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The Tightrope Podcast speaks to the hopes and dreams of professionals who seek success in meaningful work opportunities.

The Tightrope Podcast speaks to the hopes and dreams of professionals who seek success in meaningful work opportunities.


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The Tightrope Podcast speaks to the hopes and dreams of professionals who seek success in meaningful work opportunities.






The Drive for Meaningful Work

New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink writes that autonomy, mastery, and purpose drive our pursuit of meaningful work. About this episode: "[The idea] that if you simply dangle money in front of people and they will perform better is a fundamentally erroneous proposition." - Daniel Pink Daniel Pink inspires our future of work and meaningful work thought-leadership. The author of DRIVE: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us demonstrates how autonomy, mastery, and purpose lead...


Guiding the Resilient Entrepreneur

Typical entrepreneurs focus on winning funding rounds and scaling revenue. However, one woman is now guiding the Resilient Entrepreneur to make the world a better place. About this episode: "[You] can have a business plan on paper, but then the first day that you start your business, everything changes. So, the skills of how: flexible are you? do you adapt? you take things as not going your way? are learning opportunities." - Regina Bernal, Entrepreneurship Manager for the University of San...


Can Work Make You Healthy?

Can work make you healthy? It's a provocative question with an interesting answer. "I truly believe that work as a medium is the purest way, and perhaps the only way, to think about actually discovering health." - Denise Brouder, Founder of SWAYworkplace As an executive in the financial services sector, Denise Brouder discovered that work can be unhealthful. The demands of a high stress career, and the needs of her young and growing family, made Denise realize that people often suffer ill...


Tribal Lessons Foster Meaningful Work

Serial entrepreneur Isar Meitis' tribal lessons foster meaningful work. About this episode: "In my core, I'm a teacher. If there was a great way to make a living as a teacher, I'd be a teacher. I thrive when I teach." - Isar Meitis, Founder of the e-tribe Isar Meitis' life story and experience are truly inspiring. With a deep passion for teaching and empowering people, Isar provides tribal lessons to manage our time and priorities, be attentive to our family and friends, and still do the...


A Radio Deejay’s Meaningful Work

Discover how a radio deejay's meaningful work is rewarded with a global following for 1970's-era Disco music. About this episode: We travel across-the-pond to chat with Russell White, a London-based executive recruiter who doubles as a radio deejay or presenter playing 1970s-era Disco music. During the day, Russ places professional talent in executive jobs for United Kingdom and European Union companies. But when the sun sets, he becomes Retro Russ. It is behind the microphone where this...


Virtual Professionalism and Meaningful Work

Virtual professionalism is critical to doing meaningful work. About this episode: "Not only are we at an inflection point, what [it feels like to me] is an acceleration of catch-up, because the world is moving in this direction, anyway." - Adrienne Shoch, Workforce Engagement Expert Workforce engagement expert Adrienne Shoch of five to one takes The Tightrope Podcast's listeners through a crash course in virtual professionalism, which is important to doing meaningful work. A key driver to...


Student Leadership and Meaningful Work

Student leadership and meaningful work go together. About this episode: "We're all leaders in some way, shape, or form." -Courtney Owens, Assistant Director of Student Leadership; Ithaca College Office of Student Engagement Student leadership leads to meaningful work. Coincidentally, leadership programming prepares college students for success doing work that protects the planet and empowers people and community. People who develop student leadership skill in college enter the workforce as...


Is Police Work Meaningful Work?

About this episode: "What I do, on a day in and day out basis, is that I am there for them [and just build] relationships and become a trusted companion." -Mike Shochet, Lead Chaplain of the Fairfax County, Virginia Police We are well into June 2020, a month informed by the grotesquely shocking death of George Floyd—under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. That shockwave has led many to call for defunding police departments across the United States. Some now ask: is police work...


Alumni Communities and Meaningful Work

About this episode: "One of the things that [companies] haven't done that we start to see is tell you 'Hey, take a moment and take stock of your life. Where are you? Where do you want to be? And, how do we help you get there?'" -James Sinclair, Chief Executive of EnterpriseAlumni In 2020, a major inflection point in the future of work has emerged. Forward thinking companies that furloughed large numbers of workers are using alumni communities to engage their cast-offs through skill...


Homes and Hops: A Realtor Becomes the Ambassador for Her City’s Craft Brewers

About this episode: "Studies have shown that [craft] breweries have a positive impact on residential real estate sales. And over the past 5 years, we've had several breweries pop up in our area." -Lisa Resnick, Realtor, Craft Brewers Ambassador, and Host of Homes and Hops Podcast It’s the first week of June 2020 and, across the country, local businesses are reemerging to service a public that’s been homebound since early March. In Youngstown, Ohio, local businesses—especially breweries—are...


