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Ep. 42 - Failing Up - Dr. Barbara Hong’s tips on escaping inevitable failure

We often teach children to avoid mistakes and even shame them when they do make mistakes. What we're missing out is the opportunity to help them nurture the qualities of persistence, courage, humility, kindness, stamina, self-control, resistance, and so forth.


Ep. 41 - Good Enough w/- Kim Foster Carlson

Kim Foster-Carlson has been a journalist 30 years, with a history steeped in international sports. Based in San Francisco, this mother of 3 found her perfectionism rubbing off on her 2 daughters, who are athletes themselves, and knew it was time to find a better way.


Ep. 37 Misfit Entrepreneurs - w/-Kate Toon

Show notes: If you listen closely, you can hear Kate and I virtually high-fiving each other as we chat about doing business YOUR WAY, with what you've got, before you're ready! Join The Recovering Perfectionists Kate Toon is an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with almost two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing. Originally from the UK but now based just outside Sydney. She has worked with big brands such as eHarmony, Curash and Kmart....

Ep. 36 - Details and Design w/-Julie Gibbons

Julie is a super creative designer (amongst many other things) and we talk about how NOT to let the graphic design and style of your business hold you back!

Ep. 35 - The Body Love Coach w/-Emma Polette

Emma has fast become one of my fave people to follow in the Body Love and Acceptance Space. She’s a real woman, with real curves and a arsenal of gorgeous, nurturing and practical tips to start ACTUALLY loving and appreciating the package we come in. We talk about everything from her journey, to her challenges, to her tips for overcoming self-loathing, self-sabotage and heap of other awful self-things many of us are in the habit of doing!


Ep. 34 - The Reason You Feel Lazy w/- Lynette Delane

Lynette and I bond over our mutual love of spreadsheets and systems, but we also chatted extensively about Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies and how they might be affecting your productivity.


Ep. 33 - Through the Mess, Find Your Message w/- Melinda Kitto

Melinda is an online business coach and messaging strategist – to make it more simple, she helps women to really nail their business message so it just cuts through the bull online.

Ep. 32 - Blogging Legend w/-Angela Henderson

Angela is my latest #BizGirlCrush. She’s the founder of Finlee and Me and has recently launched Angela Henderson Consulting. She’s the doyenne of blogging, social media, tribe-building and being freaking real online – hoodies, messy office and all!

Ep. 31 - True Recovering Perfectionist w/- Caroline McGraw

This incredible woman has literally had my mind thinking since we spoke a few weeks ago


Ep. 30 Scanning & Refusing to Choose w/-Jade Herriman

Jade is a creative business owner, art therapist, artist and certified Barbara Sher life coach based in the Inner West of Sydney. She loves using art therapy and coaching to help people see themselves and their situations in new ways, and helping others create, connect and work towards their dreams.

Ep 29 - The Business Chakra System w/- Melanie Midegs

Face Reading. That was my first ever interaction with Melanie way back when I was just starting out in my business.

Ep. 28 - Build The Tribe You Need w/- Kirsty Bonner

Kirsty has as diverse a background as the functions she now performs in her life and beautiful business partnership, Smart Chicks. From raising children, starting and selling franchises, marketing, athletics, international travel and more, this woman is as grounded and authentic as it gets!


Ep. 27 - Limiting Beliefs & Fear w/- Felicity O'Connor

Professional Artist, Creativity Coach, Art Therapist & Registered Psychologist, this impressive and inspirational woman, Felicity O’Connor, is changing lives of creative people all over the place.

EP. 26 - My 'Better Than Perfect’ Body w/- Kathleen Ensor

From eating disorder to body love coach, this is one woman who is changing the face of perfectionism, one body image at a time! Kathleen recently came into my field of vision in the online world and her messaging around the importance of accepting, appreciating and loving your body in order for ANYTHING else in your life to have to work has truly got me lapping up everything she has to say!

Ep 25 - Mind Your Own Damn Business w/- Mary Houston

Remember when you were a kid, you were always being told to ‘mind your own business’? Or was that just me? Seriously though… it was a thing, right?

Ep. 24 - I Make the Rules w/- Katie Wyatt

Katie Wyatt, #PodQueen and all-round business babe legend, chats with me about doing things differently. From running online communities to creating courses on podcasting, from health and wellbeing to parenting, this woman is a force to be reckoned with. I have followed and been inspired by her since the very beginning of my business journey and without her, this podcast would almost certainly not even be #AThing

Ep. 23 - #FollowTheEnergy w/- Lisa Murray

Anyone who’s ever spoken to me probably knows of my intellectual affair with Lisa Murray (Lisa doesn’t know it, but I am eternally in her debt for opening my eyes to the beauty of energy, play and intuition in my business). Lisa’s spoken at my monthly event and we rub shoulders in the online and real life world in some of the circles we know and love.

Ep. 22 No Sausage Sales w/- Janeen Vosper

Janeen, an international trainer, coach, author and podcaster fills us in on the real secret to making more sales in online business. She’s been at this gig for 20-something years and knows her stuff!

Ep. 21 Blogging and your Written Personality w/- Elizabeth Campbell

Talk about ‘WOW’ words - this Word Stylist is a fountain of content knowledge and you are going to love her tips about writing and creating content for your business. Liz and I work in similar ways, setting up structure and processes for consistent content creation and dissemination and as she’s an ex-journo, she knows how to use the written word to get your message and services out there!

Ep. 20 - Reinvention for Perfectionists w/- Karen Schmidt

I met Karen at a recent speaking event I went to in Brisbane. I was a little awe-struck in a kind of ‘I want to be like you when I grow up’ kind of way. A naturally charismatic, eloquent and interesting woman - and a bloody good speaker - I giggled like a schoolgirl when she said to me ‘it’s like I’m talking to myself ten years ago’ (at least thats what I did later on in my car when no one could see or hear me). Epic compliment.