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Thanks for checking out the ClayTrader Stock Trading Reality Podcast. Our show, hosted by ClayTrader, is designed to motivate and inspire traders of all experience levels. We interview REAL traders, discuss their trading journey, and lessons they learned along the way, both positive and negative.

Thanks for checking out the ClayTrader Stock Trading Reality Podcast. Our show, hosted by ClayTrader, is designed to motivate and inspire traders of all experience levels. We interview REAL traders, discuss their trading journey, and lessons they learned along the way, both positive and negative.


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Thanks for checking out the ClayTrader Stock Trading Reality Podcast. Our show, hosted by ClayTrader, is designed to motivate and inspire traders of all experience levels. We interview REAL traders, discuss their trading journey, and lessons they learned along the way, both positive and negative.




I’m Trying to Poke Holes in his Strategy… | STR 320

Sometimes one of the healthiest things we can do as traders is to ask another trader to “poke holes” in general though process, or in a strategy itself. I’ll be the first to admit it is not always the most pleasant thing to hear criticism (even if it is constructive); however, when you take a step back from the situation, it’s easy to see how beneficial it can be. I welcome back long time member of the community Chad and spend a good part of the conversation trying to poke holes and expose...


His Journey Starts in Venezuela… | STR 319

Massive warning! Like, seriously… be warned! If you are someone walking around with a pocketful of victim cards and your specialty is coming up with excuses and love the word “can’t”, then do NOT listen to this episode! It will cause you to have to look in the mirror and severely question yourself and your viewpoints. With that being said, if you are someone who believes that iron sharpens iron and love to hear stories about people beast-moding it and “finding a way”, then you will love...


Discovering that “Less is More”… | STR 318

One of the big traps that I see many traders fall into is using the logic that the more complicated something is, the more effective it will be. While I do completely understand this thought process of thinking “the more you put in, the more you will get out”, when it comes to the world of trading, often times it can be very misleading. Thanks to community member Alex (chatroom alias, “LTP”), we have a shining example of how overthinking and trying to do too much at once was ultimately...


How to Turn a Bleeding Account… Profitable! | STR 317

An account that is slowly getting smaller and smaller. Are you there? Have you been there? Do you feel like you could be there once the “luck runs out”? All traders will eventually come to a point where you need to look in the mirror and admit to yourself, “I don’t know what I’m doing!” Sure, some traders will have the exciting firework situation of one or two trades that wreck an account; however, many traders will have the more painful pathway of a slow bleed. Fellow community member,...


The Required Type of Passion… | STR 316

I’m flying solo in this episodes as I wanted to touch on a simple, but extremely powerful topic within the world of trading success. I am keeping this short and sweet; however, please do not lead you to believe that it therefore is not as important a concept. This may sound dramatic but I will stand firmly behind this comment: the topic of trading passion is one of (if not the most) important concepts that needs to be realized. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that many of you think you have...


Adjusting to a New Market | STR 315

One of the most important points of understanding all traders must realize is that markets are constantly changing. Now of course they don’t change in the sense that prices stop going up and down, but they do change in the overall flow and movements. Because of this, one strategy could be working very well to only begin to suffer from hiccups and dynamics that were not experienced before. I will admit this is hard to explain using words; however, thanks to our community member Jason, we have...


Finding His Way Through the Gray… | STR 314

We’ve all been there, or who knows, maybe you are there right now? A place where you are not quite a brand new beginner to the world of trading; however, nowhere close to having maximum confidence in your trading system and strategy. It’s a gray area that everyone must go through in order to achieve their goals, and in this episode, we have a great illustration of what that gray area looks like. I get it, me saying “gray area” are just words, but thanks to our guest, Bobby, we get to hear...


One Word: Pressure | STR 313

If there is one potential pitfall that all of us traders need to always be aware of, it is this: pressure! I get it (and while true), pressure can help build character and make us better in many areas of life; however, when it comes to trading it can do a whole lot of damage. Thanks to follow member, Donnie, being open and honest about his trading journey so far, we have a fantastic real life example of just how pressure continues to creep in to throw off his goals. If you are someone who is...


Only For The Rich? Risky? | STR 312

One impression of the markets I have seen come up over and over again is that you need to be rich and loving taking all kinds of risks. In other words, the stock market is only for rich people who love to gamble and take on risk. Who knows, perhaps you are thinking this way right now as you read this? If you do have this impression, hey.. you’re not alone! In fact, my guest from the community Joseph was no different. He had a very limited understanding of the stock market and needless to...


