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Have you ever wanted to do something different, but you feel...stuck? Every Tuesday join in for honest conversations about money, minimalism, mindset, and living a great life — and the small changes we can make to get big results. Because it’s time we all start living a life that’s better than fine.

Have you ever wanted to do something different, but you feel...stuck? Every Tuesday join in for honest conversations about money, minimalism, mindset, and living a great life — and the small changes we can make to get big results. Because it’s time we all start living a life that’s better than fine.


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Have you ever wanted to do something different, but you feel...stuck? Every Tuesday join in for honest conversations about money, minimalism, mindset, and living a great life — and the small changes we can make to get big results. Because it’s time we all start living a life that’s better than fine.






22: What you want might not be as expensive as you think

As I write this, the movers are packing up our last few belongings. The family heirlooms and kitchen stuff are all that is left. We sold 90%+ of our stuff. It feels great to get rid of things but it wasn't as easy as the internet says it is. Erica and I share how it feels, what the process was like, what we’ve learned, and how we think it might impact our future purchasing. We have 10 days left in England and then wheels up, off to California to see friends and family and then off to Maui....


21: How to change course - with Lisa Lewis

Have you ever started a job you enjoy only to realize a few months — or years — later that you’re not really loving it anymore? We have a career coach on the podcast today who explains why that happens and why it can actually be a good thing. This week we had career coach Lisa Lewis on the podcast to talk to us about career transitions. Lisa found herself unhappy in her career and realized that most of her friends were unhappy as well. She wondered, “is this as good as it gets?” But she...


20: Separating work and worth - with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

How much do your work and your paycheck influence your idea of your self worth? Anyone who has gone through a job transition, been in a career rut, or found themselves out of a job probably knows the struggle of tying their own personal worth to their job. As Jordan is getting ready to navigate his own career transition and leave his job, we invited financial therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin on the show to talk about work and worth issues. We learn exactly what a financial therapist is...


19: Creating your plan B with multiple streams of income

Guys, we are in the home stretch of our life in London. Five and a half glorious years are coming to a close, but not without crossing off a few more UK Bucket List items. In episode 17, we talked about our strategies to not go broke when we travel. One strategy we use is to go where everyone isn’t. This summer, everyone is at the beach and rental homes were absurdly priced. Where was everyone not? Glamping in Somerset. We got a steal of a deal on a three-bedroom tent and spent the weekend...


#18: Taking the plunge to buy a business - with Barbara Ginty

Barbara Ginty, CFP, joined us on our podcast to talk about her experience buying a business: the ups and the downs. And there were plenty of downs. Starting her career on Wall Street, she decided to pivot into personal finance when her Dad and Aunt were selling their business. With a very light amount of research, she thought “I”m smart, how hard can personal finance and running a small business in upstate New York be?” Karma came around hard on that one. She shares openly about her early...


#17: The Don't Go Broke Guide to Travel

We have been fortunate to have visited 50 countries. Jordan and I have always made traveling a priority. Now with baby Henry, traveling has changed for us but we still love it. After our trip to Lake Orta, Italy last week, we realized we had some good tips and lessons that we could share on how to not go broke when traveling. See the link below for the full guide. TimingAirfareCredit cards Download our free guide to travel, The Don't Go Broke Guide to Travel here: In the works! Check...


#16: Why getting laid off isn’t the end of your story. It’s the beginning. - with Crystalee Beck

Sadly, Jordan was out of town for this podcast, but I got the chance to talk to Crystalee Beck. Honestly, this conversation was just what I needed. All of us have moments when things get hard. When we question what we’re doing, if we’re going to make it, and if we’re even doing the right thing. As we get closer to our move date I’m constantly questioning everything and full of fear about what the future holds. Excitement and fear. Talking with Crystalee was the reminder that I needed that...


#15: Save money and time - food prep - with Dini Klein

Here is what I truly love: hearing stories from awesome people who decided they wanted to do something with their life and then they go out and do it. We all need a little bit of that inspiration once in a while, right? That's exactly why we interviewed Dini Klein of Prep + Rally on our show this week.


#14: How to actually do the things you want to do

Today on the show, we share the systems that have enabled us to complete some of our life goals, and we are applying it to our business goals. As James Clear says, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” We are not good at finishing things. We set goals and then move to the next big item. For example, we have really big plans for We just can’t ever seem to make any progress. And that is frustrating. Don’t worry this isn’t...


#13: Jordan leaves his job and how we make big decisions

Today on the show, we break down how we made 3 recent big, scary decisions in our Worth Project. Including, Jordan making the leap to leave his job. You already know we’re moving to Hawaii. We’ve said that. But now it’s real. Here’s the update that will take us from the UK to Hawaii, via California. Wheels up on August 12th. Here we go! A case of the somedays is over. Jordan is leaving his job. This is the omg. We’re not independently wealthy, so we’re going to live off my income. I’m...


