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Welcome to the Whole Truth with Austin Dixon

Welcome to the Whole Truth with Austin Dixon
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Welcome to the Whole Truth with Austin Dixon






EP10: Why You Should Email Your List DAILY (Grow Your Email List)

In this episode, I talk about the most under-utilized marketing strategy in the online space today: EMAIL MARKETING. I'll walk you through why you should be emailing your list DAILY even if you don't have a massive list and how email marketing can drastically change your business, build a loyal tribe, and put money in your pocket.


EP9: How To Increase Your Status And Expertise

In this episode, I talk about simple ways you can increase your status and expertise even if you're "new" inside of your market. These are the strategies I personally used to go from being a "nobody" in the online space to somebody that often gets referred, has established authority, and has built brand equity in my market. You can copy these EXACT strategies to do the same, even if you're just starting out!


EP8: I'm Quitting Entrepreneurship For A Full-Time Job

In this episode, I dive into why I made the decision to put my business on the "back burner" and accept a full-time job working for my mentor, Steve Larsen. There were a lot of factors that went into it, but when I took a step back it was a NO BRAINER to take this opportunity head-on.


EP7: Why Comedians Are BRILLIANT Marketers

In this episode, I talk about why comedians are brilliant marketers and how you can mimic their skillset to improve your marketing. If you look at the career of any well-known comedian, you'll pick up on subtle habits they use to "level up" and refine their craft. These habits are habits you can adopt to accelerate your own success.


EP6: The "Invisible Hand" That Dictates Your Success

In this episode, I talk about the power of your environment and how it has a MASSIVE effect on your business growth. If you're struggling to grow your business, reach your goals, or just play at a higher level in life, chances are that your environment is holding you back. Learn how to take control of your environment and level up with simple changes in your day-to-day routines.


EP5: The 3 "Red Flags" That Indicate You NEED to Get Help

“If you want to succeed in the game of entrepreneurship, you need to be growing personally and professionally each day.” - Austin Dixon (0:56-1:05) Austin Dixon The Whole Truth Business owners have to make tough decisions. They need to know when to keep going when things get rough, and they need to know when to give up and move on to a different strategy. But the toughest decision for many entrepreneurs is knowing when to ask for help. As entrepreneurs it can be a struggle to turn to...


EP4: The Hidden Accountability Partner I Use To Be More Productive

“When you work by yourself, you don’t have other teammates. You are the fastest or slowest person on the court.” - Austin Dixon (3:15-3:23) Austin Dixon The Whole Truth Accountability is hard to come by when you’re working on your own. Solopreneurs have unique challenges that other entrepreneurs don’t. As a solopreneur, it’s up to you to hold yourself accountable to the goals you’ve set for your business. But there’s a hidden accountability partner you can use to be more productive. “If...


EP3: The Art of Free Advertising

“The goal of growing a business the right way is to acquire customers for free.” - Austin Dixon (5:28-5:38) Austin Dixon The Whole Truth Paid advertising can be a gamble. Done right, advertising attracts the right clients to your business. But many entrepreneurs make mistakes that end up costing them thousands of dollars. There’s one strategy that can help you get better results, while having your audience cover advertising costs. This simple approach can drastically change how you...


EP2: The SIMPLE Trick To "Reversing The Sale"

“Marketing and sales are all about belief. It’s about telling stories to change behavior.” - Austin Dixon (11:27-11:36) Austin Dixon The Whole Truth Learning how to sell is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs. Most people lack the confidence to ask for the sale, causing them to struggle to gain traction and build long-term success. But there’s a simple strategy you can use to reverse the process. Rather than spend all of your time asking for the sale, you can actually...


EP1: How To Hack Your Market

“If you’re not making the sales you want, you’re either talking to the right audience in the wrong way, or you’re talking to the wrong audience (maybe) in the right way” - Austin Dixon (4:49-4:58) Austin Dixon The Whole Truth Your sales process is the foundation of your business. Knowing how to enter any niche market with an optimized process means you maximize your sales. You increase your revenue and build a core audience of the people who want what you have to offer. Most...


Pilot: The Whole Truth with Austin Dixon

“I’m going to document my entire journey to seven-figures in hopes of showing you that any ordinary person… can build the business of their dreams.” - Austin Dixon (8:27) Austin Dixon The Whole Truth Welcome to The Whole Truth where we will uncover the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about how to grow a successful business in today’s online space. In May of 2016, I quit my 9-5 in LA and moved back home to start a business from my dad’s basement. The past couple of...