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At RE/MAX Results, we think differently. We believe the Sales Executive is the customer, and we are proud to work with the highest producing sales executives in the country. This podcast will share their stories, their purpose, and their strategies to becoming market leaders in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Welcome to the Results-Driven Podcast


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At RE/MAX Results, we think differently. We believe the Sales Executive is the customer, and we are proud to work with the highest producing sales executives in the country. This podcast will share their stories, their purpose, and their strategies to becoming market leaders in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Welcome to the Results-Driven Podcast






Ep 77: Building a Lasting Partnership in Real Estate: The Fiorella Group's Success Story



Ep 76: The Road to Happiness: Exploring John Collopy's 'The Reward of Doing' and its Life-Changing Lessons



Ep 75: Becky Durham: The Real Estate Training Guru Who Transformed RE/MAX Results with Passion and Innovation

This week Brenda sits down with Becky Durham, the innovative Director of Training at RE/MAX Results. Discover how Becky's unique background - from growing up in various Midwest towns to her extensive career in recruitment development - has shaped her approach to real estate training. Becky shares her journey from joining RE/MAX Results in 2009 to creating groundbreaking initiatives like Results Ready, Brainier, and the annual CE and Vendor Fair Day. Becky discusses her professional accomplishments and opens up about her personal life, including her commitment to community involvement and her love for e-bike adventures across Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you're a real estate professional or simply interested in learning about how passion and innovation can drive success, this is one episode you won't want to miss! Reach out to Becky Durham:, or 651-578-2236


Ep 74: Time to Mess with Nicole Biczkowski



Ep 73: Forging a Powerful Real Estate Partnership: Tiffhanie Zheng and Ali Massa Share Their Journey

Brenda Tushaus, CEO of RE/MAX Results, sits down this week with Tiffhanie Zheng and Ali Massa from the Woodbury office. Discover the story behind their business partnership, how they met, and how they've supported each other's growth since day one. Learn about their strategies to thrive in a fluctuating market and how they've redefined success together. Don't miss this inspiring episode that delves into the power of honesty, collaboration, and mentorship in real estate! Learn more about Tiffhanie: Learn more about Ali:


Ep 72: From Teenage Crush to Business Partners: The Real Estate Love Story of Brittany and Dain Johnson

Get ready for another exciting episode of Results Driven Podcast! Ed Kaiser is joined by the dynamic duo of real estate, Brittany and Dain Johnson, the Twin Cities Classic Homes team leaders. Dain, originally from Texas, has found his home in Minnesota, while Brittany is a true-blue St. Paul native. They've known each other since high school and have been inseparable. And, listen all the way through because this episode ends with a fun surprise you won't want to miss. Coming up: 1:15 Dain starting his life in Texas and how he ended up in Minnesota 1:54 Brittany's childhood in St. Paul 3:30 Dain and Brittany have known each other their whole lives. The crush begins 5:46 Why they have such great success without advertising 19:39 The freedom real estate provides 20:46 The talk about starting a team together... the planning begins 24:35 Their thoughts on the real estate market for 2023. A nice surprise? 28:41: The podcast ends with a surprise Be sure to check out their website at And don't forget to visit to tell us who you want to hear from next on the podcast.


Ep 71: From Selling Protein to Selling Properties: Shawn Hartmann's Journey in Real Estate

Today Brenda Tushaus sits down with Shawn Hartmann, team lead of the Hartmann Team, in this week's Results Driven Podcast. With almost ten years of experience at RE/MAX Results, Shawn shares his journey from selling whey proteins to the bodybuilding industry to becoming a successful real estate agent. If you're a new agent looking to jump-start your career or an experienced agent interested in geographic targeting and post-card marketing, this episode is for you! Don't miss Shawn's advice on how to make your first sale and his commitment to creating more social media video content. Chapters: :50 Shawn's early life in St. Paul 2:57 Shawn and Brenda share the same "first job" experience 4:59 Shawn maps out the structure of his team and whether he prefers to hire new agents or seasoned agents 7:36 What is geographic farming, how does it work, and how much does Shawn invest in geographic farming? 10:17 The ebbs and flow of direct mail marketing and how it is changing 14:45 the essential part of meeting new clients is researching and asking the right questions. So how does that work? 17:59 What aren't you doing in the day-to-day business that you should be doing? 20:06 What advice do you have for new agents? 21:56 What are your five-year goals? Reach out to Shawn and tell him he did a great job on the podcast: And while you're at it, tell us who we should feature next on the podcast:


Ep 70: Rising Star in Real Estate: The Journey of Matt Parrington from Hospitality to Hollywood

