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Logistics. Supply Chain. News. Pop Culture. We're the water cooler not the boardroom. Hosted by Tim Dooner

Logistics. Supply Chain. News. Pop Culture. We're the water cooler not the boardroom. Hosted by Tim Dooner


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Logistics. Supply Chain. News. Pop Culture. We're the water cooler not the boardroom. Hosted by Tim Dooner




A Brief History of the Semi Truck

In this very special co-branded episode: The semi truck is an icon of the shipping industry but where did the big rig come from and where is it going? In this episode of the show we look back on the storied history of the semi truck, who invented it, what innovations were made to propel it forward, and what the future may hold for a vehicle that hauls over 70% of the goods Americans consume. Visit our site at: If you enjoyed the show please rate and review on...


Consulting Logistics

HUGE NEWS regarding the future of The Shipping Pod! On this episode we discuss our new podcast ventures and let you know about the brand new logistics show that our host has been developing. Then it's a full episode of Consulting Logistics presented by Aborn and Company where we're joined by Rich Bulman of BOC International. Listen in as we discuss the freight outlook for 2018, contract season, and the future of supply chain! Thank you all for listening and for your support over the past...


Digital Disruption: A Conversation With Brian McNelis

Napster, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Google, Uber, Airbnb, BitCoin. Digital disruption. It isn’t if your market is next, it’s when. The uberization of freight isn’t just on the’s here. On this episode we discuss digital disruption with a man who’s lived through it and thrived in two industries hit hardest of all: Music & Film. Brian McNelis, Senior VP of Music & Soundtracks at Lakeshore Records (home to Best Picture Winner Moonlight, Stranger Things, Drive, etc) We’ll discuss the...


How 3PLs, 4PLs, and Consultants Work

We hear about 3PLs and 4PLs all the time but what's the difference between them? Are we comparing PLs to Oranges? This week Tim takes a trip down to Norwell, MA to have a conversation with Jill Carney, Partner at Aborn & Company, to gain some clarity on the issue. In addition, they touch on emerging tech and how it can be applied to your supply chain, ELDs, electric trucks, and who's making what for Thanksgiving dinner! Our guests site: Please subscribe, rate, review...


Keepin' Up With The Jones Act

TSP is BACK for Season 2 and we're keepin' up with the Jones Act! Listen in on our conversation with founding partner of Green Shipping Line, Percy Pyne. Pyne and GSL look to expand inter-coastal shipping in the US in an effort to create a 'freight subway system.' Pyne clears up the question: did the Jones Act affect aid to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria? Please subscribe, rate, review on iTunes if you enjoyed the...


Interview with 2 Babes Talk Supply Chain

The Shipping Pod is back and we're bringing company. Tune in this week to hear our interview with 2 Babes Talk Supply Chain as we discuss: starting a podcast in the logistics industry, NAFTA, the future of supply chain, the Petya ransomware attack on Maersk Line, and so much more.


Risky Isthmus 2: Riskier Isthmus

In part 2 of our Panama Canal series TSP covers the opening of the waterway through its expansion and modern usage. Also, all of the latest news including East Coast port expansions, Reebok's corn sneakers, BMW's Brexit, Maersk's foray into aftermarket container sales, Lowe's Exoskeletons, Alien: Covenant, The Amazon Original Series Catastrophe, and the opportunity to pull a 747.


Risky Isthmus

Take a trip in the wayback machine as we cover the imperiled construction of the Panama Canal as well as the largest container ship to port on the East Coast, home inventory systems, The Secret of the Ooze, surprise weddings, and a review of Halo Top ice cream.


Conflict In North Korea

This week on TSP we cover the conflict in North Korea and its potential effect on global trade, a new trade agreement with South Korea, Maersk Line's purchase of Hamburg-Sud, Nintendo Switch supply chain kerfuffle, Under Armor / Kohl's pairing, black ants, Don't Think Twice, and so much more. for questions, comments, and guest bookings


The Shipping Container: An Origin Story

This week on The Shipping Pod Tim covers the rise of the shipping container. Learn how the box that changed the world and ushered in an era of globalization came to be. From Benjamin Franklin Fitch's early drafts to Malcom McLean's final designs. On board the maiden voyage of the 58 container Ideal X to today's 20,170 TEU MOL Triumph. All great things have an origin story, this is the shipping container's. This week's episode was brought to you by Patreon supporters Jessica Hillyer of...


The Halifax Explosion

This week on TSP we cover all the latest logistics news including Amazon vs Walmart, Trump Trade and China, Tesla's new semi, Apple's new car, Easter, Get Out, The Last Jedi, and The Halifax Explosion! for questions, comments, and guest bookings Closing Song: Black Bones - Captain Blood


Interview with Melissa Gersin CEO of Tranquilo LLC

This week Tim is joined by Shark Tank deal maker, entrepreneur, inventor, and labor & delivery nurse Melissa Gersin CEO/Founder of Tranquilo LLC. Listen in as they dive deep into starting a business from scratch, inventing a product, overseas sourcing, winning at MassChallenge, getting a deal on Shark Tank, and the secret to calming a crying baby. Please visit our guest at and pre-order your very own Tranquilo Soothing Mat This week's episode was brought to you by...



On this episode of TSP Tim talks about Shipwrecks, Trade Under Trump, the new Steamship line alliances, Rogue One, chips made out of crickets and so much more. To support the show please rate & review on iTunes And visit out Patreon at Closing song: Talk Less Say More - When The Storm Came


Interview with Jerry Dooner

Retired former Roanoke Insurance Group VP, Jerry Dooner, joins the show to discuss his career, marine cargo insurance, working in Boston & New York, the industry then & now, top secret spy planes, and so much more. Please rate and review the show on iTunes!


Modern Pirates!

On a special 10th episode of the show we discuss the justice department investigation into container line price-fixing, Somali pirates, the New England Seafood Show, Locked Up Abroad, Fitness Apps, and a huge announcement regarding Ryan. Please rate & review the show on iTunes Closing song: Black Bones - Drink Up Me Mateys


Contract Season Part Deux: Return to Contract Season

Ryan returns this week to discuss contract season from the carrier's perspective. We also dive into the harrowing tale of survival aboard the Jascon 4 as well as all your latest shipping & logistics news including: our weekly Donald Trump update the Trumpdate, LEGO, autonomous vehicles, online grocery shopping, and IKEA. Jascon 4 video:...


Contract Season

On episode 8 of The Shipping Pod we discuss Contract Season, as well as all the latest shipping news including what's going on with Donald Trump, Self-Driving Trucks, Ben Carson, Samuel L. Jackson, FoxConn, Best Buy, Maersk/IBM, McDonald's, Crocs, and the documentary "Tickled" Please rate and review the show on iTunes. Closing song: Ergo Phizmiz Rock'N'Roll Machine - I Think We're Alone Now


Human Cargo

Tim & Ryan cover the #EndItMovement this week and discuss the global epidemic of human trafficking. Closing song: Asthmaboy - The Traffic Still Moves


Intro to Incoterms

Tim & Ryan discuss incoterms 101, Hanjin's bankruptcy, trade under Trump, Skynet, bar pizza, Finders Keepers, and all the latest shipping news! Twitter: Instagram:


Shipping Terms of Endearment

Tim & Ryan cover the shipping news (12:00), freight terms 101 (35:00), Trumpdate, the Grammy's, Valentine's Day, and Santa Clarita Diet. Closing song: Mr. & Mrs. Smith: I Met Valentine In Paris