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At RE/MAX Results, we think differently. We believe the Sales Executive is the customer, and we are proud to work with the highest producing sales executives in the country. This podcast will share their stories, their purpose, and their strategies to becoming market leaders in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Welcome to the Results-Driven Podcast


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At RE/MAX Results, we think differently. We believe the Sales Executive is the customer, and we are proud to work with the highest producing sales executives in the country. This podcast will share their stories, their purpose, and their strategies to becoming market leaders in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Welcome to the Results-Driven Podcast






Ep 86: A Consumer Roadmap Through Real Estate Risks: Wire Fraud, Contingencies, Arbitration and Deeds

This week, Ed Kaiser is talking directly to consumers to help them navigate the labyrinth of real estate transactions. Whether you're buying your first home or are a seasoned investor, our topics will guide you through your life's most substantial financial commitment. Learn to: Demystifying Title Options: Clueless about deeds? We break down the types and implications for homeowners, helping you secure your assets and plan for the future. Be Wire Fraud Wise: Wire fraud is increasingly plaguing real estate transactions. Learn how to safeguard your hard-earned money from scammers during these pivotal moments. The Inside Track on Arbitration: Have you ever encountered an arbitration agreement and wondered whether to sign? We'll walk you through the advantages and drawbacks so you're confident. The Importance of Home Inspection Contingencies: Thinking of forgoing that home inspection? We'll explain why this could be a grave mistake and how this contingency could save you financially. Equip yourself with essential knowledge to navigate your real estate journey.


Ep 85: Lessons in Drive from Duluth Hall of Famer Jordan DeCaro

Drive and determination fuel this young real estate star. In this episode of The Results Driven Podcast, Brenda Tushaus sits down with Jordan DeCaro, a highly successful 30-year-old agent from Duluth. Today, Jordan shares his keys to success, including: If you’re looking for inspiration from an energetic, focused young leader, this episode delivers. Jordan DeCaro proves that with the right mindset and work ethic, major success in real estate is possible at any age. Follow Jordan: Website: Facebook: Instagram:


Ep 84 Navigating Transitions: Shawna Joyce on Real Estate, Teaching, and Travel

Join us for a fun conversation with Shawna Joyce, a real estate agent who has navigated a fascinating journey from the classroom to the closing table. In this episode, Shawna shares her unique experiences, from studying abroad to working as a flight attendant, teaching in Hawaii, and finally finding her calling in real estate. In this episode, you will... Learn from Transitions: Shawna's seamless transitions between careers and locations offer valuable insights for agents considering a move within the industry or those looking to adapt to new challenges. Building Success with Builders: Discover how working with a national builder shaped Shawna's understanding of new construction, a skill that can set you apart in today's competitive market. Balancing Work and Family Life: Shawna's candid reflections on juggling family commitments with a demanding career provide practical advice for agents striving to find that perfect work-life balance. Selling with Heart: From selling her house as her first sale to thriving with RE/MAX Results, Shawna's real estate approach is personal and professional. Learn how empathy and understanding can enhance your relationships with clients. Click and let Shawna's journey inspire your next move! 🏠 Connect with Shawna Joyce: LinkedIn Facebook Website TikTok


Ep 83: Family, Leadership, and Innovation: A Podcast with Suzanne Bushard

Get ready to dive into the world of Suzanne Bushard, the dynamic General Manager of Results Title! After two years of begging, she finally sits down with us to explore her life. As part of the RE/MAX Results family, you'll have the unique opportunity to discover the person behind the title. Here are three intriguing things you'll learn by tuning in: The Family Connection: How does Suzanne balance her professional role with being the daughter of RE/MAX Results founder, John Collopy? Innovation at Results Title: What drives innovation at Results Title? Learn about Suzanne's visionary approach and how she's transforming how we think about real estate. Personal Insights: Who is Suzanne outside the office? From her hobbies to her community involvement, get a glimpse into the personal life of a leader as compassionate as she is ambitious. Join us for an inspiring conversation that will give you a deeper understanding of our shared mission and values. Whether new to RE/MAX Results or a seasoned professional, this podcast is a must-listen! Who should we feature next on the podcast? Let us know!


