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EP 113 – The Swift Kick Show – Hack Your Productivity

When it comes to systematizing your business. the first factor is time. What separates the good businesses from the great businesses is the ability to have vision. Developing vision starts with the ability to imagine into the future and direct your business in that plan. While most businesses are not built that way, some are and my guess Antonio Thornton has mastered time management and systemization from many big businesses. If you want to find more time, you need this.


EP 112 – The Swift Kick Show – Tiny Leaps, Big Impact

Improving your marketing message starts with a decision to inform and entertain. Marketing in today's world revolves around content. If you're not broadcasting, streaming, or writing, you're not tribe-building. One such way is podcasting and it keeps getting hotter around the globe. It's simple to start but does that time to master and my guest Gregg Clunis talks about building a massive following so you don't get left behind.


EP 111 – The Swift Kick Show – The Business Of Collecting

While most businesses don't think about collections until they need it, it's one of the necessary evils we face. It doesn't matter the amount as long as it's recovered. What's interesting about this task is this business a business model that isn't talked about regularly and it's needed. It's a perfect bolt-in business that fits any industry and my guest Dee Bowden talks us through the ups and downs of one of our most intriguing models yet.


EP 110 – The Swift Kick Show – Passive Publishing Profits

Content is a business model we explore a lot because it's a flexible model. It's industry independent, scalable, and doesn't need much management to be successful. For some entrepreneurs, this model is the printing money model because it focuses on input (traffic) and output (content). People pay you by getting access or by clicking links. The question is how do you get started...even if you hate writing. The great thing is writing isn't the only way to publish content and my guest Dennis...


EP 109 – The Swift Kick Show – Build A Mission-Based Membership

One of the more scalable business models in the world is the membership model. Selling access to exclusive content, benefits, and personal access gives the business owner leverage of making something once and selling it multiple times. What's isn't discussed in length is how you fill that membership. One of the ways is through charity and it is extremely nobel. When a business shows it is socially conscious and strives for change, you talk to the sensibilities of who you serve and my guest...


EP 108 – The Swift Kick Show – Make A Movie For Your Message

We've all heard of using billboards to get the message out about your business but have you ever considered making a movie? Being able to capture multiple senses so your viewer can absorb your ideas seems out of reach but with crowdfunding, it's possible. Having a crowdfunding campaign takes concentration, coordination, and a belief that others will see your vision and make it their own. It's a lot to ask but my guest Ken McArthur did that and we talk through what it takes to go from idea to...


EP 107 – The Swift Kick Show – Adwords Still Adds Up

Google is still the number 1 company for searches online because we all feed the machine. From smartphone use to desktop inquiries, Google learns more about our daily habits and feeds us the information we are more likely to enjoy and use. For business, this means we can leverage their advertising network to sell our products and services but the question of its age comes up. Are people still clicking on ads from Google and does this platform still deliver? My guest Callum Davies breaks down...


EP 106 – The Swift Kick Show – Improve Speaking By Acting

As an entrepreneur, we need to use every channel we can to make people aware of what we do. One of those channels is speaking. An effective speaker can move people to take action, cause them to think, and motivate them to buy. Here's the problem...What happens when you don't have the skill to grab someone's attention and hold it for 45 minutes? That can spell disaster and my guest Ariane de Melo details why you need to be great and how acting is the key to success.


EP 105 – The Swift Kick Show – Your Next Client Is Corporate

Are you running out of prospects for your product or service? Maybe it's time to look at a new vertical. The corporate vertical. For many entrepreneurs, the struggle to compete has become fierce and saturated but corporate consulting is commonly overlooked. There are many benefits to selling to corporate clients and my guest Kimanzi Constable walks us through the process of increasing sales through the corporate space.


EP 104 – The Swift Kick Show – Add Leadership To Grow

One of the strongest skills to develop in business growth is leadership. It is the cornerstone for multiplying yourself, your time, and your completion of a task. While outsourcing has become the latest buzzword, the skill of leading and delegating isn't a natural born trait for most and my guest Annabelle Beckwith explains how we can become effective managers of people.


