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Jon Goodman - The Father Of Online Training [#033]

Once you have a schedule full of clients you will hit a roadblock where there is not enough hours left in the day. To escape the personal trainer rat race, you need to have the optimistic ignorance to do something different and expand. Father, author and owner of the Online Trainer Academy, Jon Goodman gives an insight into how he started as a personal trainer and drastically improved his situation through going all in on one thing at a time. Now Jon helps thousands of fitness...


Jay Dang - Your Vision Is Your Roadmap [#032]

Your vision creates your personal roadmap to success, and the key to following the vision through is action, whether this is for your personal fitness journey or for business. Jay Dang, a professional football athlete, IFBB pro and multiple studio owner gives an insight into his journey, the lessons learnt and the steps you should take to take responsibility for your life. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Jay in this episode: How to shift from working by yourself to building a...


James Moody - My Story [#031]

James had the opportunity to be interviewed by Marcus Smith and Andre Houdet of Innerfight and talk about his journey from being a weekend warrior drug addict selling his days to a Fortune 500 company, and how he risked it all to start an online nutrition business to change his life for the better. This podcast gives an insight into the mindset, the risks, the decisions and the reason why James changed his life, leading him to where he is today spreading the message of the...


Elijah Bowie – Build A $500,000 a year Fitness Business [#029]

As a fully booked PT, there are not enough hours in the day. You arguably have the best job in the world helping people change their life, but you cannot take a day of holiday without losing business. So how do you pay the bills, feel fulfilled in your job and create a life of freedom? Elijah Bowie gives an insight into how he balanced being a student, an athlete and a business owner whilst investing $45k into his business and self development, as he transformed his PT business from an...


Paul Halme - Generating Leads Online [#028]

Working a full time job whilst building a business is time consuming, challenging and not for everyone. So how do you take the leap, change your life and take control of your own future? Paul Halme, best selling author who helps martial arts gym owners worldwide get more leads, sales and amplify traffic, gives an insight into how his business became one of the fastest growing martial arts business consulting groups and how you can make small changes with massive impact in your...


Matt Warner - PT Turned Business Owner [#027]

Starting out as a PT is never easy and the route to success is not clear, predictable or reliable. So how do you go from a newly qualified PT, to a business owner taking action on your passion daily and enjoying the process? This week, Matt discusses how he went from a football player, to a PT, to building a log cabin training studio and eventually to a fitness business owner, positively changing the lives around him through community and connection whilst staying authentic and...


[TRAILER] - Matt Warner - Episode #027 Coming Tuesday

Are you a fitness professional who wants to wake up happy, excited and motivated to help more people and live a fun life full of freedom and travel? Then the Remote Revolution Show was created just for you. Your hosts George Crawshaw and James Moody both had this vision for their lives from their early 20s, now they live their life with absolute freedom, travel and work from anywhere in the world, whilst still making a living pursuing other business projects and impacting other people's...


Jennifer Bulcock - A Mum With A Thriving Business [#026]

Parenthood, being in incredible shape, and operating as a full time entrepreneur are individually very difficult, but is it possible to do all 3 simultaneously? That’s what today’s episode with Jennifer Bulcock is all about. Jennifer gives James and George an insight into how she changed her career and life around so she could spend more time with her three children. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Jennifer in this episode: How to survive the baby years.The one trick to...


Jan Demsar - Starting Your Online Business [#025]

Are you ready to learn the technicalities of online marketing, growing a personal brand and running an online business all built upon your passion and designed around your perfect day? Jan Demsar, a marketing master who helps entrepreneurs from around the world thrive in the digital age delves into his experience of living the Remote Revolution, running an online business, and travelling the world. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Jan in this episode: Why delivering value...


[TRAILER] - Jan Demsar - Episode #025 Coming Tuesday

Jan Demsar, a marketing master who helps entrepreneurs from around the world thrive in the digital age and stay ahead of the competition, delves into his experience of living the Remote Revolution, running an online business whilst he travels the world.


James Macris - From Corporate Job To Freedom [#024]

From an investment banker in Australia, to a social media influencer who is also a remote fit pro and Fitform Sponsored athlete competing in Ninja Warrior. James gives us an insight how mastering your own bodyweight can mean more than just the physical action itself, but a journey to which can improve your life. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from James in this episode: * Why someone elses definition of happiness doesn’t have to match yours. * Why you should double up on...


[TRAILER] James Macris - Episode #024 Coming Tuesday

Another episode of essential listening for Fit Pro's and business owners coming soon. Don't miss Episode #024 with James Macris - Australian bodyweight @FitPhorm Athlete, Ninja Warrior and health advocate spreading the benefits of healthy lifestyle! - Episode dropping on Tuesday June 12th


Liam Britton - Six Figure Fitness Business [#023]

When you understand your own personal vision, your ideal business will reveal itself. Discover what it is from your past or present that is holding you back right now and how overcoming this obstacle will provide the insight into the life you are searching for. Liam Britton, went from a self employed bootcamp coach to a multiple fitness studio owner, hitting 6 figures within a 12 month period. Liam shares the breakthroughs that helped him change his business to be designed around his...


[TRAILER] Liam Britton



Stephen Aish - Are You Happy? [#022]

One question to determine your entire life, ARE YOU HAPPY? Discover how your inner conversations and questions determine your entire existence, and what steps you should take to change your unconscious habits into conscious choices so you can change your story. Stephen Aish, a lifelong martial artist and British Champion weightlifter turned mindset coach gives us an insight into why you should be asking yourself powerful and painful questions, whilst accepting, recognising and taking...


Luke Richmond - 5 Years To Live [#021]

#021 of The Remote Revolution show for Online Fitness Professionals & Coaches who want to learn how to grow their business online. In the modern world, you are taught to get a 9-5 job, a hefty mortgage and to work all your life. However, what if you could relentlessly push your mental and physical abilities by searching for breath taking challenges from around the world, and making this the focus of your life. Luke Richmond, an author and adventurer from the outback in Australia gives an...


Trailer - Luke Richmond - 5 Years To Live

Luke Richmond, an author and adventurer from the outback in Australia gives an insight into the extreme life he lives. Whether Luke is climbing mountains, jumping off cliffs or rowing an ocean, he lives and breathes for a life of freedom and being ready for anything that comes your way.