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Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!

Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!


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Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!






Featuring Edwin Banks, Business Consultant

Edwin Banks is a business consultant capable of providing real estate services. He helps business owners achieve greater goals than they would have alone. Edwin creates and enhances his clients’ businesses, then uses real estate services to help find a location for them to run their business out of. Edwin also does residential real estate for those who want to buy or sell a house. In addition, he has many partners in multiple industries for any other assistance needed. He calls them...


Featuring Kim Pearlstein, Online Marketing Expert

Kim Pearlstein is an online marketing expert. She started Pearlmark LLC to help business owners and entrepreneurs identify and utilize the best online marketing tools for their target audience. Her company specializes in teaching business owners how to effectively use Email Marketing, LinkedIn, and Relationship Marketing to grow their business. Kim helps business owners: Learn more about Kim Pearlstein at and be sure to download your free guide: 5 Updates to Improve...


Featuring Christina Holloway, Career Consultant, Coach and Speaker

Christina Holloway has been recognized as the #1 Executive Coach in Chicago by Influence Digest and has been named one of the top mentor coaches at 1871, Chicago’s leading Technology and Entrepreneurship Center. As a consultant, coach and speaker, Christina focuses on sharing her career advancement framework, which helps her clients build careers that align with their biggest dreams. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes Magazine, and she coaches and consults for a diverse range of...


Featuring Katherine Carey, Couture Hat Designer and Business Consultant

Katherine Carey represents the modern hybrid global entrepreneur who combines her business management, style, and creative expertise. She is a Couture Hat Designer and Business Consultant specializing in marketing and online sales. She loves to implement inspiration into income. Her secret superpower is being relatable to her clients, genuinely and authentically. Katherine helps them grow their confidence, whether through wearing a fabulous hat or raising their value and client relations in...


Featuring Wendy Skoda, Holistic Health Coach - TBI Specialist

Wendy Skoda is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor turned Holistic Health Coach helping brain injury survivors learn how to work with their injuries for healing and improvement so they feel like a normal person again with energy and stable moods, able to focus, trust their memory, find their purpose, and have a life again. Her real job is to help individuals live a life full of confidence and drive, knowing they are not defined by their injury. Learn more about Wendy Skoda at...


Featuring Kim Ravida, Business Coach

Kim Ravida is a Business Coach to high-achieving solopreneurs and small business owners. She is a business owner's secret weapon who keeps her clients out of trying to do a million things at once by having them create and follow a solid, step-by-step, simple business plan that gets them real results so that they reach the level of business and income they desire all while feeling genuine, authentic and in harmony with themselves. Learn more about Kim Ravida at And follow her...


Featuring Leanne Moyer, Mindset & Success Coach to Female Entrepreneurs

Leanne Moyer has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. She has built up a thriving Music Studio that now has a waitlist of 60 people, so she is in the process of expanding and hiring a team of teachers. And after her last child was born. Leanne discovered the world of online business and quickly became successful with a few different network marketing companies, which led her to discover her love for coaching. Leanne took certifications for Life, Health & Mindset Coaching before landing...


Featuring Doug Golinski, Business Productivity Coach

Doug Golinski helps entrepreneurs stay focused, motivated and productive so they can stop working 60 or 70 hours a week and be home in time to enjoy dinner with their family. He helps them create a daily action plan and a set of rules to eliminate their procrastination habits, and replace them with profit producing productivity habits. Through his coaching he helps entrepreneurs and business owners determine the most important tasks in their business and create a plan to complete those tasks...


Featuring Sandra Maher, Mindset Coach

Sandra Maher is a mindset coach. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs who are Movement Makers get crystal clear on their vision, eradicate procrastination, cultivate habits for success and sync with the laws of the Universe. Sandra is also the author of two books, 7 Steps to Attaining your Financial Goals; and Bottom-Up Thinking – Tools and Strategies for Happiness and Success. Learn more about Sandra Maher at


Featuring Tiffany Jade, Intuitive Mentor/Coach and Facilitator of Healing

Tiffany Jade is an Intuitive Mentor/Coach and Facilitator of Healing. She helps women get into alignment and live their most authentic lives by shedding conditioning, reconnecting to intuition, and attuning to higher frequencies. Through an experience that brought her to her knees, she learned to allow herself to be vulnerable, feel all of the feelings that she had unknowingly been repressing, and reconnect to her spiritual gifts. She reached a new level of freedom that she never thought...


