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Ep. 10: Best-selling author, Bob Burg, discusses real influence, sales, and his international career as an author and keynote speaker

Bob Burg co-wrote the book "The Go-Giver." It's one of my favorite books on sales and discusses how you can have real influence, provide value in people's lives, and how that translates to the sales process. Over a year ago, I was in Florida and we had breakfast in one of his favorite hometown diners. He encouraged me to start this very podcast and agreed then to be interviewed when I had it up and running. It's only fitting that he is our final episode in our inaugural season of The Risk...


Ep. 09: Billy Hurley III talks about starting his PGA Tour journey and winning on the highest level

I love golf, completely love it. So, you can imagine my excitement to release this episode with PGA Tour golfer Billy Hurley III. He earned his way onto the tour after serving in the US Navy all over the world after graduation from the US Naval Academy. He talked about the difficulty being a golfer while serving in the military and while going through the academy. He talks about his journey not being a risk to him, but from the outside looking in he says how it would look like one. He...


Ep. 08: Steve Powell bought the company he worked for and turned it into a successful software company

I didn't know what I was getting into when Steve agreed to be interviewed by me (I don't think he knew either.) This episode became one of my favorite interactions because Steve is such an engaging guy. Steve started as a software developer before software development was cool. He bought the company he worked for which was doing computer training and turned it into a successful software company. Steve is an inspiring entrepreneur that created a software department in the company he...


Ep. 07: Helen Ciesielski discusses her ascent into venture capital while starting her own business

Helen is a Principal at Lewis & Clark Ventures in St. Louis, Missouri. Lewis & Clark Ventures funds startups in the information technologies (IT), agriculture, and health care fields. She has also started and manages Pumpie, LLC, a company that provides dishwasher bags for breast pump parts. Helen is a highly regarded startup investor in the St. Louis area and has an incredible array of experience as a young professional by working in multiple venture funds providing early round seed...


Ep. 06: Johnny Eaker left one of the largest in-house marketing agencies to work full-time on his video marketing company

Johnny Eaker is an inspiring young entrepreneur that is an artist with a video camera! In the latest Risk Big Podcast episode, he talks about the story of his start by leaving one of the nation's largest in-house creative departments to work on what was his side gig, Cosmic Sauce. Cosmic Sauce is a video marketing agency that uses the art of video making to tell the stories of companies, people, and organizations in a visually appealing way. Johnny has an excellent eye for video and with...


Ep. 05: Steve Grubbs left elected office to become a full-time, serial entrepreneur

Steve Grubbs joined The Risk Big Podcast to discuss how he left elected office in Iowa as a state representative to start a business out of his basement. It's a cool story of a guy who just loved starting businesses and followed a path to do what he was passionate about. He talks about failures, how to move on from them, how to iterate in business, pivot, and take your business through hard times. He's got a tremendous story about how he's built a really successful business that has...


Ep. 04: How Beth Snyder built a business around her passion and welcomed a huge fan base as a result

​Beth Snyder joined The Risk Big Podcast to discuss how she built her business in rural Missouri that has a global customer base and raving fans (10s of thousands of followers online and locally). Beth is an entrepreneur and the founder of 1canoe2, an "an illustration company that cultivates community through cheerful, heartfelt paper goods and gifts." When Beth started, she wanted to do what she loved, which included starting a business built around her love for design and art. Long...


Ep. 03 How Clyde Lear started a billion dollar sports media company

Out of all the conversations I've had thus far, this one means as much as any of them to me personally. Meet Clyde Lear, the founder of Learfield Communications which is now one of the largest college sports media companies in America after merging with IMG recently. Clyde sold the company a few years back and is retired now. But, his story of the start in 1972, how he got seed funding from some mentors, and the story behind his confidence in selling is gold. If you're struggling with...


Ep. 02: A $60 million company started in a garage with Shawn Burcham, founder of Pro Food Systems

Shawn Burcham is a visionary entrepreneur. He's the founder, with his wife, of Pro Food Systems, which they started out of their garage after college. Through determination, persistence, and hard work, they started a company that's now in over 35 states, employs more than 100 people, and thanks to their visionary leadership, is now a completely employee owned business. They sold the ownership back to employees! Think about it: A swiftly growing company with founders who want employees to...


Ep. 01: Starting from scratch with entrepreneur Gabriel Hulsey, founder of Redwood Financial Group

Man, 49 minutes... That's how long my first interview was. But, I wanted to start with someone I was comfortable talking to who is an inspiring entrepreneur and leader. That person was one of my best friends. I knew I could crash his business in the late afternoon and we'd have a quiet space to have what was supposed to be a 30 minute conversation (It lasted 49 minutes...). Anyway, Gabriel Hulsey, the founder of Redwood Financial Group which is an insurance company, is one of my best...