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Welcome to The Sleep For Side Hustlers podcast, where we take a deep dive into the latest sleep hacks, gadgets, and strategies to skyrocket your productivity to new heights.

Welcome to The Sleep For Side Hustlers podcast, where we take a deep dive into the latest sleep hacks, gadgets, and strategies to skyrocket your productivity to new heights.


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Welcome to The Sleep For Side Hustlers podcast, where we take a deep dive into the latest sleep hacks, gadgets, and strategies to skyrocket your productivity to new heights.




Entrepreneurial Advice and Disaster Resilience With Christopher Tarantino of Epicenter Innovation

Christopher Tarantino is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and thriving investor. He is the Founder and CEO of Epicenter Innovation, an award-winning professional services firm that focuses on emergency and disaster management. Using his unique leadership approach, he applies his expertise in crisis response to situations involving FEMA and the Colorado and NYS Divisions of Homeland Security. His consulting work has extended to companies like Google and Cisco. He is also a leader in...


Navigating Technology as an Entrepreneur With Randy Johnston of K2 Enterprises

Randy Johnston is a serial entrepreneur and the Executive Vice President of K2 Enterprises, a consultancy that helps teach and guide companies in the accounting industry to use technology effectively. He is also the CEO and Founder of Network Management Group, which he’s grown over almost 40 years. Randy spends much of his time as a speaker in the tech industry, helping other entrepreneurs improve their effectiveness and business operations. Recently, he joined RxGenomix as a board member...


The Crucial Connection Between Leadership and Strategy With Grant Difford of Waking Giants

Grant Difford is a leader among leaders and is the Founder of Waking Giants. The company works with business leaders and helps them develop purposeful strategies to take their brands to the next level. He also works as a Strategic Partner for Ronhill’s New Zealand division and previously sat on the board of trustees for Waitoki School. He has founded several businesses and has served as creative director for companies like Trends Publishing International and Jag Creative LTD. In his free...


How To Prevent and Recover From Burnout With Cait Donovan

Caitlin “Cait” Donovan is a keynote speaker, podcast host, and burnout expert. Her coaching services are specifically dedicated to helping people prevent and recover from burnout. With her expertise, she has helped countless people at her speaking events and corporate workshops. Both her book The Bouncebackability Factor and her show FRIED. The Burnout Podcast also flesh out her advice on resilience and empowerment. Before Cait became a burnout coach, she worked as an acupuncturist for over...


Researching and Solving Complex Problems With Brent Lessard of Venture Development Institute

Brent Lessard is a business development expert and is the Director of Venture Development Institute. The company helps up-and-coming entrepreneurs by offering mentorship and capital resources. He is also well-known for founding rLoop, which also funds innovative research projects. In the past, he helped research high-speed transportation and new organizational structures. Brent also continues to work as the Director of the Richmond West Corporation and sits on the Board of Directors for the...


How to Network the Right Way With Kerry George of CIBN Connect

Kerry George is an experienced networker and the CEO of CIBN Connect, a business that puts together and executes live and online networking and training events. She has personally attended over 5,000 networking meetings across Canada and has been a keynote speaker for hundreds of events. In December of 2011, Kerry took over the leadership of the Calgary Business Network, and it has grown dramatically ever since. She is a frequent keynote speaker and has synthesized many of her ideas into...


Guiding Principles for Leadership With Thomas Kereszti of Leadership Disciples

As an expert on leadership, Thomas Kereszti has shifted his career towards coaching and helping others grow as leaders. He has worked with The John Maxwell Company for over 17 years, running workshops and seminars. He has founded and operated multiple companies, including Strauss Group Inc., and was VP of Business Development Sales at Lavazza. His leadership also landed him the role of General Manager for consumer products at Philips and at Colgate Palmolive. In addition to these titles,...


What Exactly is Corporate Anthropology? With Andrea Simon of Simon Associates Management Consultants

Andrea “Andi” Simon, PhD, is a corporate anthropologist with a diverse career and an array of expertise. She primarily works through Simon Associates Management Consultants, her consulting firm that helps companies change by rethinking strategy and using anthropological theories. In tandem with her firm, Andi has written several books based on these concepts, including Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business and On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights. Over...


Building Your Business and Team With Charles Read of GetPayroll

With over 50 years of experience under his belt, Charles Read is a true expert in multiple financial industries. He is the President of GetPayroll, which offers timekeeping and HR services at an affordable price. He has worked in payroll since 1991, having founded three different companies to serve businesses of all sizes. Charles is a decorated sergeant in the Marine Corps and a veteran of the Vietnam War. He has passed the US Tax Court Non-Attorney Practitioners Examination, allowing him...


Best Tips and Strategies for Entrepreneurs With Wiktor Romanowicz

Wiktor Romanowicz is an entrepreneur and a growth consultant, working independently and with the team. He is the Founder of PT Accelerator and works hands-on with fitness trainers to remain stable outside the gym. He has developed a unique process for securing predictable sales and refining processes for SaaS businesses. Some of his clients have seen up to seven figures in growth. In this episode… While there’s no right way to be an entrepreneur, there are many ways to be...