Featuring Coach MarJean, Facebook Prospecting Coach

Coach MarJean Christiansen helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses using Facebook. She teaches how to follow Facebook Guidelines and stay out of Facebook Jail. As a prospecting genius, Coach MarJean has training on how to get free leads organically and develop relationships with strangers who need others’ products and services without spamming. MarJean is always staying current with Facebook’s ever-changing protocols, and is dedicated to helping her clients shift and adapt so they can...


Featuring Diante Fuchs, Clinical Psychologist and Anxiety Coach

Diante Fuchs is a clinical psychologist and anxiety coach offering support for women who are tired of anxiety getting in the way of their relationships, their parenting and their confidence. Through coaching programs, online courses and an online women’s hub she helps shift anxiety to the background so that you can get back to living a life you love. Learn more about Diante Fuchs at and be sure to join her Facebook group: Interrupting Anxiety Support Group.


Featuring Angela Wetzel, Life and Love Coach

Angela Wetzel is a Life and Love coach, writer and performer who helps creatives, entrepreneurs and high-achievers identify the behaviors and patterns that keep them stuck and teaches them the skills to powerfully reclaim their authentic selves in life and love. She uses a blend of her own personal experience with relationship dynamics, military leadership, acting, comedy, attachment theory and trauma-informed reparenting to deliver a curated coaching experience and to help her clients to...


Featuring Jeff Schneider, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Author and Trainer

Jeff Schneider is a Licensed Clinical Social worker (L.C.S.W.), Author and Trainer. And for 36 years, he has helped people who feel ignored, unheard, misunderstood and unsupported in their relationships and who may be suffering from anxiety, depression, emotional eating and other compulsive behaviors and poor self-image. Jeff's sensitivity, intuition and compassion have helped his clients create more intimate and passionate relationships in which they feel supported, heard and understood....


Featuring Jennifer Anderson, Positivity Coach

Jennifer Anderson is the founder of Thankful Hearts Coaching. She has 4 coaching certifications: Health coach, life coach, transformation life coach, mastery transformation life coach from the Health Coach Institute. Jennifer specializes in positivity coaching. She helps people reframe their negative thoughts so they can enjoy life and live in happiness. Jennifer feels that if people can simply trust themselves and focus on the positive, everyone can enjoy a life of greatness. Learn more...


Featuring Rebekah Welch Moorehead, Life and Business Coach

Rebekah Welch Moorehead is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her desire to own her own businesses stems back into her childhood, when she dreamed of having her own bookstore and coffee shop. Over her young adult years, she began to doubt her dreams and focused on the typical American path, go to college, get a job, retire. Rebekah tried that, but was very unhappy, which led her on a now over 12-year journey into personal growth and development, following the teachings of Tony Robbins, Wayne...


Featuring Christine Rae, President and CEO of CSP International Staging Business Training Academy

Christine is President and CEO of CSP International Staging Business Training Academy. Over her 40+ year career, Christine has built and managed a $10m operation - for someone else before launching her own very successful real estate staging business. During the infancy of the service, she realized what the talented people who wanted to do work as stagers didn’t know how to do, was build a business. So, Christine wrote and developed the curriculum for the Certified Staging Professional...


Featuring Sally Morgan, Speaker Development Trainer

Every master begins as a disaster. Sally Morgan confesses she is no exception to that rule. That is why her passion in life is to empower voices and empower lives. Speaker development trainer, author, singer, songwriter, actor, director, Sally brings her performance experience and vocal expertise to help leaders achieve expert status, authority and unshakeable confidence through powerful communication skills. Learn more about Sally Morgan at and...


Featuring Melissa Kirkpatrick, Life and Business Coach

Melissa Kirkpatrick is a sought-after Business & Life Coach and motivational speaker who thrives upon the success of those she works with and prides herself in helping them scale their mind, money and momentum. She boldly steps up as a leader and role model with in-person events for organizations, guest speaking for virtual summits and podcasts, and working with clients one to one and in groups. She’s been featured in Cincy Magazine, CincyChic online magazine, and is the Business & Life...


Feathuring LuAnn Horstman, Self-Talk Coach

LuAnn empowers women to be able to kick their inner critic to the curb. She developed The Shift Grid which helps women change their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs so they can make better decisions and take better actions. She guides her clients by shining the light on what is clouding their view. LuAnn is married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother of 2 daughters, and grandma of 5 precious grandchildren. She’s a retired NICU nurse with 26 years of experience serving very sick...