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The weekly show teaching you the ins and outs of buying or selling a home in the Triangle of NC with A Cole Realty

The weekly show teaching you the ins and outs of buying or selling a home in the Triangle of NC with A Cole Realty
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The weekly show teaching you the ins and outs of buying or selling a home in the Triangle of NC with A Cole Realty




Homebuying: Should You “Settle” Or Wait And Save?

Is your dream home outside of your budget? Are you looking for features that can’t be found within your price point? Angie gives some advice on how to know if you should save up or “settle” for your home in this question from the mailbag, as well as answering a few more listener questions. Show Notes: On This Episode: 0:38 - Mailbag: If we’re not planning to keep much of our furniture in a move, will it...


How to Navigate Bidding Wars When Buying A Home

Let the bids begin! Competition can be fierce when buying a home in the Triangle. What can you do to find and buy the home for you? It might mean competing with multiple offers or it might mean moving to the exurbs. Show Notes: Today's Rundown: 0:55 - In the News: Have bidding wars ended? 3:02 - After the end of summer it felt like a brief decline in home sales, but it has since gone back up. 5:03 - In...


Selling Your Home: Getting What It’s Worth

Selling your home can be a stressful process as you try to do everything you can to get the best offer while simultaneously spending a reasonable amount of time and money to get it prepped. Angie answers four questions from the mailbag to help you prepare for the process. Show notes: Today's rundown: 0:38 - Mailbag: If your rental is managed by a property manager, will it be awkward to put it on the...


10 Potential Ways To Get Top Dollar On Your Home

How can you get the best offer on your home? Here are ten “secrets” some have found successful in getting the most out of selling their home. But are these all worth it? Or are some suggestions better than others? On this episode: 0:38 - What are the best ways to sell your home for top dollar? 0:57 - Have a great mailbox. 2:44 - Make sure you show the rooms for their purpose. 3:37 - Should you reglaze the bathroom tub? 6:59 - Write a letter about the home to the potential buyers. 8:19...


Selling Your Home Before The Holidays

As you plan ahead, you might have already started thinking about the holidays. Is it too late to sell your home before then? Did you miss your chance to sell your home this year? Angie tackles this question as well as three others from the mailbag. On this episode: 0:38 - Mailbag: How do you prepare to make the transition from renting to buying a home? 3:31 - Mailbag: Is it too late in the year to sell your home before the holiday? 5:03 - Mailbag: How do Realtors help people who want to...


Home Upgrades Millennials Are Not Looking For When Buying

With more and more millennials becoming home buyers, it’s time to start considering their wants and needs when you prepare to sell your house. We’ll run through a list of areas that you might be able to ignore and save money because it actually fits the buyer’s preferences better. On this episode: 0:38 – Introducing today’s topic of upgrades millennials don’t prefer when buying a house. 1:01 – First upgrade: over the top landscaping. 3:48 – Are there some easy landscaping updates you can...


Whose Opinion To Listen To When Buying A Home

If you welcome friends or family alongside you in the homebuying process, you are bound to get some opinions. But is it helpful or harmful to open up to this form of “advice” when making such a big decision? Show Notes: 0:18 - You’re going to hear a lot of opinions about what you should do when buying a home. How do you weigh out these opinions? 1:00 - When have kids carried stronger opinions than the...


How To Write A Letter To The Sellers When Making An Offer On A Home

When you find a home you love, sometimes writing a letter to the sellers can help you get the winning bid. But are there downsides to it? We’ll answer this question as well as two others from the mailbag this week. On this episode: 0:38 - Mailbag: Are there any advantages to be aware of when living outside of the city limits? 3:48 - Mailbag: When writing a letter to the sellers, what should the tone be? 5:25 - In a letter to a seller, tell about yourself and tell them what you like about...


How Do You Handle Bad Credit When Buying A Home?

Worried your bad credit from past mistakes will prevent you from buying a home with a decent mortgage rate now? Looking for a home in Wake Forest? Want to sell a home as-is or for sale by owner? We’ll answer all of these questions from the mailbag in this week’s podcast. On this show: 0:38 - Mailbag: Carl has poor credit but needs a competitive mortgage rate. What can he do? 2:57 - Mailbag: Dana wants to sell her home on her own. What is the worst-case scenario when it comes to...


Lighting Your Home the Right Way By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Look out! Look up! Look down! Where do the lights in your house direct your eyes? Are they highlighting your home’s best features? We discuss the good and bad of home lighting design. Today's rundown: 0:38 - Lighting mistakes people often make include too many kitchen lights pointing to the floor instead of other areas. 4:36 - Another mistake is to highlight only drywall with lighting instead of molding, arches, and shelving. 5:42 - Instead of harsh bathroom lighting, try using wall...


Is It Risky To Buy A House For Sale By Owner?

