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Episode 103: Michelle Millis Chappel on Being Your Own Superhero

This month's episode is with internationally-acclaimed musician, speaker, consultant, coach, and author, Michelle Millis Chappel on Being Your Own Superhero. MIchelle has a Ph.D. in psychology from Princeton and was voted “Most Inspirational Professor” at the University of California, Santa Cruz. After ditching academics to follow her dream to be a rock star, she produced several overseas and US college radio hits and won 17 Billboard songwriting awards. Concurrently with advancing her...


Episode 102: Heather Laptalo on Overcoming the Odds

In this week's episode I'm thrilled to share a discussion with Heather Laptalo on Overcoming the Odds. Heather Laptalo is an adventurer, storyteller and sponsored athlete. Even though doctors once labeled her as deformed and disabled, she is now described as "addicted to high altitudes, obsessed with open vistas, and a little too excited about heart-pounding suffer-fests that challenge her mental and physical boundaries." Now she is telling her incredible journey to becoming an adventure...


Episode 101: Natalie McGuire on Building a Successful Business as a Web Designer

Today’s episode is with award-winner designer, Natalie McGuire. Natalie creates web designs and digital strategy with beauty and brains for purpose-driven solopreneurs. She knows your website shouldn't just be a pretty picture online, it should get results, too. She takes a design-meets-strategy fueled approach to her work, and works with clients, like PBS, David Siteman Garland from The Rise to the Top, and Amy Porterfield. She's also a Mentor & Coach for other designers looking to...


Episode 100: Scott Barlow on Finding Meaningful Work

Today's episode is with Scott Anthony Barlow, Founder and CEO of Happen to Your Career. Scott has been featured on CNBC, Yahoo, CareerBuilder, Fast Company and Huffington Post and various Colleges and Universities as a top expert on Career Happiness. He lives with his wife and three kids in Moses Lake Wa (and sometimes Paris or London) When he’s not traveling he and his team run two of the top 5 “Career Change” Podcasts on iTunes. Happen to Your Career combines the latest research about...


Episode 99: The Superwoman Way: Stories From My Life

In today's episode, we take a break from interviewing to talk to you directly about The Superwoman Way, our 7-step method to success and creating a life you love. You can use The Superwoman Way to achieve any goal you've got in mind and it works for small and BIG problems! In this recording, I take you into what The Superwoman Way has looked like in my own life -- stories that demonstrate each step and how you can use it as a lens to accomplish any goal. I hope you enjoy! Please check...


Episode 98: Mia Brett on Political Advocacy for Women and The American Women's Party

Today's episode is with the co-founder of the American Women's Party, Mia Brett on political advocacy for women. Mia was born on July 5, 1987. Her mother encouraged her political interest from a young age, claiming that Mia sent a letter to Bush in 1989 to ask him not to go to war. Mia’s mother, Laurel Brett, had been an activist in the 60s and 70s and taught English and Women’s Studies and raised her daughter to think critically and care about social justice. At Barnard, Mia’s...


Episode 97: Nicole Antoinette on Podcasting, Doing Hard Things and Changing Your Life

This week's episode is with the incredible Nicole Antoinette on podcasting, doing hard things and changing your life. Nicole Antoinette is a writer and host of the Real Talk Radio podcast, where people come together to have honest conversations about their real lives. A recovering self-help junkie and former goal-setting coach, Nicole is obsessed with helping people get to the heart of what’s true without judgement, and with exploring how we can use grit and grace to close the gap between...


Episode 96: Stephanie Ockerman on Creating Culture Change in Your Organization

Today’s episode is with Stephanie Ockerman. This is Stephanie's second time on the podcast and you can listen to our first conversation way back at Episode 54. We've invited her back this time to talk about how to create culture change in your organization, agile mindset at work, servant leadership as a way of being and negotiating challenges and opportunities at work. Stephanie is a Co-Active Coach, Professional Scrum Trainer, and Steward of the Professional Scrum Master Curriculum for...


Episode 95: Susan Lustenberger on Spirituality for Entrepreneurs

Today's episode is with Susan Lustenberger on bringing spirituality into your work as an entrepreneur. Susan is an author, speaker, and medium, and she acts as Chief Prosperity Officer to entrepreneurs and corporations worldwide. Through her mediumship, Susan has guided thousands of clients in creating vast wealth, success and whole life prosperity through infusing Spiritual Consciousness in their businesses. Susan also works with clients implementing business frameworks such as the...


