michelle Armstrong of TAG Multimedia

Michelle Armstrong of TAG Multimedia is at the forefront of internet technology - and sees where the digital landscape is going next. In today's episode, Michelle explains how TAG creates digital versions of small businesses and their owners. This allows your potential customers to interact with you online. Not only does it free you up to run your business, but it provides an additional layer of safety for those who are still wary of COVID-19. Michelle explains the differences between this...


Michele Prudhome of the Royal Oak Symphony

Michele Prudhome is the President and principal percussionist of the Royal Oak Symphony Orchestra. She sat down with us to talk about the symphony, its background, and her own musical background. We talk about what you can expect at a concert, how that's changed over the years, and plans for their big holiday show coming up in December. Resources: Royal Oak Symphony Orchestra Website: Royal Oak Symphony Orchestra Phone Number: 248-549-0262 Jon Gay from JAG...


Justine Bennett of Oliver's Foundation

Justine Bennett cares about animals and the environment. With a background in nutrition and food science, she used spent grain from her fiancé's home brewing to create treats for her dog, Oliver. Soon, she wasn't just making Oliver's Beer Biscuits. She started Oliver's Foundation to help end pet homelessness. Justine joins us today to talk about the many groups she works with to help provide better lives for pets - and their people. We talk about COVID's influence on our four-legged...


Jill Plamper of Distinctive Framing

How does an engineer-by-trade end up running a successful framing shop out of her home in Huntington Woods? We find out today on the ROCC Pod, with guest Jill Plamper of Distinctive Framing. Jill tells us about the flexibility her business allows for in scheduling clients, and understanding that if a client wants something framed, it has significant value to them. We talk about the process of client concept to finished product, and the various steps along the way. There are differences in...


Shelly Kemp, Executive Director of the Royal Oak Chamber

We figured that after 13 great Royal Oak Chamber guests, we should take an episode to go straight to the source - the Chamber itself. Executive Director Shelly Kemp joins us today. We hear about Shelly's background - what made her unique in Key West, and how an earthquake brought her home from California. We also learn about the Chamber, its wonderful staff, and why it's sometimes considered the "sherpa" of Royal Oak - going above and beyond for residents. Shelly walks us through the...