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How My Wife Taught Me To Stop Consuming And Start Producing - Episode 10 - The Speak Easy Podcast

Listen in as Griffin tells of the journey that led him from reading 50 books a year to barely any and why it's a message that matters for all of us. Inspired by his wife, Griffin shares the revelations he had along the way of how and when he went from being a consumer to becoming a producer.


What "LOL" Can Teach Us About Becoming a Master Communicator

Hear how Griffin debunks the all-too-popular phrase "LOL" and what it can teach us about communicating better through text, email, phone calls, and in-person conversations. As mentioned, you can find the article on Albert Mehrabian here Link to online course on Making Your Voice Powerful and Persuasive


The Secret to Efficient Learning - Episode 8 - The Speak Easy Podcast

Learning can be really tricky. How do we know what we need to learn? And once we finally figure that out, how do we find the motivation to learn that information? In this episode, Griffin talks through how he makes the learning in his life as efficient...and possible. Books Mentioned: Willpower Doesn't Work by Benjamin Hardy


Tom Hansen - Storytelling, Building Your Career, and Living Like a Movie Star - Episode 7 - The Speak Easy Podcast

Listen in on an exclusive interview with a career public speaker, Tom Hansen. Tom is an incredibly gifted public speaker and has spoken to audiences of all sizes and ages. You hear about the 10,000 hour rule for becoming a master in something, well Tom has spent way more than that preparing and speaking in front of crowds. For the past 15 years, whether he’s speaking to a sales team or an auditorium full of rambunctious high school students, Tom has found one through-line that leaves every...


How To Make Sure Your Audience Has Fun - Episode 6 - The Speak Easy Podcast

What is the secret to giving a talk that makes people say "Wow, they went by so quickly!" Listen as Griffin digs into how he makes sure that his audiences always enjoy themselves so that his talks are both informative and entertaining. In this episode, you'll walk away with a tool he always uses to lighten up his audience in the first five minutes. For further learning on this subject, click here for access to the "Secret To Warm Up Your Audience Online Course" Griffin mentions in the...


How To Give A Presentation On The Fly - Episode 5 - The Speak Easy Podcast

Griffin has been scouring the internet for the biggest struggles people face in public speaking. The most recent one has been "What do I when I have minimal time to prep for a presentation?" In this podcast, Griffin shares his secret of how he crafts presentations on the fly and then he puts it to the test by crafting a random presentation on the spot. By the end of this episode, you'll understand the foundations of how to utilize Need, Idea, Benefit to feel comfortable giving a talk on the...


How To See The Criticism We Receive As Speakers and Creators - Episode 4 - The Speak Easy Podcast

Griffin will speak on the devastating reality he faced when he decided to post his TEDx Talk to an online forum. Hear how he battles the thought of "Am I good enough?". Hear what made him lose his confidence. And ultimately, how understanding what it means to “be in the ring” helped him win that confidence back. Here's the link to Griffin's TEDx Talk


What Music Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurship and Speaking - Episode 3 - The Speak Easy Podcast

In this episode delivered behind the wheel of his car, Griffin unpacks how recognizing the similarities between music and entrepreneurship . If you’re listening to this, you probably have the desire to create cool things, but you might be afraid to start–and that’s not your fault. In this podcast, you’ll hear of the epiphany Griffin had that led him to become a speaker, podcaster, and online course creator.


Your Mess Creates Your Message - Episode 2 - The Speak Easy Podcast

Griffin digs into his backstory of how he wasn't always the positive person that people know him to be. Everyone has a message that they believe in and it's often because they have a messy background. Learn how Griffin learned to battle his anxiety and start being more positive about his life in this vulnerable tale of his childhood.


How A Cardboard Box Helped Calm My Nerves - Episode 1 - The Speak Easy Podcast

In this episode, Griffin digs into how a day of cleaning out a basement full of cardboard boxes led him to feel less anxious about his next speaking engagement. Want to learn more from Griffin? You can access his courses on public speaking at