Ep 82: From Professional Athlete to Real Estate Agent: The Inspiring Journey of Matt Van Voorhis

In this episode of the Results Driven Podcast, we sit down with Matt Van Voorhis, a former professional hockey player who has successfully transitioned into a thriving career in real estate. Known as "The Hockey Realtor", Matt shares his unique journey and the strategies that have set him apart in a competitive industry. Today you'll learn: The Power of a Unique Brand: Matt discusses how he developed his unique brand as "The Hockey Realtor" and how it has helped him connect with a niche market, stand out in the industry, and build a successful business. Building Trust and Relationships: Matt shares his approach to building relationships in the real estate industry. He emphasizes the importance of treating each client as an individual, catering to their specific needs, and always staying top of mind. Adapting to Market Changes: Matt talks about the changing real estate market and how he is prepared to adapt and evolve to continue serving his clients effectively. He shares his thoughts on the future of the real estate market and his business. Whether you're a seasoned agent or just starting out, this episode is packed with actionable insights that can help you carve out your own niche, build strong client relationships, and adapt to the ever-changing real estate landscape. To connect with Matt Van Voorhis and learn more about his journey, you can reach out to him on his Facebook page at The Hockey Realtor. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most unique voices in the real estate industry! Also, don't forget to leave us feedback and suggest our next guest!


Ep 81: Serving Up Success: Jesse Carlson's Mission to Empower Restaurant Workers

Jesse Carlson's journey from the restaurant industry to real estate is inspiring. His unique background has equipped him with a wealth of skills and experiences that he now applies to his real estate practice, and he's using his platform to impact his community significantly. In this episode, Jesse explains… 1. His experience in the restaurant industry, how it has shaped his approach to real estate, and why he believes these two seemingly disparate fields have more in common than you might think. 2. The unique challenges restaurant workers face regarding homeownership and how Jesse's innovative "heroes package" is helping to break down these barriers. 3. His journey with RE/MAX Results and how the company's supportive and ambitious atmosphere has helped him triple his business in just one year. Jesse's story is a testament to the power of transferable skills and the impact of diverse experiences. Whether you're a seasoned real estate professional or just starting, there's a wealth of insight to be gained from Jesse's journey. If you're intrigued by Jesse's story and want to learn more, you can connect with him on his Facebook page:


Ep 80: Ed's Mailbag

In the latest episode of the Results Driven Podcast, Ed Kaiser, General Counsel for Re/Max Results, addresses some of the most pressing questions from agents in the field. Are all contracts automatically assignable unless specified otherwise in the contract? What are the legal limits on the dollar amounts that can be given as a closing gift? Are agents obligated to answer questions about other offers on a property? What happens if a seller misplaces the main house key? What does "bona fide, arm's length transaction" mean in the real estate context? How can a property be sold "as is"? And finally, how should agents handle situations where buyer-side payouts are lower than customary? Ed dives deep into these topics, providing valuable insights based on his extensive legal experience in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned agent or just starting, this episode is packed with practical advice you will want to take advantage of. Have a question for Ed? Reach out to him anytime at Have a guest suggestion? Let us know here:


Ep 79: Brent Anderson: A Journey of Discipline, Focus, and Success

This episode is about mindset. The mindset of success and develop the habits to make it happen. Brenda Tushaus sits down with Brent Anderson, a top-performing RE/MAX Results real estate agent based in Nisswa, MN. Brent shares his journey from being a sous chef to one of his region's top real estate agents. He discusses his daily routine, which includes a high-intensity workout and focusing on personal development through reading and journaling. Brent also shares his approach to real estate, which involves a laser focus on his client's goals and cutting out distractions. He talks about his love for buying, selling, building, and developing properties. Brent also advises new agents and is willing to help others in their real estate journey. If you want to contact Brent Anderson, contact him at (218) 963-9554. We would love your feedback on this episode and suggestions for our next guest. Please leave your feedback at


Ep 78: Faith, Resilience, and Real Estate: The Story of Kassia Lueck

In this episode of the Results Driven Podcast, Kassia Lueck, leader of the Crossroads Realty Team of RE/MAX Results in the Alexandria office, shares her inspiring journey from her early days in Ohio to her current success in the real estate market of Minnesota. Kassia's story is a testament to the power of resilience, faith, and a commitment to serving others. You will learn how Kassia navigated the challenges of the 2008 market crash, her decision to move to Alexandria, and her subsequent journey in the real estate industry. Kassia also opens up about the role of faith in her life and how it has guided her through personal and professional challenges. This episode offers valuable lessons not only for real estate agents but anyone interested in personal growth and overcoming adversity. You'll learn about the unique aspects of the real estate market in Alexandria, the importance of local knowledge in serving clients effectively, and how to balance personal life with a demanding career. Join us as we dive into Kassia's remarkable journey, filled with pivotal moments, tough decisions, and the power of faith. Whether you're a seasoned real estate professional or just starting your journey, this episode is sure to inspire and enlighten you. You can reach out to Kassia here: 320-491-1627