EP 103 – The Swift Kick Show – Turn Global Impact Into Income

How many of you have a business that supports helping people globally at it's core? For many businesses, the goal is to turn a profit, financial or otherwise. While gaining wins financially is great, some entrepreneurs focus on getting wins socially. What they do and how they serve is defined by the people they effect for change and my guest Colleen Gallagher has built her business to support undeserved people around the world and make a difference.


EP 102 – The Swift Kick Show – A Hundred and One Radio Shows Part 2

Time to finish where we left off. In this second half of the 101 episode, our host Timothy D. Craggette further explores the idea of entrepreneurs raising their voices by reclaiming their voices. With a need to make our marks in our businesses, their are factors all entrepreneurs face to get their prospects aware of who they serve and how they serve.This shoe goes deep into the 3 vehicles every entrepreneurs must master to help at a high level.


EP 101 – The Swift Kick Show – A Hundred and One Radio Shows Part 1

We hit the 100 show milestone! Now looking into the future, our host Timothy D. Craggette reflects on the idea of entrepreneurs raising their voices by reclaiming their voices. In a world that runs faster everyday, the challenge to stand out and make a difference has never been so important. In this how, we explore the 3 things to consider in reclaiming your voice.


EP 100 – The Swift Kick Show – Hidden Truth About Invention

You may have the next great idea but do you understand how you get your idea to market? The invention business model has helped millions of inventors sell their unique solutions to everyday problems that most of us don't realize exist. That type of keen eye is the difference between a million-dollar idea and a million-dollar experiment but there are companies in the world that prey on the uninformed and my returning guest Donteacia Seymore talks us through the world behind the solution.


EP 99 – The Swift Kick Show – Time To Talk Media

Entrepreneurs understand that media coverage helps to grow their brand, their expertise, and their credibility. What most entrepreneurs don't understand is what it takes to make them shine within the media. The magic of a broadcast seems effortless due to hours or training, recording, editing, and post productions. While it's not something we need to know, it's something we should appreciate and my guest Lynn Borton talks us through what we do to make magic happen.


EP 98 – The Swift Kick Show – Growth Is A System

We have been told for many years that growth is the key metric to business. That all sounds well because every book, training, and guru says we need to grow to thrive and survive. With the infinite amount of businesses and business models that exist, no one way the right way across the board so what can we do to mature our hard work? My guest Frankie Fihn is a master at business growth and making it work for different businesses. Let's get ready to learn.


EP 97 – The Swift Kick Show – Franchising Is Awesome

One business model that causes mass confusion is the franchising model. The dream of buying into a pre-made system appears to be a huge endeavor thanks to the bigger, more well-known franchises. The amazing thing is buying into a franchise at a smaller entry point opens the door to starting a business at an affordable price point with the power to influence the growth of the entire business and my guest Shayla Locklear talks us through the misconceptions and the opportunity.


EP 96 – The Swift Kick Show – Becoming Location Independent In Business

Over the years, the laptop lifestyle has been sold as the ultimate dream business model. Having that picture of being on the beach with your favorite beverage sells a dream for most but for some, this is life. The real question is, what if you could pack up and leave your life of comfort and relocate completely around to world? Could it be possible to live abroad permanently with just a laptop? My guest Ricky Shetty did just that and details how you can become a digital nomad.


EP 95 – The Swift Kick Show – The Valentines Switch

It's that time again. Valentine's Day is a time to stop and smell the roses with the person that you work the hardest for. As tradition on the show, I invite my wife to discuss the many facets of being in business and married. This time, she turned to tables and became the interviewer and asked me her burning questions about business. guest Taniza Holmes-Craggette takes the captain's chair and I become the guest. Interesting...


EP 94 – The Swift Kick Show – The Business Of Words

Persuasion is a business and for the ones that understand that, that can move the needle in the black. What's fascinating about the copywriting is people can charge huge sums of money to basically have conversations. No matter if it's awareness, validation, or sales, being able to know and understand someone's needs and desires better then them is the key to moving from interest to income. My guest Donnie Bryant has made a profession in getting into prospects pockets and we're discussing it.