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IKE-64: Creative Loan Tactics For Higher Cash Flow With AV Vaghela

AV Vaghela, a friend of our show, is back! In this episode, AV delves into the rising interest rate market and talks about creative ways for investors to buy rental properties and increase cash flow. Amit Vaghela (popularly called AV) featured on our highly popular episode #18 where we learned about his incredible F.O.R.D. call technique to build strong profitable relationships. AV is a Senior Loan Officer and Team Lead for The Vaghela Team with Highlands Residential Mortgage in Dallas,...


IKE-63: Recruiter Business Insights With Brianna Rooney

Brianna Rooney is just 33 and has built a highly successful recruiting business in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this episode, Brianna discusses what it takes to become a recruiter with a strong book of business. If you’re considering recruiting as a career or business, this one is for you. Brianna Rooney has owned Techees, a very successful recruiting firm, for the last 8-1/2 years. Before finding her true passion, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising...


IKE-62: The 3-C Formula To Build Business Credit And Protect Yourself With Ty Crandall

Ty Crandall suffered immense losses when his business collapsed in the great recession and his personal creditworthiness tanked. That experience pushed him to learn about the oft-ignored need to build business credit and protect himself and his family. Tons of learning in this episode! Ty Crandall has over 17 years of financial experience and he’s recognized as an authority in business credit building. He is the author of two books on credit named “Perfect Credit” and “Business Credit...


IKE-61: Selling The Skeletons In Your Closet With Erica Parr

Erica Parr saw a business opportunity when she decided to purge and sell her own closet to make room for new people, places, and things! Learn how Erica helped reduce stress for people who are moving and built a lucrative income stream for herself. Erica Parr is the founder of CLOSET REHAB + HOME. She helps people make a smooth transition in their lives by selling pre-loved items. Learn more about Erica and her business at Looking to start or grow your side...


IKE-60: A Pinterest-ing Plot To Promote And Profit With Kathryn Moorhouse

Continent-hopping Kathryn Moorhouse started with a side business founding a children’s clothing brand. In the process, she discovered the power of social marketing. In this episode, Kathryn reveals the secrets to using Pinterest for businesses as varied as clothing retailers, coaches, and dental offices. Originally from South Africa, Kathryn Moorhouse has become the go-to expert for helping high performing entrepreneurs grow their audience and income using Pinterest. As an entrepreneur...


IKE-59: Physics Teacher Builds Metaphysical Business - Diana Bianchi

Diana Bianchi is a high school Physics teacher in Geneva, Switzerland. In this preternatural episode, Diana discusses quantum theory, its confluence with esoteric modalities, and how she uses them to help entrepreneurs. In her unique side business, Diana Bianchi uses “Akashic Records” to assist entrepreneurs center their activities, discover their unique strengths, and remove barriers. More about Diana Bianchi at Looking to start or grow your side...


IKE-58: This Mindset Chef Helps You Lose 70 lbs And Keep It Off - Mario Porreca

Mario Porreca was a full-time chef while he built a side business for weight loss. In this episode Mario reveals his journey losing 70 lbs, helping others lose weight, and discovering why they weren’t keeping it off. Mario eventually left the kitchen and jumped into business full-time, ironically out of his fathers’ chiropractic clinic, coaching people to reach their health, wellness, weight, and mindset goals. His goal is to help busy achievers create the energy, mindset, and strategy to...


IKE-57: Pole Dancer, Fitness Studio Owner, And Queen Maker - Sarah Jacoby

Sarah Jacoby opened a pole dancing fitness studio as a side business while working a full-time job as a creative director. In this exciting episode, Sarah traces her journey to growing 5 studio locations and reaching financial independence so she could leave her job. Sarah’s success in her side business venture allowed her to retire at 32. Her pole dancing studios continue to grow and thrive under her hand-picked management staff. In an effort to help budding female entrepreneurs, Sarah...


IKE-56: The Fertility Coach - Facing Tribulation & Offering Comfort - Pradeepa N

Our special guest, Pradeepa, belongs to the category of people who undergo years of trauma and emerge with a passion to help others suffer less of what they went through. In this episode, Pradeepa retells her story with lessons on building a highly unique and personalized side business based on her experience with adversity. Pradeepa Narayanaswamy is an IT professional with a Master’s degree in computer science. She works a day job as an organizational leadership coach for business...


IKE-55: Under-30 Couple Save 70% To Build $0.5M Net Worth – Lindsey & Taylor Stevens

A Disney Princess and a Personal Finance Geek reveal their strategy to increase income, save 70% of it, and rapidly build a small fortune! Listen to this millennial couple crush their goal to retire by 40. Lindsey is in software sales at her day job and turns into a Disney Princess on weekends for birthday party gigs. Taylor works in corporate finance and runs the MrFiGuy blog for personal finance intelligence. This powerhouse couple have been strategic and intentional in sacrificing...


