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015: Current Trends, Normalization, Approaching an Agent

SHOW NOTES On Episode 15, we discuss current read style trends in the VO industry, The Pros and Cons of Normalization, and how to know when you are ready to approach VO Agencies. This is the last episode of 2017 before we take a break, thank you so much for listening to the show during this first run of episodes, and a special thanks to everyone who submitted questions and all of my guests! If you haven't listened to all of the episodes, I'd strongly encourage you to go back and listen as...


014: Guest Bill DeWees - Conversational Reads, Silence between Phrases, Consistent Marketing Plans

On Episode 014, Guest Co-Host Bill DeWees joins the show to discuss Marketing, Conversational Read Styles, having silence between phrases in a read, and developing a consistent plan for marketing your business. Bill is a professional VO Talent who has voiced projects for clients including Chevrolet, Dell, Best Buy, Exxon Mobil, and many more. Bill is also a VO Coach and Demo Producer and offers great free resources for VO Talent in addition to premium offerings. Timestamps 01:18 -...


013: Guest John Florian - Versatility as a Pro Talent, Selecting a Mic, How to go Full-Time

On Episode 013, Guest Co-Host John Florian Joins the show. John is the creator of VoiceOverXtra, a leading online publication for the Voice-Over Community, featuring articles, blogs, podcasts, webinars and more great content and resources for VO Talent. John and I discuss ongoing education as a talent, networking, versatility, how to select a mic, steps to take to go full-time and more. Timestamps 00:51 - Interview with John Florian 19:54 - Performance Question: How many different read...


012: Guest Marc Scott - Getting into Character, Home Studio Audio, Keeping in Touch with Clients

On Episode 012, Guest Co-Host Marc Scott joins the show to discuss Marketing, Getting into Character, Home Studio Audio Quality, and ways to stay on the radar of clients and prospects. Marc is a professional VO Talent who has voiced projects for clients including PetSmart, Sprint, Verizon and many more. Marc is also a VO Coach and offers many courses and free resources for VO Talent. Timestamps 01:04 - Interview with Marc Scott 31:36 - Performance Question: What are some good ways to...


011: Live Sessions, Noise Floors, Bookkeeping

SHOW NOTES In Episode 011, We'll discuss the reasons why clients like Live Directed Sessions and how to offer them, What a Noise Floor is, what yours should be, and how to improve yours, as well as Bookkeeping and what data and information to track for your business. Timestamps 01:10 - Performance Question: Why, specifially, do clients want directed (phone patch) sessions? Is the major reason to get the timing right so there is less audio engineer time to pay for? Is it to get it done...


010: Going Full Time, Sloppy Audio Editing, Cold Call Follow Ups

SHOW NOTES In Episode 010, we'll discuss making the leap from a part-time talent to a full time talent and the benefits of doing so, as well as artifacts left over from sloppy audio edits, and how to deal with follow ups in regards to cold calling and email marketing. Timestamps Performance Question: 01:20 What are the benefits of switching from voice acting part-time to doing so full-time? Obviously it frees you send more auditions per day and meet stricter deadlines as VO gets faster...


009: Guest Joe Zieja - Practicing without a Coach, Reviewing your Home Studio, Online Casting Sites

On Episode 009, we are joined by guest co-host Joe Zieja. Joe is an established voice-over talent based in LA, who has lent his voice to commercials, promos, animation, and gaming projects. He is also a top booking talent on Online Casting (P2P) Sites. Joe's credits include VO work for clients such as Nintendo, McDonald's, Starbucks, Marvel, and many more. He is also an established author with Parts 1 and 2 of his "Epic Failure" Trilogy released, and Part 3 on the way. Timestamps 00:53 -...


008: Mouth Noise, Studio Noise Floors, Submitting Multiple Takes for Auditions & a Home Studio Review

SHOW NOTES In Episode 008, We discuss some tips for dealing with Mouth Noise, Studio Noise Floors, and Submitting Multiple Takes for an Audition. We'll also do a home studio review of one of our listener's audio. Timestamps Performance Question: 00:35 How can I reduce or eliminate Mouth Sounds from my recordings? Audio Question: 04:53 What's the best way to remove noise that's contributing to a noise floor? Should I do it in Post-Production? Business Question: 08:57 How many...


