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The Ripple Effect podcast delivers an insightful exploration of the power of making a difference in the world by connecting better with those you know or hope to know in the future. Steve Harper gives valuable insight, ideas and strategies that make an immediate impact on your personal and professional life.

The Ripple Effect podcast delivers an insightful exploration of the power of making a difference in the world by connecting better with those you know or hope to know in the future. Steve Harper gives valuable insight, ideas and strategies that make an immediate impact on your personal and professional life.


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The Ripple Effect podcast delivers an insightful exploration of the power of making a difference in the world by connecting better with those you know or hope to know in the future. Steve Harper gives valuable insight, ideas and strategies that make an immediate impact on your personal and professional life.








Some Habits That Changed Everything

Feeling stuck or unmotivated? Perhaps it's time to kick yourself in the backside and adopt some new daily habits. In this episode, Steve shares some of his daily habits and explains how they have made all the difference in his life.


Happy New Year, Season 6 & Dad

We kick off season 6 with a very honest look at what the Ripple Man has been dealing with and what it took to get him out of the downward negative funk his dad's injury has caused him. Follow Steve on social media - Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @rippleon


Author, Screenwriter, Podcaster & Rippler Kimberly McKay

We are super excited to bring you this interview with acclaimed author and future Hallmark mega mogul Kimberly McKay. Kim and Steve met via Twitter years ago and struck up a unique friendship that Ripples brightly to this day. Kim is the author of several books, screenplays and even hosts a fantastic podcast called A Novel Thought. We don't know when she finds the time to sleep but seldom a day goes by where she is not brightening someone's day, offering an encouraging word or giving people...


Innovative Lessons From The Mandalorian

In this episode, Steve geeks out a big about his new favorite show, The Mandalorian available on Disney+. He shares how the story has become a major connection point between him and an important client. He also shares how a distinct departure from the Star Wars story arch may just hold the seeds of inspiration for us all. How and why thinking differently just may be that "This is the way."


A pre-Thanksgiving contest started it all

When I was in college I was a just a supply delivery guy for a local office equipment company. My boss offered me a chance to participate in a demo contest of the largest machine they had to sell. He need me to "round out the math" to evaluate his 3 seasoned sales people. The prize a portable black and white Sony television which was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I knew the odds were stacked against me to win it, but man I wanted it. He gave me a chance but ended up giving me so much...


Rippling with Comedian, Motivational Speaker and my friend Kathy Buckley

Kathy Buckley is billed as America's first hearing impaired comedian. She is funny as hell but her jokes come with a powerful message that will get you thinking. I met Kathy many years ago at an event we were both speaking at. She became my friend that day and I've been blessed ever since. She is an absolute inspiration and one of the purest heart-centered people you could ever meet. Her passion and commitment will inspire you to want to live your life differently and appreciate the little...


A Little Book Launch Rippling

Hope you don't mind but I'm a little excited to announce the release of the 3rd edition of The Ripple Effect: Maximizing the Power of Relationships for Your Life and Business. I share some ideas on the updated content and why this process is more relevant today than it ever has been. Our world is shifting and how we communicate, connect and engage with it, especially during a pandemic, is more important than ever. Take a listen and hear some of my heartfelt reasons why I am so fricken...


Rippling in Costa Rica with the amazing Kathleen Evans

I met Kathleen 15 years ago and I just knew I had to be friends with her. Her spirit of adventure combined with a deep sense of compassion and downright friendliness makes her such a gift for all those lucky enough to cross paths with her. An international correspondent for International Living Magazine by day and a future author of a forthcoming book by night, Kathleen gives new meaning to the term super woman. Her commitment to Rippling has opened numerous doors of opportunity for her and...


Trail Ripple Confessions: The Value of Self Acknowledgement

A recent Friday afternoon trip to the Brushy Creek Trail had Steve contemplating some important things about himself, his companies and just how far he has come. This self-reflection/confession is both enlightening and insightful. Perhaps it may open some internal thoughts and questions you can leverage to give yourself some much overdue kudos in your own life and career.


