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Daniel Priestley - The Truth About Successful Entrepreneurs [#050]

After closing $1.3 million dollars in his first year of business at 21 years old, best selling author and international speaker Daniel Priestley is the product of great mentorship and high performing environments. If you want to become an influencer, increase your impact, and build a successful business Daniel has you covered. His work has had the greatest impact of any guest so far on the Remote Fit Pro team where it continues to inspire today. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from...


Ben Coomber & RFP - Takeaways From The Online Startup Workshop [#049]

What happens when you take 12 fitness professionals out of their day to day environment, fly them to Spain, and provide group mentorship for an entire weekend? Well that’s exactly what Ben Coomber, George Crawshaw, and James Moody discuss on this week’s episode as they recap the major lessons from the Online Startup Workshop 2018. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from the guys in this episode: The power environment holds over performance.How to be an awesome coach to your clients.Why...


Create A Bulletproof Action Plan For 2019 [#048]

Building a business can be overwhelming. You have campaigns to run, products to build, and sales to make; all whilst ensuring the highest level of service to your clients. So how do you manage your resources and maximise productivity with so much going on? In this week’s episode, James and George break down the steps to creating a bulletproof action plan so you can follow one clear path to success without distraction or overwhelm. Make sure you head across to to...


Hugh Robinson - How To Market In 2019 [#047]

If you have any interest in generating leads, making sales, and retaining clients in 2019, you need to hear this episode. This week, we have Hugh Robinson, an English-born Performance Coach and Marketing Expert on the show. Having spent the last three years running online coaching programs, and traveling the World, Hugh’s learnt some hard lessons that have allowed him to share his knowledge and expertise with other experts. Hugh gives us an insight into how the hottest marketing strategies...


Dave Smith - The Simple Way To Land Online Clients [#046]

Are you on a journey you’re not happy with? Are you ready to switch paths and begin building an online fitness business that you love and provides you with unlimited freedom? In this week's episode Dave Smith, owner of Online Trainers Federation gives James and George an insight into how we went from a home personal trainer to helping fitness professionals scale their online business. Unlike many Dave is still in the trenches running his online fitness business that he uses as a test...


The Lean Machines - Becoming An Influencer [#045]

Building an audience in the highly contested fitness industry is not easy, but it’s essential if you’re going to create a business and life on your terms. In this episode, The Lean Machines, Leon and John give us an insight into how they went from carpenters and roof tilers who created content in their lunch breaks, to full time YouTube and Instagram influencers with a trusted following. Here is a glance at what you’ll learn from Leon and John in this episode : Why you should aim to...


The Perfect Online Business? [#044]

Are you struggling to have success with your fitness business? Have you contemplated changing how you structure your pricing and delivery of service? Have you thought about raising your prices? Are you working every hour possible to run your business? Are you confused on where to start? In this episode, James and George give us an insight into the three core business models that you can employ as a Remote Fit Pro. If you’re brand new or looking to switch to switch up your offerings, this is...


Vince Del Monte - 7 Figure Fitness Business [#043]

Have you set a goal of becoming a best selling author, to become a WBFF professional fitness model, or to coach 1000s of people worldwide? Vince Del Monte has done all three whilst building a seven figure fitness business. This week Vince gives us an insight into his journey from starting on $10 at his first job as a skinny runner, to how he sold thousands of dollars of products through ebooks, to then founding the M5 movement, building his own physique, teaching entrepreneurs to become...


Trevor Wright - Running a Travel Lifestyle Business [#042]

Have you imagined being able to travel full time whilst running an online business? How would this make you feel if you could do this, and for almost free. Trevor Wright, gives us an insight into how he has been able to travel to 140+ countries around the world, whilst simultaneously running a travel lifestyle business. After cycling to Argentina from Columbia over a 2.5 year period, Trevor needed to generate cash. Fast forward to now, he teaches other people around the world how to travel...


Rich Wellington - Closing More Sales [#041]

Sales. The challenge of many fitness professionals. If you really want to help people from around the world and create an impact within your life and business, learn how to sell. From a poverty stricken family, Rich Wellington’s upbringing came with its challenges. However, Fast forward to today, gaining life experience in the RAF and starting his own fitness business, Rich developed skills in communication, design & sales. Overtime, he raised his prices and developed a love for selling a...


