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The SaaS Podcast is for entrepreneurs and companies who want to grow their business to the next level. Each week, we interview proven startup founders and industry experts, who share their business, product and marketing strategies and insights to help you build and grow your SaaS product and business.

The SaaS Podcast is for entrepreneurs and companies who want to grow their business to the next level. Each week, we interview proven startup founders and industry experts, who share their business, product and marketing strategies and insights to help you build and grow your SaaS product and business.
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The SaaS Podcast is for entrepreneurs and companies who want to grow their business to the next level. Each week, we interview proven startup founders and industry experts, who share their business, product and marketing strategies and insights to help you build and grow your SaaS product and business.






197: How to Differentiate Your SaaS Against the 800 Pound Gorilla - with Olof Mathé

Olof Mathe is the co-founder and CEO of MixMax, a productivity tool for Gmail. MixMax lets you track emails, set up meetings, save time with email templates, and schedule emails to be sent later. You've got a great idea for a SaaS product. But there's just one problem - your target market is dominated by a well funded and highly profitable 800 pound gorilla. How can you possibly compete in that market? In 2011, Chanpory Rith was a UX designer working at Google. His job was to make the...


196: Too Many SaaS Ideas? Discover How This Founder Found His Focus - with Bart Lorang

Bart Lorang is the co-founder and CEO of FullContact, a SaaS product that helps you manage your contacts and relationships better. It transforms partial contact information into complete profiles and more useful customer data. Bart came up with the idea for his business when he looked at how well his wife organized her contacts in Outlook. And he started thinking how great it would be if he could build software to enrich his own contacts data. He and his co-founders developed a simple...


195: The Single Founder Who Bootstrapped a $50 Million SaaS Company - with Jason VandeBoom

Jason VandeBoom is the founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, an email marketing, marketing automation and sales CRM platform. Jason was doing consulting work as a developer. He decided to move to Chicago and study fine arts at college. So he started looking for a way to do less consulting work so he had more time for college. At the time he'd been building email marketing solutions for a number of clients. He decided to package up at work as an email marketing product that he could sell....


194: Challenges of Scaling a SaaS Business to $20 Million - with Rick Perreault

Rick Perreault is the co-founder and CEO of Unbounce, a SaaS product that makes it easier to build custom landing pages, improve conversion rates and drive more leads & sales. The company was founded in 2009 and went from zero to over $7 million dollars in annual revenue within 5 years. Rick was an early guest on this podcast (on episode 25 back in 2014) where he shared what happened in those 5 years. Since then, Unbounce has continued to grow and is now a $20 million dollar...


193: The 1-Page SaaS Marketing Plan - with Allan Dib

Allan Dib is a serial entrepreneur, marketer and author of the book The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money and Stand Out from the Crowd. To build a successful SaaS business, you need to stop doing random marketing' and instead follow a reliable plan for rapid business growth. But creating a marketing plan can often be a difficult and time consuming task for early stage SaaS founders. Allan wrote the book with direct response marketing in mind. However, in this...


192: SaaS Success & Failure: Lessons from a $150M Exit & a Failed Startup - with Hampus Jackobsson

Hampus Jackobsson is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capitalist. He's currently a venture partner at BlueYard Capital, a VC firm based in Europe and an angel who's invested in over 80 companies. In 2002, Hampus co-founded TAT a company that developed and licensed mobile user interface software to companies such as Motorola, Samsung and Nokia. TAT was acquired by Blackberry in 2010 for $150 million. In 2012, Hampus co-founded Brisk, a SaaS product designed to make...


191: How to Use Email to Generate More SaaS Leads - with Delamon Rego

Delamon Rego is, the COO of TOMIS Tech, the first AI powered marketing intelligence platform for tour operators. He's also the founder of SaaS Ops Factory and the creator of The Win Rates Bible, an online resource that helps SaaS companies to improve their sales win rates. When Delamon was working as director of sales for a previous company, he was having a hard time figuring out how to close more sales. So he decided to take a step back, identify all the reasons why they weren't...


190: How a Non Technical Founder Built a SaaS Company with 12,000 Users - with Lindy Ledohowski

Lindy Ledohowski is the co-founder and CEO of EssayJack, a SaaS product that makes it easier for students to write essays and get better grades. It helps to reduce writing anxiety, procrastination and plagiarism. Lindy is a former teacher and research professor. Before launching EssayJack she'd never run a company before, let alone a software business. And when she started out, she had zero technical skills - she didn't even know how to register a website domain. She founded the...


189: SaaS, Blockchain & Your Personal Data - with Nick Macario

Nick Macario is the co-founder and CEO of, a service that lets you control your information across the web. Dock gives you ownership of your data and connects your online accounts using blockchain technology. In this episode: * You'll learn how Dock is leveraging blockchain technology to help people take back control of their personal information. * You'll also learn the simple and repeatable formula that Nick has used to quickly grow Dock and several previous B2C startups to...


