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Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!

Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!


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Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!






Featuring Sarah Sherwood, Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Non-Linear Movement Facilitator

Sarah Sherwood is an Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and Non-Linear Movement Method Facilitator. She specializes in working with how trauma and overwhelming stress cause uncomfortable feelings in our bodies and unhealthy patterns of behavior that hold us back from the fullness of life. She helps her clients resolve these reactions through regulating the nervous system. As a result, people who feel overwhelmed with the demands of life move through their current stress and...


Featuring Nicole Ronningen, Spiritually Aligned Life & Business Coach

Nicole Ronningen is an Essential Oil Intuitive. She draws from many resources in her practice of Spiritually Aligned Life & Business Coaching, teaching, and facilitating healing. Nicole is certified in: Holy Fire® III, Karuna Reiki, Full-Body Flowology, AromaTouch Technique and she utilizes tools from Universal Languages, such as Astrology & The Enneagram, Emotion Code, tapping, Trauma Awareness, Meditation and Divine Unconditional Love. Nicole teaches discernment, discovery & development...


Featuring Naomi Slater, Love and Intimacy Coach, Yoga Teacher & Bio-Energy Therapist

Naomi Slater is an experienced love & intimacy coach, yoga teacher and bio-energy therapist. She is the creator of the online course “Awaken Your Desire” that helps women reclaim their wild and powerful divine feminine through yoni egg practices, emotional alchemy, meditation and psychoanalytic tools. Naomi is the host on the “Divine Couples” podcast, where she explores conscious sexuality through monologues and guest interviews. She holds an MA in Conflict Management & Resolution and a BA...


Featuring Matt Morgan, Relationship Coach

Matt Morgan has been a relationship coach for the past 15 years. From nearlyweds to newlyweds to married couples, Matt has helped thousands of couples bulletproof their relationships. His expertise and advice extends to every area of life – friendship, dating, sex, marriage, parenting, business, self-awareness, etc. His coaching clients love his funny (and relatable) stories, sticky phrases and practical tips. He’s been seen on stage with world thought leaders such as Tony Robbins and is...


Vince Cortese, Business Copywriter and App Developer

Vince Cortese is a career entrepreneur with 27 years of experience in the apparel industry for 16 years and is now online as a copywriting agency and mobile app developer for businesses for the past 5 years. He is a college scholarship athlete and a graduate of Clarion University with a dual major BA in Marketing and Advertising. After having overcome cancer, Vince is on the rise and making a big difference. Learn more about Vince Cortese's copywriting expertise at: Learn more...


Nicole Burgner, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach: ”The Gut Detox Coach”

Nicole Burgner is known as The Gut Detox Coach and serves her clients through a root cause approach to better health and healing. She works 100% virtually and became a certified Coach after her many years battling IBS and unknown health issues, manifesting as Lyme and other infections. She helps her clients get to the root of their issues including IBS, stubborn weight gain, fatigue, and chronic health issues. Nicole does this by addressing the whole body, guiding her clients step by step,...


Pete Beskas, Certified Life Coach to Fathers

Pete Beskas is a Certified Life Coach and his mission is to help other father's create the life they want now and the legacy they want to leave. Pete’s a husband, father, mentor, coach, engineer and entrepreneur. And after over 20 years as an engineer, he discovered a new passion that has led him to this new mission of helping dads take complete ownership of their lives through awareness, maximizing their time and taking action. Learn more about Pete Beskas at and be sure...


Lisa Talev, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Brain Coach & Self-Care Guru

Lisa Talev is a holistic health coach, certified brain health coach and self-care guru who works with women over 30 to help them look and feel their best. She has deep experience working with chronic pain, stress management, mindfulness, food cravings, exercise, weight loss, special diets, mood and eating disorders, relationships, communication, and transforming bad habits into healthy self-care rituals. Lisa lives in Tucson, AZ and works remotely with women everywhere, via phone, email and...


Rick Lawson, Social Media Marketing Coach & General Contractor

Rick Lawson is an enthusiast entrepreneur, business owner and coach. He started his career working in sales and marketing for corporate America, working as a regional sales manager for an insurance company, selling insurance policies as an agent before working as a commission salesman for a large roofing company. There he advanced to managing 22 sales people to 10.5 million in sales in just over a year. In 2001, he went out on his own to start a roofing company that has grown into handling...