Ep 77: Building a Lasting Partnership in Real Estate: The Fiorella Group's Success Story



Ep 76: The Road to Happiness: Exploring John Collopy's 'The Reward of Doing' and its Life-Changing Lessons



Ep 75: Becky Durham: The Real Estate Training Guru Who Transformed RE/MAX Results with Passion and Innovation

This week Brenda sits down with Becky Durham, the innovative Director of Training at RE/MAX Results. Discover how Becky's unique background - from growing up in various Midwest towns to her extensive career in recruitment development - has shaped her approach to real estate training. Becky shares her journey from joining RE/MAX Results in 2009 to creating groundbreaking initiatives like Results Ready, Brainier, and the annual CE and Vendor Fair Day. Becky discusses her professional accomplishments and opens up about her personal life, including her commitment to community involvement and her love for e-bike adventures across Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you're a real estate professional or simply interested in learning about how passion and innovation can drive success, this is one episode you won't want to miss! Reach out to Becky Durham:, or 651-578-2236


Ep 74: Time to Mess with Nicole Biczkowski



Ep 73: Forging a Powerful Real Estate Partnership: Tiffhanie Zheng and Ali Massa Share Their Journey

Brenda Tushaus, CEO of RE/MAX Results, sits down this week with Tiffhanie Zheng and Ali Massa from the Woodbury office. Discover the story behind their business partnership, how they met, and how they've supported each other's growth since day one. Learn about their strategies to thrive in a fluctuating market and how they've redefined success together. Don't miss this inspiring episode that delves into the power of honesty, collaboration, and mentorship in real estate! Learn more about Tiffhanie: Learn more about Ali:


Ep 72: From Teenage Crush to Business Partners: The Real Estate Love Story of Brittany and Dain Johnson

Get ready for another exciting episode of Results Driven Podcast! Ed Kaiser is joined by the dynamic duo of real estate, Brittany and Dain Johnson, the Twin Cities Classic Homes team leaders. Dain, originally from Texas, has found his home in Minnesota, while Brittany is a true-blue St. Paul native. They've known each other since high school and have been inseparable. And, listen all the way through because this episode ends with a fun surprise you won't want to miss. Coming up: 1:15 Dain starting his life in Texas and how he ended up in Minnesota 1:54 Brittany's childhood in St. Paul 3:30 Dain and Brittany have known each other their whole lives. The crush begins 5:46 Why they have such great success without advertising 19:39 The freedom real estate provides 20:46 The talk about starting a team together... the planning begins 24:35 Their thoughts on the real estate market for 2023. A nice surprise? 28:41: The podcast ends with a surprise Be sure to check out their website at And don't forget to visit to tell us who you want to hear from next on the podcast.


Ep 71: From Selling Protein to Selling Properties: Shawn Hartmann's Journey in Real Estate

Today Brenda Tushaus sits down with Shawn Hartmann, team lead of the Hartmann Team, in this week's Results Driven Podcast. With almost ten years of experience at RE/MAX Results, Shawn shares his journey from selling whey proteins to the bodybuilding industry to becoming a successful real estate agent. If you're a new agent looking to jump-start your career or an experienced agent interested in geographic targeting and post-card marketing, this episode is for you! Don't miss Shawn's advice on how to make your first sale and his commitment to creating more social media video content. Chapters: :50 Shawn's early life in St. Paul 2:57 Shawn and Brenda share the same "first job" experience 4:59 Shawn maps out the structure of his team and whether he prefers to hire new agents or seasoned agents 7:36 What is geographic farming, how does it work, and how much does Shawn invest in geographic farming? 10:17 The ebbs and flow of direct mail marketing and how it is changing 14:45 the essential part of meeting new clients is researching and asking the right questions. So how does that work? 17:59 What aren't you doing in the day-to-day business that you should be doing? 20:06 What advice do you have for new agents? 21:56 What are your five-year goals? Reach out to Shawn and tell him he did a great job on the podcast: And while you're at it, tell us who we should feature next on the podcast:


Ep 70: Rising Star in Real Estate: The Journey of Matt Parrington from Hospitality to Hollywood

