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The Women's Leadership Podcast, hosted by Executive and Women's Leadership Coach Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, features content and interviews on new paradigm women's leadership, success, advancement, and work/life alignment. Listen in, change your life, change the world.

The Women's Leadership Podcast, hosted by Executive and Women's Leadership Coach Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, features content and interviews on new paradigm women's leadership, success, advancement, and work/life alignment. Listen in, change your life, change the world.
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The Women's Leadership Podcast, hosted by Executive and Women's Leadership Coach Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, features content and interviews on new paradigm women's leadership, success, advancement, and work/life alignment. Listen in, change your life, change the world.




Season 4 Episode 1 | The Heroine’s Journey: Illusion

Welcome to a brand new season of The Women’s Leadership Podcast! Here at the Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership, we’re all about supporting ALL women in understanding their paths through their lives and careers. This includes the challenges and transitions, and the growth opportunities and successes. So we’re incredibly excited to bring you Season 4 of Elizabeth’s amazing Women’s Leadership Podcast, featuring her unique take on The Heroine’s Journey. With a nod to Victoria Schmidt,...


Season 3 Episode 5 | Choosing to Swim

There are so many changes going on for so many of us right now. In politics, in our professional and personal lives, lots of transitions are taking place. It’s easy to decide just to cope when life’s in flux. This week on The Women’s Leadership Podcast, Elizabeth challenges us to engage with the change. The goal is to choose, in order to find a way through that allows us to have a conscious experience. The process of choosing how we respond can lead to the ability to create our own...


Season 3 Episode 4 | Shame, Grief and Speaking Your Stories

Before we launched Season 3 of The Women’s Leadership Podcast, we asked listeners what they’d like to hear from Elizabeth. We were surprised, and then not surprised, that many of you wanted an episode dealing with the shame that comes with an ending like divorce. So, this week on the podcast, Elizabeth breaks down shame and the systems of oppression - both external and the ones we’ve internalized - that keep us stuck in it. The important messages of this podcast include Perfection is...


Season 3 Episode 3 | Continuing Your Education: Intersectionality, Equity and Growth

This week on The Women’s Leadership Podcast, we’re talking about making sure you keep learning as a leader. We are never done! We’ve got to meet the working world exactly where it is, and then strive to move it forward. Our own learning can equip us to help our workplaces create change. In Continuing Your Education: Intersectionality, Equity and Growth, Elizabeth discusses our responsibility as leaders to create safe space for everyone. Diversity of thought comes from diverse people....


Season 3 Episode 2 | Becoming A Change Agent at Work

Welcome to Season 3 of The Women’s Leadership Podcast! This week on The Women’s Leadership Podcast, we’re talking about how to advocate for change in the workplace. In Becoming a Change Agent at Work, Elizabeth lays out the whys and hows of helping your workplace make positive change for women. Because the kinds of policies women want and need in the workplace are good for all of us. Here’s your 2-part charge for this week: Get familiar with the policies of your company. Then, ask...


Season 3 Episode 1 | Four Themes for 2019

Welcome to Season 3 of The Women’s Leadership Podcast! We’re so happy to be back. And we can’t wait to share this brand new episode with you. In Four Themes for 2019, Elizabeth gives us her take on how to approach this year. Our voices are needed now more than ever, AND we all have big work to do. So, what should we focus on as we move forward? Listen in as Elizabeth breaks down the greatest challenges we’re facing right now in women’s leadership, which also happen to be the primary areas...


A Classic - Competition and the Transformation of Envy

We hope your 2019 is off to a great start. We’re getting Season 3 of The Women’s Leadership Podcast ready for launch. We’ll be back soon, and we’re excited to share fabulous new content with you. While you’re waiting, please enjoy this classic from Season 1, Competition and the Transformation of Envy. It’s one of our most-downloaded, most-shared, most-talked-about episodes. It’s also one you can learn from every time you listen. Competition and the Transformation of Envy is challenging...


Season 2 Episode 20 | Vision Boards, Leadership and Change for the New Year

This week, we’re celebrating the coming of the New Year with our final episode of 2018 and the conclusion of Season 2 of The Women’s Leadership Podcast. In this episode, Elizabeth describes the final stage in her future planning process, the vision board. Building your vision board is a process of choosing from a place of possibility. It’s an opportunity to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone to envision the big and even impossible-seeming things you want to create in the world....


Season 2 Episode 19 | Creating Your 2019 Vision Statement

This week, Elizabeth shares with us how she creates a vision statement and goals for the coming year. She’s coached hundreds of clients through her visioning process over the years. It gives you a product that grows and changes with you, rather than stagnating like New Year’s resolutions. Elizabeth’s process works because once you’ve got the words on the page, you do the work to train your brain to really believe that your goals are possible. You set intentions and you take action....


