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034/ How to become a subject matter expert w/ Steven Natale

Steven Natale is an sales development rep at Event Farm and we dove into a topic that I believe is important for every SDR to understand. We all have the ability to become a subject matter expert in our field by studying and executing on the information every day. Steven breaks down how he learns about his industry and how everyone else can too.


016/ How to do Cold Call Introductions with Ryan Wuflestad

Ryan Wulfestad is the VP of Business Development at Light Business Development Group where he helps generate pipeline for the organization. He has had previous experience in sales development where he made cold calls and also was an internal trainer as well. Powerful cold calls start with powerful intros. When you intro yourself with a weak intro, then it will lead to a weak conversation. Cold calling is a skill that can be developed over time and every day you can work on it to be better...


015/ From SDR to CSM with Jason Katz

Sales development is a perfect place to start your growth in your career. It allows you to go multiple positions and navigate to something you want to do for the long-term of your career. Jason who was formerly an SDR found his passion in customer success. He shares how the SDR role has helped him become a great CSM and help him with his process.


If you have momentum, keep going

If you have momentum, keep going. In 2015, I did 2-3 motivational livestreams every day for about 6-7 months to spread my message to a wider audience. I ended up being recognized by a good amount of people on Periscope and connected with some amazing people.I had an awesome audience and people resonated with my message. However, I became got sick for a week. I stopped making the videos as consistently and eventually stopped doing them all together. At the end of the day, I should have...


Asking the right questions for your SDR interview

If you ask the right questions, you will get the right answers. When Lucas Ulloque and I were hiring SDRs we were focused on two things. Did they have intrinsic motivation? Did they have a chip on their shoulder with something to prove? These questions helped us find the best candidates for our team and continue to build a family within the SDR organization.


014/ How to immerse yourself in industry knowledge with Jeremy Leveille

Jeremy is the Channel Sales Manager at Navisite where he is fairly new to the role. The topic that he dives into today is how to immerse yourself in industry knowledge so you can speak to your prospects on a higher level. If you can speak on a strategic level, then you will find yourself speaking to more executives and getting more results.


013/ How to have patience in your role with James Bawden

James is a SDR at Evalueserve where he has been doing his role for over a year. The topic that he dives into today is being patience within your role. The SDR role can be tough, however be patient during the role to gain the skills and knowledge that you need to continue to move forward.


How to Hire the Right SDRs

How to hire the right SDRs and create an impactful team. As a previous SDR manager, I was responsible for hiring SDRs and making sure they were a good fit on the team. Making one bad hire can ruin an organization. I discuss three tips that helped me find the right SDRs that wanted to be coached towards success and wanted to flourish in their career.


Don't Be A CopyCat, Be Yourself

Do not be a carbon copy of someone you admire. On this #FailureFriday, I talk about the time when I first starting making videos and I tried to be someone else. One of my favorite motivational speakers of all time is Eric Thomas. I watched one of his videos on YouTube and was instantly hooked. However, I became too captivated by his presence that I tried to do all of my videos like him. At the end of the day, my videos were not successful and it wasn't me. The lesson is don't copy someone...


How to Stay Energetic Every Day

You hear it all the time. Find your purpose and pursue it with reckless abandon to live the life you want to be energetic. That is true, however, once you focus on your purpose it is more about how it makes you feel than the money you make. You become more fired up. More engaged and locked in on your long term goal. Focus on your purpose and everything comes together for you to be energetic every day.


012/ How to Leverage your Network at Events with Scott Barker

Scott Barker is currently living his dream, as the Head of Partnership at Sales Hacker. He helps align the vision of other companies with the SalesHacker events as they continue to build the B2B sales community. The topic of the show today is how to leverage your network at events, which Scott knows all about. As they always say, your network is networth so these tips will help you schedule the meetings that you have been missing out on.


How to Gain Respect as a SDR Manger

One of the hardest things for a new SDR leader is to gain respect from their team. There are three things I executed on when I was promoted to SDR manager to make sure that I had the respect from my reps. Gaining respect is important. If you don’t have it, your reps will not listen to you and the team would be in disarray. You work for your reps, they don’t work for you.


How to Crack into the C-Suite

Sales professionals on a daily basis reach out to C-suite to gain their attention so that they can be above the power line in their sales cycle. In this podcast, I explain the tactics and methodologies you need to be focusing on to crack into the C-Suite.


Why You Should Not Let the Dissapointments in the Role Affect You

In our role, we all face disappointments that we wish we did not face. However, those disappointments make us who we are and help us elevate our game to the next level.


Rant/ Why You Need to Take the Extra Mile

So many of us are blessed with the opportunity to be in sales, entrepreneurship and the ability to work in our own creativity. However, that promotes a schedule that goes beyond the regular 9-5 work. Sales is based on much you put in and that is how you get out of it. There are no shortcuts. There is no easy path. I make calls later in the day to catch people as they go out of work. I call early so I can catch them as they go into work. I do it because I know it will help my career in the...


011/ From CEO to SDR with Adam Schoenfeld

Adam Schoenfeld is the CEO of Siftrock and has over taken on an exciting journey from CEO to SDR. The topic we will talk about why executives should treat their SDRs with respect and why CEOs should take the same journey that Adam took.


How To Handle Getting Peoples Voicemail Greeting All Day Long

I talk about how to handle getting people's voicemails all day long. Further, why it is important to keep pushing and making it to the light at the end of the tunnel.


010/ How to be a Human in a Digital World with Bob Perkins

Bob Perkins is the president of AA-ISP and has over 20 years of sale experience. AA-ISP is a collection of sales professionals and leader who helps grow the profession of sales everyday. Bob's mission is to continue to help sales professionals be elite and stay within the current trends. The topic we will talk about is how to be a human in a digital world and create humanity through your message. This is one of the hardest aspects of sales today because of all the noise of sales and...


How To Stay Focused In Sales Development

Not able to stay focused on your role? Confused on how you are going to make it? No worries, this episode talks about the steps that you can take to make sure that you stay focused on sales development and that you do your role correctly.


09/ Being Radically Candid as a Sales Leader with Chris Castaldini

Chris Castaldini is the Director of Global Sales Development at Optimizely where he is helping coach sales developments to become better sales professionals and leaders. He is extremely passionate about helping organizations grow and scale through the effective implementation of an outbound sales process. I brought Chris on to talk about being radically candid as a sales leader and how you can help bring more transpernecy to your organization.