Episode 94: Melissa Bird on Being an Imperfect Activist and Women Running For Office

In today's episode I dive deep into a conversation with Dr. Melissa Bird on what it means to be an imperfect activist. Melissa Bird, PhD, MSW is a passionate feminist whose education in social work has led to a career advocating for children, women, and their families. She is a fierce believer in social justice advocacy and preparing women for leadership roles in politics. She has a wealth of experience working with policy makers, community leaders, and other stakeholders to improve...


Episode 93: Lara Dalch on The Intersection Between Self-Care, Health and Success

Lara Dalch is a health and lifestyle coach to "women on the rise" – who crave practical tools for feeling healthy, confident, and powerful again – so they can have the career and life they really want. As a former entertainment marketing executive and busy entrepreneur, Lara understands the challenges of balancing good health with a busy schedule and is passionate about helping women harness the power of good health to fuel their lives through a realistic, “whole life” approach to...


Episode 92: Andrea Leda on Social Entrepreneurship, Women's Empowerment, & The Coaching Industry

Andrea Leda is a sought-after master coach, teacher, and spiritual leader, she is dedicated to helping people understand that we don’t interact with our world by watching it, we create our world by how we see it. She brings a deep understanding and practical application of powerful coaching techniques, NLP, journal therapy, and mental and emotional release work to her coaching. Andrea leads women entrepreneurs, leaders, and coaches plus organizations such as the ICF, Nike, and the...

Season Three is Here! Opening Message

This year, I'm inspired by longer conversations and having deeper discussions into the themes that arise for women in leadership, professional development, entrepreneurship and creative work.


Episode 91: Sarah Centrella on the Power of Manifestation

Today's episode is with the incredible Sarah Centrella on the Power of Manifestation Sarah is the author of the #1 best-selling self-help book Hustle Believe Receive An 8 Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream. She is also a master life coach who's worked with professional athletes, celebrities and people from around the world, helping them live their dreams.


Episode 90: Angela Wagner on How to Declutter Your Life

Angela Wagner has long found her passion in helping others identify and pursue their own happiness and goals. An experienced life coach and the owner and founder of YogaSport in Dallas, Texas, since 2004,


Episode 89: Jessica Eley on How to Avoid Burnout

Today we talk to Jessica Eley about how high achievers can change their mindset to avoid burnout. Jessica is a mindset coach for high-achieving entrepreneurs who are ready to create success of their own definition.


Episode 88: Dr. Carmen Landrau on Knowing Your Worth and Speaking Up

Carmen W. Landrau, MD is a board certified physician who specializes in cardiology and is a professional keynote speaker who uses her experience navigating a male-dominated and hierarchical career to empower other women by sharing techniques that help them understand how to best use their skills, get support and manage their time efficiently.


Episode 87: Danielle Louise Ross on Intuitive Speaking

Danielle Louise Ross is a Master Speaking Coach and Marketing Strategist for visionary leaders. Danielle's clients are magnetic, mission-led experts who speak at high-profile conferences, seminars, TEDx Talks, as well as on a variety of online platforms. Her audience includes both emerging and seasoned experts who want to reach more people and make a bigger impact.


Episode 86: Jennifer Kern Collins on The Drama Free Way

This week, Jennifer Kern Collins shares her insight into transforming your life from the inside out. Jennifer Kern Collins is a professional coach, award-winning author of The Drama-Free Way: A Thought-Management Guide to Navigating Chaos and Thriving, and is an expert in guiding people to transform their lives from the inside out.


Episode 85: Kim Becking on Why Self Care Matters

Today's episode is with Kim Becking on the topic of self-care, grace, grit and gratitude. Kim is a keynote motivational speaker; entrepreneur; blogger and best-selling author of Nordie's at Noon; cancer, divorce and life thriver; communications strategist; recovering attorney and an expert on resilience and thriving change to create a more productive and happy life. Looking forward. Living fully. Loving more. Leading bravely. With a lot of grace, grit and gratitude.