Finding Success Through the Right Mindset With Darnell Brown of Bulletproof Hustle

Darnell Brown has been a certified brand and entrepreneurship strategist for over a decade, and he’s the Founder of his current brand, Bulletproof Hustle. He has worked with well over 200 businesses, including Band-Aid and Teach:able. He also hosts a corresponding podcast under the same name where he shares his principles and helps motivate people from all walks. Along with Bulletproof Hustle, Darnell is also the Co-founder of another company named Letellier. Their focus is on clean...


The Power of Podcasts for Businesses With Alex Sanfilippo of PodMatch

Alex Sanfilippo is a dedicated entrepreneur with a varied career across multiple industries. His most recent project is PodMatch, a software solution for the podcasting field that matches the perfect hosts and guests together for great interviews. His initial podcasting experience came from DailyPS, a multi-author blog with more than 130 contributors that eventually included a podcast. Alex had to adapt with the times early on, transitioning away from REI after the housing crisis. He moved...


Transforming Health Treatment and Startups With Christian Seale of Vitruvia

Christian Seale is an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, and a fierce advocate for better health treatment. Christian experienced three challenging health events that drove him to co-found Vitruvia, a recovery and performance platform that focuses on chronic pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility. The brand is trusted by some of the world’s leading athletes, top performers, and weekend warriors. Christian also takes his passion to Startupbootcamp Miami, where he’s invested in over 30...


The Right Mindsets and Strategies for Entrepreneurs With Tony Falkenstein of Just Life Group

Tony Falkenstein is a well-known entrepreneur from New Zealand who has launched more than 50 businesses. He works as the Founder and Chief Executive for Just Life Group Limited, which helps other New Zealanders live healthier lives through water-related services. Tony is the author of the book The ABC’s of Business and synthesizes much of his experience into one place. Previously, he filled such roles as General Manager of Polaroid in New Zealand and the Administration Manager for the...


The Keys To Growing Your Startup With Michael Haynes of Listen Innovate Grow

Michael Haynes is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Listen Innovate Grow, a business consulting firm that works with B2B startups and SMEs to grow and sell to large corporations. For over 20 years, Michael has worked with businesses of all sizes, including names such as Kraft Foods, Telstra, and Accenture, before launching his service. Michael is the Co-author of the book Listen Innovate Grow: A Guidebook For Startups and SMEs To Acquire and Grow Business (B2B) Customers, which is...


Building, Advising, and Scaling Businesses With Ray Green of Repeatable Revenue

Ray Green is the Virtual Chief Revenue Officer at Repeatable Revenue and the CEO of RJG & Co. The former is Ray’s community and content for B2B businesses to scale how they want to. The latter is his consultancy for sales and marketing systems. In both channels, he uses his 20 years in sales to guide businesses to growth and profitability. This includes 16 years at the US Chamber of Commerce, ending with his position as Managing Director of Small and Midsize Businesses. All told, Ray has...


Getting Through the Darkest Days With Erik Allen

Erik Allen is a podcaster, content creator, and the owner of his media company. He has had a long road to success — jailed at 18 to bankrupt at 21 to enterprises today. Now Erik’s helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs and MMA fighters through his podcasts Top Rated MMA and The Erik Allen Show. He also works as a guest speaker and for Printfection's merchandise management platform. Additionally, Erik has worked as the Manager of Customer Success at Palo Alto Networks and In this...


Why Podcasts Are a Great Marketing Tool With Collin Mitchell of Salescast

Collin Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur, a business podcasting expert, and the CRO of Salescast. The company is a thought leadership platform that works in revenue-first podcasts designed to create demand and expand networks. He is also the Founder and CRO of Monster VoIP, which operates as a streamlined communications platform. Collin started as a Major Account Executive at Meredith Digital without a college degree. By the age of 25, he had founded his first company, Monster Technology...


Pouring Into Your Community Through Social Entrepreneurship With Sheyenne Kreamer

With her passion for struggling entrepreneurs, Sheyenne Kreamer has made a career out of coaching and consulting. She is the Founder of the WeCare Partnerships Network, which is designed to create a supportive community for social impact organizations and individuals alike. Sheyenne has also worked under the name Triangle Solutions Alliance, seeking to create jobs and grow small businesses. She wrote the book Skip the Politics & Create Heaven on Earth and has started her own podcast entitled...


Starting and Marketing Your Business With Lindsay Dent of Pink Crown Creative

Lindsay Dent is a marketing expert with an extensive and accomplished career. She is the Founder and CEO of Pink Crown Creative, a creative agency and community that empowers women. In concurrence, she is an Advising Leader for the Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge. She also is a Recruiter at the Smart, Savvy + Associates recruitment agency for communication and marketing positions. Lindsay has expanded her interests into media, running her own podcast entitled Have You Met Her...