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EP 70 – The Swift Kick Show – FaceBook Has Evolved

So Facebook has changed the way it operates. It was bound to happen. The lesson to be learned is we as business owners need to move like water and go with the flow. Some strategies will need to change and evolve to match the current climate and that also means advertising. As technologies move and become something different, we need to do that too and my guest Manny Hanif has built his business to move with the time.


SPEP 01 – The Swift Kick Show – Fathers and Business

On this special father's day edition of The Swift Kick Show, we address the difficult part of being an entrepreneur...growing up. As we get more experience in our businesses, we tend to focus on working and we may sacrifice time with love ones for growth. It's also common we may walk a path our parents did not picture for us and we become distant naturally. This is something we don't discuss and, thankfully, father's day is a great time to begin working through this shift and my guest...


EP 69 – The Swift Kick Show – The Inbox Is Awesome

Did someone say email marketing is dead? HA! We check our email every day and we don’t blink an eye. Why is it still not a viable strategy for most business owners? What we’ve discovered is other marketing techniques have become more sexy, shiny, and sensationalized to the point of blindness when it comes to sending messages to your customer’s inbox. Furthermore, the awareness of data protection has affected these other techniques which bring us back to emails and my guest Matt Bacak walks...


EP 68 – The Swift Kick Show – The Spielberg Effect

The video boom is upon us and we never saw it like it really is. The days of taking pictures and posting on wall elevated right in front of our eye because we have become video hungry. To sell effectively, demonstration videos have become popular. Our prospects want to see us talking to them rather than describing their pain points. If you’re not using video to supplement personal interaction and branding, you’re being left behind and my guest Tommie Powers helps Fortune 500s maximize...


EP 67 – The Swift Kick Show – Monetize With Memberships

We know the secret to building businesses up is productizing. Doesn’t matter if it’s physical goods, digital assets, and sweat equity…as long as it can be sold multiple times without performing the same task over and over again. One such strategy to do that is with membership sites. Here is the misconception…general knowledge says you need to have one product per site. That limits how you can charge multiple time if the value isn’t increased over time and my guest Lonnie Robinson lays...


EP 66 – The Swift Kick Show – Build Your Business Backwards

Here at the show, we understand building a business is a challenge and the hardest part that doesn’t get discussed is the end result. Think about it. We’re told we need business plans so we can have a direction yet many entrepreneurs don’t follow those plans to the letter. We believe its because the end goal, or the measurable result, isn’t as well defined as it should be. That one action can make or break a business in its tracks and our guest Omar Martin helps people become more clear by...


EP 65 – The Swift Kick Show – Selling With Edutainment

For every business, you need to demonstrate why you are the best choice. The question is what is the best model to use for your product or service? While their are many to choose from, one great opportunity is content marketing. The simplicity of infotainment has made household names for many small businesses. The magic comes from touching the decision makers from a distance and not having to educate directly and my guest Joel Erway talks us through the what and the how of becoming the star.


EP 64 – The Swift Kick Show – Close Like A Pro, Yo

Do you suck at sales? Is closing your crutch? It's the businessperson's most needed skill yet asking for the sale chokes people up. No matter how well your presentation is, no matter how you do in building desire, or how well you target your prospect...closing is what separates the hobbyist from the home run hitters. My guest Ryan Stewman is a master closer and he's not ashamed to admit it. Tune in to learn this vital skill.


EP 63 – The Swift Kick Show – The Fitness Business Demystified

Are you fit? I mean, really fit…Well, if you’re interested in the fitness space, it’s one of the fastest growing business but it’s also one of the most common. If you think back to the last time you went to a gym, the trainers are looking to take you to the next level...What if you were one of those trainers. How would you stand out? My guest AJ Mihrzad has built his businesses to be the industry standard in personal fitness. Trainers, or wannabe fitness gurus, this is for you.


EP 62 – The Swift Kick Show – Manufacturing Your E-Com

E-commerce is a difficult business model but one of the most talked about topics currently. What makes the e-com game so interesting is the model itself. The idea you can set up a store, upload pictures of items you never physically own, and sell at a huge margin is exciting. The question is, what goes into building and servicing a business like that? What pitfalls should we be mindful of? How do we become successful? My guest Nathan Resnick breaks down what you should expect, both from...


