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Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!

Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!


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Every entrepreneur has a journey. And every journey includes inspiration. If you're doubting your decision to follow your passion and vision, or convert your "lessons learned" into a business, listen in! Here you'll gain sales secrets as well as inspiration and a few golden nuggets from featured guest entrepreneurs to help you take the next step and build a thriving business for yourself!






Featuring Shirley Thiessen, Grief Coach and Founder of CornerBend

Shirley Thiessen is the founder of CornerBend, which is a grief ministry. She creates grief resources that serve as a playbook of best practices because most people don’t know what is helpful to say or do for their grieving friends. And for many, it feels awkward, so they do nothing. But no one should have to grieve alone. From Shirley’s personal experience of losing her own son only 12 days after his wedding, she wrote, The Little Black Funeral Dress- Five Things I Wish I Had Known About...


Featuring Michelle Burke, Leadership Advisor & Work Therapist

Michelle Burke is the Founder and Maven Maker of bossibly; she aides business owners and young professional women alike by coaching them to become influential leaders. Using a unique system, she combines character strengths and core values to help them create a culture of engagement, which fosters predictable results and accountability. Learn more about Michelle Burke at and if you're curious about your current leadership skills, take her Assessment. You can also follow...


Featuring Erin Birch, Business & Personal Transformation Coach, Trainer and Course Creator

Erin Birch is a business and personal transformation coach and trainer, a network marketer and affiliate marketer as well as a course creator. Erin specializes in helping online marketers use social media to build their audience and create massive influence as well as how to create irresistible offers. She has PERSONALLY sponsored over 750 people in her business in just under 6 years, personally sponsored 65 people in just 8 weeks and holds a TOP rank in her Network marketing company. She...


Featuring Karri-ann Flater, Selfcare Coach

Karri-ann Flater is a Selfcare Coach who supports busy moms to overcome burnout and overwhelm so they can reclaim their time, energy, & passions without feeling guilty. She is passionate about encouraging others, and specifically moms, to recognize that their wants, needs, and desires are valid and important. Her life-changing self-discovery process is available to her clients through a 1:1 coaching program called the Inner Desire Purpose Plan. Learn more about Karri-ann Flater at...


Featuring Vincent Charleston, Owner of Vinkira Media Group

Vincent Charleston is a resilient husband, father and the owner of Vinkira Media Group, which provides video editing and advertising services to small business owners, helping them increase the return on their investment. Vincent is also a fine musician and producer within the hip hop genre. Learn more about Vincent Charleston on Facebook and LinkedIn


Featuring Kelli Nielsen, The Grief Guru

Kelli didn’t grow up with visions of becoming The Grief Guru, but life had other plans. After losing her mother to suicide in 2017 she found herself swept out in a sea of grief. Barely able to get through the days she looked for help and was discouraged when she didn’t find the support or tools to recover. Thankfully an encounter with an inspiring speaker showed her that healing was available to her. She decided then and there to dedicate herself to recovering from grief. She studied,...


Featuring Dr. Javier Carlin, Physical Therapist and Healthcare Entrepreneur

Dr. Javier Carlin is a Physical Therapist and Healthcare Entrepreneur. He was a partner in a successful physical therapy practice and is now helping other Healthcare Professionals start and grow their online businesses. Dr. Javier is on a mission to help 10,000 healthcare professionals take their knowledge and skill sets online in order to achieve clinical freedom so they can have a greater impact on their communities, generate more income, all while building a business that works around...


Featuring Kristie Holden, Marketing Consultant and Strategist

Kristie Holden is a marketing consultant and strategist specializing in helping tech and software companies position their value in a way prospects understand. Before starting her consulting business, she was VP of Marketing at a software company where she helped them scale to multiple 7-figures in annual recurring revenue. She now uses those lessons to help small tech companies grow. Learn more about Kristie Holden at and be sure to follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram.


Featuring Sally Harvey Anderson: Coach, Actress and Writer

Sally Harvey Anderson is a coach, actress and writer in Nashville, TN. She helps actors and creatives stand out in their market through making bold choices and writing their own content. Sally not only teaches classes in improv and writing but she also helps creatives build successful careers and lives. Learn more about Sally Harvey Anderson at and be sure to follow her on Instagram: Sally.Harvey.Anderson and Radical.Tenderness_


Featuring Maria Traino, Certified NeuroCoach

Maria Traino is a certified NeuroCoach. She’s a brand designer turned coach, helping start-ups and solopreneurs in all areas of their lives. She utilizes The Designer’s Approach to help freelance artists and creative solopreneurs rewire their limiting beliefs and intentionally create fulfilling lives and businesses. The Designer’s Approach ™ is a process and philosophy centered around solving complex problems in an individualized way. Part of Maria’s success as a NeurCoach is drawing upon...


