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Supergiant is an idea and a company by Corey Smale specializing in social and digital media, brand building, and overall creative chaos. This is the podcast.

Supergiant is an idea and a company by Corey Smale specializing in social and digital media, brand building, and overall creative chaos. This is the podcast.
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Supergiant is an idea and a company by Corey Smale specializing in social and digital media, brand building, and overall creative chaos. This is the podcast.




SPF1991 Episode #2: Andy May

In our second episode of the SPF1991 series, we get to know Andy May of Tower Classic Tattoo. He’ll be helping out at our first event on Saturday, June 1st by doing live carnival-themed tattoos at Projects+Gallery in the Central West End. Hear his story, how he got into tattooing and collecting, and what he has in store for our first event. CARNIVAL takes place on Saturday, June 1st. Follow Barrett Barrera Projects and Projects+Gallery for more information, our look up the hashtag #SPF1991....


SPF1991 Episode #1: Barrett Barrera Projects

Yo! I’m helping take over an art gallery this summer with SPF1991, a summer vacation collaboartion with Projects+Gallery and Barrett Barrera Projects. Hear more about the project, the gallery, and a team of creatives making things move in St. Louis. I’m honored to be asked to collaborate with these dudes, and I’m very excited for the summer. More episodes coming as the event series begins June 1st! Thanks for listening!


Episode #11 - Jon Michael Ryan

Jon Michael Ryan is a sweetheart. He puts everything into his work, and now more than ever, self, and it shows. Learned a lot listening to JMR talk about his creative process and facing/overcoming challenges along the way. I appreciate knowing Jon and I think there’s a truth to the things he says here - I admire his passion and pursuit both in his life and work. Hope you’ll enjoy this talk as much as I did, and thank you again for listening!


Episode #10 - Lern

Lern is a rocker and a real friend. You can hear her weekday mornings on KSHE-95 or now on her own podcast, Live and Lern. We’ve been friends a few years now, and I’ve always enjoyed her energy and outlook - very positive and also very real. When she reached out recently, I asked if she’d be a guest and we made it happen - thanks Lern! We talk about the radio business, what’s up with podcasts, mental and physical well being, and what’s next. As always, thanks for listening!


Episode #9 - Michael Gutelli

Mike and I have been friends ten years. We started out in Chicago working together at Commonground - one of the hottest experiential marketing agencies around - and developed a friendship and relationship that’ll last a lifetime. A few years later we hijacked the Cap’n Crunch marketing plan and created “Where’s the Cap’n?” which gained nationwide press in AdAge and even The Today Show. Mike stayed in advertising, I started selling donuts, and fast forward to today, Mike and his wife Danielle...


Episode #8 - Zoe Robinson

Today I’m super happy to have the one and only Zoe Robinson on the show! Zoe has been one of my closest friends and main mentors over the past couple of years. She’s a successful restauranteur, entrepreneur, and all around really awesome woman. Zoe has really looked out for me these past few months, and I truly appreciate our relationship and her compassion. I’m excited for you to hear her story and get to know one of the best to do it, even better. Check out any of her restaruants (Billie...


Episode #7 - Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is a friend and entrepreneur I’ve looked up to for a while now. He has a great sense of work/life/madness balance, and we talk through how he sets up “a perfect day” and what means most to him. Kevin is always involved in a handful of creative adventures, and just might be launching his own podcast soon (I hope!). This conversation went deep until the batteries died! Enjoy the show!


Episode #6 - David Kent Richardson

David Kent Richardson is a mentor and a friend. He’s a helluva designer and a pretty interesting dude, too. I get to know David a lot better in this interview, and I hope you will as well. You may have seen some of his work around St. Louis restaurants (Billie Jean, Bar Les Freres, I Fratellini) or at his store on The Hill (also where I host the podcast!). I really enjoyed this talk and the time I spend with David. As always, thanks for listening!


Episode #5 - Steven Pursley

Happy to have Steven Pursley on the show today. We met recently at one of his ramen pop-ups and hit it off. I was super impressed with his cooking, cleanliness, and presentation, and wanted to know more about him. We had sandwiches and sat down and talked about his influences and experiences, including the past three years spent in Japan learning how and what a great bowl of ramen represents. Enjoyed getting to know a bunch about Steven and hope you will as well. As always, thanks for...


Episode #4 - Adam The Skull

Checking in with my friend Adam The Skull. You might know him from Story of the Year, but I know him better as an always curious dude and a good friend. We talk about his latest adventure to Japan, what it’s like being back in the band, and then get deep into a discussion about social media, crypto currency, digital influence, and what the future looks like for us mere mortals. I always enjoy my time with Adam and learn a lot - hope you will as well! As always, if you dig the episode, please...


Episode #3 - Wes Hoffman

First of many talks with Wes! We sat down and it got deep, quick! Enjoy this episode and tell your friends you love them. Please rate and/or review on iTunes if you dig this. Thanks!


Episode #2 - Pat McCurren

Pat is one of my oldest and wisest friends. We sat down and talked about friendship, business, and ultimately balance, which is something I think Pat is super good at. I learned a lot and hope you will, too. Also if you need a new bed, Pat’s your guy! If you’re digging the podcast, please rate and review in iTunes - it helps a bunch! Thanks dudes! @SUPERGIANTWORLD


Episode #1 - Corey Closes A Restaurant

Episode 1 coming in hot! I talk about the beginning and end(?) of Good Fortune. Where my head and heart are at. Gets a little personal. Nothing you can’t handle. Thanks for listening and supporting all these wild ideas. @SUPERGIANTWORLD