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You are going to change the world. We can help. Running a small nonprofit is not for the faint of heart. With limited resources and fueled by a combination of caffeine and passion, small charity leaders are unsung heroes. The Small Nonprofit podcast, by Further Together, gives you down-to-earth, practical and actionable expert guidance on how to run a small nonprofit. From leadership and law to fundraising and finance, we’ve got you covered. Forget comparing your organization to the big shops, we’re creating a community of nonprofit leaders who are going to change the world, one small nonprofit at a time.




You are going to change the world. We can help. Running a small nonprofit is not for the faint of heart. With limited resources and fueled by a combination of caffeine and passion, small charity leaders are unsung heroes. The Small Nonprofit podcast, by Further Together, gives you down-to-earth, practical and actionable expert guidance on how to run a small nonprofit. From leadership and law to fundraising and finance, we’ve got you covered. Forget comparing your organization to the big shops, we’re creating a community of nonprofit leaders who are going to change the world, one small nonprofit at a time.






Why You Need Consent & Ethics in Your Stories with Fai Hassan

Today we're talking about how nonprofits share their stories - especially in the digital age - and the ethical issues that can arise from how we choose to share stories. We'll explore how lived experience influences how we portray community members and how we can can use social media to connect with supporters while staying true to our values. For this conversation, I'm excited to have Fai Hassan with me, an expert in digital fundraising. She's the Associate Director of Digital Fundraising at Public Outreach. Fai's role is all about helping non-profit organizations create digital campaigns that engage supporters and convert them into donors. She's got a wealth of experience working with various non-profits, but what really sets her apart is her advocacy and her knack for crafting, executing, and managing compelling campaigns Key Highlights: Don’t forget to become a supporter of our show! Links and Resources: the show


Understanding Today's Fundraising: Insights with Frank Mumford

Is your nonprofit facing challenges with staff leaving, keeping donors happy, or having competent leaders? This episode of The Small Nonprofit talks about these big issues in the charity world and how they affect your fundraising. We also look at possible ways to fix these problems. Our guest is Frank Mumford, a seasoned fundraiser with 14 years in the charity sector. Frank started as a student fundraiser and now works at Gravyty, where he helps charities with new software solutions. He's been a CFRE since 2019 and is active in several nonprofit boards. Frank will share his views on the challenges that charities and fundraisers face today. Don’t forget to become a supporter of our show! Key Highlights: This episode is a must-listen for insights on evolving fundraising strategies, maintaining meaningful donor relationships, and leveraging technology in the nonprofit sector. Links and Resources: the show


New Beginnings for The Small Nonprofit Podcast…

In this brand new episode of 'The Small Nonprofit'—we have some exciting news! Our beloved host Cindy is handing over the microphone to Maria Rio, another leader in the non-profit world. A dynamic and passionate personality, Maria started her career as a face-to-face fundraiser, climbed the nonprofit ladder with dedication and hard work, and eventually found her niche in community-centric fundraising. She's worked with many small nonprofits, and knows the struggles that come with low capacity and limited funds. She is the proud founder of Further Together, a fundraising consultancy dedicated to supporting organizations implement community-centric fundraising values. So, gear up, get comfortable and join us as we embark on this new season with our new host! Key Episode Highlights: Cindy and Maria talk about their respective journeys in fundraisingMaria's Transition to Community-Centric FundraisingFractional FundraisingCindy's Role Beyond HostingThe Future of The Small Nonprofit PodcastLinks and Resources: Connect with Maria: Connect with Cindy: Confessions Podcast: Support the show


government relations foundations with Jesse Clarke

Often we take government funding for granted. Or, we treat it like an impenetrable black box that’s a mystery so we write our applications and cross our fingers. Today, we’re joined by Jesse Clarke, CEO of JN Clarke Consulting who shares insider tips on how to form successful relationships with government partners to secure new funding, keep the existing funds rolling in, and have champions at the decision making table. Key Highlights: Connect with Jesse: LinkedIn: Support the show