Matt Parrington is on the Pro Team out of the Edina West office. Matt has always had a passion for sales and a natural talent for it, dating back to his early entrepreneurial spirit in selling Christmas decorations to his neighbors (after Christmas) along with his brother's toys. He honed his skills in the hospitality industry, serving as the Director of Sales for a large restaurant company and building a network that would help him in his future endeavors. In 2020, he transitioned to real estate, where he has been thriving ever since. In this episode, we'll delve into Matt's journey, his work in real estate, and his exciting experience of being in a Netflix movie. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by Matt Perrington. 1:43 Little Matt sold his brother's toys to neighbors 2:58 Went to St. Cloud and straight into the hospitality industry 7:06 Getting into real estate and the Pro Team full time 8:15 Working with Ryan Fischer 9:55 Why real estate has been unique to him and why he didn't start down this path earlier 11:16 Why vacations are almost impossible for real estate agents -- and why he doesn't mind 12:18 The unofficial start of the Spring Market is around the Super Bowl, so how does Matt feel about the current market? 14:52 Matt talks about an upcoming movie on Netflix that happened because of his connections. The producers were so appreciative they put Matt in the film. 21:19 Matt turns the tables on Ed and leans in for some real estate legal advice Reach out to Matt: Have someone you think would make the perfect guest on the Results Driven Podcast? Let us know:


Ep 69: From Aspiring Stockbroker to Real Estate Legend: An Inside Look with Joe Koltes

Joe Koltes, Regional Manager at RE/MAX Results, is a seasoned professional with 32 years of experience in real estate, four of those as a regional Manager at Results. In this episode, you get to know the man behind the title. He began his real estate career at Edina Realty before eventually making his way to RE/MAX. Fast forward to today, and Joe is now a Regional Manager, helping agents grow their businesses to achieve their goals. In this episode, Joe shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, offering insight into the industry and what it takes to be successful in real estate. Chapters: 1:39 Breaking it to his dad that he's going into real estate 4:22 When he first considered becoming regional manager, and why he dismissed the idea 7:01 Where Joe's personality came from 8:30 What surprised you about since becoming a regional manager 9:05 Joe's typical day 10:47 What does Joe think is the biggest misperception about RE/MAX Results 11:42 A success story 13:33 Grow With Joe -- Joe describes his coaching program and how it benefits today's real estate agent 16:17 How a real estate agent should plan their year 20:29 Personal -- let's talk about your family 21:24 Joe bought a house in Florida -- and then this happened... oops. 22:47 What does Joe look for in Real Estate Agents from other companies, and what would make them a good fit for RE/MAX Results? 25:00 The most common feedback Joe gets from real estate agents after they come onboard 28:29 Joe's optimism about 2023 Who should be our next guest on the Results Driven Podcast? Let us know!


Ep 68: From Fixer-Upper to High-End Rental: The Journey of Lindsey Bennett in Real Estate and Design

12On this episode of the Results Driven Podcast, we have Lindsey Bennett, a real estate agent and designer, who shares her experience of moving to the Twin Cities after graduating from Iowa State to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and designer. Lindsey shares her journey of buying her first fixer-upper in 2013, which led her to fall in love with real estate and combine her design background with a hands-on approach. She also shares her approach to renovating properties and branding them as high-end rentals, and the challenges she faces in the current market. Join us as we dive into Lindsey's story and learn from her experiences in the world of real estate and design. Reach out to Lindsey: Who should we feature next on the podcast? Let us know here:


Ep 67: Funeral Director to Real Estate Agent - What Chuck Eckberg Learned About Guiding People Through Extreme Emotion

Born in Stillwater, Chuck Eckberg spent his early life searching for fulfillment. Finding a deeper way to serve. Although a successful executive at General Mills, he felt a deeper calling. A calling to help people through the most painful part of their lives. Today, Chuck gives us the details about serving as a funeral director. A time during his life when he was a strong but soft shoulder. A caretaker and an organizer. But there's an emotional price to pay to work in that industry, and it became too much, so he made another life decision, which involved real estate. Chapters 2:28 Chuck's early days as a runner and the importance of being an athlete 8:42 When Chuck realized who he was -- and that wasn't living out of boxes. He's a ddep root relationship guy. 9:00 Meeting his wife 10:37 Making the transition back to Minnesota 11:11 Getting out of sales and finding a new path 12:15 Why he pursued a new career as a funeral director 17:24 Why becoming a funeral director was fulfilling 21:15 What do real estate and funeral planning have in common 26:05 How he got trained as a real estate agent 30:47 Starting his team, and why he was reluctant to do so. What a team really means to Chuck 32:31 How life got better after starting a team 33:43 Embedded in Woodbury, and what that means to be married to a community and the trust that develops through that with clients 35:08 What's the end goal with Chuck's team? 39:57 Chuck's prediction for 2023 45:32 Chuck's busy 2023 with his kids 48:59 Looking back, Chuck's biggest advice for success in real estate and life


