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The Vanventure of a Lifetime

In this episode Steve interviews fellow Rippler, artists and life adventurer Lisa Bussett. Lisa is giving her notice, selling her house and embarking on an adventure many of us will only dream of. Learn about Lisa's art and follow her adventures by checking out her website at:


Welcome to a new year, a new decade and season 5

The year ahead represents a brand new opportunity for us all. What will you do with yours? Here's a bit of insight of what I have planned for mine!


My Year In Review with a Side of Thank You

In this episode Steve talks about some of the highlights and lowlights of 2019. He shares some insights about a few episodes you may have missed that you'll want to go back and listen to. He may or may not have had too much coffee when he pushed record. We admit nothing.


The Cookie Thief & Prejudgement

Noun. 1. prejudgement - a judgment reached before the evidence is available. prejudgment. judging, judgement, judgment - the cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions. Are you guilty of making assumptions about people, situations, attitudes before understanding the "real story?" In this episode, Steve explores how prejudgement and the stories our ego likes to tell us can undermine and compromise your ability to connect with others. Spoiler alert! He says not to do it...


Ripple Chat with Douglas HIlbert

I hope you will walk away from this episode as inspired as I am. Douglas Hilbert is one incredible individual that will encourage you to want to be a better person...period. Some specific highlights from this episode: "A lot of great plans with no kind of spiritual, mental or emotional foundation it really won't work." Douglas is a Senior Health Coach at Virta Health as well as a high school soccer and track and field coach. He enjoys his professional life because Virta Health has a...


Feeling Isolated and Alone

In this episode, Steve shares a very personal insight into a conversation he had with an audience member that feels like they don't matter. Steve gives a very personal account of how he can relate to how this individual was feeling and why he credits the Ripple for playing a serious role in saving his own life. This one is pretty heavy episode to listen to but it's an important one to listen to and share. If you or anyone you know is feeling down and has thoughts of harming themselves,...


Ask Me Anything - October Edition

Thank you to everyone that sent in a question for my Ask Me Anything episode. It took me a bit of time to get this out but I hope my answers were worth waiting for! Have a question? I have an answer. Tweet me @rippleon or send me an email and you may just find your question being featured on our next AMA episode!


Attention Management with Maura Thomas

I am so thrilled to share my interview with Maura Thomas a world famous keynote speaker, corporate trainer and the author of the upcoming book Attention Management: How To Create Success and Gain Productivity Every Day. Maura will change your perspective productivity and how to place your time, energy and attention on the things that matter them most. You can purchase Maura's book at and bookstores everywhere. Check out Maura's website at to learn more about her...


Special Episode from Conversations with Asha & Steve

Did you know I actually co-host another podcast called Conversations with Asha & Steve? I wouldn't say I am cheating on you but Dr. Asha Prasad and I dive into a lot of powerful topics! We have deep conversations about the struggles with entrepreneurship, leadership and finding balance in one's life. Asha is a great friend and has been a great supporter of me and the Ripple since day one. I love her to death and think you might dig what we are chatting about so I thought I'd share that with...


Interview with Mr. Everything Austin Chris Lloyd

So this episode is a little different. It's a recording from my sit down when Chris Lloyd. Chris had come by my office to interview me for his awesome blog Everything Austin. We hit record and it was hard to tell who was interviewing who. To say there are some amazing nuggets in this episode would be an understatement. You can learn more about Chris, his blog and of course his cool business at


Stop Kidding Yourself About LinkedIn

You know connections just won't magically become relationships simply because you clicked Invite or Accept on LinkedIn right? Seems obvious but in all honesty for most people, that's exactly what they expect to happen. And my friends, that's no bueno! Your network is one of the most sacred and important assets you own. It can incrementally increase in value and worth but not without effort and work. This episode cuts through some of the misnomers and impracticalities of wayward thinking...


How to Tell Someone You Admire Them

Is there somebody in your life or network that you want to get to know better? In this episode I will share some tips and experiences I've had with telling people how I feel. Get inspired, it's time to tell these people the truth. There is zero risk in trying to get to know people better. Is there somebody you look up too but they don't even know it?


Interview with Les Haas on Taking Control of Your Life

Recently I had the honor of interviewing Les Haas. He is an amazing father who has been on a journey to over come grief and put his fitness into overdrive. His response to a dire situation is truly inspirational and can surely help kickstart any goals you have in mind. Feel free to follow this great guy on Facebook or on Instagram! "The effort you are putting in matters, and that effort is the one thing no one can take away from you. Are you having trouble with starting your health and...


Is It Time To Take Control Of Your Life and Live Your Truth?

In this episode, I am on the road literally. I recorded this in route to a self-imposed business sabbatical. Sorry for the mic quality. I had a lot on my mind that I wanted to share about why I do these trips, why they are critical to my success and why you should consider doing them too. More importantly, I am slinging some honest truth about health scares, walkup calls and getting some damn control over how I want this story called my life to play out. Hopefully it inspires you to do the...


The Bad Stuff In Your Head Is Living Rent Free

In this episode Steve talks about the negative voice in your head that is likely working against you. At a minimum, it's jacking up your mojo and messing up your perspective and confidence.


We All Need Friends Like This

In this can't miss episode of The Ripple Effect Podcast. Steve will get you thinking about those friends and supporters that always have your back. He'll encourage you to not only think about them but to take some steps to really show your appreciation and gratitude for them. Be sure to stay to the end to learn about Steve's Virtual Ripple Coaching Program. If you ever needed a little Ripple in your life, here's your change to make that happen!


Terry Grier Career Pivot + Bullet Journal + Entrepreneurial Passion

In this episode Steve interviews "damn nice guy" Terry Grier. Terry is an inspiring, motivational guy that has leveraged the power of career pivot and following his passion to discover he has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Learn how Terry manages his day using a Bullet Journal and merges a digital and analog strategy for staying focused. Also why negotiating with his wife actually led to developing a committed strategy for discovering his entrepreneurial success.


I Have a Studio!

I took my own advice and decided to take a huge leap of faith to take all of my companies to the next level and I couldn't be more excited.


Interview with Dr. Misty Funk on Entrepreneurship

I am super pumped for everyone to meet Dr. Misty Funk. Not only is Misty a confirmed Rippler, she's one amazing entrepreneur still dealing with same self-doubts and uncertainty many of us face on our own entrepreneurial path. Her approach to delivering her vision to the world is both refreshing and inspiring. To learn more about Dr. Misty Funk please check out her website at:


The Secret To Better Communication

In this episode Steve breaks down his model for better communication and helps you learn to maximize the power of conversation and set yourself apart. Let's face it, in today's device distracted world, our ability to have meaningful conversations over the phone and face to face could use a major overall. This episode will tell you how to step up your conversation game which will no doubt, help you create some even bigger Ripples with the people who matter.