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Helping You Get Paid in a Complex Healthcare World

athenaCollector originated out of the need to simplify revenue cycle management so that you can focus on what matters: delivering high quality care. We’re focused on how to help healthcare organizations collect more from health plans and patients in less time and with less work. Learn from Brian Bhuta, vice president of product management about how we’re simplifying revenue cycle management in this episode of the VantagePoint Podcast by athenahealth.


Our Customer Success Model: Partnering with Clients to Improve Their Performance

How do we help our clients navigate the constantly evolving and complicated healthcare industry? Listen to this episode of the VantagePoint podcast as Bret Connor, athenahealth’s senior vice president of customer success, shares how we advocate for the success of our clients, help drive a transformation in performance, and deliver a great client experience.


Redesigning User Experience in Health IT

Why is the health IT industry so far behind the curve when it comes to providing a cutting-edge, intuitive, consumer experience? athenahealth's chief experience officer, Scott Mackie, tells us more about user experience and health IT, including what health IT providers can learn from other industries who have succeeded at simplifying complex subject matter, putting the needs of the user first. Listen in to hear more about how athenahealth is leading the charge in making health IT simpler...


Treating Patients as Consumers

On this episode of the VantagePoint we're talking with athenahealth's resident experts, Kara Emerson and Curtis Sherbo, on how they're helping organizations empower patients to engage with their health and achieve better outcomes. Most of a patient’s care takes place outside of an appointment. Here at athenahealth, we're committed to keeping patients engaged in their care, beyond a scheduled appointment. Our teams use personalization, data, insights, behavioral analytics, and more to...


Opening Up the Network

On this episode we talk about interoperability, why data exchange matters to patient care, and some of the product innovations in our pipeline that are opening up our network. Tune in to hear Evan Grossman, Vice President of Integration Services, talk more about the work we're doing to be the most connected healthcare network in the country and how you'll experience the benefits of that work in your healthcare practice this year.


Freeing You to Do What Matters

We're focused in 2018 on freeing you to do what matters. Tune in to learn more about the work we're doing behind the scenes to take work off your plate. On this episode, Matt Levesque, Senior Vice President of Core Services Delivery, shares his perspective on how athenahealth identifies the biggest pain points for clients, what we're doing to take on that administrative burden on our clients' behalf, and how we can do even more for our clients in 2018 and beyond.


athenahealth in 2018 and Beyond

In our first episode of the VantagePoint, our host, Jay Roxe, talks with Kyle Armbrester, Chief Product Officer, about what we’re working on in 2018 at athenahealth.