Ep 66: How a Proper Mindset Will Push You Through a Softening Market with Michelle Lundeen

Michelle Lundeen has been with RE/MAX Results for 14 years, and team Lundeen is the #1 team in Isanti County! A psychology major, she spent her early career helping children deal with mental health issues. But as the weight and stress of that career got heavier, she looked to anew opportunities, and that's when she discovered real estate. Today Michelle talks about kicking off her career with nothing but a flip phone and car in 2001, building her team out of necessity, and the importance of mindset as we enter a softening market. She also talks about the importance of reaching into the community to give back and the project of building the 7th home in Guatemala -- and how you can help with that project, too! Chapters: 2:02 Why she was a really good student -- being a teacher's pet helps! 2:40 Born in Hibbing, to Grand Rapids, to the Cities, then to Cambridge 3:14 Hibbing High School -- where the boys swam naked. 3:57 Duluth -- more gangsters per capita than Chicago! 4:45 Crown College days -- degree in psychology. 5:38 Getting tired of restraining 10-year-old boys, an interest in real estate developed 7:55 Starting her 22nd year in real estate, and what she remembers about the market back in 2001. 8:24 Memories of her first client and what he taught her 9:50 What people don't teach a new agent! 11:06 How do you get clients in 2001 with a flip phone? How your car was your office 12:38 What kills her about being married to a teacher -- especially in the summertime! 15:30 Breaking point -- when she knew she needed an assistant, and the start of Team Lundeen 18:33 The key to building a team in its early stages 19:39 Why should someone join Team Lundeen - What's important to Michelle - Integrity, community-minded, and why that's important. 20:34 What is Michelle's weakness 22:05 How are you positioning yourself and your team for a softening market? 23:48 The importance of mindset 25:03 Why it is important, especially today, to be proactive in your business. Getting back to work! 26:04 Having a conversation with a seller about a price reduction. Shifting their mindset. 28:15 What her team does for marketing within the community. 29:29 Their involvement with local churches 30:03 Giving back within the community 30:44 Raising money to build a home in Guatemala - the 7th home they've helped build 31:37 Donate to RecycledLives 32:03 Sharing Is Caring - a great give-back secret used by Team Lundeen 33:25 Who she couldn't have done this without, and how she got to this point in her career 34:00 What she loves about Results Contact Michelle Lundeen: 763-300-2728


Ep 65: Golf, PJs, and Wine - The Secret to Business Planning with Gina Dumas and Jen Forliti

Gina Dumas and Jen Forliti of the Real Estate Nation team are coming up this week. These two amazing sales executives owe their success to a once-a-year retreat where just the two of them hunker down and plan for the following year. This tradition has carried over for many years and includes the essentials: Golf, PJs, wine, and plenty of out-of-the-box thinking. Brenda dives deep into that topic, along with a host of other great moments: 2:43 When Brenda met Gina and Jen 3:50 Business planning in pajamas 6:04 How this all began 7:34 How it works on the inside 7:57 How has it given them work/life balance 8:45 The worst decision made after a couple of drinks 11:10 Why if they were successful, did they join a team? 12:53 What are they currently not doing, but know they should improve their business 15:24 What does each bring differently to the team 17:15 The secret to hitting Chairman Level 20:21 The one thing that has really changed their business 25:20 A fail they learned from 26:52 What do they like to do outside of the real estate business? Reach out to Gina or Jen here: Who should we interview next? Let us know here:


Ep 64: The Impact of Higher Interest Rates with Lance Smith

Lance Smith from Results Mortgage stopped by the Results Driven Podcast near the end of the summer and shared some insight about the financial market's impact on interest rates. Keep in mind that some of the discussion took place before some of the recent interest rate and market news, but much of this is applicable as we wrap up 2022. In today's episode: 1:37 Lance's background in social work 8:19 The difference between 2008 and now 17:26 Why buyers are getting nervous 20:33 How Lance answers the concerns about another crash 24:55 The average home price can't be sustained 27:45 How common are Assumable Loans these days? 29:41 What Lance is looking forward to in his personal life Learn more about Results Mortgage: Learn more about the Results Driven Podcast and suggest our next guest!


