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RNP042: eBay Amazon Reseller Vlog Journal #007 with Devin Wenig possibly

eBay Amazon Reseller Morning Vlog Journal #007 We hope to feature eBay president & CEO Devin Wenig so we can ask him about eBay's new summer updates and the rumors about eBay purchasing Mercari. We hope that he shows up. Also the 2018 World Cup in Russia is starting this week & Russ got a new stetson hat. Check out Russ - The Roaming Pickers: Instagram: @TheRoamingPickers


RNP043: Ebay Open 2018 & Fighting Through Slow Online Sales

Welcome back to RNP#043. Today we discuss Ebay Open 2018 & why we aren't there. Struggling with slow sales on eBay, Amazon, etc, what we think of free returns on ebay and what we have been doing in the last month since our last show and we take a look back in the crystal ball about what we see coming down the road in eCommerce in general. Find out more about our hosts on there Youtube Channels: Check out Russ - The Roaming...


RNP041: Random Reselling Rant #4 The Reselling Summer Slowdown ebay Amazon

RNP#041 Random Reselling Rant #4 The Reselling Summer Slowdown for ebay and Amazon. Today Russ, Shane, John and Mo talk about how to handle to reselling during the summer months. We also catch up about everything new they've been up to. Find out more about our hosts on there Youtube Channels: Check out Shane - Rise N Grind Picker: Check out Russ - The Roaming...


RNP040: Reselling with Pinterest & eBay & Postmark w/ Michael Bennette

RNP040: Reselling eBay, Poshmark & Pinterest with Michael Bennette. Today we explore the sometimes overlooked Pinterest and how we can use it to resell items in conjunction with ebay, Amazon, Poshmark or even directly from Pinterest. v has been using Pinterest to increase his sales with eBay and Poshark for a year now and he has some great insight. Michael Bennette Links: Instagram: @rmrgeneralstore eBay: Pinterest:...


RNP039: eBay reselling & Youtube as a couple in the UK with Rebecca & Zaheer Malik

We learn all about Rebecca & Zaheer Malik a reselling couple that sell on eBay, Amazon and run a youtube channel in England. They moved within the last few years and Becs transitioned from full time work to reselling with Zaheer, we'll try and cover all of these topics when we speak to them. Youtube Channel Rebecca Malik Youtube OnlyCoolStuff...


RNP038: Healthcare Insurance for self employed entrepreneur ebay Amazon resellers

We'll talk to Neil Hamady who helps self employed ebay & Amazon reselling entrepreneurs and businesses get healthcare insurance. Neil's Bio: Mr. Neil Hamady is a revered Medicare and Health Plan specialist. He is a seasoned executive with over 10 years of experience in the field. Mr. Hamady has been advising online businesses, individuals, families and corporations on health plan solutions. Through his leadership skills, deep knowledge and vision, he has helped thousands of people and...


RNP037: DTube & Steemit Explained featuring Thrift Shop Hustler

It's the return of Chris the Thrift Shop Hustler. A lot has changed since we last got to chat. Today Chris will be explaining DTube, Steemit, cryptocurrency & everything else he's been up to. Thrift Shop Hustler Social Media: Youtube Steemit Instagram


RNP036: Wades Ventures first Month as a Full Time Reseller eBay Amazon Poshmark Social Media

Wades Ventures talks about his first Month as a Full Time Reseller eBay, Poshmark & Amazon, the transition and how social media has molded his journey. This one will be awesome, don't miss it!!! Check out Wades Ventures here: Youtube Channel: Instagram:


RNP 035: Nostalgia on eBay Amazon Reselling (Random Reselling Rant #2)

Random Reselling Rant Episode#2 with Rise N Grind Picker. Travel down memory lane with Russ, Shane and Mo as we discuss reselling nostalgic items, items we wish we could resell that we can't find anymore and some that we can on eBay, Amazon, OfferUp, Etsy, Craigslist, etc... With so many nostalgic remakes or movies set in the 80s or 90s like The Karate Kid and Stranger Things coming out, it's hard not to get nostalgic! Check out Shane at Rise N Grind...


RNP034: Typography & Merch by Amazon w/ Yong from Merch Minds

Russ & Mo talk to Yong from the Merch Minds Podcast. We get to pick Yong's brain about all things Merch by Amazon, P.O.D. and how reselling has changed on ebay, Amazon & Craigslist since he began reselling. Yong also just released an ebook Understanding Typography for Merch by Amazon. Check it out here: Also check out Yong on the Merch Minds Podcast: (Podcast...


RNP 033: Learning about the Estate Sale Business w/ Melinda Waldon

Russ & Mo interview Melinda Waldon who runs an Estate Sale business. We aim to see what the other side of an estate sale looks like, what sells well, how they deal with resellers, what happens to the left over items.


RNP032: Reseller Interview w/ Rise N Grind Picker Vintage ebay Mercari Storage Units

Today we interview Rise N Grind Picker an experienced reseller and discuss all things reselling, ebay, vintage, storage units, mercari, etc. Please Subscribe to Rise N Grind Picker on Youtube at:


RNP031: Random Reselling Ranting

Mo and Russ discuss Random Reselling Topics about ebay amazon. Reselling mindset, how to low-ball and take a low-ball offer and how to organize and schedule your work day to make it more efficient.


RNP030: Reselling your hobby on eBay Amazon

Russ & Mo talk about reselling items they love from hobbies they enjoy. Football, soccer, adult league sports and sporting equipment & memorabilia amongst other things are discussed.


RNP029: The Future of eBay... Like we really know...

Russ & Mo bust out the crystal ball and tell you what The Future of eBay is... well, what they think may possibly happen... like they really know!!!


RNP028: Catching Up with Russ & Mo eBay Amazon Local Sales

Russ & Mo catch up and talk about what they've been doing in the last few months since the last episode! It's been months since our last episode, we recap the last few months. Topics include Russ reselling on the road, working out in remote parts of the Texas oil fields and Mo selling his house & business.


RNP027: Q4 is One Month over How is your eBay Amazon Business?

Special Thanks to Jason T Smith of the Thrifty Business show on Youtube. He gave us a huge shout out and I had a blast being on his show. This episode was actually recorded before that, so we wanted to make sure that we at least wrote a little something here about Jason and all the great content he puts out in the Thrifting Board facebook group, The Secret Beach, Youtube and in the reselling community general. Thanks Jason and congrats on your 5th season of Thrifty Business! Link to the...


RNP026: Networking to increase your eBay & Amazon Reselling Business

Reseller Niche Podcast #26. Today Russ & Mo discuss the importance of networking and all it's benefits. Our businesses and this podcast are all here because of who we networked with, we discuss that.


RNP#025: Natural Disasters, RV Life & Stopping Social Media

Catching up with Russ and Mo after a month layoff from the podcast. Find out what we've been up to. Russ discusses life on the road in his new RV and how it's changed his reselling process. We also discuss how we prioritize time by cutting out unnecessary social media.


RNP024: Q4 only 45 days away Preparing for the eBay Amazon Reselling Rush

Q4 or the Forth Quarter is only about 45 days away Roaming Pickers & Mo Fremont discuss how they are planning to prepare for Q4 this year on eBay, Amazon, etsy & Craigslist. We ideas for how to prepare yourself, what we learned from previous years, what worked and what failed and also what to look out for and avoid if possible.