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The Traffic and Funnels Show is the best show on the planet for client businesses to learn about traffic, funnels, sales, conversions, and marketing coolness. Chris and Taylor are the founders of Traffic and Funnels, a digital marketing consultancy helping you get paid clients from cold traffic, daily.

The Traffic and Funnels Show is the best show on the planet for client businesses to learn about traffic, funnels, sales, conversions, and marketing coolness. Chris and Taylor are the founders of Traffic and Funnels, a digital marketing consultancy helping you get paid clients from cold traffic, daily.


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The Traffic and Funnels Show is the best show on the planet for client businesses to learn about traffic, funnels, sales, conversions, and marketing coolness. Chris and Taylor are the founders of Traffic and Funnels, a digital marketing consultancy helping you get paid clients from cold traffic, daily.




Productivity vs Effectiveness

Not only have I multiplied my output, became far more effective, and am “moving the needle” at a rate I never thought possible (without resorting to working longer and working harder)… Our team is producing at a whole new level and our clients are seeing similar results in their own businesses by using the all-new Productivity Pack. In fact, whenever a client makes this tweak… their earning potential skyrockets! If you want REAL control over your schedule and income… Go here now and I’ll...


How to Increase Your Productivity (and obliterate your goals)

If I grabbed your planner and started perusing, there’s a really good chance that half of the things on your to do list for the week shouldn’t even be there. Everything you do throughout the day needs to contribute to your big goals and what you really want out of life. So, forget your fancy calendar tech and new flashy task app, grab an old fashioned pen and paper (the richest people in the world still hand write all of their notes, journals, and thoughts) and let’s look at some ways you...


The Two Main Components of Sales with Payton Welch

This clip was pulled from our Weekly sales clinic for private clients. In this episode, Payton Welch teaches on the two main components of sales, role plays with a client, and teaches tactics and mindsets that will help you close/enroll more clients and create more revenue in your business. Find more great episodes at


Your Most Important Core Asset for Success with Seth Ellsworth

Your Most Important Core Asset for Success is the way you think about yourself. Seth is one of our coaches at Traffic and Funnels and shares a fantastic lesson on the main thing you should be focused on every day.


Are You Worthy of the Goals You're Setting?

In this episode, Taylor shares some tough love from a recent Facebook Live video.


How to Deal with Trauma in your Life and Business

Everything is temporary. If you look back at the seasons, difficulties, and problems that you’ve encountered - 99% of the time, we inflate and insert permanence into something that is actually a 3 second dunk underwater. We lose objectivity when we believe that temporary setbacks or traumatic events are going to last forever. We can’t recognize it’s temporary, so we lose our composure and begin to splash around in a situation that really doesn’t last that long and definitely won’t be...


Client Interview: From Youtuber to 2-Comma-Club

In this client interview special, we’re chatting with one of our amazing ELITE clients, Aleric Heck. Aleric started out on YouTube 10 years ago by building the largest app review channel on the platform, AppFind, with over 400k subscribers. He discovered the power of YouTube Ads 5 years ago and ran highly profitable campaigns for dozens of companies all over the world. Now, he helps entrepreneurs & marketers harness the power of YouTube Ads to grow & scale their businesses through...


The 3 A’s of Long-Term Growth

In this episode, Taylor and Chris wrap on The 3 A’s of Long-Term Growth - Agreements, Appreciation, Achievement. For more information and a full list of all of our products, head over to


Client Interview: From ZERO Leads to Boutique Growth

In this client interview special, we’re chatting with one of our amazing ELITE client, Ahmad Munawar. Ahmad is a family man, the founder of Boutique Growth, creator of the 90 Day Pipeline™, and a long-time follower of Chris, Taylor, and the Traffic and Funnels crew. In 2017, Ahmad was looking for a way to bring the right clients into his business consistently and, after spending a lot of money on Facebook, building a webinar, and doing all of the “right” things, he had ZERO leads. After...


4 Things to Do When Things Don't Go Your Weigh

Have you ever been in a situation where things didn’t go your way? If you’re stuck in thinking that things are always going to work out in your favor, you need to realize that they’re not, and you’re not going to die if they don’t. In this episode of the Traffic and Funnels Show, Chris and Taylor detail out 4 specific things to do when things don’t go your way. Write these down and save them for future reference, because we guarantee you’ll need them ;) Most of this comes down to your...


