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Meet Your Chief Fermentation Officer Karen Diggs

Meet Karen Diggs. She's a classically trained chef, certified nutritionist, culinary instructor, author of Happy Foods: Over 100 Mood-Boosting Recipes and creator of Kraut Source and Lemonayo. Karen is a true innovator! After years of working as a nutritionist, she noticed that despite their compelling health benefits clients would complain about the hassle and expense involved in making or buying fermented foods. Ultimately, they were missing out on this crucial and nutrient dense food...


Gratitude Blooming

Meet Belinda Liu, a woman who's committed to creating a world that prioritizes collective success over individual achievements, sustainability over quick profits and humanity over productivity. EXACTLY what our world needs right now!! Belinda is the founder of Hivequest & Gratitude Blooming -- both of which are intentional organizations that contribute to her ultimate vision of this new world where people are connected and grounded rather than stressed and disconnected. Listen to this...


With Meaning with Kamilah Mitchell

Today we are spending time with Kamilah Mitchell -- a woman that is wholeheartedly committed to living her life with purpose and meaning. Whether it's in her work with youth, her non-profit charitable organizations or most recently her company "Tea With Meaning" EVERYTHING has meaning. Not surprisingly, her website is Kamilah has published two books, is an education consultant, has founded several non-profits and is currently founder of "tea with meaning"! Enjoy this...


Productivity Straight Talk with Amber De La Garza

Meet Amber De La Garza, a productivity coach who is changing the way entrepreneurs use their time. She's a coach, a trainer, a speaker, a writer, a podcast host and a mom -- clearly, she's efficient. And she wants to share her secrets with us! She's out to help entrepreneurs reach their desired goals by mastering mindsets, expanding skill sets, and building sustainable business systems. In other words, she's the companion that you want by your side as you build, grow and maintain your my...


Putting Her Money Where Her Mouth Is with Kavi Bailey

Kavi Bailey is a force! She's one of the few people I've met who truly puts her money where her mouth is. She's the Founder of Grand Parade Coffee which produces uncompromisingly high-quality coffee AND!! shares profits with everyone involved in the process. That means the farmers, people! This business model takes "fair trade” to a whole new level -- it is truly shifting the paradigm! Kavi's spirit, work and dedication is the true meaning of change-maker. Enjoy this show and BUY HER...


Everyone Deserves A Path To Success with Heather Tufts and Christina Schwanke

Every person deserves a path and an opportunity to success. That's the core belief of Heather Tufts and Christina Schwanke the Co-Founders of Rural Synergy Foundation. With that crystal clear core belief being their driving force, they have created an organization devoted to doing exactly that! Heather and Christina are childhood friends who reconnected based on similar life philosophies and aligned interests in making the world a better place. And since they reconnected they have devoted...


Meet America’s Premier Lesbian and Bisexual Matchmaker Dr. Frankie Bashan

Meet Dr. Frankie Bashan the founder of The Little Gay Book, America's premiere lesbian & bisexual matchmaking service. As a clinical psychotherapist Dr. Frankie spent years working with LGBT couples and while she enjoyed that very much at one point she realized that she wanted to serve this community in a completely different way: matchmaking. With this clarity and her sharp entrepreneurial spirit she created The Little Gay Book. Fast forward ten years and she's now matchmaking in The San...


The Sisterhood of Tea with Alison Kilmer

Meet Alison Kilmer, founder of Uppercase Tea and The Sisterhood of Tea. Alison and her team are on a mission to elevate the experience of tea. They love their local wine, craft beer and farm-to-table cuisine and are officially adding tea to that list. That's amazing, right? Well, here's the best part. Alison is just as much of a social justice warrior as she is a foodie. Positive social impact is the name of the game. Uppercase Tea's giving back organization, The Sisterhood of Tea exists...


Soccer Apparel For Her with Carrie Kessler and Ann Kletz of Goal 5

Meet Carrie Kessler and Ann Kletz two of the three Co-Founders of Goal Five, The Soccer Apparel Brand For Her. The Soccer Apparel Brand Pushing Forward For Equality In The Game. Here's a blurb taken directly from their website: Football is Female. The Game's Not Over Til It's Equal. I LOVE THEM! Talk about using their unique gifts to better the world, WOW! They are sweet, humble, smart, passionate and doing AMAZING work in the world!! Listen to this episode! You will love it!! Listen to...


From Conscious Buddy to Conscious Enterprise with Shawna Reininger

You know what we all need? An intuitive mentor. Specifically one who’s got a knack for entrepreneurial endeavors. That is exactly what Shawna is all about. She uses her natural gifts of intuition to help women entrepreneurs create a partnership between their analytical and spiritual selves. I have personally worked with Shawna and have found her insight to be right on point! She’s direct, caring, kind, sharp and profound. Hear her story and how the universe supported her in stepping away...


