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The Tech Smart Boss Podcast - Leveraging Technology to Grow Your Business (On a DIY Budget)

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We discuss how entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even those looking to make that jump into starting a business can leverage technology to grow faster, more efficiently, and be more profitable all on a DIY budget.

We discuss how entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even those looking to make that jump into starting a business can leverage technology to grow faster, more efficiently, and be more profitable all on a DIY budget.
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We discuss how entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even those looking to make that jump into starting a business can leverage technology to grow faster, more efficiently, and be more profitable all on a DIY budget.






Episode 96: 6 Things You Need To Be Doing With Content Marketing Headed Into 2019

Content Marketing is changing and if you're not on top of the changes you will become as obsolete as an Apple Adapter when they release the next iPhone 😂. Just writing good content unfortunately is not good enough anymore. Everyone is doing it and the search engines that used to be promoting you are now competing against you. But there are ways to stay ahead of the curve and still get your message across (and your inbound traffic in). In this episode, I go over how content marketing is...


Episode 95: 7 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

In Episode 60 of the podcast (, I talked about how to use key performance indicators and metrics as levers in your business. One of the things I cautioned about was spending a lot of time tracking vanity metrics. If you are serious about email marketing, and it is a proven sales channel for your business, there are some key metrics that you should monitor (but not until you have a mature email marketing process). In this episode, I go over 7 key metrics,...


Episode 94: 7 Steps to Start Your Own Podcast (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

There are a lot of podcasts out there, hopefully you find the Tech Smart Boss podcast as one of the better ones (I mean at least put me on the right side of the bell curve). One question that I get a lot is how to start a podcast. There's a belief that you have to be a real techie combined with some magic. But it's not really that tough and unless you let perfection be the enemy of progress. In this episode, I go over 7 steps (which could easily have been 21 but I compressed it to 7) so...


Episode 93: 5 Step Checklist to Know If You Need A Website Redesign

There's a lot of bad websites on the Internet. And I'm not just talking about design (although that's a big reason). I'm talking about websites that are not delivering for the businesses that they belong to. Not delivering leads, not delivering credibility, not delivering value to the customers and potential customers who visit them. In this episode, I go over 5 reasons why you probably need to refresh and redesign your website and hopefully this will give you the justification to make the...


Episode 92: 5 Keys To Managing Your Business Expenses (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Many entrepreneurs focus so much on top-line growth (increasing sales revenue) that they fail to miss a major factor in long-term success, keeping gripes on the bottom line (expenses). Unless you are Uber, you really need to manage your business expenses tightly. Cash(flow) rules everything around me (C.R.E.A.M.) is the bootstrapped entrepreneurs mantra (shout out to Wu-tang Clan, I'm not biting, I'm giving respect). In this episode, I go over the 5 key areas that I focus on when it comes...


Episode 54: How To Make Slack the Hub of Communication for Your Tech Smart Business

I've talked about Slack a lot in past podcasts but I've never gone into detail why I use it, how I use it, and how it's transformed my business. And believe it or not, I was initially a huge naysayer to using Slack. In this episode, I go into how I recommend you set up Slack for your business and how I leverage it as the hub of communication for my business.


Episode 53: The Tech Stack You Need to Recruit and Hire Your Team's Next Superstar

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, we wear a lot of hats in our business. One that I don't like wearing as much as the others is the role of hiring people. Thankfully, after 18 years, I've done it enough to nail down a process that works and a set of technology apps that make the task easier and the end result (a great new member of my team) more repeatable. In this episode, I go over my process and the tech stack that I use and hopefully you'll get some ideas on how to improve...


Episode 52: What I've Learned After One Year Of Tech Smart Boss (And How I'm Applying It To My Biz)

Episode 52 represents one year of Tech Smart Boss. My motivation for starting Tech Smart Boss was a combination of passion and for experimenting and learning new techniques that I can apply to my primary focus, my business intelligence software, Yurbi. In this episode, I take a look back at all the things I've done the past year, what I've learned from it, and how I plan to apply it to Yurbi (or ways that I already have). Hopefully, it will generate some takeaways for your business as...


Episode 51: What to Look for in Webinar Software and Why You Should Be Running Webinars in Your Biz

In our past podcasts, we have talked a lot about a content marketing strategy where the focus is to provide value to your customers and potential customers. One way to deliver that value is in the form of education, teaching them about topics in your industry and about your products and services. One of the best ways to do that is via online webinars but it can be tricky to pick the right webinar software with so many options out there. In this episode, I cover why you should be doing...


Episode 50: Recap Show! (A Podcast Table of Contents for the Last 24 Episodes)

Can you believe how fast time flies? We are up to episode 50!!!! I thought it was a good time to take a look back since our last recap show in Episode 25 and see what topics areas we have covered since then and give you a breakdown of what episodes to listen to in what order (or which ones you may have missed). In this episode, I do a recap of the past 24 episodes by category, so if you’re new to the show or if you missed a few, you can follow the proper sequence to hear me talk about...


Episode 49: 9 Key Features You Need in Live Website Chat Software (And How To Best Benefit From It)

These days chat tools are a dime a dozen. But surprisingly a lot of businesses still don't support chat on their website. In this episode, I give you a lot of chat tools to consider and the 5 must haves and 4 nice to haves to help with your selection. But more importantly, I discuss how having a customer-focused business means you must have chat on your website, but it doesn't mean you have to have a team of live agents 24/7 to handle incoming requests. Learn how website chat can benefit...


Episode 48: How to Scale and Automate Your Business (Without Losing the Human Touch)

A large part of being a Tech Smart Boss is being able to use technology to scale and grow your business in ways that have been limited to only big businesses in the past. But we don't want to emulate everything that big businesses do because we all get those impersonal and wrongly delivered messages that come from their automation tools. In this episode, I talk about how you can scale and automate your business but keep the personal touch so that the right messages are going to the right...


Episode 47: How to Leverage Lead and Customer Data Enrichment to Improve Your SmallBiz Marketing

In a couple of the past episodes, we talked about the importance of lead and customer segmentation, so that you can target people with the right message at the right stage. There are services out there that allow you to enrich the data you have on your leads and customers to get even more sophisticated in your segmentation. In this episode, I'm going to discuss the different levels of data enrichment and list multiple options for you to take a look at that range from free to expensive....


Episode 46: Lifetime Software Deals: The Benefits and Dangers for a Tech Smart Boss

I've talked about some of the lifetime software deals that I've purchased in the past but I've never given you the details on what lifetime software deals are all about. In this episode, I let you know what they are, where you can find them, why vendors might do them, and how sometimes they can be a blessing or a buyer beware situation.


Episode 45: The Intersection of Business and Brand with Social and Political Speech

There used to be a saying that you should never mix business with politics. These days, however, that rule seems to have been thrown out of the window. In this episode, I discuss my thoughts on how businesses are getting pulled into more and more social and political issues, the consequences of that, and what I think a Tech Smart Boss should do or at the very least contingency plan for. Warning up front, we don't talk a lot about technology in this episode but you're also not going to hear...


Episode 36: 9 Key Pieces of Tech You Need To Have a Lead Generating Website

In episode 35 we talked about the key things you needed on your website, in this episode we're going to talk about the technology that can help you create and manage it affordably and like a Tech Smart Boss. We cover 9 key pieces of technology you need to create a lead generating website for your business.