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Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!


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Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!






Matt Bruner, Professional Coach

Matt Bruner is a coach who empowers young marketing professionals to get off auto-pilot so they can feel confident in the direction they're heading. Learn more about Matt at and be sure to follow him on Linkedin.


Mariah Allen, Health Educator

Mariah Allen is originally from San Antonio, TX and currently lives in California, where she works as a licensed health broker. After successfully overcoming Lupus, she started a business for lifestyle management for autoimmune disease where she has published 2 books. Mariah is fully committed and dedicated to contributing educational resources to individuals with autoimmune disease so they can get themselves educated about how to make better decisions that will impact their...


Featuring Javier Lomeli, Strategic Growth Coach

Javier Lomeli is a Strategic Growth Coach who has demonstrated excellence in process improvement and business planning. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development provided the foundation of knowledge which Javier has built upon throughout his career. Additionally, he acquired an Advanced Life Coach certification with emphasis on Executive and Leadership Coaching which has given him insight into how to cultivate success through motivation and planning. Javier has spent over ten years...


Featuring Dr. LaKedra Brown, Work/Life Balance Power Coach to Women

Dr. LaKedra Brown is the co-founder of DBL Connections and Founder of Epiphany516 – which she affectionately calls "her baby". Epiphany516 represents the WHOLE woman. The Everyday Woman Who is Aspiring to push through those barriers to obtain their goals and turn those dreams into reality. As a Professional Work/Life Balance Power Coach, Dr LaKedra not only Encourages and Empowers women, but she also helps them to revive their passion and reignite that spark for life that has possibly...


Featuring Steve Dinga, Certified Life Coach

Steve Dinga is a certified life coach from Palm Springs, California. He started his practice, Desert Life Coaching, two years ago and helps people enhance their lives through personal coaching in person and online. His focus in coaching is to help others experience mind, body, and spirit balance in their lives and to visualize and realize what they truly desire in life. His book “Colours of Your Life,” offers a holistic approach to wellness and healing. He also has created an approach to...


Featuring Tina Piazza, Transformational Life Coach

Tina Piazza has been a certified transformational life coach since 2018. She also facilitates monthly womens' circles. She teaches people how to change their relationship with themselves, including their physical, mental and emotional health, their finances. She also teaches them how to change their relationships with others. Prior to becoming a life coach, Tina worked for many companies helping them restructure and streamline their businesses. She wore many hats including controller,...


Featuring Ben Eden, Personal and Professional Coach to Father Entrepreneurs

Ben Eden is a personal and professional coach who helps high-achieving, father entrepreneurs have a successful business AND family life. He has coached people around the world with a message that raises their sights and encourages them to “Reach Their Ultimate Potential”. He has a unique way of communicating with words that will capture your attention and inspire your mindset. With real life examples and entertaining stories, Ben helps his clients master their thoughts, heal their emotions,...


Featuring Justin Hills, Founder of Courageous&Co Leadership Coaching

Justin Hills is an executive leader with more than 20yrs of experience in high-performing cross-functional teams. He is motivated to support the development of our current and emerging leaders to own their influence, define success and take responsibility in how they impact the performance of others. Justin believes that when leaders are motivated, empowered, and fulfilled in their careers, they positively encourage growth and transformation in all areas of life. Justin founded...


Featuring Nathan Patterson, Dating Coach

Nathan Patterson is a dating coach who specializes in helping busy professionals hack modern dating so they can find lasting love. He spent a lot of time in corporate America, and much of that time was as a Territory Sales Manager for different auto parts retailers selling business to business. But during his time as a sales leader, Nathan discovered that so many people are lonely and are caught up in the trap of having difficult dating experiences. He believes that dating doesn’t have to be...


Featuring Galit Reuben, Transformational Energy Coach

Galit Reuben is a transformational energy coach using the Superconscious as a shortcut to stop sabotaging patterns and manifest the results people would rather have in the fastest way possible using the most advanced methods rooted in science. Galit works on all levels of consciousness to release blocks, fears, and negative belief patterns in an easy & gentle way so that people can finally break the glass ceiling and get measurable results. Galit has worked with thousands of clients and...


