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The Dan Smolen Podcast helps people navigate the future of work to do work that is profound, protects the planet, empowers people, and is fun to do–meaningful work.

The Dan Smolen Podcast helps people navigate the future of work to do work that is profound, protects the planet, empowers people, and is fun to do–meaningful work.


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The Dan Smolen Podcast helps people navigate the future of work to do work that is profound, protects the planet, empowers people, and is fun to do–meaningful work.






A Brilliant Future at Transformed Workplaces

Future of work thought-leader Nellie Hayat describes a brilliant future at transformed workplaces. Nellie is the Head of Workplace Transformation for VergeSense. Her mission is to empower companies to reimagine their workplaces so that their talent thrive in them, wherever they may be located. Since the start of Covid lockdowns one year ago, the American workplace has permanently changed. No longer do the majority of workforce professionals commute to co-located offices. Now, many prefer to...


Novel Venues Reimagine the Workplace

Dan Rosenzweig appears on the podcast, to describe how novel venues reimagine the workplace. There are many players in co-working. But among them, KettleSpace turned a glaring problem, underutilized spaces such as hotel lobbies and restaurants, into dazzling places to work. As co-founder of KettleSpace, Dan wants to give people who work: "[the opportunity] to choose their WHERE, so that they can achieve and focus on their WHYs." Currently in the United States, over one billion square feet of...


Can Grief Influence Career Choices?

As we leave 2020 behind, we ask: can grief influence career choices? Meet New York Times best-selling author Hope Edelman. Through a series of books starting with Motherless Daughters, Hope helps people turn grief into a healing and meaningful experience. Now, her latest book, The AfterGrief, gets grieving people to a place a positivity and purpose: "There really are only two stages of grief that people care about: there's the stage where you feel really bad and then there's the stage where...


Designing Work From Home Space

Designing work from home space is mission critical in the age of the pandemic and the future or work. Leah Margolis Nathan is responding to her clients' needs for intentional space to work and conduct Zoom meetings. Based in Saratoga, New York, Leah helps her clients to brilliantly reimagine their square footage to live and work. What is more, she carves out beautiful and functional areas for kids in the household to participate in virtual classroom instruction. In this wide ranging episode,...


The Rise of Independent Work

In 2021, the rise of independent work will benefit people who compete for business with large firms and agencies. Laura Marella co-founded Overflow to help solo-entrepreneur marketing and strategy professionals succeed. As a business accelerator and professional community, Overflow provides independent professionals with specialized tools and resources that they need to compete effectively with big enterprises. What is more, Overflow connects "indies" to a large and growing ecosystem of...


Volunteer Programs Benefit Careers

Volunteer programs benefit careers and extend corporate social responsibility. As the CEO of Realized Worth, Angela Parker leads an organization that inspires professionals at AT&T, Deloitte, Microsoft, Walmart and other companies with meaningful volunteer program engagements. "Volunteering can be a safe and non-threatening space where we encounter our own humanity." Nearly one year separated from workplace colleagues, people who work are seeking involvement in meaningful leadership...


Career Coaching Empowers Professionals

Following a year of workforce disruption, career coaching empowers professionals to succeed in life and work. Rich Gee is arguably one of the-most successful career coaches in the United States. As principal the of Rich Gee High Performance Coaching, he empowers professionals to improve their on-the-job results and career outcomes. Incidentally, when he encounters clients for the first time, Rich asks a bold question: "[There are] people who make things happen. And there are people who watch...


Unleash the Remote Workforce

Darren Murph works to unleash the remote workforce. As GitLab's Director of Remote Work, Darren is "the voice in the room" that evangelizes the trailblazing company's remote work operating model. What is more, he authored The GitLab Remote Work Playbook, which over 80,000 people around the globe have downloaded. As 2021 unfolds, positive forces of change will unleash the remote workforce. Those forces will enable millions of people to live and work wherever they please. And in doing so, they...


Space to Live and Work

The new year and the pandemic inform how we use space to live and work. It turns out that one good thing happened in 2020. Because we sheltered in place for weeks and months, we discovered that we could work successfully from home or in a hybrid combination of traditional and untraditional work spaces. In 2021, how we use space to live and work will be entirely up to us. During the early pandemic months, millions of people left big cities for anywhere else. They bought homes in suburbs,...


Comedy Empowers Veterans Careers

Comedy empowers veterans careers: see how ASAP's novel stand-up comedy training program helps the people who served enjoy meaningful lives and work. The Armed Services Arts Partnership or ASAP is a nonprofit organization that uses stand-up comedy training to empower people to connect with beautiful dreams and meaningful work. ASAP cultivates community and growth among veterans, service members, military families, and caregivers through the arts. But their real impact is in liberating people...