Season 2 Episode 18 | Cleaning the Slate, Part II: Eliminating Toxic

Welcome to a new episode of The Women’s Leadership Podcast. This week, we continue our discussion of clearing and visioning for 2019. In Part II of the Cleaning the Slate series, Elizabeth invites you to consider whether there are people in your life who do not serve you, and offers her best coaching on how to let them go. Connections are so important to our health and well-being. We need to be in relationships with people who meet our emotional needs on a regular basis. Our need for...


Season 2 Episode 17 | Cleaning The Slate: Shifting Negative Daily Habits

This week, Elizabeth invites us to think about the kinds of change we want to create in 2019, and do some planning and visioning to make it happen. One initial step to creating the space for change is wiping the slate clean of daily habits that no longer serve. Think about the places in your daily life where things just aren’t flowing the way you want them to, where stress or dread crop up. Those are likely the moments in your day when you’re keeping the plates spinning, but it’s by...


Season 2 Episode 16 | Using Your Voice for Change in the Coming Year

This week, Elizabeth invites us to think about the coming year as an opportunity to make real change for women in our workplaces. Believe it or not, almost 20 years into the 21st century, we still have major corporations and other organizations out there that don’t have any policies, women’s affinity groups or leadership programming for their female employees. It’s time for that to change. And we can, as women leaders, be the catalyst for that change in the coming year. It means...


Season 2 Episode 15 | Reaching Down

This week, Elizabeth invites us to consider the opportunity we have right now to build hope, for ourselves and others. There’s no doubt about it - many of the women in this country have been through a horrific time in the last few weeks. Seeing women be ignored, disregarded and silenced on the national stage has, for many of us, triggered trauma and memories of being silenced repeatedly in our own personal and professional lives. One thing we can do right now to create hope is reach down...


Season 2 Episode 14 | Keeping On

This week, Elizabeth reminds us that it’s okay to give yourself permission to step back a little bit when you need to. It’s not everyday that you will take the day by the reins, but the power is in letting yourself sit back and collaborate to let others take the lead when you need to rest and refill. The idea of collaborative efforts in teams of women is powerful. Elizabeth encourages us to create or seek out tribes of women, where you trust and are invested in the same endeavor, and can...


Season 2 Episode 13 | No Shame

This week, Elizabeth invites you to consider the possibility and the value of living without shame. The #metoo movement is changing the landscape of women’s leadership across the board. As more incidents of sexual violence and harassment are being publicly uncovered or named, women are discovering just how heavy the burden of shame can be. The impact shame has on our ability to rise as leaders is huge. It’s time for that to change. We’ve been told that this shame is ours to hold and to...


Season 2 Episode 12 | Choices, Cause and Effect

Every day, the Universe hands us opportunities for growth. Often, those come in the form of the consequences of our choices. When we do the thing, and it has a negative consequence, we have to step up and take responsibility for it. If we don’t, we abdicate our power to grow, and to be the change agentin our own life. The Universe will eventually come back around with another opportunity to take responsibility, and the next one may be like a brick to the head. In this week’s episode,...


Season 2 Episode 11 | The Wounds of Battle and the Arena of Change

Are you willing to not be liked in order to get the good work done? The more you fight for what you believe in, the more you stand in your own integrity and work to fulfill your true purpose, the more people who will show up who just don’t like you. When we’re fighting for what’s right, pushback can cause us anger and hurt. It can be incredibly distracting from the purpose of our work. The question all of us need to consider right now is whether we are going to stay in the arena and fight...


Season 2 Episode 10 | Recalibration

What would it feel like to take a conscious pause to reconsider the choices you’ve made about where you invest your time & effort? If you’re like many of the women leaders that we’re working with, right now it’s feeling almost impossible to handle everything that our lives throw at us. We’re expected to show up ready to perform at our best at work. More than 40% of us are primary breadwinners. We’re still relied upon to manage most of the childcare and take on most of the unpaid labor...


Season 2 Episode 9 | Loving the Totality of Who You Are: A Call to Arms

What would it look like if you could be completely yourself in every area of your life? As women, we often feel that we need to lead segregated lives. It can feel like we are never really anywhere where we can be completely at ease and ourselves. We’ve all internalized that sense of fear that if we are who we really are, we will be perceived as either “not enough” or “too much”. This is part of the experience of living in patriarchy. And the problem is that the line is always shifting as...


Season 2 Episode 8 | Desire, Longing and the Apex of Freedom

Could you permit yourself to be present to your desire and longing? One of the things that is critical for us to talk about as women leaders is the nature of our sexuality and our desire in the world for ourselves - the nature of our erotic energy. We don’t talk about this very often, and certainly, we’ve been conditioned as women leaders rising in traditionally masculine work environments to abandon this side of ourselves for the sake of our work. In this week’s podcast episode,...