188: SaaS Marketing: A 6-Step Engineering Approach - with Martin Gontovnikas

Martin Gontovnikas is the VP of marketing and growth at Auth0. Auth0 is a platform that makes it easier for developers to implement authentication and authorization for web and mobile products. Martin or Gonto' as he's more commonly known, started coding at the age of 12. He was a software engineer most of his career, but then a few years ago decided to move into a marketing role. At Auth0 he developed a 6-step engineering approach to marketing. Using that framework, Auth0 has grown...


187: The Power of Purpose in Building a SaaS Business - with Calvin Correli

Calvin Correli is the founder and CEO of Simplero. Simplero is a SaaS platform that makes it easy for topic matter experts to market, sell and deliver their information online. It combines email marketing, invoicing and billing, and digital delivery into one complete package to help you run your entire business. This is the story of a freelance developer who always wanted to build a product business. He tried and failed several times. So he kept working as a freelancer. One day, a...


186: How to Bootstrap a SaaS Company with Over 4 Million Users - with Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder and CEO of Jotform, a SaaS product that helps people to create and publish online forms. Aytekin used to work as a developer for a media company. And he was continuously building online forms for the editors e.g. surveys, polls, quizzes etc. He didn't enjoy creating those forms. He thought the work was boring. So he decided to research and find a product that would help him do his job. The only thing he could find was SurveyMonkey. But he didn't just want...


185: SaaS Content Marketing Strategy: Going from Zero to $45K MRR - with Christopher Gimmer

Christopher Gimmer is the co-founder and CEO of Snappa, a SaaS product that makes it easy to create online graphics in your browser. Before launching Snappa, Christopher and his co-founder Marc built a student-only dating website. Although they got some early traction, the business quickly failed. Later they built a website to help people find royalty free images online. They started blogging which helped them get traffic and slowly build an email list. But it was a pain for them to...


184: Drive SaaS B2B Growth by Building a Community - with Sangram Vajre

Sangram Vajre is the co-founder and CMO of Terminus, a SaaS platform that enables sales and marketing teams to run account-based marketing (ABM) at scale. Before co-founding Terminus, Sangram led the marketing team at Pardot through its acquisition by ExactTarget and then Salesforce. He's also the author of Account Based Marketing for Dummies' and the mastermind behind, a community for B2B marketing, sales and customer success professionals. This is a story about 3...


183: How to Get Over the Fear of Failure with Your SaaS Startup - with Andrea Waltz

Andrea Waltz is the author of the book 'Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No Is How You Get There'. There's plenty of advice out there on how to get people to say yes. But 'Go for No' recommends just the opposite. And it shows how focusing on increasing your failure rate can accelerate your momentum towards success. So I invited Andrea to discuss what SaaS founders and entrepreneurs can learn from this. In this interview, you'll learn: * About the old and new models for success...


182: SaaS Sales: How to Use Consultative Selling to Grow Your Startup - with Oleg Rogynskyy

Oleg Rogynskyy is the founder and CEO for is a SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence to helps sales teams to be more effective by automatically capturing all their sales activities and then giving them giving them clear and actionable insights. was founded in 2016 and has raised around $7 million in funding. But back in 2010, Oleg was doing the 9 to 5 at another company, when he had an idea for a startup. He realized there was a need for...


181: Why Groove Shutdown a SaaS Blog That Helped it Reach $500K MRR - with Andy Baldacci

Andy Baldacci is the host of The Early Stage Founder podcast and a marketer at Groove. Groove is a simple help desk SaaS product that's used by over 8000 companies. The business was founded in 2011 by Alex Turnbull. Alex bootstrapped the business and had grown it from zero to over $500,000 in monthly recurring revenue. For 2 years, Alex and his team tried to make content marketing work for them. But they were getting nowhere. And at one point, he seriously considering shutting down...


180: A SaaS Company That Went from Near Failure to an $8.3 Billion Exit - with Mike Hilton

Mike Hilton is the chief product officer of Accolade, a healthcare technology platform that partners with large, innovative employers to simplify and improve healthcare for employees and their families. Previously, Mike was the co-founder of Concur, a travel expense and invoice management product. Mike and his two co-founders launched the business in 1993 from an apartment and self-funded it for the first year and. In 2014 (21 years later) they sold that business to SAP for a mind-blowing...


179: Single SaaS Founder: Getting it Right the Second Time - with Mike Taber

Mike Taber is the founder of, a SaaS product that automates the process of sending follow up emails, while keeping it personal. Mike is also the co-host of Startups for the Rest of Us podcast and he's the co-founder of Microconf, both of which he runs with Rob Walling, the founder of Drip. His last startup was AuditShark, a software product that helped regulated businesses such as financial companies to ensure IT security compliance. He tried for several years to get...


178: SaaS Fundraising 101 for Early Stage Startups - with Elizabeth Yin

Elizabeth Yin is the co-founder and general partner at Hustle Fund - the seed fund for hilariously early hustlers. She's also the co-founder of Hustle Con, a conference for non technical startup entrepreneurs. Previously, Elizabeth founded LaunchBit, which was acquired in 2014. She was also a partner at 500 Startups where she led the accelerator program. In this interview we cover SaaS fundraising 101 for early stage startups. So if you are thinking of fundraising but don't know where...