Featuring Keri Emme, Confidence and Mindset Life Coach

Keri Emme is a Confidence and Mindset Life Coach who specializes in helping young adults shed the fear, anxieties, and pressure of judgements from others, allowing them to live life authentically, be who they are, and take up space. She offers 1-on-1 sessions to work with her personally and also has a community on Facebook, Live Life Authentically, that is filled with tips, tricks, and confidence life hacks to help guide people on their journey. Learn more about Keri Emme at


Featuring Leah Murray, Digital Artist, Poet, Photographer and Digital Arts Services Consultant

Leah Murray is a digital artist, poet and photographer based in British Columbia, Canada. She creates visual and literary art as well as offers digital arts services to support non-profit organizations and fellow artists in Canada and the USA to grow their businesses. Learn more about Leah's digital art at and Leah's digital art services at


Featuring Erin Shine, Certified Functional Health & Empowerment Coach

Erin Shine is a Certified Functional Health & Empowerment Coach. She has over 25 years of experience working with hundreds of clients as a coach, personal trainer, and owner of a Fitness and Weight Loss Franchise. Erin has dealt with weight, body image issues, addiction, and depression and has turned her struggles, education, and experience into her passion for helping other women live healthy & happy lives. Learn more about Erin Shine at and be sure to follow her on...


Featuring Christa Bybee, Social Media Strategist and Copywriter

Christa Bybee is a freelance Social Media Strategist and Copywriter with a love for creating video content. She works with female entrepreneurs to create and execute organic social media strategies to boost visibility and build a community of engaged followers. She loves researching trending TikToks and Reels, writing click-worthy emails, and testing how many tabs she can have open on her laptop at once. Learn more about Christa Bybee at and be sure to follow her...


Featuring Juan P Barrientez II, Tax and Accounting Professional to Solopreneurs

Juan P. Barrientez II is a family man and ordained Christian minister, as well as a tax and accounting professional. He is the owner of Next Step Financial Partners LLC and Next Step Consulting LLC, as well as pastors the Shield of Faith Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. Juan holds a Bachelors of Science in Business/Management, Masters of Accounting and Financial Management, as well as a Bachelors of Ministry, Masters of Pastoral Theology, plus he is completing his Doctorate in Christian...


Featuring Sarah Sherwood, Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Non-Linear Movement Facilitator

Sarah Sherwood is an Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and Non-Linear Movement Method Facilitator. She specializes in working with how trauma and overwhelming stress cause uncomfortable feelings in our bodies and unhealthy patterns of behavior that hold us back from the fullness of life. She helps her clients resolve these reactions through regulating the nervous system. As a result, people who feel overwhelmed with the demands of life move through their current stress and...


Featuring Nicole Ronningen, Spiritually Aligned Life & Business Coach

Nicole Ronningen is an Essential Oil Intuitive. She draws from many resources in her practice of Spiritually Aligned Life & Business Coaching, teaching, and facilitating healing. Nicole is certified in: Holy Fire® III, Karuna Reiki, Full-Body Flowology, AromaTouch Technique and she utilizes tools from Universal Languages, such as Astrology & The Enneagram, Emotion Code, tapping, Trauma Awareness, Meditation and Divine Unconditional Love. Nicole teaches discernment, discovery & development...


Featuring Naomi Slater, Love and Intimacy Coach, Yoga Teacher & Bio-Energy Therapist

Naomi Slater is an experienced love & intimacy coach, yoga teacher and bio-energy therapist. She is the creator of the online course “Awaken Your Desire” that helps women reclaim their wild and powerful divine feminine through yoni egg practices, emotional alchemy, meditation and psychoanalytic tools. Naomi is the host on the “Divine Couples” podcast, where she explores conscious sexuality through monologues and guest interviews. She holds an MA in Conflict Management & Resolution and a BA...


Featuring Matt Morgan, Relationship Coach

Matt Morgan has been a relationship coach for the past 15 years. From nearlyweds to newlyweds to married couples, Matt has helped thousands of couples bulletproof their relationships. His expertise and advice extends to every area of life – friendship, dating, sex, marriage, parenting, business, self-awareness, etc. His coaching clients love his funny (and relatable) stories, sticky phrases and practical tips. He’s been seen on stage with world thought leaders such as Tony Robbins and is...


Vince Cortese, Business Copywriter and App Developer

Vince Cortese is a career entrepreneur with 27 years of experience in the apparel industry for 16 years and is now online as a copywriting agency and mobile app developer for businesses for the past 5 years. He is a college scholarship athlete and a graduate of Clarion University with a dual major BA in Marketing and Advertising. After having overcome cancer, Vince is on the rise and making a big difference. Learn more about Vince Cortese's copywriting expertise at: Learn more...