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With The Work From Home podcast, I and my guests dissect the opportunities and best tips for working from home. This podcast is great for anyone looking to work from home or already working from home and wants to take their business to the next level.

With The Work From Home podcast, I and my guests dissect the opportunities and best tips for working from home. This podcast is great for anyone looking to work from home or already working from home and wants to take their business to the next level.




With The Work From Home podcast, I and my guests dissect the opportunities and best tips for working from home. This podcast is great for anyone looking to work from home or already working from home and wants to take their business to the next level.






The Truth about Hashtags and Mentions on Social Media

Hashtags are a great way for social media platforms to curate posts based on topics set by the content poster. Mentions are ways to alert other account owners that they are being talked about. Hashtags can help you improve visibility if they are used correctly but do not generally mean that you will see a big growth using them. To use them effectively, add a few specific hashtags to your posts, and more importantly, make sure your account is set to public. Some of the best hashtag types...


The Role of Social Media in Your Business

Social media provides a way for you to connect with your current and prospective clients You can connect with them using various social media platforms and via various methods as offered by the social media platform Social Media is a place to engage, manage and get feedback. Businesses need it to maintain their branding and help educate their following about why they are better than the competition Social Media for businesses is not just for sending out posts, it's also for connecting...


Graphic Design Cloud Apps that Make Graphics Work Easier

In this episode, I will share some DIY Graphic design cloud apps that make graphic work easier. Canva is the most popular drag-and-drop design tool out there It has templates that cover just about every design need you will have with lots of free assets that will allow your work to be done in such a short time However, chances are people can tell a Canva Graphic a mile away and as such if you are trying to show off uniqueness, I will ask you to stay away from Canva except, of course, you...


Common Mistakes Freelance Graphics Designers Make and How to Fix Them

Some of the things that cause frustration at the beginning of a freelance graphics design journey can be the same for a lot of people and that's what can be the defining reason for starting a business on a frustrating note or getting things done the right way and setting yourself apart from the rest. In this episode, we will look at some of the common mistakes that can be made by freelance graphic designers and how we can avoid them.


How to Market Your Graphics Design Business

In this episode, I talk about how to market your graphics design business so as to be able to get and retain clients. At the top of the list, you need to create an online portfolio either on your website or using an online portfolio service. It's not compulsory to have a website but it does help with your packaging and having a central place for people to find all necessary information about you including various ways for them to contact you. Show off your skills on your social media using...


Overview of The Different Types of Graphic Design

As a continuation of our Graphics Design journey, I share an overview of the different types of Graphic Design that are available out there for designers to specialize in. Have a listen and decide on what's the best for you and become so good at it that when people need someone in that specialty, they will look no further.


Introduction to Graphic Design Styles

In this episode of The Work From Home Podcast, I talked about Graphics Design and how to get started. This episode centers around the styles of Graphic design which include the following: Art Nouveau Art Deco Psychedelic American Kitsch Swiss Style Minimalist / Flat 3-Dimensional Design


How to Improve Productivity by Being Proactive While Working From Home With Alexis Haselberg

Alexis talks with us about maintaining productivity while working from home without work an insane amount of hours everyday. She is a big believer that once you have your day scheduled properly, you will be getting more done and feel more fulfilled. Alexis gave some insights into some of the key struggles that people go through as well as her recommendations. Listen through every bit of this to also learn her strategy for investigating your biggest distraction so you can find a way to...


Tips and Strategies that will make Working From Home Easier

For today's episode, I took some time to talk about some of the simple things we can do as work from home professionals to make working from home much easier. As basic as they seem, the items listed will make your day not only smoother but also more productive and you are sure to fill more fulfilled because you are getting stuff done.


Building a Start Up From Home with Dom Einhorn

In this Podcast, Dom sheds some light on how the internet began and how he was able to build a business from his garage in a time when the internet was referred to as an information superhighway. He also explains the common pitfalls of startups as well as gives insights into how startups can position themselves for successs. Listen to this awesome episode and use any of the links below to reach out to him: email website LinkedIn


How to Manage Work From Home Staff with John C Morley

In this episode with John C Morley, he shares how he started his work from home business full-time as well as how he helps businesses manage their work-from-home staff. He breaks down how corporate businesses can track time and manage the effectiveness of work from home staff and shares with us some of the excesses he has noticed with Work From Home staff. To get in touch with John, use any of the links below:


How to do SEO for Small Businesses

In the first episode for the month of February, I talked about how small businesses can take advantage of Google my business platform to leverage visibility as well as tips for choosing the right keywords to compete for as well as the importance for properly doing SEO. The analogy I used in this episode will help you understand SEO like never before. To request a free SEO audit, send me a DM on Instagram


How to Build a Work From Home NGO with Dr. Omotola Adeyemi.

In this eye-opening episode, Omotola talks about how she was able to start and run a fully functional Non Profit from her dorm while in school and was able to impact the lives of people in another part of the world. From her story, we are able to see that we can achieve a whole lot of things and we are our biggest cheerleader or obstacle depending on how we decide to do things. Feel free to connect with Omotola with these links. Disha Instagram


Sarah St John's Work From Home Journey

In this episode, Sarah shared her Work From Home story from working as a Photographer, affiliate marketer, drop shipper, and blogger all the way to becoming a Podcast Host, Producer, and Manager. Her story shows how there is always a lot of options to choose from while building a work from home business and also shows why you shouldn't stop until you are doing what really makes you happy. Remember, working from home brings a whole array of freedom and you get to select what sort of...


How to Stay Healthy From Home with Dr. Wesley Fox

Health is wealth is a very correct statement and as such it's always a great idea to get more tips on how to stay healthy. Dr. Wesley Fox is a functional Medical Doctor and was able to move his practice solely online before the pandemic and has been able to serve a host of people all around the world because of his limitless accessibility. In this episode, he gives us some insight on staying healthier and some tips on improving our body function by making small adjustments to our everyday...


How to Brand Your Business as a Freelancer in 2021

Welcome to the year 2021! While the previous year has its tragedy and all, I still feel positive about getting started with the new year! As such, in this episode, I offer some guidance about branding your business appropriately for the year 2021 as a freelancer. I follow my line of thought from two perspectives that I believe are integral for your business: First Perspective: Second Perspective Take a listen to have a better understanding of what I mean :)


See You in 2021

In this really short episode, I talk about how we should stay strong despite whatever 2020 has thrown at us, the importance of taking rest and how I am very excited to connect with everyone in the year 2021.


Building Wealth for Freelancers with Derick Van Ness

In this great episode with Derick Van Ness, there are lots of tips to hold on to including how spending more can help us save more and why we should treat our freelancing business as we would treat a regular business because it is in fact, a business. One thing though that most people will resonate with is the fact that deciding to work from home can be a great risk. Derick shared his own strategy for starting the Work from Home life. He shared his story of how he slowly build a business...


Using Play to Transform Work with Jeff Harry

I talk with Jeff on this post who has been helping fortune 500 company teams find their work flow through play. He helps people realize how work is so easy and can be connected to all the things that they love to do. He shares his story of how landing his dream job wasn't so satisfying as he would have expected and how that pushed him to start a Lego based learning company that easily became the best in the states. To connect with Jeff, use any of the links below: Get on a Call with...


The Right Attitude to Freelancing

In this episode, I evaluate attitude with respect to freelancing. I discussed the three most important people to a freelancer which are oneself, the client and collaborators who can be other team members, platform support or whoever is also always in contact with the freelancer. The key takeaways are on the topic of positive mindset and responsibility. I hope you enjoy this episode and hope you can give me a 5-star rating on your preferred platform. Thanks