007: Guest John Melley - Conversational Reads, Mixing Music and SFX with VO, Business Management Tools

On Episode 007, we are joined by guest co-host John Melley. John is the Production Director for Boston's award winning* Mix 104.1 (WBMX) as well as an established voice-over talent. John is known throughout the Boston area and nationally for the great character voices he uses in commercials, promotions and announcements. Writing the copy for many of his clients allows him to be creative, using straight or character voices, music and sound effects. John is also the host of The Voice Over...


006: Consistency in Long Projects, Live Directed Sessions, Travel Reimbursement & a Home Studio Review

SHOW NOTES In Episode 006, We'll answer questions about how to keep consistency in your reads for long projects, live directed session options, and standards for reimbursement for expenses during a project. We'll also do a home studio review of one of our listener's audio. Timestamps Performance Question: 00:44 What are some ways to keep consistency in long form projects, like audiobooks or long E-Learning narrations? Audio Question: 04:05 What are the differences between the...


005: Guest Dave Courvoisier - Lack of Direction, Editing Dry Recordings, Business Name vs. Your Real Name

SHOW NOTES In Episode 005, we're joined by guest co-host Dave Courvoisier. Dave is a professional Voice-over talent and News Anchor with over 30 years of experience, as well as an established author and blogger. Dave also serves as one of the founders of WoVo, the World Voices Organization. Timestamps 01:15 - Interview with Dave Courvoisier 17:18 - Performance Question It is very difficult to judge when to deliver a script in the current 'deadpan' laid-back read that is currently...


004: In Person Sessions, Punch & Roll, Advanced Lead Searching & a Mock Audition

SHOW NOTES In Episode 004, we answer questions about auditions and jobs that take place in-studio, Punch & Roll techniques, and advanced methods of prospecting and finding niche leads, as well as review a Mock Audition Timestamps Performance Question: 00:48 What are tips or things to keep in mind for auditions or jobs that take place in person? Audio Question: 04:50 What is Punch and Roll and how can I do this? Business Question: 08:30 Can you describe a search procedure for...


003: Guest Rodney Saulsberry - Tongue Twisters, Headphone Technique, Getting Work as a Beginner

On Episode 3, we're joined by guest co-host Rodney Saulsberry, who in addition to being a prominent VO Talent, is also a coach, screen actor, singer, and author. He's written 3 Voice-Over related books which you can check out at the links below, and be sure to check out his website and follow Rodney on Twitter. Timestamps 01:56 - Interview with Rodney Saulsberry 22:53 - Performance Question: Are tongue twisters as a vocal warm-up, a waste of time? 26:31 - Audio Question: Is it better to...


002: Guest J.Michael Collins - Script Prep, Delivering Raw vs. Processed Audio, Marketing Systems & a Mock Audition

On Episode 2, we're joined by guest co-host J.Michael Collins. With over twenty years of experience as a professional voice actor, J.Michael Collins has worked with some of the biggest companies, brands, sports leagues, and organizations on the planet. In addition to his work in the classic, agency-based world of VO, J. Michael has established himself as the leading authority and top-grossing talent in the online marketplace and has become recognized as an industry leading talent coach and...


001: Warm Ups, Post-Production Chains, Marketing & A Home Studio Review

SHOW NOTES In Episode 001, We'll answer questions about Warm-Up Routines, Post-Production Signal Chains, and Marketing. We'll also do a home studio review of one of our listener's audio. Timestamps Performance Question: 01:08 What quick Warm-up techniques are the most effective? Audio Question: 05:27 What are the effects that should be used in the post-production process of VO Recording and Editing, and what do each of them do? Business Question: 12:35 Where do most VO Talent do...


000: An Intro to The Voice-Over Roadmap Podcast

Show Notes: Episode 000 is an intro and overview of the Voice-Over Roadmap Podcast. We'll give a brief intro to host, Michael Langsner, as well as an idea of what to expect on future episodes of the show. Listen to the show right here on or iTunes or Youtube. Youtube Link: The Voice-Over Roadmap Podcast on YouTube iTunes Link: The Voice-Over Roadmap Podcast on iTunes Submit a Question for a future episode! Stay up to date with the Voice-Over Roadmap - Join...