#12: Creating the life you want on the income that you have - with Danny Kofke

Danny Kofke is a special education teacher who really knows what he values....and puts his money where his mouth is. He's had the opportunity to earn triple his income but realized that he's truly content with Redbox and Subway date nights if that means he gets to spend more time with his family. Honestly, listening to Danny made Jordan and I feel even more at ease with financial and lifestyle decisions we've made. In this episode Danny shares: We loved talking with Danny and how he's made...


#11: How I got my first freelance clients

When we left off at the end of episode 9, my student loan experience, I had just finished paying off six figures. But I had also just walked out of my job, post-panic attack. And I walked out with no job prospects. This was very unlike me. I don’t even know how, but Jordan was supportive. Most people in my situation would start applying for jobs. But we were in this weird place. We’d been in London for 1.5 years. We thought we’d be living here for 2ish years max, so I was in a weird place...


#10: Shame free debt - with Shannon Lee Simmons

This week on the podcast we’re talking with Shannon Lee Simmons about creating a shame-free, blame-free debt repayment plan so we can all live debt free. Something's gotta go. We fell in love with our pale aqua, retro, little car. But after answering our life planning questions we realized she wasn't our thing anymore. It was a tough decision but we are not looking back. Well, maybe a few more drives through the English countryside this spring. Check out the show notes for pictures! This...


#9: Paying Off Student Loans in Full: 6 Lessons We Learned

This week on the show we’re talking about my student loans. We’ll give you strategies to pay them off in full, but more importantly, we talk about how to find balance and not let those loans drive you crazy. And we’re also talking about what it’s like to get married when you’re financially out of balance, something that’s not talked about enough. When thinking about what we were going to discuss this week on student loan debt, Jordan was like “I don’t remember having any issues with your...


#8: How to launch a lifestyle experiment - with Bela and Spencer

We have Bela and Spencer of the blog Tiny Migrations on the show this week. When I first found their blog, I was immediately drawn in. They live in the most beautiful, idyllic tiny home I’ve ever seen tucked in the Santa Cruz mountains. But aside for the beautiful design, what sucked me in was their lifestyle choices. Guys, they look at life as a big, beautiful experiment and it is so inspiring. Their story starts just like so many stories: stuck in a city paying a lot in rent. But rather...


#7: Our money mindset shifts

Four years ago one of the first articles I was asked to write was about money mindset. And let me tell you, I gave it one big old eye roll. Honestly, I thought money mindset was a joke. A sham. If there wasn’t real data and studies on it, it must not exist. To me, money was just numbers. You save, you invest, and eventually, you retire. The numbers work and that’s all there is to it. Guys, I was wrong. I have done a full 180 - we both have - with our money mindset. This is such a hard...


#6: Life is too short to have a career you hate - with Belma McCaffrey

Not sure if you’re in the right career? Or do you feel pretty certain that you’re on the wrong career track, but you don’t know how to change? Well, then stick around. How many people feel disengaged or uninspired or downright unhappy with their career choice? A lot. A 2017 Gallup survey found that 70% of Americans hate their job or are completely disengaged at work. 70%. Oh my. If you fall into that 70%, or if you feel like maybe you’re not on the right career track, this is going to be...


#5: Our biggest money mistakes

Today on The Worth Project we’re getting really honest about our money. We’re talking about what we’ve done with our money in the past to get us to this point, our biggest money mistakes, and some of the changes we’re making going forward. Some of these mistakes are very cringeworthy (like that time Jordan called a loan shark…) and some of the new habits or defaults we’ve created that are really helpful. We talk about the cash money and we also talk about our money mindsets, which we’ve...


#4: How to live a life you will remember - with Laura Vanderkam

Have you ever said, ”How is it Christmas already?” Or “How is that kid I babysat already in college?” Part of living a great life is living a life that you remember. We can all get sucked into the grind of day-to-day life causing us to watch the weeks slip by. Our guest today gives us tips to actually create a life we remember. She helps people spend more time on things that matter and less time on things that don’t. Today we’re speaking with Laura Vanderkam who is the author of several...


#3: Curing a case of the somedays

This week on The Worth Project Podcast, we are talking about the most unique gift we have ever received, how we translated our life plan into a money plan. And our visit to a Michelin star pub. Yes, a local neighborhood pub with one of the most coveted restaurant awards in the world. Sitting together on my parent’s patio to make our budget was what got us moving on our life plan. Making our budget got us over our case of the “somedays.” We over-share how we made our budget, our biggest...