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Episode 9: Structured Sales as an alternative to 1031 Exchange, explained by Skyson Financial

* Structured Sales are defined and explained in detail by the experts at Skyson Financial. This episode features Mike Duffy, President of the largest land sales company in the U.S. (United Country Real Estate) and why they partnered with Skyson Financial to offer structured sales to their clients. As an alternative to the traditional 1031 Exchange which most property owner/investors are familiar with, Structured Sales have become increasingly popular during the disposition of real estate...


Episode 8: Laura Steward of VideoFizz Explains Why Short Clips Videos are Dominating the Real Estate Industry

Videos are taking the marketing world by storm and in this episode we talk with Laura Steward, CEO of VideoFizz. Laura explains why videos have quickly become a leading tool for both property and company marketing, which is driving a tremendous amount of results. We also discuss several steps for overcoming inhibitions that may keep someone from getting in front of the camera. This is a fun episode with lots of laughs, so enjoy the show.


Episode 7: Adam Keith & Matt Dye explain how Land & Legacy is improving land both financially and biologically.

In this episode we talk with professional land consultants Matt Dye and Adam Keith about their land management company (Land & Legacy) which is designed to help landowners improve their land to a more productive state both financially and biologically. We also touch on why they moved their land brokerage licenses over to United Country Real Estate as they explain which tools and services are most important to today's land brokers and agents. This is an awesome episode with two first class...


Episode 6: Navigating Closing Issues with Brian Thies of Resolutions Title

In this episode we talk with Brian Thies of Resolutions Title about the current challenges and solutions for expediting safe and secure closings. Brian discusses security steps & solutions for the growing number of "Wire Fraud" incidents that are taking place with real estate closings. We also talk about the evolution of the closing process and why companies can facilitate secure real estate closings at a much faster pace, using tools like electronic signings, mobile closing agents,...


Episode 5: Professional Real Estate Photography with Foundation Media Solutions

In this episode we talked professional photographer and video production specialist, Cecil Searcy of Foundation Media Solutions. We discuss selecting the right photography equipment (camera's, lighting, tripods, etc..) and how to properly stage a house prior to shooting photos. We also give helpful tips on where to resource photo editing assistance for individuals that do not know how to use editing software. Cecil is always a great time in the studio and this was another fun session, plus...


Episode 4: Professional Bid Calling with 2018 International Auction Champion (Barrett Bray)

** Episode 4: Professional auctioneer, Barrett Bray joins us in the studio to discuss his recent success as the new 2018 International Auctioneer Champion (IAC). He talks about his career and how the IAC victory has already impacted his life. Barrett also shares tips about his routine to prepare for a contest like the IAC and what he intends to do over the next year as a representative of the National Auctioneers Association. This is an awesome episode with lots of content for aspiring...


Episode 3: Aerial Drone Use in Marketing, Photography and Video Production

Episode 3: Aerial Drone Use in Marketing, Photography and Video Production. In this episode we talked professional drone pilot and aerial photographer Patrick McBride with Drone on Demand. We discuss the current FAA regulations that pertain to drone use. We also talk about the different types of aerial drones and equipment that are available , as well as a ton of tips, tricks and directions on what drones options work the best and how to make the most of your captured footage. This session...


Episode 2: Understanding Online Leads, Digital and Video Marketing

Episode 2: Understanding Online Leads, Digital and Video Marketing: This episode we talk with Ashley Breitenbach about how to maximize internet leads and manage them effectively. We also discuss how important short, professional video clips have become to marketing in the digital age and tips on how to produce first class videos for real estate and auction projects. This is a great episode with lots of information for professionals looking to improve their marketing efforts and do a better...


Episode 1: Becoming Relevant in a Fast Paced Marketing World

(Episode #1): Getting peoples attention is very difficult in today’s fast paced business environment. It is harder than ever to get consumers to slow down long enough to see what is going on around them. In this episode we host two seasoned marketing professionals who share their experience with us on The Sale Ring.