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My name is Brenda Tushaus, CEO of RE/MAX Results where we think differently. We believe the Sales Executive is the customer, and we are proud to work with the highest producing sales executives in the country. This podcast will share their stories, their purpose, and their strategies to becoming market leaders in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Welcome to the Results-Driven Podcast

My name is Brenda Tushaus, CEO of RE/MAX Results where we think differently. We believe the Sales Executive is the customer, and we are proud to work with the highest producing sales executives in the country. This podcast will share their stories, their purpose, and their strategies to becoming market leaders in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Welcome to the Results-Driven Podcast


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My name is Brenda Tushaus, CEO of RE/MAX Results where we think differently. We believe the Sales Executive is the customer, and we are proud to work with the highest producing sales executives in the country. This podcast will share their stories, their purpose, and their strategies to becoming market leaders in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Welcome to the Results-Driven Podcast






Ep 26: Wade Hanson, the Only RE/MAX Results Agent to Be Fired By a Former President

The Results Driven Podcast is in Woodbury, Minnesota, for a conversation with luxury real estate agent Wade Hanson. Today you'll learn how Greek Mythology helped him transition into real estate, Wade's best advice for breaking into the luxury market, and, of course, Wade will take us back to his time on Donald Trump's reality show The Apprentice, and share what advice the former President gave him personally that kept him in the real estate game Learn more about the show and suggest future...


Ep 25: How Robin Gwaltney Raised 44 Kids While Growing a Successful Real Estate Team

You are about to meet one of the kindest, most giving people in the Results family. Robin Gwaltney out of our Rochester office is a true example of how just one person can change the lives of so many. She is, year in and year out, one of the top contributors to the Results Foundation. She also helped 44 kids get a quality education, and a fresh start, in Rochester. What drives her? It boils down to one word. Learn who she is and why we love her so much. Contact Robin:...


Ep 24: Sharing Success Secrets From Our 2021 Rising Star, Jonathan Soto

Today we sit down with our 2021 Rising Star, Jon Soto! Jon is out of our St. Cloud office and joined Results as the Pandemic started shutting things down in 2020. But that didn't stop him! Today you will learn the one piece of advice from a fellow Results agent that launched his success, the challenges and opportunities working with ESL clients, and a simple hack that has turned his past clients into marketing machines. Reach out to Jon: Suggest our next guest! Head...


Ep 23: Understanding Unconscious Bias in Real Estate with Richelle Taylor

Today I sit down with Richelle Taylor out of our Brooklyn Park Office. Richelle started the first NAREP chapter in the Twin Cities six years ago. Now she is Chair of the Results DIversity Committee. Today we cover *The lessons from her mom that influenced her successful 20-year real estate career *Early accomplishments of the Diversity Committee *And how the Results family can help be part of this important change To get in touch with Richelle: Have a comment...


Ep 22: What It Means to Have the Right Mindset for Success With Nevin Raghuveer

Today I sit down with a guy who is consistently one of our top producing agents in the company. Born in Canada, Nevin Raghuveer is a true entrepreneur and believes finding success in anything starts with the right mindset. We'll dive deep into that, along with coffee dreams that brought him to Minneapolis. That's all coming up on the Results Driven Podcast... Reach out to Nevin: Reach out to us!


Ep 21: 3 Things About Mortgages All Realtors Should Know With Lance Smith, President of Results Mortgage

Lance Smith took an unconventional route to the mortgage industry. He started as a social worker, then emergency room paramedic, and finally a youth counselor before getting into finance. Today you will learn: *How Lance changed the culture of Results Mortgage *Predictions for the refi and purchase market in 2021 *3 pieces of advice agents need to hear about Mortgages. Advice that could save you a few roadblocks That's all coming up on the Results-Driven Podcast! Reach out to Lance:...


Ep 20: Real Estate Agent, Investor, Licensed Contractor, and Mom of 5: Inside the Life of Nancy Yang

Coming up on the Results-Driven podcast I sit down with Nancy Yang out of our Woodbury office. Nancy is one of 12 kids raised by an ambitious mom who owned several investment properties around the Twin Cities. Her mom's ambition was passed to Nancy who not only has 4 kids (with one on the way), but she quit a corporate job to become a licensed hairstylist -- only to leave that to become a real estate agent, real estate investor, and licensed contractor. Today you will learn *Why 2020 was...


Ep 19: How a Former College Football Coach Used Real Estate to Transform His Life in Just 5 Short Years

Today on the Results-Driven Podcast, I sit down with one of our top small-group team leaders in 2020, Ben Kall. Ben is a former Big-12 college fullback and football coach who turned to real estate to design a life he wanted to live. Today we cover: *How the lessons he learned in college football accelerated his first year in real estate *When and why he started investing in real estate *And the books he said changed his life... To reach out to Ben: Have a...


Ep 18: Real Estate Strategies to Thrive in 2021 With John Collopy

The last time we chatted with owner/broker John Collopy, it was just before the pandemic shut everything down, so one year later, we cover what impacts our sales executives most in 2021 including *4 strategies to get past the problem of low inventory *Why Facebook could be your best marketing tool... but not in the way you think *A look back to the early days of Results --The thing that saved Remax Results and made it a profitable company Have a suggestion for a guest or comment about...


