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We discuss how entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even those looking to make that jump into starting a business can leverage technology to grow faster, more efficiently, and be more profitable all on a DIY budget.

We discuss how entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even those looking to make that jump into starting a business can leverage technology to grow faster, more efficiently, and be more profitable all on a DIY budget.


Herndon, VA


We discuss how entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even those looking to make that jump into starting a business can leverage technology to grow faster, more efficiently, and be more profitable all on a DIY budget.






Episode 135: How To Reuse Your Existing Content To Drive Sales (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

We talk about using content marketing and inbound marketing as a core Tech Smart Boss strategy. Done properly, this leaves you with a lot of great content, known as evergreen content, that you can share over and over again. You can also repurpose it (and you should) for your sales team. In this episode, I discuss the concept of reusing your content and converting it into sales and marketing collateral to help increase your sales.


Episode 134: How To Get Started With Time Blocking So You Can Be A Productive Tech Smart Boss

Sadly there are only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not even a Tech Smart Boss can do anything about that. But guess what, that is plenty of time. The key is to work smarter, not harder, so there's no excuse for not having time to get stuff done. One method that I use is called Time Blocking and it can help you clear out all the distractions and get to what needs to be done, but it takes some process, some discipline, and some tech. In this episode, I explain the concept of time...


Episode 132: How I Lost Everything On My Laptop And Fully Recovered (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

I just went through the nightmare scenario we all dread, my laptop got completely wiped. Everything gone, brand new OS installed, all data gone. But being a Tech Smart Boss, I was able to get my entire workspace back up and running, without losing anything, in less than a day (and now my laptop is working better than ever). In this episode, I go through the various tools and processes that I used to restore and rebuild my laptop from scratch when I surprisingly lost all my data while...


Episode 131: 5 Step Process To Being A Customer Centric Organization (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

I talk about being customer-centric all the time and frequently complain when I deal with companies that don't have the same approach to customer service that I believe should be delivered. But I've never gone into a step by step on how to become a customer-centric organization. It's like common sense, it's not so common until someone explains it to you. In this episode, I go through my 5 key steps that your organization should do (and continue to do) if you want to become a...


Episode 130: How To Best Use Canned Responses In Your Sales and Support Teams

There are lots of ways to give poor customer support, and one way, to send a canned response to your lead or customer the wrong way. And yes, there is a right way. Leveraging canned responses is a key business process that you need to implement in your business, but done incorrectly and you could be ruining your brand. In this episode, I go over the canned responses that you should implement in your chat, help desk, and sales teams, and how to do it in a way that delights your customers,...


Episode 129: 7 Ways To Thank Your Employees (And Keep Retention High)

You've probably heard the saying "It's cheaper to keep em" in reference to marriage, guess what it applies to employees as well (but only the really good ones, you have to let the bad ones go fast or they can cost you quite a bit). Seriously though, one of the best signs of a mature and profitable company is the retention rate. And in many cases, it's not the salary (alone) that determines if your best team members stay or go. In this episode, I go over 7 tips to show appreciation to your...


Episode 126: How To Introduce Storytelling In Your Brand Marketing

The human brain is hard-wired to relate to stories. And what makes a billion dollar movie like Avengers: Endgame succeed is sticking to a tried and proven storytelling method. The same process of telling a story that helps Hollywood be successful can also be applied to your business, even a small business. In your content and marketing, you can build a brand and engage and convert brand ambassadors, using the same storytelling techniques. In this episode, I talk about the concept of...


Episode 125: How To Improve Your Content Marketing By Pruning Old Content

Why prune a bush? To encourage healthier growth and rejuvenate it. It's a common thing we do to take care of our yard but it's something we rarely think about when it comes to the content on our blog. In fact, content pruning is a necessary thing, and it involves not just getting rid of old content, but in many cases, making old content better so it can grow you some more leads. In this episode, I talk about why you should content prune and how to do it. The end goal, maximize the value of...


Episode 124: 10 Super Easy Ways To Convert More Leads From Your Content

A Tech Smart Boss is always trying to drive more traffic, drive more leads, and drive more sales. But sometimes, the easy place to mine for new gold is to clean up all the gold you dropped and left behind. OK, we're not talking about gold, we're talking about digital gold, website visitors who give you their email information so you can nurture them into leads. And there's a lot of things you can do on your website to improve the conversion rate of your existing traffic without spending a...