Matt Parrington is on the Pro Team out of the Edina West office. Matt has always had a passion for sales and a natural talent for it, dating back to his early entrepreneurial spirit in selling Christmas decorations to his neighbors (after Christmas) along with his brother's toys. He honed his skills in the hospitality industry, serving as the Director of Sales for a large restaurant company and building a network that would help him in his future endeavors. In 2020, he transitioned to real estate, where he has been thriving ever since. In this episode, we'll delve into Matt's journey, his work in real estate, and his exciting experience of being in a Netflix movie. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by Matt Perrington. 1:43 Little Matt sold his brother's toys to neighbors 2:58 Went to St. Cloud and straight into the hospitality industry 7:06 Getting into real estate and the Pro Team full time 8:15 Working with Ryan Fischer 9:55 Why real estate has been unique to him and why he didn't start down this path earlier 11:16 Why vacations are almost impossible for real estate agents -- and why he doesn't mind 12:18 The unofficial start of the Spring Market is around the Super Bowl, so how does Matt feel about the current market? 14:52 Matt talks about an upcoming movie on Netflix that happened because of his connections. The producers were so appreciative they put Matt in the film. 21:19 Matt turns the tables on Ed and leans in for some real estate legal advice Reach out to Matt: Have someone you think would make the perfect guest on the Results Driven Podcast? Let us know:


Ep 69: From Aspiring Stockbroker to Real Estate Legend: An Inside Look with Joe Koltes

Joe Koltes, Regional Manager at RE/MAX Results, is a seasoned professional with 32 years of experience in real estate, four of those as a regional Manager at Results. In this episode, you get to know the man behind the title. He began his real estate career at Edina Realty before eventually making his way to RE/MAX. Fast forward to today, and Joe is now a Regional Manager, helping agents grow their businesses to achieve their goals. In this episode, Joe shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, offering insight into the industry and what it takes to be successful in real estate. Chapters: 1:39 Breaking it to his dad that he's going into real estate 4:22 When he first considered becoming regional manager, and why he dismissed the idea 7:01 Where Joe's personality came from 8:30 What surprised you about since becoming a regional manager 9:05 Joe's typical day 10:47 What does Joe think is the biggest misperception about RE/MAX Results 11:42 A success story 13:33 Grow With Joe -- Joe describes his coaching program and how it benefits today's real estate agent 16:17 How a real estate agent should plan their year 20:29 Personal -- let's talk about your family 21:24 Joe bought a house in Florida -- and then this happened... oops. 22:47 What does Joe look for in Real Estate Agents from other companies, and what would make them a good fit for RE/MAX Results? 25:00 The most common feedback Joe gets from real estate agents after they come onboard 28:29 Joe's optimism about 2023 Who should be our next guest on the Results Driven Podcast? Let us know!


Ep 68: From Fixer-Upper to High-End Rental: The Journey of Lindsey Bennett in Real Estate and Design

12On this episode of the Results Driven Podcast, we have Lindsey Bennett, a real estate agent and designer, who shares her experience of moving to the Twin Cities after graduating from Iowa State to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and designer. Lindsey shares her journey of buying her first fixer-upper in 2013, which led her to fall in love with real estate and combine her design background with a hands-on approach. She also shares her approach to renovating properties and branding them as high-end rentals, and the challenges she faces in the current market. Join us as we dive into Lindsey's story and learn from her experiences in the world of real estate and design. Reach out to Lindsey: Who should we feature next on the podcast? Let us know here:


Ep 67: Funeral Director to Real Estate Agent - What Chuck Eckberg Learned About Guiding People Through Extreme Emotion

Born in Stillwater, Chuck Eckberg spent his early life searching for fulfillment. Finding a deeper way to serve. Although a successful executive at General Mills, he felt a deeper calling. A calling to help people through the most painful part of their lives. Today, Chuck gives us the details about serving as a funeral director. A time during his life when he was a strong but soft shoulder. A caretaker and an organizer. But there's an emotional price to pay to work in that industry, and it became too much, so he made another life decision, which involved real estate. Chapters 2:28 Chuck's early days as a runner and the importance of being an athlete 8:42 When Chuck realized who he was -- and that wasn't living out of boxes. He's a ddep root relationship guy. 9:00 Meeting his wife 10:37 Making the transition back to Minnesota 11:11 Getting out of sales and finding a new path 12:15 Why he pursued a new career as a funeral director 17:24 Why becoming a funeral director was fulfilling 21:15 What do real estate and funeral planning have in common 26:05 How he got trained as a real estate agent 30:47 Starting his team, and why he was reluctant to do so. What a team really means to Chuck 32:31 How life got better after starting a team 33:43 Embedded in Woodbury, and what that means to be married to a community and the trust that develops through that with clients 35:08 What's the end goal with Chuck's team? 39:57 Chuck's prediction for 2023 45:32 Chuck's busy 2023 with his kids 48:59 Looking back, Chuck's biggest advice for success in real estate and life