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At RE/MAX Results, we think differently. We believe the Sales Executive is the customer, and we are proud to work with the highest producing sales executives in the country. This podcast will share their stories, their purpose, and their strategies to becoming market leaders in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Welcome to the Results-Driven Podcast


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At RE/MAX Results, we think differently. We believe the Sales Executive is the customer, and we are proud to work with the highest producing sales executives in the country. This podcast will share their stories, their purpose, and their strategies to becoming market leaders in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Welcome to the Results-Driven Podcast






Ep 68: From Fixer-Upper to High-End Rental: The Journey of Lindsey Bennett in Real Estate and Design

12On this episode of the Results Driven Podcast, we have Lindsey Bennett, a real estate agent and designer, who shares her experience of moving to the Twin Cities after graduating from Iowa State to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and designer. Lindsey shares her journey of buying her first fixer-upper in 2013, which led her to fall in love with real estate and combine her design background with a hands-on approach. She also shares her approach to renovating properties and branding...


Ep 67: Funeral Director to Real Estate Agent - What Chuck Eckberg Learned About Guiding People Through Extreme Emotion

Born in Stillwater, Chuck Eckberg spent his early life searching for fulfillment. Finding a deeper way to serve. Although a successful executive at General Mills, he felt a deeper calling. A calling to help people through the most painful part of their lives. Today, Chuck gives us the details about serving as a funeral director. A time during his life when he was a strong but soft shoulder. A caretaker and an organizer. But there's an emotional price to pay to work in that industry, and...


Ep 66: How a Proper Mindset Will Push You Through a Softening Market with Michelle Lundeen

Michelle Lundeen has been with RE/MAX Results for 14 years, and team Lundeen is the #1 team in Isanti County! A psychology major, she spent her early career helping children deal with mental health issues. But as the weight and stress of that career got heavier, she looked to anew opportunities, and that's when she discovered real estate. Today Michelle talks about kicking off her career with nothing but a flip phone and car in 2001, building her team out of necessity, and the importance of...


Ep 65: Golf, PJs, and Wine - The Secret to Business Planning with Gina Dumas and Jen Forliti

Gina Dumas and Jen Forliti of the Real Estate Nation team are coming up this week. These two amazing sales executives owe their success to a once-a-year retreat where just the two of them hunker down and plan for the following year. This tradition has carried over for many years and includes the essentials: Golf, PJs, wine, and plenty of out-of-the-box thinking. Brenda dives deep into that topic, along with a host of other great moments: 2:43 When Brenda met Gina and Jen 3:50 Business...


Ep 64: The Impact of Higher Interest Rates with Lance Smith

Lance Smith from Results Mortgage stopped by the Results Driven Podcast near the end of the summer and shared some insight about the financial market's impact on interest rates. Keep in mind that some of the discussion took place before some of the recent interest rate and market news, but much of this is applicable as we wrap up 2022. In today's episode: 1:37 Lance's background in social work 8:19 The difference between 2008 and now 17:26 Why buyers are getting nervous 20:33 How Lance...


Ep 63: How the Results Family Stepped Up to Help Clark Lensing Double His Business

Clark Lensing's transition into full-time real estate was inspired by the passing of his father. Clark witnessed the lives his dad touched as a lifelong contractor through the enormous turn-out at his funeral. That was the moment Clark realized he wanted to have the same impact. Clark's been with Results since 2019, and today you will learn: 1:19 Clark's on-the-road career before joining RE/MAX Results 5:42 How enthusiastic he is about how open people are to help 7:52 How he gets...


Ep 62: The Program That Fueled Niki Moeller's Success

Niki Moeller is a 20-year veteran of RE/MAX Results and one of our most successful agents with a lot to share. Today you will learn about the coach and the program that took her business to another level starting in 2007. It's a program she still uses to this day and she'll break down the secrets You will also learn about the power of vision boards. She'll talk about how she uses them and why she believes in them so much. And then Niki will talk about her passion for Second Harvest,...


Ep 61: Starting Your Real Estate Career During the Pandemic with Amy Collins

Amy Collins is from our Apple Valley office, and she is one of our newer agents who started her real estate career just before the pandemic hit. Today we'll talk about her transition from marketing into real estate, her new construction focus, and why she's still optimistic about the market. That's all coming up on the Results Driven Podcast Find out more about Amy: Who should we interview next? Chapters: 1:11...


Ep 60: 8-time #1 RE/MAX Associate Jeff Scislow

Former Marine Jeff Scislow has been a top associate at RE/MAX Results 8 times, and top 10 in the nation, as well. The man knows what he's talking about and today he's spilling his secrets on the Results Driven Podcast. We are going to talk about creative financing for customers that need zero-interest loans, funding your retirement through real estate investing, and his passion for travel. Reach out to Jeff: Suggest a guest for the podcast!...