Episode 123: How To Use Scrum and Agile Methodology For Non Tech Projects (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

We're all about productivity and getting stuff done as a Tech Smart Boss. Finding that perfect blend of great business process and do it yourself technology to grow your business is what we're all about. To that extent, I'm a big believer that as a small business, you must embrace your strengths, and part of that is being more agile and nimble than your larger competition. You can move faster and in better communication and coordination with your team. Leveraging components of Scrum and...


Episode 122: 8 Essential Components of a Landing Page (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

We talk a lot about content marketing, inbound marketing, lead magnets, search engine optimization, and all the things that enable you to drive leads from your website straight into your sales queue. But we've never gone deep into one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, your landing page. Without a successful landing page, you can drive all the traffic to your site that you want, drive them away that is. You have to have a great landing page to seal the deal and get that visitor to...


Episode 121: 9 Customer Service Metrics a Tech Smart Boss Should Track

If you listen to the podcast, you know there are 2 things I am really passionate about, great customer support and metrics. Not just any metrics, but metrics you can use to make a difference in your business. So you know I was excited to combine both topics in the same episode. In this episode, I go over 9 customer support metrics that you should monitor in your business and most of them your help desk software will not provide you out of the box.


Episode 120: What Is A Kanban Board (And How Does A Tech Smart Boss Use Them)

You may not know it, but odds are that you are using the Kanban project management methodology every day. In all areas of your business; sales, marketing, operations, development, and even in your own personal task management. It's a pretty simple concept, but when you combine the ability to have attributes like stages, priorities, assignees, time estimations, and more with the ease of seeing a task through all the stages of your defined process, Kanban boards are powerful. In this...


Episode 119: 7 Types of Software Your Sales Team Needs In Their Tech Stack

It's been a while since I did a tech stack podcast, so since I've been using some new tools in my sales toolkit, I wanted to do a refresh episode. As with anything, a tech stack depends greatly on the type of business you're in. And in this case, what you're selling. I go over a tech stack that perfect for teams that sell products or services in primarily an Internet, digital marketing way. In this episode, I discuss 7 categories of Tech Smart Boss tools that your sales team needs to be...


Episode 118: 8 Tips To Take Your Customer Support From Good To Great

We talk a lot about providing excellent customer support on the Tech Smart Boss podcast. It's something that should just be the standard for business, but unfortunately, for most organizations, they fall short. In this episode, I go over 8 things that you should be doing from a technology and process perspective to deliver great customer support.


Episode 117: How To Do A/B Testing When You're A Small Business (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

A Tech Smart Boss believes in testing all things. Not just to find out what works, but what doesn't. This applies to our websites as well, but doing A/B testing can require a Ph.D. in mathematics if you do it the way some want you to. As a small business, you probably don't have the traffic to do highly scientific A/B testing and in general, your overall approach is going to be different (primarily focused on finding what works best). In this episode, I go over how to approach A/B testing...


Episode 116: How To Write A Case Study For Your Business (When Your Customer Won't Go On The Record)

Case studies are excellent mid and bottom of the funnel evergreen content. Your potential customers may be ready to buy your product or service, they just need a little extra justification to pull the trigger. Seeing a case study that resonates with them can close the deal. But depending on your industry, it may be difficult to get customers to agree to do case studies. Especially if you are small and your customers are large. But never fear, a Tech Smart Boss always has a way to get the...


Episode 115: How To Outsource Your Content Writing (And Avoid The Pitfalls)

We always talk about Content Marketing on the podcast and how it's typically going to be the best ROI for any bootstrapped business in terms of getting qualified leads. However, Content Marketing takes time, and to do it correctly takes even more time. And time is not something that a Tech Smart Boss has a lot of. So unless you just love to write, you generally have to have someone else write your content. Unless you've reached the stage where you can hire a content team, that typically...


Episode 114: How To Align Your Sales and Support Organizations

Some of your best customer and lead information flows through your support organization, but that valuable intel never reaches your sales team, to help them do their job better. Things such as feedback on competitor products, what they like and don't like about your product or service, key personnel changes in the users of your product and service and more. As a growing business, it's essential to have proper alignment of your sales and support teams, to ensure this doesn't happen. In this...


Episode 113: 5 Things To Do To Increase Your Content Dwell Time (And Your Search Engine Rankings)

One of the signals that Google uses to rank web pages is how long a person stays on that page before popping back into Google to search for the same thing. It's a metric called "Dwell Time." It's an important thing to increase on your website content, not just for Google, but to keep people on your site in general with the goal of converting them into leads. In this episode, I go over 5 things you can do to improve your dwell time, improve search engine rankings, and ultimately converting...