Ep 63: How the Results Family Stepped Up to Help Clark Lensing Double His Business

Clark Lensing's transition into full-time real estate was inspired by the passing of his father. Clark witnessed the lives his dad touched as a lifelong contractor through the enormous turn-out at his funeral. That was the moment Clark realized he wanted to have the same impact. Clark's been with Results since 2019, and today you will learn: 1:19 Clark's on-the-road career before joining RE/MAX Results 5:42 How enthusiastic he is about how open people are to help 7:52 How he gets himself in front of new clients 13:38 Finding the balance between being a solo agent and building a team 15:16 How he finds the right fit for his team 17:29 What he does outside of real estate 19:39 Advice for new agents and the biggest things he has learned along the way Reach out to Clark: Reach out to us and suggest our next guest:


Ep 62: The Program That Fueled Niki Moeller's Success

Niki Moeller is a 20-year veteran of RE/MAX Results and one of our most successful agents with a lot to share. Today you will learn about the coach and the program that took her business to another level starting in 2007. It's a program she still uses to this day and she'll break down the secrets You will also learn about the power of vision boards. She'll talk about how she uses them and why she believes in them so much. And then Niki will talk about her passion for Second Harvest, and why memories dating back to 16 years old make Second Harvest's mission so important. Learn more about Niki: Have a guest suggestion for us? Chapter markers: 1:25 The story behind Niki's vision boards 6:29 The coach that changed her business 7:35 How her By Referral Only Program works 8:45 The size of her sphere group then vs. now 12:00 The unique thing Niki does for her clients... something that every real estate coach says is a no-no 14:30 How she met her husband 16:54 Do you have any plans to grow your team 19:25 What's on your current vision board


Ep 61: Starting Your Real Estate Career During the Pandemic with Amy Collins

Amy Collins is from our Apple Valley office, and she is one of our newer agents who started her real estate career just before the pandemic hit. Today we'll talk about her transition from marketing into real estate, her new construction focus, and why she's still optimistic about the market. That's all coming up on the Results Driven Podcast Find out more about Amy: Who should we interview next? Chapters: 1:11 Growing up in Willmar 2:26 Going to the University of Minnesota and then on to Chicago 6:46 Her transition into real estate 11:55 How do you talk to buyers about new construction 13:48 Difference between a seller and a builder 17:49 What Amy wishes she would've done differently in the first two years of her career 21:03 What bothers her most about real estate 25:18 Big lawsuit against an iBuyer 30:02 The state of the market right now


Ep 60: 8-time #1 RE/MAX Associate Jeff Scislow

Former Marine Jeff Scislow has been a top associate at RE/MAX Results 8 times, and top 10 in the nation, as well. The man knows what he's talking about and today he's spilling his secrets on the Results Driven Podcast. We are going to talk about creative financing for customers that need zero-interest loans, funding your retirement through real estate investing, and his passion for travel. Reach out to Jeff: Suggest a guest for the podcast!


Ep 59: Ed's Mailbag

Today Ed Kaiser digs into the mailbag to answer a couple of essential questions on the minds of RE/MAX Results sales executives. We'll dig into the status of special assessments, and Ed's role in negotiating referral fees between agents. We'll also talk about the changing market and why sellers must stop thinking they're invincible. Chapter markers: 1:13 What's the status of special assessments 2:29 The best advice Ed can give is to have clarity 4:41 #1 thing to do if you think there's an assessment issue 6:26 What is Ed's role in negotiating referral fees between agents 8:43 What's changing in the market 10:34 The power is shifting back to the buyers 12:17 What happens when sellers think they're invincible 13:43 Why experienced agents are more valuable than ever right now Want to leave a question or suggest a future guest? Head here:


Ep 58: Finding Your WHY with John Collopy

This is the third visit from the founder of RE/MAX Results and John Collopy never disappoints. In this episode, John goes into your why. The why behind what you want, and how you're going to get that. He has a meeting based around that topic coming up soon. Of course, we'll get into today's real estate environment where John affirms that yes, we are in a recession, but it's not something to panic about just yet. And then, we go deep into an issue John calls a "plague" in Minneapolis. Something politically driven and needs to be slowed. That's all coming up on the Results Driven Podcast! Listen to the entire episode or jump straight to the topics you want to hear: 1:46 John asks Brenda something personal 3:16 John talks about how his organization has always been dominated by women 5:35 What John still does 3 days a week 9:22 Why WHY is so important 12:01 John has two requirements if you work for Results 14:13 John believes we're in a recession...but 17:46 What John considers a political plague 23:12 There's more than one side to John