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I'm Fran Canete, an online entrepreneur that truly believes in a different way to build a business. Here you will learn how to build a successful online business. Like you, I am an online entrepreneur and I know how lonely this journey could be, but you are not alone! I am here to share with you EVERYTHING I learn on my journey of building my online business. I will provide you with the best business tips, strategies, and advice from the best entrepreneurs to help you succeed with your online business.


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I'm Fran Canete, an online entrepreneur that truly believes in a different way to build a business. Here you will learn how to build a successful online business. Like you, I am an online entrepreneur and I know how lonely this journey could be, but you are not alone! I am here to share with you EVERYTHING I learn on my journey of building my online business. I will provide you with the best business tips, strategies, and advice from the best entrepreneurs to help you succeed with your online business.




How to find a profitable niche market for your business

There is nothing more frustrating than creating content that doesn’t resonate with your target audience. If this sounds familiar to you... Chances are that you are not identifying your niche market correctly. In this episode, I am going to help you find the right niche for your business. So your content will resonate with your audience, and ultimately you will engage with your potential customers and make more sales In this podcast episode I talk about: a small, specialized market for a...


How to build the right SEO foundation with Matthew Woodward

We all know that SEO is so important to get your valuable content in front of the right people. The problem is that out there are so many techniques, tactics, and strategies that promise you to rank your content to the top positions in Google. Link building, white hat SEO, stealing keywords from your competitors, setting the right architecture… Feels exhausting and overwhelming! You started your business because you wanted to serve your customers with your knowledge and now you need to...


How to generate unlimited content ideas

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been paralyzed in front of a blank page because I didn’t know what to talk about. It feels overwhelming, and the more you try, the more blocked you are. I used to feel this way whenever I was creating new content or writing a script for my podcast, or just writing an email. It's like you can't come up with good content ideas anymore. What if I've already said everything I know? What am I going to talk about? Here is the thing, there is not such a...


Mastering public speaking to spread your message to the world with Brenden Kumarasamy

If you are like me, one of the most stressful and overwhelming experiences that you will face is public speaking. But what if I tell you that the ability to speak to others is a skill that you can learn? Even if you are an introvert! This week I am interviewing Brenden Kumarasamy. Brenden is a public speaking coach. He has an inspiring story overcoming adversity and building a life of purpose and meaning helping others to tell their story to the world. Whether you are interested in...


5 ways to promote your content and reach more people

Creating new content that no one sees feels so frustrating. That’s exactly how I was feeling for a long time until I understood that creating great content is not enough. I learned that the hard way, spending long hours creating content, researching topics, and adding lots of value just to see how no one was seeing my content. Creating remarkable content without spending time and resources promoting that content is a bad strategy. Is like having a revolutionary product that solves a huge...


How to create remarkable content in 2020

Until I figured out this, my content was having ZERO engagement. I was wondering why my content was having not traction, clearly, I was doing a huge mistake with my content creation. But I didn’t know what. My mistake was the same as many other content creators: I was creating content that was interesting for me but not for my audience. Sounds silly, but this is the number one reason why most of the content out there underperform or goes totally unnoticed. In this episode, I share with...


How to become a podcast guest (the right way)

You can be one podcast away from becoming a renowned expert in your industry. Of course, if you are able to become a master guest-podcaster. In this week’s episode of The Side Plan, I’m sharing with you how to pitch a podcast to be featured as a guest in any podcast that you want. As you know, I am podcasting for a while now and I can tell you something, I have received many types of proposals from potential guests. Some of them, automated email sequences that don’t even know what my...


5 skills every successful entrepreneur must master

Developing the right skills will set you apart from 90% of entrepreneurs that are struggling to succeed in their businesses. The reason is simple, there are certain core skills that you, and only you, must master if you want to lead your business to success. I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last 10 years and I can tell you something, I’ve made every single mistake along the way. Carrying unnecessary stress and anxiety because I lacked the right mindset and skills. I want to share with...


Top 5 reasons to start a business podcast

Building a business based on your expertise and knowledge is hard, let’s face it. Actually it’s supposed to be hard. We are living in a highly crowded online world where every day is more difficult to get the attention of your audience. Actually, we have just a few seconds to catch somebody’s attention before is gone forever. So, how can you get their attention, provide lots of value, and engage with them in a unique way? This is where podcasting becomes a powerful marketing tool for you...