Client Interview: From Corporate Advertiser to Next Level Artisan Business Coach

This is the first of many client interviews that you’ll be hearing on the Traffic and Funnels Show. We help so many different types of businesses that we decided to start showcasing our amazing clients, their stories, and what they’re doing to make a huge impact on the world. Molly Elmore started her career in corporate advertising and climbed the ladder over the years. After the culture started shifting at the company she was working for, she decided to turn her side hobby of soap-making...


Get Your Priorities in Order (Family First)

As a parent, a spouse, and a business owner, it’s crucial that you understand how to prioritize. Let’s face it. We, as business owners, are crazy. We come up with one thousand ideas every day and try to implement them before anyone else as we constantly strive for that next level or milestone of achievement. The negative side of this is that sometimes, we can lose sight of what is actually important along the way. Are you putting work and business over your family, kids, spouse, etc? The...


Building For the Future (2020 Vision)

There has never been a better time to build for the future than the beginning of a new decade. You have the opportunity to build things today that will set you up for decades to come. Whether it’s climbing the ladder of success, providing for your family, or making a bigger impact on the world, it all starts with your vision. In this episode, Chris and Taylor share some of their vision for 2020 and what they’ve learned so far. The new year is bringing all sorts of new things to the Traffic...


The Only Way to Get What You Want (Moral Authority)

How important is motive in our behavior? How important is it for your prospects to know that you care about them? To know that you have their best interest in mind. Spoiler alert - it’s literally EVERYTHING. It all comes down to empathy. When you have a big mission, you can let go of the outcome of the “sale” and you can fully zoom in on the thoughts, needs, and feelings of the person who needs your help. In this exclusive episode of the Traffic and Funnels show, Taylor trains some of the...


Accessing Your Alter Ego

Who are your heroes? What is it about them that inspires you? What if you could embody the very best characteristics of the people you look up to most and become a better entrepreneur, father, husband, friend? In this exclusive clip from a Traffic and Funnels sales meeting, Anthony Aramini teaches on harnessing the power of your alter ego to make you an unstoppable force in every area of your life. Some highlights from today’s show:


How to Adjust When Things Go Wrong (Inverted Thinking)

What do you do when things go wrong? Believe it or not, not everything always goes right here at Traffic and Funnels. Contrary to what you might think, we actually get things wrong. Often. As entrepreneurs, it’s very easy for us to become emotionally compromised - when you get that dreaded email that a client isn’t happy and leaving, or you get a call from your finance department that you’re not in the black and you’re actually in the red this month… Usually, this happens because your...


EXCLUSIVE: Learn Sales from the Master (T-Money)

How many times have you gotten on a call that feels like a great fit, only to have the individual throw a barrage of excuses and objections while they slowly back out of the door? "I want to think about it..." In this episode, Taylor demonstrates proven tactics to silence objections, reassure the prospect, and close the sale. It’s your responsibility to stop letting people make decisions based on fear. Some highlights from this show: If you want more INSANE value from us, head over to...


How to Up-Level Your Thinking with Chris Evans

How you think determines how you feel. How you feel determines how you act. If you aren’t getting the results you want in your business (or life), it’s time to take a couple of steps back and look at your thinking. In this episode, Chris reveals three powerful ways to increase your levels of thinking, including looking at your macro and micro inputs, and how to leverage worst-case scenario thinking to get you the results you want. Some highlights from this show: If you want to get your...


How to Thrive in Pressure

Stress can either be your greatest source of destruction or one of your most powerful tools for success. Let the pendulum swing to either side of the spectrum and you die, but power is found when you learn to create balance and leverage stress as your ally. In this episode, Taylor teaches on the upside of stress, and shares a sneak peek of his Morning Formula, statements he reads every single morning that have helped to shape the success of Traffic and Funnels. Want “Insider Access” to our...


All of Our Clients Are Throwing Up

How do you handle your “off” days? When things are less than optimal, we can tend to “suck it up,” keep it to ourselves, or just push through. Truth - you cannot have awareness about your business unless you take things that are internal and make them external. In this quick episode, Chris Evans shares some incredible nuggets that will help you create clarity as we head into 2020. Want “Insider Access” to our Seven-Figure per month Consulting Business? Sign up for Insider’s Access Monthly...