Summer Camp: Where Fun and Friendship Lead to Meaningful Lives and Careers

About this episode: "We see a lot of people do well in their [adult] careers who, coincidentally, did well in their careers at camp. I have no data, other than the anecdotal experiences of the time [we spent] there. But you see people who rose to leadership positions in camp and were viewed as successful staff members that have had successful careers in whatever they were doing after camp." -Stuart Katz, Founder and President of Elm City Communications The Memorial Day Weekend marked the...


Onboarding: Helping New Hires Achieve Success in the “Work From Home” Age

About this episode: “Forty percent of new leaders fail in their first 18 months, defined as getting fired, forced out, or quit. [Our work over the last 18 years] has reduced that failure rate from 40 percent to less than 10 percent.” -George Bradt, Founder & Chairman of PrimeGenesis A new hire failure can cost a company up to 20 times the person’s salary, benefits, and placement fee. Early in his career, George Bradt discovered that the way most companies integrated newly hired professionals...


Why Water Matters: A Global Expert Explains its Importance in Life and the Future of Work

About this episode: “When I started my career, I worked for a gentleman, David Miller. The name of the company was Geraghty & Miller, and, he said ‘[If] you want a career in water, it will last forever, it will last a lifetime, because it is a public health issue.’” -Will Sarni, Founder and CEO Water Foundry, LLC Our planet is covered mostly in water. And yet scarcity of clean, potable water remains the planet's biggest problem. Will Sarni has built an impressive career as a world-recognized...


Facial Coding: Use it to Read People on Zoom

You can use facial coding to read people on Zoom. About this episode: "Even a person born blind emotes the same way as you or I. [It is hard-wired into the brain] and the face is the only place on the body where the muscles attach right to the skin." - Dan Hill, Ph.D. It is hard enough to be face-to-face with another person, to read their facial expressions and determine what they are truly thinking and feeling. And, you have likely discovered how much harder that process becomes when we are...


New Realities: A Financial Consultant Offers Insight on Money and the Future of Work

About this episode: "Your question about how do you deal with all this stuff? The answer is just like anything else: with a good counselor, the most important thing that they can do is shut up and listen." -Steven M. Oriol, Chartered Financial Consultant It is Week 7 of sheltering in place. It’s also the last week of April 2020. Those of us who got a paycheck this week are doing the best we can to use our time well. Others of us, who were furloughed from our jobs, may be struggling,...


A Tourism-Dependent Island Nation Seeks Aid and a Meaningful Work Future

About the episode: "You cannot create a diverse economy and just put it on every island. What you need to make sure is that you understand the USPs—the Unique Selling Points—of an island, not only for tourism, but also for what is going on in nature, the availability of technology, and the self sustaining options on the island." - Bianca Peters, Island Impact People who work in American tourism and hospitality jobs are truly suffering, because their industries shut down in the wake of the...


As America Makes: Additive Manufacturing is Driving the Future of Work

About this episode: "Never before, in the history of manufacturing, can you impact a supply chain with a piece of equipment in your garage or your home office. ... You have the opportunity to build something special and make that a career." -Andrew Resnick, America Makes In the fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus, some people are sewing face masks and brewing hand-sanitizer. Others are tinkering with additive technology like 3D printers, to make protective face shields for health care...


Lessons from the e-tribe: Working from Home Can Be Successful and Rewarding

About this episode: "In my core, I'm a teacher. If there was a great way to make a living as a teacher, I'd be a teacher. I thrive when I teach." - Isar Meitis, Founder of the e-tribe As of this episode, we are in Week 4 of sharing time, broadband, and square footage with loved ones and other household members. Work before the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis was tough enough; now, all of us struggle to make telework successful and rewarding. To that end, our guest on The Tightrope Podcast Isar...


Virtual Professionalism: The Future of Work’s Key Learning Component

About this episode: "Not only are we at an inflection point, what [it feels like to me] is an acceleration of catch-up, because the world is moving in this direction, anyway." - Adrienne Shoch, Workforce Engagement Expert In this episode, we build on the key learning provided by Carla Fleming of Pivoting Strategies, LLC. Carla uses time-management hacks to make remote-office work productive and successful. Workforce engagement expert Adrienne Shoch, of 5 to 1 Consulting, builds on those...


Working Remotely: How the COVID-19 Coronavirus is Pivoting People and the Future of Work

About this episode: "An inflection point is something that can have a seismic effect on what we call a 10x impact on the business model as you know it today. When we sit back and look at what we are doing with COVID-19, I would say we are at an inflection point right now." - Carla A. Fleming, CEO and Founder of Pivoting Strategies Carla Fleming has teleworked for half of her business career. And over that time, she developed and perfected time-management hacks that render the remote-work day...