Communicating like a leader with Erica Barnhart

Do you ever find yourself questioning whether your message was clear or if you expressed your thoughts effectively? If so, this episode is for you. Tune in as Erica Barnhart, the CEO of Claxon, delves into the art of communication. Discover the significant impact of effective communication on both your personal and professional life, and learn how to inspire and mobilize the people around you. Key Highlights: Connect with Erica: Podcast: Communicate for Good Website: LinkedIn: Support the show


Optimize your website with David Pisarek

Today's digital world demands an impactful online presence. In the era where a website is your business card and more, do you know how to leverage it for your small nonprofit organization? In this episode of the Small Nonprofit Podcast, David Pisarek, founder and CEO of Wow Digital, dive into the critical aspects of websites and digital marketing. Discover how your organization can improve its online presence, foster engagement, and attract more donations. Key Highlights: Connect with David: Website: Free website audit: Nonprofit Websites Done-For-You: Support the show


Are you a hidden micromanager? with Erin Allgood

Have you ever encountered a micromanager in your professional life? That person who just can't resist scrutinizing every little detail and checking in with you constantly? It's not only frustrating but can also hinder productivity and growth. On today’s episode I’m joined by Erin Allgood, a social impact strategist from Allgood Strategies, to discuss the detrimental effects of micromanagement in organizations. She delves into the reasons behind micromanaging tendencies, the impact of remote work, and explore effective strategies for delegating tasks. So, whether you're a leader looking to break free from micromanagement or an employee seeking autonomy, this episode is packed with valuable insights. Key Highlights: The extremes of management styles The rise of micromanagement and it’s negative impact on organizations Delegating tasks and building relationships with employees Finding the root cause of micromanagement The role of empathy in addressing micromanagement Connect with Erin: LinkedIn: Podcast: Support the show


Simple fundraising that works for small nonprofits with Sara Hoshooley

Are you tired of feeling like your small nonprofit is constantly trying to catch up with the big organizations? What if there was a way to shift your perspective and leverage your size to create unique fundraising opportunities? In today's episode we explore exactly that! I've invited Sara Hoshooley, founder of Charity Shift to discuss how to make small but impactful shifts in your nonprofit that can significantly boost your fundraising success. Key Highlights: Connect with Sara: LinkedIn: Website: Support the show


Strategic planning from the ground up with Carol Hamilton

Have you ever struggled with strategic planning? Do you find it challenging to bring people along in the process? In this episode of the Small Nonprofit Podcast, I talk with Carol Hamilton, Principal of Grace Social Sector Consulting, about the importance of strategic planning in today's changing world. Carol discusses how to involve all stakeholders in the process, what to do when things get off track, and how to integrate the plan into your day-to-day practices. Key Highlights: Connect with Carol: Website: LinkedIn: Support the show


Asking for unrestricted funds with Aimee Lindenberger

Today we'll tackle a common challenge faced by small nonprofits – obtaining unrestricted funds. It's no secret that while many organizations excel at securing grants and program funding, the quest for those vital, unrestricted annual operating funds can be an uphill battle. In this episode, we’re joined by Aimee Lindenberger, the founder of Refocused Fundraising, an expert in fundraising communications, key messages, annual appeals, and legacy giving. Listen in as we discuss the importance of unrestricted funds and how to effectively communicate their value to your supporters. Key Highlights: Connect with Aimee: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Unrestricted Funds Bonus: Support the show


Moving people with words with Jordana Merkin

Are you struggling to connect with your audience and make an impact with your organization's messaging? In this episode of The Small Nonprofit Podcast, I speak with Jordana Merkin, founder and CEO of Voice for Good, about the power of words in moving people to action. Join us as we dive into the world of nonprofit messaging and show you how to make a lasting impact with your words. Key Highlights: Connect with Jordana: LinkedIn: Instagram: Website: Freebie: (download a free guide to building your messaging guide) Support the show


Can we agree to stop exploiting our staff? with Nicole Gagliardi

Are you tired of watching your nonprofit's most passionate and dedicated employees leave due to burnout and exhaustion? It's time to address the elephant in the room - the exploitation of nonprofit staff. In this episode, we're joined by Nicole Gagliardi, an innovator and changemaker in the nonprofit sector with over 10 years of experience leading small nonprofits. Join us as we discuss the pervasive issue of staff exploitation in the nonprofit sector and explore practical solutions to create a healthier workplace culture. Key Highlights: Connect with Nicole: LinkedIn: Support the show