How to Say Calm During a Trade… | STR 311

There are many situations in the world that create a sense of pressure. In my personal experience (and I’m guessing yours too), one of the most unique situations of feeling pressure is within the realm of trading. It’s hard to explain to someone who has never risked their own money, but there is a very REAL sense of pressure that arises during a trade. It doesn’t matter what you’re trading: stocks, options, crypto, futures, forex, etc., the biological feeling is the same. I’ve become much...


A Master of Time Management | STR 310

Are you someone who is interested in the markets and learning how to make money, but you don’t think you have the required time? You will without doubt find great value in this discussion! I can’t think of anyone who is busier than a full time mom (who also works a part time job) and that’s our guests situation. Fellow community member Locksley shares her journey through the markets and gives us all fantastic motivation and insight into how, despite an apparent time crunch, so much can still...


A Net Worth of… Negative $11… Now What? | STR 309

Wow. That’s really all I can say. Can you image looking at your bank accounts and seeing that your net worth is, quite literally, negative $11? I’ll be honest. I’m not quite sure I can imagine being in that situation. When you talk about “bottom of the barrel” situations, this episodes guest, Carducci, may take the award. That’s where he found himself though, a depressing situation where he had nothing. Here’s a minor spoiler, it is NOT his situation any longer. What did he do to turn things...


The Day of Reckoning All Traders Will Face… | STR 308

It will happen. I don’t now when, I don’t know what will cause it, but it’s going to happen to you at some point in your trading journey. This event? The day of reckoning. The day where you will need to truly look into the mirror and make that ultimate decision of “what’s next?” It’s not a pleasant time, but I feel as though it is something that needs to happen in order to determine the viability of a trader’s approach and journey. In this episode I welcome back fellow member Joey (chatroom...


The Excuse Destroyer…. So Motivating! | STR 307

These are some of the best episodes I can offer. In my mind, there is nothing more powerful than talking with someone who has a roadblock that needs to be overcome, yet, instead of complaining about it and using it to come up with excuses, they rise to the occasion and overcome it! I understand. I really do. Sometimes life gets hard and can throw obstacles your way, but when you’re willing to do what it takes, those obstacles can be plowed right through. My guest in this episode, Alden, has...


A Whole New Market? Things Are Changing… | STR 306

If you’re not aware, things in the stock market have been absolutely nuts and in may ways, historic. I realize that there have been many other crazy times throughout the history of the stock market; however, this current period we are in is certainly something that has never been seen before. In fact, I am willing to go as far as calling it an entirely new market with some massive changes. I do still wonder about a few dynamics and how it’ll play out, and I want to give my thoughts and walk...


A Goldmine of “Avoids”… | STR 305

Let me first say this. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this episode’s guest. He could have hid in the shadows and kept to himself. In fact, that would have been the easy choice to make. Instead, long time member of the community, Brian, volunteered to share his story of many mistakes. The most cost effective way to learn is to identify mistakes others have made, and then avoid those mistakes. Thanks to Brain you will get a goldmine of mistakes that, if you avoid, will...


Establishing Fear (in a good way!) | STR 304

If you have zero fear in your pursuit of learning how to trade the markets, you have a problem! To be fair, in some situations fear is not a good emotion to experience; however, in other situations, I would argue it is a requirement if you want a chance at long term success! Thanks to our guest, Sylvain, we have an awesome look into how “fear” can be established and the self-awareness it requires. In all actuality, Sylvain didn’t have that rough of a start, in fact, he had an awesome initial...


He’s Here For Ultimate Accountability… | STR 303

It’s one thing to “talk” about taking the needed actions to become a better trader; however, it is a whole other situation so “do” the actions. In this episode we have a trader who is sick and tired of their results and is now ready to step up and do anything and everything to hold themselves accountable. Long time member of our community, Walter, is not new to the markets. In fact, he has quite the track record of experience in the markets. The problem is, he is not happy at all with the...


Wisely Tip Toeing Into the Markets | STR 302

I know. I get it. I really do! The financial markets are an amazing place where you can make lots of money all from the comfort of your own home or wherever you have internet access. The problem with that is, in the vast majority of situations, the person is rushing things and it ends up costing them much larger than had they “tip toed” in. We have a great example of this with our guest today, Luke (alias “MTJ2” in the chatroom). Luke was kind enough to join us all the way from the UK and...


How to Overcome Frustration (using science!) | STR 301

If there is only one thing that all traders can agree and relate to, I think it would be the emotion of frustration! I’m well aware that the slogan of is “trade without emotion”, but wow, to be fully transparent, frustration is a constant battle for me. Can you relate? Have you ever had frustration arise in one way or another within your trading journey? If you can answer ‘yes’, then this is an episode you’ll want to make time for. I did some research on the science of...