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029/ Building a World Class Sales Development Team with Ashley Kelly

Ashley is the Director of Sales Development at Lever, where she is building a world class sales development team. She dives into how she hires her SDRs, leads her managers to success and also proving her team with guidance to go into the AE role. Developing an SDR team is tough because you are leading people who this is their 1st, 2nd or 3rd job out of college. This interview provides the insights for anyone who is looking to build that world class team.


How to do mock cold calling as a rep

Cold calling is a skill that will help you get ahead of the pack and build confidence in yourself as a sales professional. One of the best ways to do that is by practicing your value proposition with others and your leader before you hop on the phone. Its the same thing as doing batting practice before you go up to the plate to try a hit a pitch from a pitcher. If you get the right amount of reps in, it will become muscle memory.


028/ Building the next sales leaders with Eric Platte

Eric Platte is the Senior Director of Ticket Sales at the Atlanta Hawks and this is one of the most intriguing conversations I have had on the podcast. We talked about how he has a program that helps develops the next leaders in his organization and the steps he takes to find the next sales leaders within the sports industry. Leadership is about serving your reps and not about your reps serving you.


027/ How to be a sponge in your sales role with Andrew Porter

Andrew is an SDR at Toast where he is reaching out to restaurants to help with their payment systems and internal operations. The topic that Andrew talks about is being a sponge outside of work to learn more than everyone else. You have to learn outside of your 9-5 to thrive and Andrew finds it best to listen to podcast, read books and follow others on LinkedIn to add more strategies to his outreach.


026/ How SDRs can get more confident by providing value with Allen Gannett

Allen is the CEO of TrackMaven, the host of #AllenAsk and also the author of The Creative Curve. Even though Allen is a marketing leader and works within the marketing space, he had a ton of insights on SDRs. Sales development reps can become more confident by providing some piece of value on each interaction. Once you bring that value to the prospect you will start seeing results in your career. We also discussed building your personal brand and how being creative as an SDR helps you stand...


025/ How to get Executive Buy-In with Christy Weymouth

Christy is the sales development director at Rentpath and in this episode she discusses how to get executive buy in so you can get more resources for your sales development team. If you have your executive team bought in to help your initiatives it helps build pipeline for your sales team


Start doing things that make you uncomfortable in sales

We all stick to things we are comfortable with and that brings us success in our careers. When I first started doing video selling, it made me uncomfortable because it was something that I was not used to. However, over time it was one of the key elements that helped me schedule opportunities and stand out from the noise. Find the techniques that make you uncomfortable and execute on those daily to be unique.


Start doing things that make you uncomfortable in sales

We are all hesitant to do things that have not been proven to work or seem silly to do at the same time. When I first started doing video selling, I did not know how to do it because no one had a concept to execute on. However, after learning over time it worked for me and was one of my go to ways to reach out to my prospects. Get uncomfartable and start getting above average results.


Simply SaaS University - SDR 101

This is a talk that I did in Atlanta at the Simply SaaS University that revolved around the basics of sales development called SDR 101. I talk about the main channels that you should be using to get in front of your prospects and also there is some awesome Q&A at the end!


024/ Why Cold Calls Help You Remain Persistent with Bailey Featherston

Bailey is an SDR at Vidyard where she is helping sales and marketing professionals do videos at scale. In order to get over the fear of the phone, you have to get over your fear and pick up the phone. Bailey talks about being persistent with making each call and bringing value helped her get over the phone. She finds that her biggest success is on the phone because she can resonate with her prospects and she gets a better view point of what the customer wants.


023/ How to warm up a call with research with Jackie Lipnicki

Jackie is the North America BDR Director for North America where she is helping lead a team to reach out to content marketers to help them bring the most value for their organization. People nowadays are afraid of the phone, however I believe that is due to lack of confidence before reaching out. Jackie and I discuss how to properly warm up a call and the techniques you need to take to make it happen.


What is the voice of your brand?

The one question that has been on my mind since VoiceCon is "What is the voice of your brand?" The reason that this question is important because it is how people relate to your content when you put it out there for the marketplace to hear. When I think of this question there are four things that come to my mind on what I believe my voice is associated with my brand. I believe it is an underdog mentality mindset, tenacity, a motivator personality and a keeping it real with the audience.


VoiceCon Recap

I am CONVINCED that voice is going to be the future of content after going to #VoiceCon. I was able to get all the questions answered and makes some great connections with people within the space. It is an early space to be in, however there is a huge opportunity for everyone. This conference got me excited to produce more audio/voice content and start taking the space seriously. You all will start to see more daily content of audio from me based on the stats and the people that I talked to....


22/ Driving SDR Results through AE Partnerships with Andy Linder

Andy was formerly an SDR at LinkedIn and is now an AE selling within the Lynda sector. His topic focuses on being an SDR and focusing on partnerships to help elevate your results. Most people that are SDRs have tension towards their AE's and do not reap benefits from it. Its important to focus on leveraging your relationships internally to get the results that you want.


021/ Finding Talent for SDR Teams with Jake Rothstein

Jake is the sales development director at Motionpoint, where he is hiring a massive amount of SDRs into his team. The big thing that most people run into, is figuring how to facilitate properly in interviews how to find the right talent. It is tough, however Jake goes over multiple ways that you can make that happen.


Ability to Adjust

The ability to adjust to your environment and try new things is key when it comes to being successful. There are a lot of things in our world today that are happening yet most stray away from them. Become the person who tests those things out to see what results you can get at the end of the day. If you are not making appropriate adjustments, then you are ultimately setting up yourself for failure.


The 10 Commandments Of Sales Development

These are the 10 things that SDRs need to STOP doing that is HINDERING your short term and long term SUCCESS. I see these bad habits being done across the board and it not only is hurting your SDR career but your professional career as well. My hope for this audio is for everyone to embrace these 10 commandments of what not to do as an SDR and bring more respect to the field of sales development.


How to become an A-player w/ Ralph Barsi - SDR Madness #15

Ralph is the Global Sales Development Director at ServiceNow where he leads a large team of SDRs on a daily basis. Due to Ralph's experience, he interacts with a ton of reps and he knows what he takes to become an A-player. This last SDR Madness tip goes into the process you need to take to become an A-player within your organization.


Get 1% better everyday w/ John Barrows - SDR Madness #14

John Barrows trains some of the largest SaaS/ technology companies in the world such as LinkedIn, Google and Salesforce where he helps them create a foundational structure to see consistent results. He talks about the importance of seeking to get 1% better every day. When you think about getting better every day instead of getting 200% better every year, you commit to improving yourself in the long run. Instead of being average, aspire to be great.


Being a sponge outside of work w/ Andrew Porter - SDR Madness #13

Andrew is an SDR at Toast where he is reaching out to restaurants to help with their payment systems and internal operations. The topic that Andrew talks about is being a sponge outside of work to learn more than everyone else. You have to learn outside of your 9-5 to thrive and Andrew finds it best to listen to podcast, read books and follow others on LinkedIn to add more strategies to his outreach.