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Ep 52: Relationshit Part II: Dating in the Digital Era

In Part II of the relationshit series, Kari and Kelly talk about dating in the digital era...starting with the decision to try online dating in the first place. Kari admits to her shocking history of internet dating (she’s a real O.G. on that front), and the ladies talk about Tinder strategies, first date escape plans and seeing your ex and his new wife post FB photos in front of the Christmas tree you bought years ago. The Gringas also have you covered on some strategies to make your Google...


Ep 51: Dating in Your 30 – and Beyond (Welcome to the Thunderdome, Bitch)

The ladies are finally making good on their promise to talk about relationshit, and in this ep they cover all aspects of dating in your 30s (and beyond). Everything is on the table, incuding exes and sexes, financial differences, dating with (or actively without) kids, sexual compatibility, age gaps and the “what if” relationships that failed along the way. The reality of dating while getting older (wait, is that my biological alarm I hear going off in the not-to-far distance) is hitting...


Ep 50 - There Is No Spoon: Overcoming Mental Blocks

Kari and Kelly have been working hard to launch their new training program for aspiring digital nomads. Along the way they’ve been having lots of discussions with people about the mental blocks that keep them from moving forward toward their goals, and they’re beginning to notice a pattern. From getting stuck in bad habits to grappling with imposter syndrome, there are a lot of mental landmines to maneuver around when you’re making a big change in your life. The ladies tackle the most...


Ep 49 - Depression, Breakups, Expatting and Getting Ma’med While Naked

In the Giant Catch-Up, Part 2 the ladies dig into how they caught a major case of the winter blues. Business is booming, which required travel to San Diego and Edinburgh, Scotland...where the ladies holed up in their AirBnb and binge-watched Outlander. Both Kari and Kelly experience breakups, and faceplant off of the keto diet and into gaining a weird amount of weight in a very short period of time. Expatting and integrating into Dutch society proves to be more challenging than the Gringas...


Ep 48 - The Giant Catch-Up, Part I

Life can come at you fast, and the ladies have been busy with business, expatting to Amsterdam, conferences and travel. In this episode, Kari and Kelly catch you up on what they’ve been up to. There’s some Catskills cabin action (thanks, Jackson!), a long road trip (for Kelly), Kari heads to Cape Town to cage dive with sharks and taste wine in South Africa with her boyfriend (spoiler alert: they break up). The Gringas talk about moving to Amsterdam – Kari spends the holidays there, while...


Ep 47 - The Suzannah Weiss Interview

As usual, the gringas are actively recruiting for the International Girl Squad, and in this episode Kelly is talking to writer and fellow digital nomad, Suzannah Weiss. Suzannah is a contributing editor for Complex and Teen Vogue, and her writing has been featured everywhere from Glamour to Vice to The Washington Post. Suzannah’s writing has taken her all over the world as she explores questions of sexuality. She’s done everything from go to clothing optional resorts to orgasmic meditation...


Ep 46 - Keeping it Weird in Amsterdam (Part 2)

In this episode, things get weird. Kari throws a surprise party that fails on multiple levels, Kelly goes on a date with an emotional con artist, and the ladies talk about their upcoming return to the United States. It looks like Workationing is going to become a real business, and the ladies are considering the Netherlands. Two lawyers and a team of Dutch accountants later, the Gringas are trying to figure out if Amsterdam should become their new home base. Subscribe...


Ep 45 - Keeping it Weird in Amsterdam (Part 1)

After a short hiatus to catch up on new business, Kari and Kelly are back – and have quite a few stories to share from the 2.5 months they’ve been in Amsterdam. Kari goes to Paris and Barcelona with the guy she’s been seeing, and the ladies knock out two bucket list items: seeing a sex show and captaining a boat through the canals. The Gringas get a few visitors, too: Kelly’s friends Sarah and Tim come to visit, and the ladies also play host to Suzannah Weiss, a prolific sex and...


Ep 44 - Gringas in a Strange Land 2: The Dutch-ening

Kari and Kelly are settling into their new digs in Amsterdam, and loving life on the canals. However, the culture shock factor is more than they bargained for. It turns out that even outside of Latin America, your girls still feel very much like gringas After finally figuring out that the extremely fancy spot two doors down is actually a gym, Kari and Kelly sign up to work on their fitness. The staff, however, is none too pleased with their insistence on wearing their yoga pants in off...


Ep 43 – We Made it to Amsterdam (And the Tinder Game is FIRE!)

After leaving Prague early, the ladies are posting up in Amsterdam for at least two months...assuming they ever get into their new apartment. Pro travel tip: if you’re going to be digital nomad-ing, look for rental agencies that cater to expats. You’re going to save 50% on monthly Airbnb rental fees this way. The ladies get to find out how European and American banking systems differ, and that difference keeps them in a hotel for several extra days. The Tinder game out here is on fire,...


