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VA Podcast Ep33 | Business, Podcasts and Marketing Yourself as an Authority w/Neka Williams |

Neka and I sit down today to talk about virtual assistance, podcasts and provide tips on how to use Facebook groups to market yourself as an authority on your area of expertise. Neka Williams is a virtual assistant and virtual assistant coach at Neka Said. At the young age of 27 she has built a successful virtual assistant business and now helps other women do the same. After becoming a teen mom and also dealing with the hardships of raising a special needs son she realized working a 9 to 5...


VA Podcast Ep 032 | Do Taboo Topics Work?

Welcome to episode 032 of the Virtually Awesome Podcast! Today we're exploring if taboo and unspeakable topics and themes work on a podcast, and a few little tips and trick on how you can tip the balance in your favor. Wanna know more about DIY Podcasting for Activated Advocates and Change Makers? Check it out here: Join the Free FB Community at Contact Ashleigh at:


VA Podcast Ep 031 | Lounge Room Chat | Comparison-itis

Welcome to episode 031 (how did we get to 031 so quickly?!) this episode a casual check-in chat with Ashleigh and Scott and something of a confession... with sweary words and, to clarify "the noise" you'll hear in the background is NOT (according to Scotty) a natural bodily function, but his chair squeaking. ... you can make your own conclusions on that one! Connect with us in the podcasters collective facebook group here:


VA Episode 30 | Your Key To Success: Mental Health In Business with Nicol Herd |

Nicol and I sit down here to talk about mental health in business and the importance of being able to look after your mental health and knowing what works for you so that you can be the best person in business that you can be. Nicol is a Business Strategist who inspires businesswomen, to achieve results with courage and confidence. She encourages her clients to create sustainable practices by understanding behaviours and strengths to allow the businesswoman to flourish in their business and...


VA Podcast Ep 29 | Being A Star In Your Industry Is A Matter Of Boundaries In Business w/ Ellen Ronalds Keene

Ellen and I discuss wellbeing in business and the important things that business owners need to take into account to ensure they look after themselves. This then leads into a discussion about boundaries; more specifically email boundaries and the benefits that employing email boundaries provides. Ellen Ronalds Keene is a teacher turned entrepreneur who is passionate about education, health & wellbeing, podcasts, and cafe breakfasts. She splits her time between teaching wellbeing business...


VA Podcast Ep 28 | The Truth Is It's Not A Silver Bullet w/ Ellen Ronalds Keene |

Ellen and I discuss a story about one of Ellen’s clients where that client is frustrated at the lack of downloads that their podcast has received. This story then leads into a discussion about business and self-worth and how podcasting is a long-term strategy where you shouldn’t get disheartened early on. Ellen Ronalds Keene is a teacher turned entrepreneur who is passionate about education, health & wellbeing, podcasts, and cafe breakfasts. She splits her time between teaching wellbeing...


VA Podcast Ep 027 | 30 Episodes in 30 Days...Experiment Results | Solo Show

Welcome to episode 027 of the Virtually Awesome Podcast. In this short minisode, Ashleigh talks about the experiment she undertook to turn the VA Podcast into a daily show for 30 days - listen in to hear about the challenges, the insights and the results! Join the Podcasters Collective FB Community at


VA Podcast Ep 026 | Should You Invoice Podcast Guests?

Welcome to episode 026 of the Virtually Awesome Podcast! Today we're looking at an interesting, juicy and somewhat controversial question that's been flying around the interwebs: Should you charge your podcast guests for the privilege of being on your show? We're busting myths, having a chat, looking at a poll and continuing this conversation over in our free community - join us and add your 2c worth at


VA Podcast Ep 025 | Don't Do This to Your FB Group!

Welcome to episode 025 of the Virtually Awesome Podcast! Today is a touch of a rant, mixed with the crazy idea of making your FB group a place where members can EASILY engage and have conversations! Wanna check out Sonja's podcast we gave a shout out to at the start of the show? Check it out here: Join our free community at


VA Podcast Ep 024 | Monetising Podcasts w/ Michelle Jackson |

In this episode, I sit down with Money Podcaster and Colorado Aficionado Michelle Jackson. We discuss how Michelle got into podcasting and also the strategies that she uses in order to monetise her podcasts. Michelle Jackson is a personal finance influencer focused on helping GenX and older Millennial Women improve their finances, and unapologetically earn more money. She is the author of the upcoming book "Unsexy: A Savage AF Money Story-For those of you still on your financial journey."...


VA Podcast Ep 023 | The Reality of Starting a Podcast w/ Samantha Siffring

In this interview, I talk with Samantha Siffring about the realities of starting a podcast and the sorts of decisions that she needs to make in the process of setting up her podcast. Samantha owns where she is a business consultant and coach for moms with online businesses. She started as a coach after struggling to find her identity after becoming a mother and now is very passionate about helping other moms build businesses from home and balance entrepreneurship with...


VA Podcast Ep 022 |How You Can Turn Firing Clients into Success | Solo Show

Welcome to episode 022 of the Virtually Awesome Podcast! In this episode, Ashleigh shares her experience of firing a client at the beginning of her Virtual Assistant business, and the lessons she learned and the impact working with a mismatched client can have. Take Ashleigh's mistake and learn from them! Join the free FB Community at


VA Podcast Ep 021 | How to Win Clients and Influence Markets with Your Branding | Expert Showcase with Julie Gibbons

Welcome to episode 21of the Virtually Awesome Podcast! This time, we're getting back to basics and chatting with beautiful branding expert, Julie Gibbons from Tractor Girl. In this episode we had a lively convo about: More About Julie: Julie Gibbons guides people who are challenged with design and the tech to do it, so they can create branding that is distinctive and beautiful with consistency and ease. Her purpose is to help them say exactly who they are and what they're about, so...


VA Podcast Ep 020 | #RANTYPANTS | Don't Throw Your Clients Under the Proverbial Bus!

Welcome to episode 20 of the Virtually Awesome Podcast with your host, Ashleigh Rae. Today's episode is a bit of a rant, and comes from a real experience that happened earlier in the week - if you have stories like this, we wanna know about it! Join the FB Community at and share your industry pet peeves, it might just be something we all need to learn, or it might just spread awareness to stop it happening! Check us out in these cool...


VA Podcast Ep 019 | Telling Your Story w/ Linda Bonney

This special episode features fellow podnerd and #podjunkie, Linda Bonney. In this interview, Linda and I delve deeper into how you tell the story of yourself. We tell stories about ourselves in short form and show how important it is to be able to express yourselves and educate your audience along the way All important when you're being the guest of a podcast! You can sign up for our collaborative webinar on how to make the most of being a podcast guest here:...