IKE-54: Baby Diaper Expert Writes Best-Selling Political Thrillers - Linda Fisler

You’ve secretly been an author for decades. It’s just that the world doesn’t know it. Now, with new technologies and online services, you can make yourself known. Linda Fisler explains how you can stay in your day job and becoming a published author with all the amazing tools that make it possible. At 18 years of age, Linda worked at Proctor & Gamble testing toilet paper--well not literally testing it--not on her buttocks anyway! Along with toilet paper Linda also became an expert at...


IKE-53: Aerospace Engineer Swaps Deep Space For Real Apartments - Sarah May

Sarah May is an Aerospace Engineer who was working on space-craft propulsion systems for deep space travel. In her spare time, she started a side business doing “fix and hold” projects with rental houses. At some point in her side business journey, Sarah found that if she scaled her business sufficiently, she could be financially independent. So, she started syndicating large multifamily properties with investors who wanted the benefits of real estate ownership without the hassle. Sarah...


IKE-52: The 15-Min Worry Plan, Flex Your Mental Muscles With Amy Morin

Ever thought about scheduling 15 minutes a day to worry? Sounds crazy, but it helps train your mind to control emotional response especially in business situations. Just as you need to train your body to be strong, you also need to train your mind to be strong. Our featured guest, Amy Morin, is an authority on building your mental muscles. As a trained psychotherapist and a licensed clinical social worker, Amy came into the limelight with a 2013 article about 13 things that mentally...


IKE-51: Assist Seniors & Make $5K-$15K/Month With Gene Guarino

Gene Guarino lays out the details on how you can do good and make multiples of rental income through residential assisted living. Over the next decade or two, there are potentially 77 million baby boomers who are going to retire from the workforce. Vast numbers of seniors are going to need some form of assisted living. Currently, that need is fulfilled to a large extent by institutions such as nursing homes and senior housing communities. Gene realized that residential assisted living...


IKE-50: Beat The Stock Market With Self-Directed IRAs & 401Ks – Chris Tanner

Are your traditional retirement plans trapped in Wall Street’s relentless cycle of boom and bust on the stock market? Are options, ETF-traded funds, derivatives just more ways of losing your hard-earned savings in the biggest legal gambling market? If you’re tired of it, this episode is especially for you. Through simple case studies, our expert guest, Chris Tanner, explains how you can make big profits by using Self-directed IRAs and Solo 401Ks to invest in private lending, business...


IKE-49: She Loses 40lbs, Gets A Spicy Body, and Makes $20K Per Month - Nagina Abdullah

Who consumes a heady cocktail of spices, loses 40lbs after two kids, gets a sizzling body while working a full-time 60+ hours consulting job, and builds a 6-figure side business? It’s the incredible Nagina Abdullah, that’s who! Founder of, Nagina helps busy women lose weight without feeling deprived through spicy concoctions. Nagina has been featured in Business Insider,, Huffington Post and on Fox News for her delicious recipes, weight-loss expertise, and online...


IKE-48: How He Built $40,000/Year Side Income - Brady Hanna

Brady Hanna has built a side business that brings him over $40,000 every year in additional income. In this episode, Brady provides concrete steps and strategies that can help you follow his process to rapidly build a portfolio of rental properties at a very low cost and generate thousands of dollars in passive income. If you want to learn more or need help with real estate or other side business ventures, write to Make sure to subscribe to this show. We are on...


IKE-47: The 6 Steps To 6-Figure Dropshipping On Low Budget - Tim Kock

Tim Kock serves in the German military and is also a side business enthusiast with a passion for building Dropshipping stores. Tim is an expert at creating small simple online retail stores with minimal investment. In this episode, get ready to learn: 1) How to figure out an online retail niche 2) How to validate the niche 3) How to identify products 4) How to test drive the niche and product selection 5) How to get social validation 6) How to build and scale an online store with...


IKE-46: How Ike Buys 1000 Apartments With Investors And Partners

Ike is interviewed on The Entrepreneurial Mindset Podcast hosted by Jake Jopling. Learn about Ike's story of moving from India to the US, becoming a technology leader, and eventually starting a commercial real estate business. Also, learn about Ike's motivation for the side business show! If you want to learn more about commercial real estate or if you need help with whatever side business you’re thinking about or working on. Write to Make sure to subscribe to...


IKE-45: Ninja Techniques To Build Amazing Relationships

In this collage of episodes, listen to the best techniques, ideas, tips, and strategies that guests of The Side Business Show have shared. We uncover amazing ways to meet the right people, to build awesome relationships, to learn from others, to bring value to their lives and to ours as well. Try some or all of these techniques. Eventually you will figure out something that works just for you. When that happens, write to me and let me know about it. I’d love to invite you on this show and...