Ep 42 – We Made it to Prague! (And Now We’re Leaving)

Kari and Kelly are finally getting to their European leg of Workationing – and they’re kicking it off in Prague (or actually, the hellish airport in Frankfurt, Germany). After missing their connecting flight and getting to spend an extra 8 hours touring the airport lounges in Frankfurt, the ladies arrive at their Airbnb in Prague, Czech Republic. As usual, things don’t go to plan. Due to “hot water issues” at the Airbnb they’d originally rented, they find themselves staying in the...


Ep 41 – Leaving Las Vegas and the Liberty Movement

Kelly and Kari have arrived in Prague, and now that they’ve had some time to reflect on their experiences at FreedomFest (and the experience of others – they received dozens of messages from other women in libertarianism outlining similar experiences with misogyny). Ultimately, Kari decides that she can no longer be part of a movement that tolerates disrespecting women to such an extensive degree. After 15 years in the liberty movement, it seems like a big decision – but it’s definitely...


Ep 40 – What Happens at FreedomFest in Vegas (Doesn’t Stay in Vegas)

Kari and Kelly are in Las Vegas for the FreedomFest conference, which apparently draws quite the male chauvinist crowd. The ladies detail their experiences at the conference – both Kari and Kelly were approached by different men at the conference, who asked the ladies to prostitute themselves. One man is the president of a libertarian think tank (he offered to fly Kelly to exotic locations in exchange for sex), the other is a fairly large donor (he asked Kari if she’d like to be his...


Road Trip Through the Desert to Bury our Dear Friend Dom (Bucket list #8-9)

Kari and Kelly are back from hiatus and coming in hot from the Paris hotel and resort in Las Vegas. In this episode, the ladies talk about about two bucket list items they crossed off on the way there: road tripping from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and burying their dear friend Dom in the desert. The ladies rent a fancy car, and inspired by the movie Fandango (starring THE Kevin Costner), they get a shovel and start digging a hole in the Mojave Desert to put Dom in. The plan is to come back...


Ep 38 – We Lost 105 Pounds!

In a time and place when you can lose weight from anywhere, two ladies in their mid-to-late 27s have decided to – and so far, Kelly and Kari have lost over 100 pounds this year (combined). The ladies have received many emails about their weight loss journey, and in this episode they talk about how they managed to lose the weight equivalent of a chubby fifth grader. Kelly’s about to get a full feature in Women’s Health for her efforts! Traveling the world while working as digital nomads,...


Ep 37 – Workationing’s 6-month Recap and Reflection

It’s been a year since Kari and Kelly decided to embark on the adventure that became Workationing, and six months since they’ve been on the road. It’s been quite a trip so far, and now that the ladies have been “out here” on the road for a while, they’re wondering why it took so long to make the jump. In the beginning, it seemed like all of the barriers to entry into this digital nomad travel lifestyle were insurmountable. However, as the ladies learned, once you take the first step and...


Ep 36 – Where We Went Wrong: The Acapulco Edition

Kari and Kelly have successfully escaped from Acapulco, and are in San Diego, California breathing the sweet air of American freedom. They left a few days earlier than planned, but it wasn’t soon enough. Several mistakes were made in the planning process of this leg of the Workationing adventure – chiefly, the ladies never should’ve landed in Acapulco in the first place. Once again, decision fatigue set in and led the Gringas somewhere weird – and unfortunately, that wasn’t the only error...


Ep 35 – Dear God, Get Us Out of Here!

The ladies HATE Acapulco, and can’t wait to get out. June was the deadliest month in Acapulco’s history, with 2,234 murders – it’s very murdery out here, and the Gringas are ready to leave. Aside from all the killing that goes on courtesy of the cartel activity in the area, there are other problems. Gabriela the Airbnb host has turned into a Code Red stalker, and has done everything from send a “real estate agent” in to take pics of the house (pre housekeeping service) to text message...


Ep 34 – Cartel Country 2: Gringas in Acapulco

Santiago is back in town (check out the Medellín episodes to get the full story on this character), and he came just in time to see Kari and Kelly through some sort of crazy food poisoning flu situation. Kelly finally Googles Acapulco, which – turns out – is the most dangerous city in Mexico, and has been since 2012. The ladies talk about some of the cartel activity that occurs in the Pearl of the Pacific, including: assassinations via jet ski, multiple heads on pikes outside of...


Ep 33 – Staying in John Wayne’s Sex Dojo (Bucket List #7: The Los Flamingos)

The ladies are having a hell of a time in Acapulco, and not in the good way. To escape from their Airbnb compound for a couple of days, they decided to hit up the local hotspot all of the cab drivers keep telling them about: The Los Flamingos Resort, which was once owned by John Wayne. The entire hotel is, pink, kitschy, and everything Kari’s ever dreamed of in a throwback resort. Formerly referred to as Hollywood Gang Hideaway (from 1950-1984), the resort – and in particular, Casa...