Special Edition - Greatest Hits [#040]

This week James and George recall some of the most popular episodes thus far and provide commentary on their biggest takeaways. Guests included on this special edition of the Remote Revolution show are Phil Graham, Stephen Aish, Austin Distel, and Ben Coomber. Whether you’re brand new to the show or a longstanding subscriber, get ready to enjoy a greatest hits style compilation that’s guaranteed to get you taking massive action in your business and life. Here’s a glance at what you’ll...


Desislava Dobreva - The Branding Queen [#039]

You do not need a life changing trauma to start living the life you desire, you just need the motivation to change and the courage to take action. From nothing to living the Remote Lifestyle, Desislava gives us an insight into how she started her own business and grew it to the point where she now travels the world; speaking internationally and consulting the biggest corporations on their brand strategy. From $8 per hour income to $3000 on day one of the launch, Desislava delves deep into...


Ru Anderson - FitPro Masterclass [#038]

Travelling the world, living in the location of your choice and building a business online can be achieved, but only if you go all in, quit the ropes tying you down and get to work. From online trainer to one of the leading fit pro mentors, Ru Anderson gives us an insight into how he grew up in Northern Ireland, followed through with the typical school route and random degree, despite his concerns and challenges. As boredom grew at his landscaping job, Ru made a change, which led to...


Joshua Pearson - Branding, Travel, And Fitness [#037]

From a troubled youth, experimenting with drugs and an unclear path, Joshua had a decision to make, which was to change his life through music or fitness. Fitness and business became his obsession that only grew as time went on, leading to a rollercoaster journey of self development and soul searching. Joshua gives an insight into how he built a multiple six figure fitness studio through building a team, changing his business model and investing in coaches. He also delves into the mindset...


Khaled Elmasri - Mastering Your Negative Emotions [#036]

Khaled Elmasri - Mastering Your Negative Emotions [#036] From an immigrant, learning the lessons of language and entrepreneurship at an early age, to a fitness manager creating a platform to rise up the growing fitness industry, today’s guest has created one of the most prominent fitness business events in North America ripple. Khaled Elmasri gives us an insight into his journey of immigrating to America, learning the tricks of the trade in the fitness industry, how you can get out of your...


Mike Yanda - Clearing 100k Of Debt In One Night [#035]

Stay at home Dad, lawyer and multiple business owner, Mike Yanda, gives us an insight into how he cleared his student loan debt in one payment, made money by spending time with his family at the beach, being 30,000feet in the air or by going to sleep, by focusing on making money in business. Mike delves into the changes that occurred in his life when he started to take his business seriously, the multiple steps it took to become an overnight success and how you can do the same if you are...


John Spencer Ellis - The 8 Figure Mentor [#034]

John Spencer Ellis - The 8 Figure Mentor [#034] Do you wish to have a bigger impact on the world? Do you wish to build empires, not just businesses? Empires which could employ over 500,000 people across countries worldwide whilst creating your own path to success. From Personal Trainer to multiple business owner, celebrity fitness trainer, show host and much much more, John Spencer Ellis gives an insight into his journey, leading the way in national exercise, martial arts and online...


Jon Goodman - The Father Of Online Training [#033]

Once you have a schedule full of clients you will hit a roadblock where there is not enough hours left in the day. To escape the personal trainer rat race, you need to have the optimistic ignorance to do something different and expand. Father, author and owner of the Online Trainer Academy, Jon Goodman gives an insight into how he started as a personal trainer and drastically improved his situation through going all in on one thing at a time. Now Jon helps thousands of fitness...


Jay Dang - Your Vision Is Your Roadmap [#032]

Your vision creates your personal roadmap to success, and the key to following the vision through is action, whether this is for your personal fitness journey or for business. Jay Dang, a professional football athlete, IFBB pro and multiple studio owner gives an insight into his journey, the lessons learnt and the steps you should take to take responsibility for your life. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Jay in this episode: How to shift from working by yourself to building a...


James Moody - My Story [#031]

James had the opportunity to be interviewed by Marcus Smith and Andre Houdet of Innerfight and talk about his journey from being a weekend warrior drug addict selling his days to a Fortune 500 company, and how he risked it all to start an online nutrition business to change his life for the better. This podcast gives an insight into the mindset, the risks, the decisions and the reason why James changed his life, leading him to where he is today spreading the message of the #RemoteRevolution...