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Episode 789 - Politics and Numbers

I have come to the conclusion that it is worthless to monitor the news media and their reporting of the Democratic elections. They state that Bernie is the clear leader, however the numbers say differently. If you look at the NPR site that records the amount of delegates each candidate has it show a clear tie in delegates. Those are the numbers you have to look at. Right now Pete has 22 delegates and Sanders has 21. How is that ahead for Sanders? It isn't, it is a tie. In New Hamshire they...


Episode 788 - Stop Talking About Income Inequality - It's Personal Debt Stupid

Consumer debt is about $19 trillion dollars. The average personal debt is up to $38,000, credit card debt is 25% of all debt, 2 in 10 Americans spend 50% - 100% of their monthly income on debt repayment. Where the money going? 15% goes to dinning, 14% gotes to clothing and personal care, and 13% goes to personal passions or hobbies. The economy is good and people and spending more - badly. They are using their credit cards but not paying down their debt. Income inequality happens when people...


Episode 787 - Looking at California's AB1928 For Independent Contractors

SB5 was passed in 2019 and went into effect January 2020 that affects the gig community and all independent contractors in the State of California. Assembly members in the State Legislature have heard from many angry Californians and have drafted SB1928 that relines most of the original bill. However, they added a new line that says if you a licensed profession you now have to get a contractors license. What do they mean by contractors license? No explanation in the bill as to what it is. So...


Episode 786 - Mediate Conflict Before You Litigate

Mediation works. It is an effective means of resolving disputes, for any dispute not requiring a judicial or third party determination. It provides a forum and an atmosphere in which parties gain understanding, become understood, and work together to explore options for resolution. By resolving disputes in mediation, parties determine for themselves what is important and, ultimately the outcome of the situation. While the benefits of mediation vary somewhat depending upon the nature of the...


Episode 785 - Listen and Learn

"Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise - Proverbs 19:20 If you have a comment or question, text me at 818.252.5682


Episode 784 - Vidman And The Politics of Politicians

Yesterday there were some terminations at the White House. We were warned about it about a week ago, no surprise but politicians are turning this story into a political spin. Pelosi came out with a statement in support of Vidman, in fact the majority of the Democrats did the same. However, there is are always two sides of a story. Vidman was NOT fired, he still has his job, all of his benefits, because he still works for the Military, just not at the White House. The President waited until...


Episode 783 - Politics That Can Hurt Your Business

Politics at the federal and state levels can affect your business and your financial lives. If you don't pay attention to what is going on you can get hurt - greatly. You have to be aware, get involved. Get involved. The State of California passed a law called AB5 that has hurt small business people greatly. They created a law to get rid of all of the independent contractors and make them employee so they can bring more tax revenue into the state. There are bills going through Congress that...


Episode 782 - Stop Being Politically Mad And Accomplish Something

The Acquittal is over. Stop the hate. Do something and accomplish something that will help someone else. And find people running for office who have accomplished something. If they haven't accomplished anything that means something, don't go with that person. If they haven't accomplished anything they are not going to accomplish anything in the future - for you. Stop sitting in front of cable news and getting mad and hating everyone. Watching hate drives you to hate. Stop the hate momentum...


Episode 781 - Nancy Pelosi And A Hate Filled Democratic Congress

I was inspired by the President's State of the Union message to the nation. Trump outlined what accomplishments have been done for the American people and what still needs to get done. However, on the Democratic side we saw angry hateful faces, sitting there, shaking their heads and mumbling hate. Not one stood up for the good things for America or for the ones who lost their lives, got scholarships, military united with their families, a President of a country fighting for his country. Not...


Episode 780 - Democrats, Iowa and a Political Disaster

The first day of the official and the Democrats screwed up their Iowa Caucus big time. The question is - if they can manage a caucus - how can they run a nation. Which is a very good question. Tonight we have the state of the union from President Trump. As an American I want to hear the good about America and what is coming to make American lives better. To make a nation better. If Democrats continue to push a hate driven agenda and not start working for Americans, then we will have a...


Episode 779 - Great Economy And We Are Still Not United

The economy had a great growth rate in 2019. For 2020 we see more growth because of the new trade agreements pushed through by President Trump. With all this good news we are still not united. We are still divided political hate, we are not united. In order to get this country stronger we have to get rid of those that continue to attack America and replace them that are for Americans. Party politics is a dangerous attack on this nation, that has to stop. If you have any comments send them...


Episode 778 - Small Businesses May Be Losing On Your Tax Return

There may be several areas where you may be missing some deductions on your business tax return. You may also be over stating your expenses and under reporting your income. Documentation and being organized is important to protect you in an audit. We also discuss the AB5 Rally in Sacramento held on January 29th at the State Capital. If you have any questions, text me at 818.252.5682


Episode 777 - Our Economy Is Tied To The Presidency

Who we choose as President can affect our nations economy. The business community knows that if a socialist agenda were to be elected it would affect everything in the American economy. Business will do what they did when Obama was in office, where business was put on pause, but ten time more. Sanders wants to dismantle modern capitalism, which would include private equity. In short, burn down the house. Warren wants to "fix" modern capitalism, beliving private equity is one of its more...


Episode 776 - It's Monday, Let's Get Going!

It's Monday, everyone had a weekend and now it is time to move forward to another week. Today, we are talking about Kobe Bryant, AB5 repeal, and knowing the history and story of our nation. If you have any questions, send me a text to 818.252.5682


Episode 775 - Once Again California Attacks Small Business with AB5

California has again decided that tax money is more important to small businesses, those that use to have the right to work when they wanted to, take away their tax deductions, destroy their prior business relationships with a bill called AB5. California wants everyone to work as an employee because it brings in more taxes to the state of California. It needs to be repealed. It is forcing people to go out of business by losing contracts that they worked on before, they are losing their work....


Episode 774 - California AB5 Is Killing Small Business

Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) is killing small business, those that use to work part time, or in the Gig community. California has become so thirsty for tax money they created AB5 to turn everyone into a W2 wage earner. This bill was written by Assemblywomen Lorane Gonzalez who first attacked companies like Uber, Lift and other gig companies. But then she included everyone in every industry, just so she can get more tax money into the State of California. So how does she do it, she attacks everyone...


Episode 773 - Impeachment, Senate and California AB5 Nonsense

Today's podcast is about several discussions on what is happening in our nation politically and our constitution. We have so many issues hitting our nation that affects our country, our constitution, and our own personal daily lives. If you have any questions or comments, send me a text to 818.252.5682


Episode 772 - The Wisdom Of Martin Luther King for 2020

MLK said, "Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." He wrote that in the "The Purpose of Education" from Morehouse College student newspaper in 1947. He spoke a lot about education because he saw how important it was for a strong America. "If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts. Be careful, 'Brethren!' Be careful, teachers!" and we didn't listen to him because that...


Episode 771 - California AB5 Destroys Small Business

I am still working on AB5 Over the last few days I have been working on getting clarifications on AB5 as it relates to independent contractors, licensed healthcare professionals. I wrote a letter to Assemblyman Philip Chen (R) in Orange County where my cient is located. Their response was not helpful and they gave me a link to a commercial website that is using AB5 to get business. So that was not helpful. I then responded with a lengthy view of the law and what needs to be changed. Two days...


Episode 770 - Democrats Have Lost Their Love For America

Democrats have been on the attack against Americans for almost 4 years now. They attacked the President with a political impeachment, they are demanding higher taxes, they are pushing a socialist political agenda. They have forgotten about middle America, the common sense Americans who look at right and wrong for America. Not political party, not political agenda, but what is good and bad for America. New York and California is not the only voice of Americans, but Democrats have lost the...