Featuring Mark Nelson, Business Coach

Mark Nelson is a business coach, specializing in helping people start their own coaching practices as well as helping existing coaches become more successful. He started his entrepreneurial and coaching journey while he was a public high school math teacher. He had a goal to create a bigger impact on his students and families not only in his community but throughout the world. Mark has helped thousands of people create their own business and become coaches themselves. Learn more about...


Featuring Linda Sztanko, Christian Confidence Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Author & Minister

Linda Sztanko is a Christian Confidence Coach & Mentor, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author and Ordained Minister. She works with individuals and entrepreneurs, helping them to access and step into their confidence in both life and business, so they can reach success goals without the worry of anything holding them back - ever again. Learn more about Linda at and be sure to grab her free resource: 9 Life Hacks to Boost Your Confidence. You can also follow Linda on...


Featuring Dawn Marie Davis, Holistic Mind/Body Life Coach

Dawn Marie is a Holistic Mind/Body Life Coach. She coaches people using an integrative approach to managing their stress, anxiety, and depression. Dawn Marie helps people break the cycles of stress, tension, and pain so they can live calmer, more peaceful and balanced lives. Her specialties & certifications include: Learn more about Dawn Marie Davis at


Featuring Stella Loichot, National Board-Certified Coach -Specializing in Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention Coaching

Stella Loichot is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, specializing in Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention Coaching. Trained in Behavioral Change and Motivational Interviewing, she helps food lovers reduce their sugar cravings and manage their weight so that they can improve their glucose levels without dieting or giving up cheese, bread, and chocolate. Stella is also the best-selling author of SLEEP IT OFF, A Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight, Beating Diabetes, and...


Featuring Eric Leonhard, Professional Dating Coach

Eric Leonhard is a professional dating coach from Portland, Oregon. His service emphasizes practical evidence-based solutions for clients. He has several years of experience working with a wide variety of clients who each receive a thorough investigation into their dating related issues. He even sends his clients out on mock dates with trained professionals for the sake of practice and feedback. Learn more about Eric Leonhard and his business at


Featuring Gary Austin, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and Family, Adult & Kids Yoga Instructor

Gary Austin is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach; a Certified Family, Adult and Kids Yoga Instructor; a Podcast personality, hosting the show, "Find Your Way". He’s also a Blogger, Business Owner and trains new coaches to effectively empower people. Gary’s expertise is empowering people to find their way to their abundant life. Learn more about Gary Austin at and be sure to tune into his podcast, "Find Your Way".


Featuring Leks Vucko, Mindset Coach, Author and Certified Nutrition Fitness Trainer

After more than 15 years in fitness industry, Leks Vucko has changed her whole approach to health and weight loss. Leks states: "Weight loss is not about weight. It's a mindset game, and she knows she’s cracked the code". Leks' mission in life is to disrupt the health & weight loss industry by exposing secrets and lies they use to keep women unhappy, unhealthy and overweight and by helping women reach their desired weight permanently so that they realize that they have been misguided by...


Featuring Emma Fernandez, Life Coach, Writer and Speaker

Emma Fernandez is A certified Life Coach, Writer, and Speaker, helping people who are on a healing journey, step into the person they desire to be and lead the life they love. Learn more about Emma at and be sure to follow her on TikTok.


Featuring Lacy Schoen, Women‘s Leadership Coach

Lacy Schoen is an influence coach through her business, Real Women Real Success, teaching women how to break through power barriers and get promoted at work by leveraging strengths that are innate within them as a woman. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author and the author of Advancing Through Influence: Using Your 5 Innate Female Strengths to Break Through Power Barriers and Advance Your Career. Lacy is a certified High-Performance Coach through the High-Performance Institute. She serves...


Roberta O‘Keith & Cathy Busch, Business Coaches

Roberta O'Keith and Cathy Busch are the owners of The Growth Coach of Greater Kansas City. They offer group and one-on-one coaching for business owners, sales professionals, managers, management teams, self-employed professionals. The Growth Coach partners work with their clients to create lasting change in their professional and personal lives by helping them step back, see the big picture, evaluate the issues, create solutions, and stay accountable. The Growth Coach also offers DISC...


Featuring Barry Cervantes, Life Coach

Barry Cervantes is the Founder and President of Camelot Life Coaching Company, which he started with the intent to give back by “creating greater success and significance” in others. Barry works with people going through major life transitions or transformations. Prior to becoming a life coach, Barry Founded Gateway Insurance Company in 1986, with a focus on providing insurance for private passenger and commercial autos and received a B++ rating. Barry’s company generated over $40 million in...