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RRP #8 – Transitioning to Retirement – Megan Giles

In today’s episode, I interview Megan Giles, a Retirement Transition Consultant who works with women and men who are looking at retirement and grappling with the question of “What should I be doing with my time ?”and “Is retirement really what I want?” Megan helps her clients to successfully transition to retirement. In this episode […]


RRP #07 – The F Word – Overcoming Fear

If we all were forced to admit it, very often we are not pursuing our reinvention dreams because of one four letter word: FEAR In this episode I unpack the metal mind f**ks that we perpetuate on ourselves, the ones that make us think twice before sending that email, posting that social media post or […]


RRP #06 – It’s Prime Time with Juju Hook

Once again, a casual encounter in a Facebook group has led me to yet another bad ass warrior in the Reinvention Revolution. My guest, Juju Hook, had a 30 year career as a brand strategist, first with major corporations and then with her own boutique agency, Strategic Juju. But, the convergence of her son's […]


RRP #5 – It’s Good to be Queen – Patti Phillips, The Queen of Damn Near Everything

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RRP #04 – Join the Flock – Rachel Lankester of The Mutton Club

If you are a women “of a certain age” from the UK or Australia, the mere mention of the word “mutton” can conjure up all kinds of unpleasant associations. And I ain’t just talking about dinner! The mere thought that they have crossed over to “mutton’ strikes fear in the hearts of many a woman […]


RRP #03: Life Begins at 60 – Lessons from Grandma Susie

When I think about what motivated me to start my crusade of reinvention and this podcast in particular, I already reference my shock at seeing women over 50 lamenting the passage of time and their overwhelming fear that it was just “too late” for them to accomplish their goals and dreams. I will also say […]


RRP #02: The Art of Reinvention with Alexis Bonavitacola

When I decided to start this podcast, I already knew who I wanted to be my first guest. Alexis Bonavitacola. Now Alexis and I had never met, which I realize is not that unusual in this online world. We hadn’t even communicated at all. We were both part of an online course and in a very […]


RRP #01: 7 Steps to Your Reinvention

We owe it to ourselves, to our parents and we owe it to our children to set the example of living life to the fullest and not taking life for granted. And also to be looking forward and not looking backward. – Deanna Fenton Today I’m talking to those of you who have been working […]