You may have seen the signs with “For Sale By Owner” on the top. Is there a danger in purchasing one of these homes or anything you should be considering? In the mailbag this week are two questions from listeners that Angie Cole answers with her expert opinion. Click here to see the full show notes.----more---- Today's rundown: 0:52 - Mailbag: Is there a danger in buying a “for sale by owner” home? 2:07- For sale by owner homes may be more difficult to negotiate. 7:20 - Mailbag: Is...


How Your Mortgage Might Change Your Life

Does having a mortgage increase your lifespan? How hot should your house be? We’ll talk through three recent real estate headlines and get a realtor’s take on the latest in the news. Check out the full show notes by clicking here. Today's rundown: 0:38 - In the News: Mortgage debt may increase your life expectancy. 2:31 - Home ownership gives us a sense of responsibility and purpose. 3:29 - In the News: EnergyStar claims the optimal temperature when you are home is 78 degrees. 5:50 -...


Finding Investment Properties And Other Questions From The Mailbag

Have a burning question that needs answering? When it comes to real estate matters, there are hundreds of questions as you make big decisions (attached to even bigger dollar amounts). We will dive into the mailbag to answer four questions from our listeners. Check out the full show notes by clicking here. ----more---- Today's rundown: 0:39 - Mailbag: Dale in Raleigh wants to know where to find homes in low-crime areas. 4:24 - Mailbag: Jenny in Durham wonders what kind of support do...


Headline Reactions: Thoughts on the Latest Real Estate News

You might read a headline or article and wonder, is that right? What would my realtor say about that? Angie gives her professional opinion on three recent headlines in real estate news. Check out the full show notes by clicking here. Today's rundown: 0:44 - More millennials are paying mortgages themselves instead of asking for help. 4:41 - Bill passed in the house proposes cutting upfront mortgage insurance fees in FHA loans after housing counseling. 7:25 - Survey asks, How long before...


What You Need to Ask a Potential Real Estate Agent

How do you pick a real estate agent? Turns out, finding the perfect house is not the only important decision you’ll need to make. It all starts with a real estate agent. We’ll help you narrow it down by asking a potential agent these questions ahead of time to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Check out the show notes for this episode by clicking here. ----more---- Take a look at today's rundown: 1:01 - Should you set up a pre-meeting to get to know an agent? 2:40 - Talk with...


5 Ways To Manage Stress When Buying A House

Like any life event, buying or selling a house can be incredibly stressful! But there are ways you can limit the amount of stress it brings, so that you can transition smoothly into your new home. We'll discuss that in today's episode. Check out the full show notes here. Take a look at the rundown for this episode: 0:38 - Did you see this: Man in Florida thought he bought a villa but just got grass. 5:03 - Buying and selling a home is one of life’s more stressful events. 5:44 - Knowing...


Why Won’t Your Home Sell (When Everyone Else In The Neighborhood’s Will)?

Should you make home improvements that you would also enjoy and hope it pays off? Or should you list a fixer upper and leave it as is? Between home ownership and selling your house, a number of questions are bound to come up. Angie dives into the mailbag this week to answer three questions from you.----more---- Take a look at the rundown for today's episode: 0:38 - Closing Recap: Congrats to James and Carla in Fuquay! 5:18 - Mailbag: Is it bad to “over-upgrade” your home? 7:45 - Mailbag:...


Common Bargain Hunting Mistakes When Buying A Home

Everyone wants a good deal, especially when you’re dealing with a purchase as significant as a house. But these mistakes might not actually be worth the ‘deal’ you’re getting in the long-run. Avoiding these bargain-hunting mistakes when you’re looking for the right home will help you make the best decision.----more---- Take a look at everything you can expect on this episode: 1:08 – CAN YOU ASSUME THAT A SHORT SALE OR FORECLOSURE MEANS YOU’RE GETTING A GOOD DEAL? 5:28 - WILL YOU HAVE TO...


Don’t Let These Down Payment Myths Turn You Away From a Mortgage

When buying a home, you might hear a lot of rumors or myths about what you need for the down payment. Believe it or not, home buying could be easier than you thought, especially when considering down payment programs or financing options. Angie will dispel a few common myths when it comes to your down payment. Here's a full rundown of what's on this episode: 0:38 – Introduction to home-buying myths New study 4:15 – MYTH: You need at least 10-20% for a down payment. 7:02 – MYTH: Down...


10 Home Features That Might Help Sell Your Home Faster

Angie goes through a list of features some say will make your home sell faster. But which ones are really worth having and which ones are more about personal preference? Do you have any of these in your home (or on your wish list)? ----more---- Show Notes: Did You See This? 0:38 Baby Boomers are changing the housing industry Del WebbDo These Features Sell Your Home Faster? 5:14 Chef’s kitchen 5:47 Theater room 6:16 Home gym 7:33 Three-car garage 8:00 Solar panels 9:21 Quartz...