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Surviving Disaster with Juli Lewis – TSH#085 {audio}

When shit hits the fan, it flies all over the room. When disaster strikes, it can feel like it continues to get you when you are down. How do you deal, cope and emerge positively from tragic setbacks? Dr. Brandi and guest, Juli Lewis, Foundation Director for the LSCU shares a personal story of disheartening […]


Tribe Vibe with Philip Folsom – TSH#084 {audio}

Engagement is reliant on a culture of collaboration and is imperative to standing out from the crowd. Dr Brandi and guest Philip Folsom, cultural performance anthropologist and speaker, discuss how to create a tribe culture as a leader with lessons learned throughout history and from the ever-resilient wolf pack.


Here for the Beer with Chad Brown – TSH#083 {audio}

You can make your passion your paycheck but know the road is long, windy and full of hardships and heartaches. Is chasing the dream worth risking it all? Dr. Brandi and guest, Chad Brown, owner and founder of the Wyoming Malting Company discuss risk, passion, taking the leap and the sweet taste of success.


Giving is Everything with Mike Reuter – TSH#082 {audio}

What does it truly mean to give? How do you get others to take action? Dr. Brandi and guest Michael Reuter, Executive Director of the Worldwide Foundation of the World Council of Credit Unions, discuss how people and organizations take action in social responsibility. The simple act of championing a cause or volunteering can change […]


Leading Ain’t Easy with Torrian Scott – TSH#081 {audio}

Leading people is difficult. People are difficult. How do you inspire passion in people and focus on your purpose? Dr. Brandi and guest Torrian Scott, motivational speaker and founder of Masters in the Marketplace, discuss how to lead others with purpose to maximize results and build strong, loyal teams.


Banking Marijuana with Katrina Skinner – TSH#080 {audio}

We have to make gray-area decisions in business in order to serve. And sometimes, we may even have to bend, or break, the rules. Marijuana is creating a new industry and creating a safe banking environment for retailers could be illegal. Dr. Brandi and guest Katrina Skinner, President and General Counsel of Safe Harbor Services […]


Drag to Riches with Frank Marino – TSH#079 {audio}

The business of entertainment is often overlooked. How do you take your trade from outlier or vaudeville to mainstream? Dr. Brandi and guest, Frank Marino, the longest-running headliner in Las Vegas and world-renown female impersonator and drag queen, discuss finding your path and as Frank says, how “the ladder to success was even harder to […]


Learn, Love, Kick A$$ – 3 years and Counting, with Tobias Kennedy and Paul Norgrove – TSH#078 {audio}

The Strategic Hotbox celebrates 3 years and Dr B celebrates her 40th birthday with her favorite people, favorite moments, and shout outs from across the globe. Tobias Kennedy, EVP of Montage Insurance Solutions and Paul Norgrove, CEO of Police Credit Union UK, return to share insights and inspiration as we relive the madness. This special […]


Family Tradition with Vin A – TSH#077 {audio}

We spend more time at work than home. We have work-spouses and brothers from other mothers. How does the dynamic change when you work with your actual family? Dr. Brandi and guest, Vin A. singer, songwriter and family entrepreneur from The Bronx Wanderers, discuss what it is like to work with family, the good moments […]


Creativity Gangster, with Jessica Hagy – TSH#076 {audio}

Don’t be a stiff, man. Creativity is a key leadership trait helping people focus, become more accountable, and relax. It is time to let it all out. Dr. Brandi and guest Jessica Hagy, Webby Award-winning Blogger and genius of the creative discuss finding your outlet to unleashing the inner creativity gangster to overcome challenges.


You’re Weird, with Melina Palmer – TSH#075 {audio}

Weird has a negative connotation but could be a way to identify new and intriguing ways to learn. Dr. Brandi and guest Melina Palmer, host of The Brainy Business podcast and expert in behavioral economics, discuss her idea that consumers are actually really weird. Changing messaging in branding can influence buying habits while applying those […]


How Do You Sell, with Lisa Rizk, Amber Harsin & Nanci Wilson – TSH#074 {audio}

Sales is a part of our every day life. At home, in the office and in your travels, knowing how to sell and how to recognize those who do it well is integral. Dr. Brandi and guest Lisa Rizk, COO and Chief Revenue Officer of MCULSC and CU Solutions Group along with returning guests Nanci […]


The Barbados Perspective, with Renee Scantlebury – TSH#073 {audio}

The Strategic Hotbox has been lucky to provide a diversity in guests from all around the world. Ireland. Macedonia. Trinidad & Tobago. The United Kingdom. Jamaica. And today, we introduce Dr. Brandi and guest, Renee Scantlebury from the amazing Caribbean island of Barbados. The land of flying fish, the oldest rum and the third longest […]


Mentor Your Friendtor, with Symantha Sermino – TSH#072 {audio}

No matter what stage of life you are in, everyone can use a mentor and although many have this idea of what a mentor is or should be, mentors can be found in surprising places. Dr. Brandi and guest Symantha Sermino discuss friendships, mentorships, and how to discover those who can and are willing to […]


Another Leadership Class? with Lecia Roundtree – TSH#071 {audio}

Organizations have put leadership development at the forefront of their strategic planning and employee engagement, a necessary task to create and maintain viable and engaged teams. However, leadership development must extend beyond the program and typical classroom or education curricula and create opportunities to not just receive the tools for development but allow employees to […]


Win-Winning with Jeremy Roadruck – TSH#070 {audio}

The idea of win-win has been around since the 80’s and creating outcomes that serve both parties is still relevant today. This mindset helps to build collaboration, push people to cooperate while still fostering healthy competition. Dr. Brandi and guest Jeremy Roadruck, Author, Kung Fu Master and Champion discuss how to train yourself to see […]


Be Limitless with Laura Gassner Otting – TSH#069 {audio}

Your ability to achieve greatness is in your hands. What are you waiting for? For another first on the Strategic Hotbox, joining Dr. Brandi Stankovic, we have returning guest, Laura Gassner Otting to discuss her new book, Limitless. They will give you everything you need to take control, start living your best life and kick […]


What is Your Purpose with Glin Bayley – TSH#068 {audio}

Finding purpose is something many never achieve. Not for a lack of trying but instead, not knowing where to start. Asking the right introspective questions, understanding your passion and even following the signs of the universe are all ways to begin the process. Dr. Brandi and guest Glin Bayley, CPA turned executive coach and motivational […]


Power of Persuasion with Jeff Tippett – TSH#067 {audio}

Influencers are people who are seen as experts in what they do and have the ability persuade people through their network and reach. Creating influence within your network is essential to be top of mind when people need something you can provide. The next step is understanding how to use persuasion to bring others with […]


Leadership Rehab with Mendy Dubov – TSH#066 {audio}

Every time an athlete steps on the field or into the arena, there is a possibility of injury. They take the steps necessary to stay at peak performance, but an injury can pull them away from their passion for the duration of a timeout or an entire season. As they heal, rehab becomes a way […]