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SMRP 71: Johnny Schad; Reopening Reactions

Johnny Schad, along with Debbie Kribell, is the second generation of leadership at SMARTS Broadcast Systems, probably the most popular traffic/billing/automation company among small-market broadcasters. Headquartered in Emmitsburg, IA, where the Schad family had the radio station that got John…Read more →


SMRP 70: Ron Stone: After the Radiothon

Adams Radio Group CEO Ron Stone is the driving force behind the recent “Radio Cares” radiothon, which raised over $500,000 to feed those put at a disadvantage by the pandemic. Host Jay Mitchell gets an update from Ron about Radio…Read more →


SMRP 69: Devon Shuman; Global Problem, Local Solution

National business has always been a problem for small market broadcasters, but Devon Shuman wants to change that. She’s the senior VP of sales at Gen Media Partners and she has a real passion for small market radio. She shows…Read more →


SMRP 68: Lou Vito; Encouraging Law-Breaking

Lou Vito is about as wired in as you can get. The owner of four stations and an active website in Bellefontaine-Urbana, OH, he’s in touch with dozens of broadcasters every single day, and as much as anybody, he has…Read more →


SMRP 67: Dick Teimer; Sales & Programming Ideas

In this episode, we talk with a true idea factory. Dick Teimer is the guy behind the popular Time Capsule radio feature, and as such he is in constant touch with creative broadcasters all around the continent — and he…Read more →


SMRP 66: Ideas from the Swaps, Pt. 2

A couple of weeks ago, The Small Market Radio Newsletter sponsored a couple of “Idea Swap” webinars, in which about 100 broadcasters each time shared ideas about coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Continuing from our 4/22 episode, host Jay Mitchell…Read more →


SMRP 65: Ideas from the Swaps, Pt. 1

A couple of weeks ago, The Small Market Radio Newsletter sponsored a couple of “Idea Swap” webinars, in which about 100 broadcasters each time shared ideas about coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. For this outing, host Jay Mitchell picks some…Read more →


SMRP 64: Mary Quass

Mary Quass, founder and CEO of NRG Media, doesn’t let her lofty position in the industry get in the way of the fact that she is a true “radio rat,” who loves and understands this business like few others. Jay…Read more →


SMRP 63: Pat Bryson; Abundance of Caution

We revisit our discussion with Pat Bryson concerning the steps broadcasters can take to help their advertisers survive and thrive. In this part of the discussion, Pat gets specific about why this is so important and specifically how to accomplish…Read more →


SMRP 62: Hugh Price; A Tale of Two Broadcasters

This time out, we’re talking equipment with Hugh Price, sales coordinator at Broadcasters General Store (BGS), a favorite vendor of small-market broadcasters. Hugh talks about ways that priorities have shifted since the pandemic, and what we need to do to…Read more →


SMRP 61: Ron Stone; Just the Facts

Ron Stone, CEO of the Adams Radio Group, has an idea to, as he says, “bring independent broadcasters to the table.” He just might be onto something that would benefit our particular segment of the radio industry. Listen, and decide…Read more →


SMRP 60: Sheri Lynch; Entertaining the Home-Bound

In addition to being half of a popular syndicated morning radio show, Sheri Lynch has a degree in social work … and you have to hear her insights about how to relate to your audience in the midst of these…Read more →


SMRP 59: Pat Bryson; Local Living-Room Concerts

Pat Bryson is unusual among sales consultants because she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and hit the streets. Because of that, she has a truly real-world perspective on what radio clients are going through at any given…Read more →


SMRP 58: Randy Lawson, Happy Birthday, More Timely Ideas

To kick off the week we welcome voice artist and station owner Randy Lawson, who shares an idea to rally local business people to support medical professionals at the big regional healthcare facility. Then, host Jay Mitchell shares a fun…Read more →


SMRP 57: Laurie Kahn, Open Letters

We are relaunching our podcast in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis with a new mission and a new format: to help broadcasters with ideas and inspiration, in short bursts (10 minutes or less), three times a week. Today we…Read more →


SMRP 56: Community Leadership — Mike Hulvey

Our guest this week began his career in Danville, IL, and he worked his way up to COO and executive vice president of Neuhoff Meda, where he works and resides in – Danville, IL. Not only has Mike Hulvey achieved…Read more →


SMRP 55: Inside the RAB Pt. 4 – Jeff Schmidt

This time we conclude (for now) our series, “Inside the RAB,” with the guy who helps us get it done – Senior Vice President of Professional Development Jeff Schmidt. He and his team are responsible for helping salespeople, sales managers,…Read more →


SMRP 54: Inside the RAB Pt. 3 – Dave Caspar

This time out, we chat with RAB’s senior vice president of digital services, Dave Caspar. Dave and his team adroitly translate all of the RAB information and services into websites and apps that member stations can use to make real…Read more →


SMRP 53: Inside the RAB Pt. 2 – Annette Malave

This time out, we chat with RAB’s senior vice president of insights, Annette Malave, whose team generates and organizes all kinds of data about radio, other media, and scores of business categories. Annette makes a bewildering mountain of information into…Read more →


SMRP 52: Inside the RAB Pt. 1 – Brooke Williams

This week we kick off our four-part series focusing on the features and benefits of the industry’s sales support and advocacy organization. Our guest, Brooke Williams, senior vice president of membership, provides an overview of what the RAB provides to…Read more →