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Episode 008 - It’s a lie I tell you

We hear many different marketing myths and lies on a regular basis. We read about them or hear them and we just don’t believe them. Here is the truth - if we believe them and apply them it can do much harm to our business. In this episode podcast host Justin Widdop faces these lies up and addresses the 8 myths you may be believing about the marketing for your business.


Episode 007 - Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

Leadership guru John Maxwell says that “everything rises and falls on leadership” and if that is true we all need to be growing the skill of how to lead well. In this podcast I talk to Julian Clark from The 19 Project on how we can be better leaders and how we can not only develop ourselves but how can we can develop others from within our organisation. Website Facebook


Episode 006 - Happy! Happy! Happy!

Can you really choose to be happy? Yes. You absolutely can says Jo Howarth. Running a business can be hard work and take its strain so how can you stay happy and positive even when things are tough? In this podcast I talk to J, who runs the impressive Happiness Club where she focusses on one thing – helping people be happy. Website Facebook Twitter Free Mini Meditation eBook


Episode 005 - Smashing it on Facebook!

Facebook and video are two of the most powerful online tools when it comes to getting your brand recognised and today we talk to Gavin Bell, who specialises in both. Gavin is an award-winning vlogger, speaker and has been titled the UK’s leading Facebook advertising consultant. Not only does he help brands across the world get great results online he is a much sought-after vlogger with some of his videos hitting 6 figure views. It’s a must...


Episode 004 - Love it or Hate it – We are Talking About it, Sales!

There is no getting around it, no matter what your business, there is one thing we all have to do and that is sell. Some of us love it and some of us loathe it, yes today we are talking about sales. Join me and sales expert Steve Knapp as we talk all things sales. How can I improve? What sales strategies can I put in place for my business? Should I be setting sales goals? We answer this and more. So, come on people, let’s talk about sales. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter


Episode 003 - Making the Most of LinkedIn

Are you using LinkedIn to grow your business? If not, it’s time for change. As one of the leading social platforms your business has the potential to reach an audience of 1000’s of potential clients. Hear from LinkedIn guru Naomi Johnson on how to maximise LinkedIn for you and your business. This episode is full of tips, advise and 3 strategies you need to apply to start to use the power of LinkedIn to generate leads for your business. Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter YouTube


Episode 002 - Work is a Stress, Get Me Out of Here!

We’re busy, you’re busy, in fact everyone’s busy. We all have lots to do, lots of pressure and ever increasing to do lists. Running a business can be heavy pressure, in fact it’s one of the most challenging and stressful things that you can choose to do. How do you deal with the pressure you face and ensure life is not one big stress? Tony Leeke helps us understand more about the subject of stress, how we can overcome it and instead of enduring what we do, enjoy...


Episode 001 - Can Anyone Start a Podcast?

Content is king and one of the most influential marketing methods available. Podcasts are full of great content and with more and more podcasts appearing on a daily basis they really are showing their value. Lee Jackson unpacks how he has launched a super popular podcast and how you too can make this happen. Can anyone start a podcast? Find out! Website Facebook Facebook Group Twitter Rev Fiverr Audacity Ecam call recorder Skype Zoom Libsyn


Episode Zero

It’s here, episode 000 of The Unstuck Show. A 5-minute introduction podcast to who we are and what we are about. Enjoy!