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Discover a new way to grow your wealth your parent’s or school never taught you.

Discover a new way to grow your wealth your parent’s or school never taught you.
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Discover a new way to grow your wealth your parent’s or school never taught you.








WH-008 Retired Marine Officer Shut Down $100,000 Per Month Business -- Here's Why

What if you had a business that was making $100,000 in one month? BUT, what if this business was failing miserably? 😱 You may have 100,000 in sales but your company is in the red, you are losing money. It is time to make a Pivot! You will have to make some changes to turn things around. Thankfully this wasn’t my experience, but this was an experience of a close friend of mine. I recently had breakfast with him to learn more about his story. My friend is Antonio Centeno - you might know...


WH-007 Todd Herman on Entrepreneurship and Comfort Zones

Today we are talking with Todd Herman about his entrepreneurship journey. Learn the importance of mentorship, apprenticeship, and getting out of your comfort zone.


WH-006 $200,000 mortgage paid off in (less than) 5 Years

You might believe that paying off a $200,000 mortgage is impossible. Well, we Wealth Hackers believe in the impossible. Today you are going to meet someone that did exactly that. Andy Hill is no ordinary guy, today we are going to hear his story and see how he paid off his mortgage in less than 5 years. You can find Andy here: 💻 🎙️ Andy: Back in 2013 my wife and I wanted to upgrade our house. 🏠...


WH-005 Transitioning From Military to Civilian Life: Interview with American Dream U

I got a chance to be interviewed by Phil Randazzo from American Dream U. 🎙️ If you don't know about them, you need to check them out. This is a great organization that helps veterans transition out of the military and into their career/civilian life. He is currently doing an Airstream tour across the country and interviewing other veterans. 🚙 Hope you enjoy the interview. ✅ You can find out more about American Dream U here: 💻


WH-004 Quit His Job After Making $150,000 in 6 Months (working 1 hour per day)

I have an amazing guest, Jeff Goins, with an amazing story today! How amazing? We are all about wealth hacking and growing our wealth and growing our income. Imagine you are making $37k/year and you go from that to making $150,000 in the next 6 months. Would that change your life? It probably would. It did for my guest! You can find Jeff here: Blog: Twitter: @jeffgoins Jeff's latest book, Real Artists Don't Starve: Jeff was making...


WH-003 Full-time Blogger: Interview with Bob Lotich of

Interview with Bob Lotich from Bob was let go from his job and was able to replace his income from blogging full-time in less than a year. Quite an amazing story! Here's Bob's story and other great tips from starting a blog:


WH-002 From $1 to $17,000: How Navy Officer Grew His Online Business Side Hustle On a Submarine

Today's episode is an interview with Dave Chesson. Dave is the founder of Kindlepreneur and has an amazing story of how he started and how he continues to build and grow his online presence. 💻Check out Dave's Blog Here: 🎧Listen to his podcast, The Book Marketing Show here: 📹Watch his YouTube Channel here: One of the amazing things about moving to this area is that I get to connect with...


WH-001 The Wealth Hacker™ Code

Welcome to the first Wealth Hacker Podcast. Wealth Hacker has been a passion project of mine for several years. I am excited to bring it to the podcast world. For those of you that may not follow me on YouTube or other channels, I would like to share a little about what a Wealth Hacker is and what the vision is. The vision: To help a younger version of myself with a faster way to achieve the financial success that I have. If you want to live differently, you have to do...