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The Retirement Cafe Podcast recognises that the transition into retirement isn’t purely a financial event, it’s so much more. It’s one of those life-changing events that requires you to plan, to adapt and to address those challenges and opportunities face on.

The Retirement Cafe Podcast recognises that the transition into retirement isn’t purely a financial event, it’s so much more. It’s one of those life-changing events that requires you to plan, to adapt and to address those challenges and opportunities face on.
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The Retirement Cafe Podcast recognises that the transition into retirement isn’t purely a financial event, it’s so much more. It’s one of those life-changing events that requires you to plan, to adapt and to address those challenges and opportunities face on.




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063 Helping over 50s find age friendly employers

This is the first in our brief series of episodes about Working in to Retirement. Nearly 80% of the growth in UK employment over the last decade has come from the over 50s*. A staggering fact, and one made even more impactful if you consider that the ONS expects the number of over 50s to increase by nearly 10% over the next 10 years, an additional 2.7 million individuals. To simply maintain current rates of employment, that requires us to prepare society and the workplace for millions...


062 Luxury retirement village life, with Nick Sanderson

Over 20 years ago, Nick had a vision for the future of housing for later life. He envisioned a retirement village that offered the facilities of a spa hotel but with care on hand, as and when needed. Nick Sanderson is now CEO of Audley Group, the company that reinvented the retirement property market; challenged the care home model and introduced the concept of luxury retirement villages for the over 55s. They provide a range of luxury retirement villages, each with a health club, library...


061 Must read books for 2020

Happy New Year! There are many ways to make ‘2020 Your Best Year Yet’. As discussed in the first episode in this series, one of those ways is to consider your most important priorities and make sure you spend time doing the things of most importance to you. Another way is to continue to learn. And what better way than to learn from those who know more than us! This week, Justin discusses the books he highly recommends you read in 2020. He introduces each book and why you may want to...


060 How to make New Year's Resolutions stick

It’s New Year’s Eve – the final day of 2019, so what better topic to discuss than 'How to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet'. In fact, that’s the theme of the next two episodes. As is tradition with the arrival of another new year, you may well be getting ready to set some new year’s resolutions. Things that you’d like to change in your life or new habits you’d like to create. It’s not something that I’ve ever really done, but I know my wife, Kathy, used to set resolutions each year. Kathy...


059 Successful wealth transfer - avoiding shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations

You've probably heard of the old adage 'from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations', but is it really true? Research in the USA* suggests that inherited wealth rarely endures. By the second generation, it found, 70 per cent of family fortunes had been depleted. By the third generation, the figure was 90 per cent. 60% of unsuccessful wealth transfers result from a lack of trust and communication among family members, which led to the creation of the Institute for Preparing...


058 Understanding your workplace pension

In this episode, we cover a summary of defined contribution, defined benefit and other workplace pensions, what you should know or find out about your existing pensions and what you need to consider to ensure you have sufficient provisions when you reach your retirement.


057 Being AgeProud and Ageing Better, with Louise Ansari

This is the third episode in our series about Changing the Perceptions of Ageing. We are living longer than ever before but millions of us risk missing out on a good later life. The Centre for Ageing Better is focused on bringing about lasting changes in society that make a difference to people’s experience of later life, now and in the future. This means more people in fulfilling work, in good health, living in safe, accessible homes and connected communities. Louise Ansari is passionate...


056 Lessons learnt from interviewing interesting people, part 2

If you listened to last week’s episode, you’ll know that I shared some of the lessons I’ve learnt from interviewing interesting guests over the past 12 months since the podcast was launched. This week I plan to share a further 4 lessons, in celebration of the first anniversary of The Retirement Café Podcast. Last week’s lessons included: This week I cover: If you'd like to listen to any of the full episodes mentioned in this episode, please click the links below. Listen here on episode...


055 Lessons learnt from interviewing interesting people, part 1

This week we are celebrating the first anniversary of The Retirement Café Podcast. Believe it or not, we’re on episode 55 and week 52 of the podcast, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to look back at the lessons I’ve learnt over that time from some of the fascinating people I’ve interviewed. I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I set out on this podcast journey. I knew I would be aiming to talk to lots of people about all aspects of retirement life, and it’s certainly...


054 How to age joyfully, with Maggy Pigott

This is the second episode in our series about Changing the Perceptions of Ageing. Maggy is relishing retirement after a distinguished 37-year career in the legal profession. She has discovered the immense joys of dancing, Twitter and volunteering, including being Vice Chair of ‘Open Age’ – a London charity that helps thousands of people over 50 lead healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. Maggy has recently published her book ‘How to Age Joyfully: Eight Steps to a Happier, Fuller...