How to tell your story to get lifetime customers

In my personal experience, if you are working to build a massive online following, there is a counterintuitive strategy to follow: create one true connection at a time. Sharing your personal story online (especially on social media) is crucial for building a relationship with your audience that will last over the years. In a world of vanity metrics, this strategy doesn't sound very sexy, but the key is to target the right audience, understand what they really want, and deliver the perfect...


How to become a Digital CEO

Today I want to share with you a fascinating topic that I’ve seen in constant evolution for the last 8 years. This is how can you become a Digital CEO and run a successful business online??? Back in 2008 when I started my first online business I was absolutely lost and to be honest I was completely mistaken about how a successful business should be. Get Access To My Secret Vault With Resources To Become A Successful Online Entrepreneur HERE.


How To Overcome The Fear Of Teaching Your Audience

The most effective way to build an online business today is by sharing your knowledge and expertise with your audience. Today I am sharing with you how to overcome the "fear" of teaching your audience and build an engaged tribe.


How to rank your LinkedIn Social Selling Index to the top 1%

LinkedIn is all about authority, credibility, and building relationships. This week I am bringing to you a podcast episode focused on how to boost your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn. Let’s be honest. Did you really know there was such a thing? Did you know that LinkedIn has a Social Selling Index that measures your activity, and therefore your chances of successful selling on LinkedIn? I’ll show you first how to check your SSI to discover which areas you should pay special attention...


Chris Ducker: How To Boost Your Daily Productivity And Reach Your Goals

This week I am so excited to be featuring Chris Ducker, which you probably already know. He is a well-known entrepreneur, author, podcaster, public speaker, and a lot more. I am going to tell you a secret this week, something a bit personal. During these chaotic times, I’ve been struggling with my daily productivity and goal tracking at some points. Ok, what’s new about that? You are probably saying. EVERY ENTREPRENEUR is struggling with productivity at the moment. The thing is, I asked...


How to stay focused during uncertain times (+ Guided Breathing Exercise w/ Ron Foglia)

Unless you can stay centered and grow through uncertainty you’ll be always suffering as an entrepreneur. I’m sorry, but this is something that I learned in the crisis of 2008 when I started my first business. The truth and the matter are that (almost) anyone can start and grow a business when the economy is right, the markets are right, the right clients have money to pay you and your cashflow is looking spectacular. The question is: can you be a good entrepreneur when you don’t have any...


The importance of short-term goals for business growth — with Kimberly Afonso

How can you stay focused on your business goals when the world is falling apart? This is the question that I asked Kimberly Afonso (aka The CEO Whisperer) a few weeks ago. In Kimberly’s words: “Is not the time to be super productive all the time but find the way to work smarter, strategically”. Identify key daily goals that will give you instant progress toward your goals. Depending on where you are right now, it could be… Whatever it is for your particular case, it has to be a specific...


Working From Home? 7 Reasons Why You Won't Go Back To The Office

Almost every single time when I used to say that I work from home, people get shocked about it! Today, we are living a totally different reality. Bur for some reason, people still think that working from home as something temporary. You know, if you are not working in an office, you are not actually working after all. At the same time, big corporations such as Apple, Amazon or Netflix have a full “remote work” program that their employees can take advantage of —even before COVID-19. But...


Why you should NOT give up your side business in this crisis

Starting a business is difficult, but starting and growing a business in the middle of a crisis is 10x more difficult. I now that because I started my first business (still alive) in the middle of the 2008 economical crisis. If you are starting a side business or in the early stages of it, your first reaction probably is to leave it on standby for a while. And, quite honestly, I don’t blame you. It feels so scary right now. But wait a minute, before you give up your side business and...


Your market still needs help #Chaospreneur

Welcome to another special episode of The Side Plan on this Chaospreneur daily series. If you are new, I am sharing my learnings, miseries and small victories through the process of being an entrepreneur in times of chaos Your market still needs your help Not everybody has been affected the same way. Do not lower your rates BONUS: Get Access To My Secret Vault With Resources To Start An Online Business On The Side Without Giving Up Everything.


#Chaospreneur What brought you here won't bring you there

The game has changed If you want to keep growing you need to accept uncertainty Be proactive, not reactive Bonus: Download my step-by-step guide to find and validate a profitable idea.