Featuring Anna-Marie Di Giorgio, Transformational Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker

Anna Marie is an inspirational speaker and certified transformational coach through the Brave Thinking Institute. She spent 20 years climbing corporate ladders, creating a culture of solid diversity, feedback, growth, and development policies. Faced with a challenging decision, Anna Marie had a choice: rebuild her life from the ground up in a way she would love or stay with the status quo. Taking the road less traveled, she decided to live her dream. Anna Marie founded Super Charge UR...


Featuring Dr Carol Mattson, Life Coach

Dr. Carol Mattson is a local business owner, Life coach, and has a heart for serving women. Today Carol holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, a Master’s Degree in Counseling and the esteemed title held by few — MBTI® Master Practitioner. Her dissertation focused on positive and negative aspects of leadership stress. Carol was nominated and inducted into the Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. International Educators’ Hall of Fame in 2016. In 2018 she was granted emeritus faculty status in the...


Featurning Corinne Christopherson, Professional Life Coach

Corinne Christopherson is a Certified Professional Life Coach who works with people who are stagnant in life and seeking transition. If people are eager for a new career, new relationship, or to grow their business, Corinne helps them gain clarity, confidence and the skills to create a more meaningful life. They become the version of themselves who lives more intentionally, in in alignment with their values, embody confidence and follows through. Corinne enjoys partnering with people and...


Featuring Katherine Craig, Ultra Health and Wellness Coaching

Katherine Craig produces the Ultra Health and Wellness Coaching podcast and provides health coaching as well. Katherine is a BSN, RN, and Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She helps people become their best self by feeling better mentally and physically. Katherine has walked the walk and knows the challenges life brings. She worked full time while going to school to become a paramedic and later a registered nurse. Katherine had to totally change her eating lifestyle due to adult onset...


Featuring Maggie Greene, Personal Stylist and Personal Brand Consultant & Coach

Maggie Greene is the Chief Everything Officer of Maggie Greene Style, a passionate one-woman band on a mission to transform how people see themselves by putting the personal in personal brand and style. She also believes in the importance of choice and empowers her clients to make decisions based on what is best for them. Maggie does not offer cookie-cutter solutions. Each engagement is highly individualized and is as unique as her clients. Maggie supports entrepreneurs, leaders, and...


Featuring Ellyn Schinke, Burnout & Stress Management Coach

Ellyn Schinke is a scientist-turned-burnout and stress management coach and speaker. She has been hired as a speaker for organizations like LinkedIn (yes – that LinkedIn) and has been featured in Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, Brainz Magazine, and We are Women Owned. She focuses on helping busy, ambitious high-achieving women in business and corporate create sustainable success without all the stress. Ellyn's mission? To help women realize that burnout happens but staying burned out is a...


Featuring Debra Woods, Mayo Clinic and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Debra Woods is a Mayo Clinic and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She is also a Lifestyle Medicine Coach trained at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Her passion is helping people make the most of their health and well-being in the ways that make sense for them and are sustainable. She works with individuals, groups, companies, and organizations. She does this work because she wants to help people to feel and live at their best and because this is the work she...


Featuring Terry Taylor, Leadership Coach

Since 1991 Terry Taylor has been coaching and consulting people who want to make a change in their life and business. As an organizational development psychologist, a master certified coach and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Terry helps leaders get their mindset, heartset, their emotional state and their business strategies aligned for success. Terry says she was born to help people see what’s possible, think strategically and implement actions that create Clarity, Alignment and...


Janet Reeves-Wilson, Life, Executive and Career Success Coach

Janet Reeves-Wilson established Divine Metamorphosis Coaching LLC to support college students and graduates in finding the work or career they love. A career that uses the natural skills and abilities that we are all born with, fulfills their sense of purpose, and aligns with their core values. Janet is a life, executive and career success coach, and a behavioral strategist. She has seen the difference it makes when people love or (at least really like) what they do - as opposed to...


Featuring Angela Dawn, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Certified Spiritual Life & Soul Purpose Coach

Angela Dawn is a trained Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy healer as well as a Certified Spiritual Life and Soul Purpose Coach. Angela helps people to release stress, pressure and trauma from their bodies and minds. She takes her clients through a deep journey to find their true feelings and wild nature so that they can feel strongly connected to their purpose and reinvigorated by the miracle of life. Learn more about Angela Dawn at