053 Life lessons from people older and wiser than you

Are you worried about getting old? Mid thirty-something writer Dominique Afacan was. Old age to her was an unhappy place, mostly filled with loneliness, rocking chairs and possibly some tea and biscuits, if she was lucky. Together with friend and photographer colleague, Helen Cathcart, Dominique set out to find people over 70 who made old age look more appealing. They interviewed and photographed these inspiring people, which led to the launch of Bolder. Dominique joins me to chat about...


052 All you need to know about equity release

As you know, the current generation of retirees has benefitted greatly from quite dramatic increases in house prices over the years. This is great news for retirees in general, but for some people, they find that the majority of their wealth is tied up in their property. For those struggling to afford the retirement they want, or even the retirement they need when it comes to paying for care or other later life costs, equity release can be an appealing option. Equity release has had a bad...


051 Sod 70! Shake off the stereotypes and empower yourself, with Professor Sir Muir Gray

Professor Sir Muir Gray has worked in public health for 40 years, focusing on disease prevention (particularly helping people to stop smoking) and population ageing. He is a renowned leading Consultant in Public Health in Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust and a professor in the University of Oxford’s department of Primary Care Health Sciences. Knighted in 2005 for his services to the NHS, he is known as a public health pioneer. In recent years, Sir Muir has gone on to publish a number...


050 Putting your ideal retirement within reach, with Roger Whitney

Roger Whitney believes that planning for retirement is just as much about intentional saving as it is about intentional living. Like me, he believes the best retirement strategies are grounded in what’s important in your life right now and in the future. Roger is an American Certified Financial Planner, author of 'Rock Retirement' - a simple guide offering inspirational advice on how to enjoy the journey to retirement and beyond, and host of The Retirement Answer Man podcast. He joins me...


049 How money figures into a joyful life, with Brian Portnoy

Do you ever feel that there is just too much information and choice today? Behavioural finance expert Brian Portnoy has found a way to achieve simplicity in our world of information overload and shares his perspective in two fascinating books The Investor's Paradox and The Geometry of Wealth. In his books, Brian successfully tackles the challenges of not only making better investment decisions but also how money figures in to a joyful life. And explains how the two tasks - tackling the big...


The benefits of Tai Chi as we age, with Mark Peters

Most people think of Tai Chi as a wonderful relaxing exercise performed in parks throughout China, in the early morning. This is true to some extent. Tai Chi is relaxing, but it also strengthens the body, improves circulation and is an effective form of self-defence. The holistic nature of this ancient martial art makes it suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness as it adapts itself to suit your abilities. What’s more, recent studies have proven that Tai Chi has significant...


Investment strategies and assessing risk in turbulent markets

We have unbelievable political uncertainty at the moment and it’s hard to deny that it’s causing considerable market turmoil. You may well be wondering what effect this will have upon your investments and retirement savings. Are you okay with gritting your teeth and keeping your carefully structured portfolio on track as planned? Or are you wondering whether you should now somehow shift your portfolio to higher ground until the coast seems clear? In other words, might these stressful times...


Death Cafe, with Sue Barsky Reid

Pop into most cafes and you'll quite easily find tea and cake. Pop into a Death Cafe and you'll be served much more. At a Death Cafe people, often strangers, gather to eat cake and drink tea - as you might expect - but they also gather to discuss death. Death has a stigma of being morbid to bring up and especially to talk about. There's that superstition that you are inviting death closer by discussing it. However, thousands of groups in 51 countries have met up with one another to discuss...


Pension freedoms and the alternatives to buying an annuity, with William Burrows

Last week we discussed annuities, what they are and when you may decide to buy one. In 2015 new legislation - The Pension Schemes Act 2015 - took the pensions market by storm. Known as 'pension freedoms', the new rules gave you more options as to how to take your pension savings. Billy Burrows returns to the podcast this week to talk us through pension freedoms and what this means to you. We discuss pension drawdown, Billy's 'three pot approach', and creating an income strategy for all...


When buying an annuity is the right choice, with William Burrows

When the time comes to decide what to do with your retirement savings, you may face the difficult choice of either buying an annuity or entering into drawdown. Annuities have fallen out of favour since pension freedoms came into force in 2015, as many retirees took advantage of being able to access their pension funds in the way they wanted. But do annuities still have a place in the retirement income market? William Burrows believes so. Having been involved with retirement options for 30...