EP 61 – The Swift Kick Show – Keep It In The Family

When you think about family, how do you connect that up to business? It’s a hard line question for most because blending the two can blur lines between what’s needed and what’s wanted. It’s a slippery slope yet when our kids see the work you do and show interest, what do you do to provide them teachable moments without overburdening them? How do you finesse learning with life? My guest Marquel Chill Gates Russell talks with us about being an entrepreneur and a father with kids interested...


EP 60 – The Swift Kick Show – Three Steps To Increased Performance

If you’re like most of the world, you’re busy but you shouldn't neglect your three basic needs for performance. It doesn't matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, just as long as you work on giving yourself what your mind needs, body needs, and a special need we forget to satisfy. My guest Aimee Tariq is a specialist at increasing performance for every level of entrepreneur and she talks with us about what we need to do and how to make it thoughtless.


EP 59 – The Swift Kick Show – No Holding Back

For the entrepreneur today, we are faced with constant roadblocks. Many gurus on the internet and beyond love to classify these roadblocks as barriers we need to break through. The thing is, breaking through seem to be more in the mind than in the pocketbook, ledger, or bank account. It’s something we face daily and no matter how small or big the situation is, we have to pull ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and move forward to the next challenge. But how do we do it? My guest Larry...


EP 58 – The Swift Kick Show – Invent Your Way To Income

Necessity is the mother of invention. We are idea machines that have a hard time turning off our creative juices but, for us, that is our biggest strength. For the physical product entrepreneurs, they turn their ideas into tangible items that can be sold in stores, shipped from online vendors, or even late night from an infomercial. The question is how do we create something from nothing and sell it to the masses? My guest Donteacia Seymore is the go-to person for just that and she shares...


EP 57 – The Swift Kick Show – Improve Your Messaging

Becoming a consistent voice in your industry is what’s separates the leaders from the lead. When you look at the men and women that move markets, they make it their focus to become top of mind person for a product or service. It’s not just happenstance, but pre-meditated intention and my guest Greg Reid and Immy Tariq discuss with me the ins and outs of making your voice stronger.


EP 56 – The Swift Kick Show – The Blog Your Business Needs

Blogs are boring and useless. Not so. In fact, it’s become one of the vital tools for the entrepreneur that makes staying relevant simple. The fact that content creation helps to inform our clients and customers on what’s trending, what’s we’re doing to help them, and what’s important for them helps to build our authority with little barrier to syndicate. My guest Lyndsay Phillips walks us through the best practices for today’s winning blogs and how you can rise above the noise.


EP 55 – The Swift Kick Show – Life and Love With An Entrepreneur

It’s that time of year. During Valentine’s week, I'd like to bring my special guest to talk business and life. On your journey in entrepreneurship, it helps to have someone that you can bounce ideas off of and share in the tragedies and triumphs you go through. This week, my guest Taniza Holmes-Craggette talks with me on life with an entrepreneur. This is a special engagement.


EP 54 – The Swift Kick Show – Growth Can Be Simple

Simplify and multiply. Every business has growing pains but the ones that succeed becomes the leaders in their industry. Funny thing is, the determining factor to success and failure relies on the commitment to consistent improvement and documentation. We have to crawl before we run but once you’re running, you become unstoppable. My guest Justin Burns is a master at business automation and he breaks down how you can start running before you walk.


EP 53 – The Swift Kick Show – Control Your Own Media For Your Business

As you may know, The Swift Kick Show is a big advocate for business owners to control their own media. Especially if your business is small business. Every bit of content, good or bad, can determine how big of a lifeline a business can have. Outside of the branding possibilities, media opens the door for finding emerging markets and my guest Shadeed Eleazer discusses the ins and out of being media for your business and yourself.


EP 52 – The Swift Kick Show – Automate Customer Acquisition

We’ve talked about client-getting and how it’s an art to be effective but it’s even better to have systems in place to do the heavy lifting for you. Imagine if you only had to work on building your business and provide your product/service exclusively without begging for a customer/client…that would be a game changer. My guest Rochelle Odubela helps businesses globally install automation into their workflows and we discuss it.