Ep 59: Ed's Mailbag

Today Ed Kaiser digs into the mailbag to answer a couple of essential questions on the minds of RE/MAX Results sales executives. We'll dig into the status of special assessments, and Ed's role in negotiating referral fees between agents. We'll also talk about the changing market and why sellers must stop thinking they're invincible. Chapter markers: 1:13 What's the status of special assessments 2:29 The best advice Ed can give is to have clarity 4:41 #1 thing to do if you think...


Ep 58: Finding Your WHY with John Collopy

This is the third visit from the founder of RE/MAX Results and John Collopy never disappoints. In this episode, John goes into your why. The why behind what you want, and how you're going to get that. He has a meeting based around that topic coming up soon. Of course, we'll get into today's real estate environment where John affirms that yes, we are in a recession, but it's not something to panic about just yet. And then, we go deep into an issue John calls a "plague" in Minneapolis....


Ep 57: How Barbara Corcoran is Helping Tom Little Stay On Top in Duluth

Duluth native Tom Little made a later in life transition into real estate. This former Ralph Lauren fashion rep was recruited into the world of real estate while starting a family in Minneapolis. His desire to move back to Duluth remained strong, and when it finally happened, he took the lessons of selling in the Twin Cities and quickly found success in Duluth. In fact, last year he was #6 for total transactions for an individual. How? Old school! Tom was the first real estate agent to...


Ep 56: Making Your Business Uniquely You with Phillip Kim

Phillip Kim is a RE/MAX Results Regional Manager based out of the Edina, MN, office. He's a real estate agent who joined Results in February of 2022, and now coaches agents on how to move their careers forward. And moving their career forward isn't always cookie cutter. In fact, that blueprint is different for every agent, and today on the Results Driven Podcast, Phillip passes along his advice for growing your unique business, and what to do if you're in a real estate rut. Reach out to...


Ep 55: Winning Business From Your Google Business Profile with Stefan Petrashek

Stefan Petrashek had an amazing role model as he made the transition into real estate. Stefan's mom is Sheryl Petrashek, a well-known and respected agent in the Results family. Stefan has become known in our circles as the go-to for advice on Google Business Profile. Today we'll talk about the top three things you should do in this space. The percentage of his business that comes from his Google Business Profile And what has surprised him most about the customers that find him...


Ep 54: How to Win On TikTok with Zach Slovin

Zach Slovin is from Cincinnati, Ohio, which means he had no sphere when he made the move to Minnesota and jumped from advertising to real estate. So he started in 2020 relying heavily on social media, and in particular, TikTok. Today Zach shares the secret to his growing success on TikTok. What he posts, what he doesn't post, and hacks to make your videos command attention. That's coming up on the Results Driven Podcast! Follow Zach! TikTok:...


Ep 53: The Future of Smart Home Technology with Brandon Doyle

Brandon Doyle, a techie at heart, is known as the guy who loves smart-home technology. He does a great job identifying what technology is out there and what is relevant for real estate. He's an author and speaker on the topic and feels if we all share our passions, we all get better as realtors. We cover a lot in this episode, including: Books: Reach out to Brandon for a free copy while supplies...


Ep 52: From Corporate Marketing to Real Estate Agent - How Jeanie Kang Made the Successful Transition

Jeanie Kang has lived in just about every part of this country you could possibly live in. She worked for some of the biggest corporate brands in marketing, as well. So why Minneapolis and why the shift into real estate? And why will never leave real estate and go back to her old corporate life? Today you will learn how she survived her first year in real estate How long it took her to earn her first dollar And the top tool she uses to grow her business Learn more about...


Ep 51: How Facebook and Vision Boards Have Driven This Brother/Sister Team to Success

Today we sit down with a brother/sister duo out of our Elk River office, Chuck and Michelle Carstensen. Farming as kids taught them the fundamentals of becoming successful real estate agents. But it was their devotion to content and Facebook that has really propelled their success. Today you will learn Michelle's Facebook technique that leads to 15 closings a year, Chuck's early dedication to video that still pays off today, and why vision boards are their go-to for planning their...


Ep 50: The Pitch to Join the RE/MAX Results Family with Emily Korb

Ed Kaiser, V.P. of Compliance and General Counsel is in for Brenda this week on the Results Driven Podcast. He welcomes the woman who helps recruit the best for RE/MAX Results, Emily Korb, Director of Growth and Development. This former kindergarten teacher uses her genuine enthusiasm for Results to not only recruit, but also lead R.I.S.E., Realtors Inspiring Success and Evolution, which focuses on today's issues in real estate with the goal of building up your business. Today you will learn...


Ep 49: Understanding Bipolar Disorder and How It Impacts Day to Day Life with Liz Fagen

Liz Fagen has only been with Results for four years, but she's making a huge impact thanks to the network she set up long before real estate. She started a moms-only group in Big Lake -- tapping into her deep resources as a sports mom. A group that has become one of her biggest marketing machines. We then get into a long, and very open conversation about mental illness, and her bi-polar battle over the last 20 years. What is it and what does it mean for her daily? And then Brenda opens up...