The Wild Neighborhood Piano Teacher with KC Cavanagh

Meet KC Cavanagh, one of the funniest people you will ever meet! She's a creative spirit in the truests sense of the word. In this episode you'll hear about her journey, about the impact music has had on her and how her quirky, kid-friendly piano teaching style became a method, a book, a card game and soon to be a video tutorial program. ********************* Let’s talk! Were you inspired by this episode? I want to hear your insights, questions, excitements, butterflies etc! Come join...


Anchor & Orbit Your Business and Your Life with Sarah Schulweis

Meet Sarah Schulweis, founder of Anchor & Orbit. Simply put, Anchor & Orbit specializes in goals. How? Partnership, that's how. In collaboration with Sarah, business owners uncover goals, set timelines and implement forward motion for their business and their life! Who doesn't want that?! In her interview you'll learn more about her personal (& courageous!) journey of letting go of her lifelong dream and landing in in a space of fulfilling entrepreneurship. Fun fact: in many of the...


Relax Into The Uncomfortable with Britt Fohrman

Join our Facebook Group: Britt Fohrman, is the woman who helps people relax into the uncomfortable. For reals! She's a doula, a yoga teacher, a photographer and all around free spirit. She describes herself as the “always a wildly non-conforming creative free spirit, my own way is all I’ve ever known.” And "her own way" is exactly what she created. Courageously so! Listen in and enjoy the episode of yet another amazing woman who trusted her intuition...


Making Art Making Money (without feeling like a sell out) with Ann Rea

Meet Ann Rea, the woman who's mission in life is to eliminate that disrespectful and destructive slur “starving artist” and to replace it with “Artists Who Thrive”. On her first year as a full-time artist, Ann sold $103,246 of her art WITHOUT feeling like a sell out! And now she teaches creatives all around the world to secure their creative freedom through business savviness. She’s been featured on HGTV, ABC, The Good Life Project, Fortune Magazine, Inc Magazine, The Wine Enthusiast...


Build The Courage Habit with Kate Swoboda aka Kate Courageous

Join our community & conversation in our private facebook group: Sharon is a Business & Life Coach! Mention The Savvy Spirit Podcast and get half off your first month! ********************* Joining us today is Kate Swoboda, aka Kate Courageous. Kate is the author of The Courage Habit and the creator of, The Courageous Living Coaching Certification and The Coaching Blueprint Marketing...


Design For Good People, Good Causes, Good Products with Arin Fishkin

Come join our community & conversation in our private facebook group Sharon is a Business Coach! Mention The Savvy Spirit Podcast and get half off your first month! ********************* Arin Fishkin is a designer for good. She uses her (incredible!) creative skills to help companies that are doing good effectively express who they are. Collaboration and partnership are drivers for Arin. She believes that her clients choose her because of her style and she chooses them because of their...


Attention Workshop Junkies, Meet Your New Favorite Website! With Guest Monica Krake

Join the conversation in our private facebook group. Sharon is a Business Coach! Mention The Savvy Spirit Podcast and get half off your first month! ***************************** Meet Monica Krake, a savvy entrepreneur who is passionate about healing, spirituality, wellness and social justice. True to the entrepreneurial spirit, she identified a problem and built the solution! The problem: how do folks on the wellness/spiritual path find workshops, events, community? Her solution: Head...


Memoir & Book Coach Shari Caudron Shares Her Story

Meet Shari Caudron, the Memoir and Book Coach. In our interview you'll hear her courageous journey from being a ten year old girl who believed she had nothing to say to being an international writer (with millions of weekly readers), an award winning author, a beloved teacher and coach. Her life's work is to teach the power of storytelling and to coach people to write, tell and publish their stories. Why does she do this work? Because it creates positive change in our world. It's that...


The Movement Of The Feminine with Kerry Anne Aldridge and Jennifer Pearce

Changing women through The Movement Of The Feminine — that is what sisters Kerry Anne Aldridge and Jennifer Pearce do! You’ll hear their journey that led them to owning the Sheila Kelley S Factor in San Francisco. Here’s a little snippet of what happens at S Factor, “This is a practice that heals our relationship with our erotic body and in turn begins to heal our erotic body’s relationship with society. Through this work we turn on the brilliant feminine essence that exists in all of us. We...


A Standard of Grace Not Perfection with Robin Rorex

Robin Rorex is devoted to creating a world where women give themselves permission to courageously share their wisdom and unapologetically speak their truth. "This is the medicine that will set us free" says Robin. Robin is the President of a mindfulness-based Leadership Development company, an Executive Coach, a Guide, and a Facilitator. Her mission in life is to inspire all humans to hold themselves to a standard of grace, not perfection. What a profound thing to be doing in our world right...