Stop gatekeeping nonprofit knowledge with Tiffany Allen

Our sector has a clear response when someone asks about starting a nonprofit - “please don’t”. I’ve seen this in Facebook groups and discussions. But what if starting a nonprofit is an act of equity and justice? Tune in to hear from our guest, Tiffany Allen, CEO of Boss On A Budget, as she shares her experience and expertise in the world of nonprofit startups. Key Highlights: Connect with Tiffany: Youtube: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Support the show


Uncover the truth about status quo bias with Veronica LaFemina

Are you struggling to turn your organization's strategic plan into a reality? Do you feel like your efforts to create change within your nonprofit are falling flat? Today on the podcast, I'm joined by Veronica LaFemina, a strategic advisor to nonprofit leaders with over 20 years of experience in change management. In this episode, Veronica shares her insights on why change often fails in organizations and what you can do to set yourself up for success. Key Highlights: Connect with Veronica: Website: LinkedIn: Support the show


get those elusive event sponsors with Mariah Monique

Have you ever considered hosting an event for your nonprofit organization? Do you know how to incorporate sponsorship into the profitability of your event? In this episode of The Small Nonprofit podcast, Mariah Monique, founder of The Sponsorship Catalyst, shares some insightful tips on how to leverage strategic partnerships and potential sponsors to make your event a success. Key Highlights: Connect with Mariah: Website: Free resource: What to offer sponsors Instagram: LinkedIn: Support the show


behind the scenes of the Fractional Fundraising Movement

In today's episode of the Small Nonprofit Podcast, I'm introducing you to the Fractional Fundraising movement and our new private podcast series that will give you an inside look at how we do this revolutionary approach to fundraising that has helped many small nonprofits thrive. Key Highlights: If you're interested in learning more, visit to get exclusive access to our limited-time private podcast series. Don't miss out on the opportunity to change the fundraising game for your small nonprofit. Support the show


Overcoming isolation at work with Sean Kosofsky

In this episode of the Small Nonprofit Podcast, I’m joined by Sean Kosofsky, aka the Nonprofit Fixer, to discuss the impact of isolation on small nonprofit organizations in a post-pandemic world. Working remotely or changing jobs can leave nonprofit professionals feeling disconnected and lonely, but Sean offers practical advice for breaking through the isolation. Key Highlights: Connect with Sean: Website: 4 Day Workweek: FREE Fundraising Strategy Guide: Support the show


Older audience? Find the next generation of donors with Emily Taylor

As donors get older, it's essential for nonprofits to find new, younger donors to keep their organizations running. In this episode of The Small Nonprofit, I talk to Emily Taylor, the founder of Teeny Big, where she helps nonprofit leaders create clear, defined paths to build engagement with people so they can achieve their goals faster. Emily talks about the challenge of engaging younger donors and her insights on how to understand and connect with them. Key Highlights: Connect with Emily: LinkedIn: Free worksheet on biases: Support the show


measuring your impact with Julie Gilbert

Are you struggling to demonstrate your organization's impact? Are you looking for ways to engage your donors and keep them coming back? In this episode, I’m joined by Julie Gilbert, an independent consultant and coach in Julie Gilbert Consulting. She has over 25 years of experience working with public sector and nonprofit organizations, focused on helping organizations measure and communicate their impact. Julie talks about the meaning of impact, strategies and how solid measurement work can benefit organizations in attracting funding, and achieving their mission. Key Highlights: Connect with Julie: Website: Julie Gilbert Consulting: Impact Institute Academy: LinkedIn: Support the show


Confessions with Jess and Cindy: From burnout to being your own boss with Sabrina Walker

In today’s podcast, we’re chatting with Sabrina Walker Hernandez about how she moved from being completely burned out (including how that affected her health) to growing a business that allowed her to still serve nonprofits but in a way that protected herself and her own well-being. Through her company, Supporting World Hope, Sabrina is a trainer, facilitator, and coach who specializes in strategic planning, fundraising, and leadership development. Highlights: Connect with Sabrina: the show