A Smile, Thumbs Up and Lessons Shaped By 9/11 For Today

19 years ago the United States was attacked by terrorists. It brought our country together in a way we'd never seen before. Steve shares an experience that shaped how he looked at someone of a different race and nationality and how a moment of Rippling made all the difference. The lesson he learned is just as valid today as it was all those years ago. Maybe even more so.


Rippling with my former soccer player, future chef Christina Brewer

In this episode, I interview Christina Brewer, a former soccer player of mine and a good friend. This young woman has the kind of heart and soul we all can benefit from having in our life. Despite the fact she owes me a few laps, she and I have remained close friends for many years and I can't wait to find my way over to Spain to pay her a visit. She's amazing and you are going to love her almost as much as I do! Learn more about Christina and Sir Rupert the Regal...


Rippling with Entrepreneur & Coach Sonya Stattmann

You are going to love this episode. Sonya Stattmann is the founder of and co-host of the popular podcast Women In The Business Arena. Sonya works with women in business to help them find their true calling and evolve into the leaders they are destined to be. I've known Sonya for a very long time and the story of her journey will inspire and motivate you in so many ways. From her running multiple businesses to being a wife and a mom to two amazing kiddos, she has literally...


Rippling with Workin' Moms Star Jessalyn Wanlim

This was such a fun insightful interview with hollywood actor and real estate power broker, Jessalyn Wanlim. Jessalyn first started acting in ABC's soap opera All My Children and has since then amassed an impressive list of film and television roles. She played Evie Cho in Orphan Black and most recently stars as Jenny Matthews on Netflix's hit series Workin' Moms. Jessalyn describes herself as a sassy, spunky human being and I can tell you she's all that and then some. She was so much fun...


Forts, Spy Kits and a Go Kart Trip to Transylvania

What can holding a vintage Luke Skywalker figure in your hand do for your creativity? Everything! In this episode Steve talks about his misadventures of his childhood where he was only limited by his imagination. He explores why this happens and why we all, no matter our age, need to find a way back to that time of wonder and possibility. You know, just because you grew older doesn't mean you necessarily have to grow up. There are anchor points in your childhood that can bring back that...


Even I Mess Up Relationships Sometime

I was recently fired. Well, that might be a bit extreme but it felt like I was fired. My now former virtual assistant suggested we "see other people." It left me realizing that I didn't pay enough attention to the relationship and it cost me big time. Yep even the Ripple Man screws up sometimes. Note: Apologies for the wonky audio. We used the video we shot for my Youtube Channel and it didn't quite come across as crisp as we'd like. We could blame the VA but that wouldn't be right.


Be Their Too Big To Fail Person

This past week Steve heard from someone that he's been helping through some personal and professional struggles. What he realized is he had become their Too Big To Fail Person and because he had, they had the confidence to keep going until found success. Talk about a Ripple eh? Take a listen on how you can do the same for someone in your network. It's time to Ripple my friends!


Take Action To Get Ahead During These Uncertain Times

This COVID-19 has thrown everyone for a loop. But now is not the time to sit on the sidelines and sulk. It's time to turn off the Netlfix and get to work by taking that next action that can benefit your business, your career or your own personal well being. Steve has some thoughts on this as you knew he would.


Interview with Co-Founder of Keller Williams Joe Willams

Steve interviews Joe Williams co-founder of International Real Estate Brokerage Keller Williams. This interview is chalked full of so many great nuggets of wisdom by one of the smartest and nicest entrepreneurs you can ever listen to. Learn from Big Tex, thank me later. In this interview you will learn:


I May Never Make The Cover of Inc. Magazine

It's funny but if you look back over the last few years how your perspective of what success should look like has probably shifted. For me, my dream since I was in high school, was to make the cover of Inc. Magazine as if that would somehow show my dad, the world I had done something amazing. Until yesterday, I suppose I was still using that barometer of success a little bit to define when I'd finally made it. Then I woke up to my present reality. I'll never likely make the cover of that...


Interview with Cynthia Berg - Cats, Coffee & Poetry

Cynthia Berg is one of my most favorite people on the planet. I can't wait for you to listen to this interview because you'll instantly fall in love with what a magical communicator and creative muse she is. Her writing and love of poetry will have you examining where you put your own creative talents. She'll inspire you to dust them off and bring them back out to play. I absolutely encourage you to check out her website and sign up for one of her online workshops at