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The Social Connection Podcast consists of a world with three main elements; social media, business, and entrepreneurship. We bring you social media tips, interviews, and hot topics in the world of business.

The Social Connection Podcast consists of a world with three main elements; social media, business, and entrepreneurship. We bring you social media tips, interviews, and hot topics in the world of business.


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The Social Connection Podcast consists of a world with three main elements; social media, business, and entrepreneurship. We bring you social media tips, interviews, and hot topics in the world of business.




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Core business values that sustain success for over 20 years with Bhavik Patel

In this episode, we have the owner of Digilink, Bhavik Patel discussing his business journey which started in 2000. We dive into what the differences are now and when Digilink was first launched. What's going to be the most interesting value you can take from this is understanding the core values Bhavik demonstrates for having the success he has seen in the last 20 years. Stick to the end to hear what drives him..... enjoy! Follow the Instagram profiles...


Introducing Sneaker Fresh UK with Chetan Devabhai

In this episode, our guest is Chetan Devabhai, owner of Sneaker Fresh UK. A new startup business. We dive into talking about lifestyle changes and how they are the driving force to succeed in starting a new business during the lockdown. If you are thinking of getting into business, then have a listen to this episode and we also cover self-branding. Follow our accounts on Instagram for more great content: Metric Connect Atish Parmar


What is a Facebook Pixel & why you need one.

We discuss what a Facebook Pixel is and how it can help boost sales of products or services. Using this pixel can help your paid ads. We highlight how to create one and what methods we use to get our paid ads to work with this tracking by Facebook. Enjoy our insights and don't forget to follow us on Instagram or Facebook by searching Metric Connect.


Social Media and Children, from a Parents Perspective

Kristina Parmar highlights the pros & cons of children using Social Media. How parents feel about their child's usage and how they can help understand a child's point of view when using Social Media. Kristina looks at some statistics and tips for parents and overcoming any negative aspects parents are going through with this topic.


5 Marketing Tips to use for your Business from Anita Popat

Our guest on this episode is Anita Popat, a Social Media Marketing Expert. Anita discusses her take on what basic marketing strategies every business should implement to help them lay the correct foundations to help the business grow. Have a listen to this episode and you'll find the fundamentals which will definitely help your business.


Digital Marketing tips for your brand & business by Neal Schaffer

Atish Parmar's guest on this episode is digital marketing expert Neal Schaffer. If you want to understand the key fundamentals of how to use digital marketing and grow your business our brand, you need to listen to this episode. Neal's knowledge is vast in the digital & social media marketing industry. We discuss social media, email marketing, social media platforms, digital networking and so much more. An episode you cannot miss.


4 Things To Avoid When Growing Your Instagram Profile

A quick go-to audio on some of the common mistakes people are making whilst on Instagram. Listen to this podcast on 4 tips that can increase your following, brand exposure, and your reach.


What's holding you back to create your own videos?

In this episode, Atish Parmar discusses the importance of video marketing for your brand or business. The topics include why most people don't prioritise this and also the fear of creating the first video. Atish discusses his experience in creating his first video and shares insight into how you can become a great video creator by sharing his tips then ultimately increasing your exposure to the right audience.


New Social Media Updates - July 2020

In this episode, we discuss the latest updates and new features that are going to change the way we use Social Media. Atish Parmar focuses on Instagram, Whatsapp, and Tik Tok. Have a listen and be the first to know of these important updates that will definitely get you ready for your business.


Posting & Scheduling on Social Media

Atish Parmar gives tips on what you should be posting by segmenting topics within your business and give tips on different ways to schedule your post on all Social Media Platforms. A short episode with great tips that you can action today.


Architecture & Entrepreneurship with Keshiv Sudera from Design Studio Architects

Atish Parmar hosts this episode of The Social Connection Podcast with his guest Keshiv Sudera from Design Studio Architects. They discuss the journey of Keshiv's profession to him now owning one of Leicester's leading architect firms. You get to hear some tips on what to avoid when taking on property development.


Improve your Website & SEO I An interview with The Rutland Web Designer, Nitesh Bhundia - The Social Connection Podcast

Improve your Website & SEO. Atish Parmar discusses key points with the owner of The Rutland Web Designer, Nitesh Bhundia. You'll hear useful tips to action on your website and also some tips on SEO.


Decluttering Tips by Kristina Parmar

Kristina Parmar from Metric Connect discusses why decluttering enables an increase in productivity in life and work. Hear the full episode and see how it can benefit you.


Welcome to The Social Connection Podcast

Our first episode informs our new listeners of what we will be bringing to you. Atish Parmar discusses why the podcast was launched and what the podcast has in store each week.