What Does It Mean to Work?

In the Spring of 2017, we interviewed noted labor historian and academic David Jacobs, and we asked him: what does it mean to work? Nearly four years have passed since we interviewed Professor Jacobs, and yet very little in the workforce has changed. People who work still have to place their financial concerns above all other considerations. And yet, in this interview, Professor Jacobs describes the ways that our work can become meaningful and fulfilling. In this episode, we discuss: What...


Discover Your Personality Type

When you discover your personality type, you can benefit in the future of work doing meaningful work. Globally recognized Myers-Briggs expert Edythe Richards returns to The Dan Smolen Podcast. By administering Myers-Briggs assessments, she helps people enjoy better life and work experiences. In this episode, Edythe takes us through the utility and benefits of a Myers-Briggs assessment by reviewing Dan Smolen's personality type results. To that end, knowing your Myers-Briggs type can help you...


Platform Engages Former Employees

As the pandemic rages on and unemployment spikes, one online platform engages former employees. Forward thinking brands that must furlough large numbers of people use online alumni community platforms. They help former headcount develop new skill, find jobs at other companies, or return to the company in new full-time employment roles or contracting assignments. To that end, alumni communities engage former employees, because of tech innovators like James Sinclair. He is the co-founder of...


Two Headhunters Discuss Recruiting

In this episode, two headhunters discuss recruiting. During 1998, Victoria James and Dan Smolen both entered the executive recruiting field. After 20 years, Dan moved on to future of work thought-leadership and podcasting, However, Victoria still enjoys a great run in placing executive-level candidates. Victoria is the founder and president of Victoria James Executive Search. Her company is a nationally recognized recruitment firm that places top marketing and sales executives across the...


Localism Shapes the Future of Work

One thing is clear: localism shapes the future of work. This week, we re-visit our 2018 interview with Doug Ross and Morley Winograd. They are, with Mike Hais, the co-authors of the book Healing American Democracy: Going Local. When Joe Biden becomes President on January 20, 2021, he will engage with a deeply divided government. Meantime, real governing power is "going local" by moving to our nation's city councils and county boards. And besides, local lawmakers, not the president nor...


Ditch the Monthly Unemployment Report

Let's ditch the monthly unemployment report. On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden assumes the U.S. Presidency. But, right now, Mr. Biden focuses time and energy on forming task forces to mitigate the spread of COVID. He will also put in place the supply chain necessary to deliver a vaccine to some 330 million Americans. COVID will consume the new president's early days and months in office. But, the economic pain of American workers also factors. Already, President-elect Biden's transition team is...


Emotional Intelligence and Hybrid Work

Subject-matter expert Edythe Richards explains the connection between Emotional Intelligence and Hybrid Work. Emotional intelligence or EQ helps people to be aware of, control, and express their emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. As the pandemic continues into a tenth month, nearly 8 out of every 10 full-time workers have shifted to remote or hybrid work settings. EQ helps them to seek a clear understanding of others who also work in separate...


Create Hybrid Workplace Presence

Workforce expert Adrienne Shoch joins the podcast to encourage us to create hybrid workplace presence. "[We are] constantly helping people get comfortable with certainty. It likes the same thing. It likes routines and all kinds of things. And, we don't live like that, anymore." Adrienne Shoch of five to one in Washington, D.C. is a brilliant thought-leader in workforce and the future of work. A frequent guest, she returns to The Dan Smolen Podcast to help us make the hybrid workplace model,...


Workforce Revolution Supports Hybrid Work

One key outcome in how we work and where we work is fast emerging: a workforce revolution supports hybrid work. The radical shift in our podcast's branding inspired us to explore deeply the suddenly changing nature of work. Not surprisingly, we found that hybrid work has emerged as the way many of us will operate, splitting time each week between home and office. "[The revolutionary forces] unleashed by the pandemic are numerous. But the-most notable paradigm shift is that people who work...


Future of Work in Hybrid Work

Workforce thought-leader Dan Smolen believes that the future of work is in hybrid work. This week, we dig into fresh workforce market research sponsored by Owl Labs and Global Workplace Analytics. Their study provides a snapshot of a post-COVID workforce that splits its time between home and office. "Now, as millions of people return to the office, they recognize that the office-only workplace has become a relic of the past. With more offices resuming operation, four out of every five [of...