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050/ Going From Inbound To Outbound w/Ana Duenas

Ana is the SDR manager at PandaDoc and I brought her on the SDR Chronicles to talk about her learnings going from an inbound SDR approach to an outbound SDR approach. As we all know, the mindset of doing inbound is different than the outbound mindset. Ana goes through what her team is doing for success in the new outbound model and what challenges have arisen because of it.


049) How To Be An SDR Jedi w/Richard Park

Richard Park is the VP of Sales at Vertafore and I brought him on the chronicles to talk about the importance of becoming an SDR Jedi. To become an SDR Jedi, Richard said it's important to know your schedule as an SDR, how to prospect the right way and how to strategically target your account. Tune in and be the next SDR Jedi.


048/ How to Focus in on the Bumpers w/Dan Wardle

Dan Wardle is the Head of Emerging Business & Business Development at Vidyard and he came on this episode to spread some wisdom on focusing in on the right metrics. The context behind this title is just because you made 200 calls does not mean it will lead to results. What you say inside of those calls and who you are calling is the most important. We talk about best practices to make sure you are prepared for the bumpers and how to be great in your current sales role.


047/ How Executives Should Be Viewing The SDR Role w/Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh is the SVP of Sales at PatientPop where he is helping healthcare providers have a better experience with their patients with an online platform that helps with patient acquisition and reputation management solution. Executives sometimes do not treat the SDR role the way that they should so I brought Justin on the show to discuss that more in detail. In this episode, Justin touches on the fact that you need to treat your SDRs at a higher value and help them progress into your...


046/ 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was an SDR W/Dan Cook

Dan Cook is the SVP of Sales at Lucid where they have grown like a rocket ship in the past couple of years. I brought him on the show to talk about the 5 things he wishes he knew when he was an SDR. Dan came from a background of being an SDR to eventually being the SVP of Sales. In this episode, you will learn best practices from one of the best in the business to elevate your sales development game.


045/ The Proper Steps to Take to go from being an SDR to an Executive w/Amyra Rand

Amyra Rand is the VP of Sales at Criteria Corp where she is helping companies have a professionally developed employment test so that they hire the right employees. I had the opportunity to interview her on how SDRs can start implementing certain behaviors within their role today to help them become executives of the future. In this podcast, you will get an understanding of how to carry yourself in your SDR role, what tactics you can be implementing and the best way to approach executives in...


044 / The SDR Position Is Not An One Fit All Position w/Quinn Fulk

Quinn Fulk is the SDR Manager at Snowflake Computing where he is helping empowering reps based on his previous experiences in multiple industries as an SDR. There are multiple layers of the SDR role and it is not a one fit all position. The most important thing when it comes to the SDR role is understanding the personas you are going after and learning every single day.


5 Ways To Schedule Meetings At Events

Event season is upon us and every single sales rep is trying to schedule meetings with the same people that you are. This a great opportunity for people to build their pipeline, but you have to be creative and unique when it comes to schedule meetings at events. I talk about 5 ways to schedule meetings that have helped me at events. I hope this helps you all build that pipeline that you are looking for!


043 / Onboarding - New Hires And Continued w/Emily Radkowski

Emily is the Manager of Training and Enablement at Threatstack where she is developing programs to make sure her reps are equipped with the knowledge to be successful. Enablement is important for reps that are new and also for continued training. Emily talks about when it comes to enablement you need to focus on making a recipe for success, enabling them to go be great in their career and breaking down what they can be doing better each quarter.


Weak Introductions Vs. Powerful Introductions

When you are making a cold call you only have a couple of seconds to get the prospect engaged to have a conversation with you. That is why it is super important to have a powerful introduction and not a weak one. In this episode, I talk about the three powerful introductions you can use to display value at the beginning of the call.


042 / Prospecting Smarter, Not Harder w/Alex Greer

Alex Greer is the CEO of SIGNAL HQ and he comes on the podcast to discuss how to be smarter with your prospecting. The landscape of prospecting changes every single day because of everything that is going on in the market. Alex talks about how he prospects and the successes and failures that he failed with prospecting. His best piece of advice was that you have to be outisde of the box in order to get the results that you want.


041/ Building a career path with a fast scaling SDR team w/Cassie Fields

Cassie Fields is the VP of Sales and Business Development at FieldEdge and on the show, she talked about how to build career path when an SDR team is scaling fast. This episode had a lot of nuggets if you struggling with the concept of having paths for your SDRs that are looking to get promoted. The best tips were creating levels within the SDR team so it feels like the team is leveling up, developing the people and putting them in the right direction. Cassie said that your team should not...


040 / Modern Sales Engagement w/Sean Murray

Sean Murray is the CRO at Salesloft and in his experience he has lead over thousands of reps towards success. Sean and I have a conversation about modern sales engagement and how the sales process has completely changed today from what it was in the past. You have to be on the phone, doing social selling, sending quality emails and even be doing direct mail. There is so much noise so Sean also dives into the data of what gets responses and also what doesn't. Modern sales engagement is...


039 / Metrics that create a real impact w/Kevin Mulrane

Kevin Mulrane is the VP of Sales at GlobalWebIndex and he comes on the show to talk about focusing on critical metrics that create real impact. He mentions that as sales leaders, we do not focus on the things that will actually move the needle for our business. Kevin talks about how we talks to his executive team to keep them on track, how he gets his team to focus on things that matter and how he reviews calls to impact the right metrics that lead to revenue.


038 / Tracking Team Happiness In A Quantitive Manner w/Tyler Barron

Tyler is the VP of Sales at Beck Technology where he is helping a build a happy sales team that hits their goals on a monthly basis. Tyler talks about how he is tracking team happiness and how that has helped his team grow to be a community of sales professionals helping each other. We sometimes focus so much on tracking numbers that we forget that we are leading humans who have emotions and lives as well.


037 / Transitioning From A Lead - Based Model To An Account - Based Model w/ Chris Ritson

Chris is the Head of SMB Sales and SDRs at Peakon and we touched on the topic of transitioning from a lead-based model to an account-based model. This is difficult for most organizations because the mindset of being lead focused is different than the mindset of being strategically account focused. Chris talks about how he helped get his reps in the right mindset and how he is setting up new strategies for his reps to succeed in the new model.


036/ Corp Bro- Why the SDR position is the most important role, but can also be the worst

I got the Corporate Bro to get on The SDR Chronicles to talk about his experience as an SDR and why he started making content. This interview was one of my favorites because we went into detail of how he is operating with success today because of his SDR foundations.


035/ How to become a proficient modern sales professional w/ Samantha Lawrence

Samantha McKenna is the Head of Enterprise Sales, NYC and has been successful in her career for over the past decade in sales. She talked about how to be proficient as a modern sales professional and how we should focus on more than one channel in order to get results. We have to use social, video, email and phone to be an overachiever within this space.


How to reach out to someone when they get a new role

When someone moves into a new role, the first instinct for us is to reach out and start to sell to them. Instead of selling with the first email, send them an email to congratulate them on their success that is a give instead of a get.


034/ How to become a subject matter expert w/ Steven Natale

Steven Natale is an sales development rep at Event Farm and we dove into a topic that I believe is important for every SDR to understand. We all have the ability to become a subject matter expert in our field by studying and executing on the information every day. Steven breaks down how he learns about his industry and how everyone else can too.