Ep 17: Best Advice New Real Estate Agents Will Ever Hear

If you are new to real estate, this episode is like finding a treasure chest full of gold. Brenda Tushaus asked every guest throughout 2020 to share their best advice to anyone that is new to real estate. The answers will save you from making crucial mistakes early in your career. The best part is the variety of answers. Each one valuable on its own, but put together may hold to the key to a successful career. This episode features the most experienced real estate minds in the industry...


Ep 16: How Michelle Anderson Went From Two-Decade Daycare Owner to Real Estate "Rising Star"

Today we have 2019's Rising Star Award winner Michelle Anderson who owned a home day-care business for 25 years before transitioning into real estate and closing 28 transactions in her first year, with no marketing. Today you'll learn how the child-care business is similar to real estate, along with the one thing you can admit early in your career that will give you an edge. Reach out to Michelle: 763 568 0038


Ep 15: Real Estate Predictions For 2021 with Mike Vanderheyden

Today, the General Manager of RE/MAX Results, Mike Vanderheyden, makes his real estate predictions for 2021, including how the new administration could affect real estate, the next big trend that Mike and his team are teaching right now, and the one thing real estate agents can do to gain instant credibility. Reach out to Mike here And keep up with the Results-Driven Podcast here:


Ep 14: Secrets About Mortgages That Most Real Estate Agents Don't Know With Rex Johnson

Rex Johnson , a mortgage expert turned top producing real estate agent, is on the podcast today where he passes along a great tip for successful marketing, his forecast for 2021 (buckle up), and how real estate agents need to think about life beyond real estate (Hint: A great retirement strategy!). Get in touch with Rex: 612-703-2080 We would love to hear your feedback and guest suggestions, too!


Ep 13: How Podcasting and Video Have Helped Tim Murphy Win In Real Estate

Tim Murphy is known in the Results family as the "content guru." Nobody has aggressively pursued a bigger content strategy, from podcasting to video, than Tim. The result is a huge return on relationships as his content-only strategy helps grow his real estate business. Today, Tim shares his secrets on how to get started. Reach out to Tim for advice here: And to give us feedback, head here:


Ep 12: The Art of Negotiating With Stephanie Gruver

If you're going to be successful in real estate, you need to know how to do two things: Set goals and negotiate. Today I'm sitting down with a woman that could write a book about both. Stephanie Gruver out of our Loring Park office transitioned into real estate from the insurance industry and transformed herself both professionally and personally. She will talk about that, her passion for vintage houses, how she lost over 60 pounds since January, and her keys to approaching the art of...


Ep 11: How Jerry Moscowitz Fights to Protect Minneapolis Real Estate Agents and Home Owners

Today I sit down with the amazing Jerry Moscowitz from our Plymouth office to chat about his annual Toys For Tots event which has resulted in over 6,000 toys for kids in need, and his involvement with the Government Relations Committee, a committee that has opened his eyes to the real estate fight going on behind the scenes. Reach out to Jerry, you can call: 612- 590-1300, or email: And to give us feedback and suggest guests, head here:...


Ep 10: Hiring Your First Assistant! The Why, When, and How with Sheryl Petrashek

Sheryl Petrashek has been a very successful full-time Realtor for over 20 years. Today she'll walk you through the why, when, and most importantly, the HOW when it comes to hiring your first assistant. Experience has proven that a good assistant will boost your business and confidence! Get ready to take some notes. To reach out to Sheryl personally, head here: I would love to hear your feedback! Head here:...


Ep 9: Dominating a Market by Putting Together Your Own Marketing Campaign With Jameson Melbye

Today on the Results Driven Podcast, we are talking about dominating a market by putting together your own marketing campaign with Jameson Melbye. Jameson has made a name for himself in Red Wing through his radio show, Facebook ads, Billboards, and, of course, his famous tag line -- a tag line that resulted in sales. Jameson shares how he put it all together and how he has become a leading agent in a crowded market. To contact Jameson, head here: And submit...


Ep 8: How Mary Mensch Found Success Merging Her Passion For Real Estate With Her Passion For Horses

Mary Mensch has proven that the hobbies you love can be the fuel behind a successful career in real estate. Her passion for horses has allowed her to carve a special career niche by working with clients that are buying and selling horse farms. How did this all start and how has her unique marketing helped make her the go-to agent for horse farms? To contact and work with Mary, head here: And to submit a comment,...


Ep 7: Jane Pithers and Jenni Rislund, the Backbone of RE/MAX Results

Today we feature Jane Pithers and Jenni Rislund who oversee the front desk operations for all 40 of our office locations in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. If you ask any of our sales executives what they love most about Results, it would be the front desk operations. Jane is a 20-year veteran who started with her mother, one of the first owner-brokers of a RE/MAX franchise. Jenni has been with us for 17-years, starting while in college. With close to 40 years of combined experience, they...